tagRomanceA New Life

A New Life


Maybe this is just another story in the big city. Compared to the fame and fortune of the other eight million residents, I'm a drop of spit on the sidewalk, but it's my tale.

Life was five days of a crappy job and then two days of a crappy weekend. I was 27 years old at the time, already divorced, and living in the midst of daily self-immolation. We divorced a year ago and I was finally coming back into the world. Not even angry anymore, I was kind of just dull and listless. No kids, no alimony, and being cut loose into the world again was supposed to a liberating moment, but the truth is that you can't go back and I didn't know how to go forward.

Saturday night rolled around and no longer able to stand the four walls of boredom in my dingy apartment, I decided to troll the bars. I enjoy a good draft after work but the Saturday night meat market was not my usual idea of a good time. Nonetheless, come midnight I found myself in another anonymous bar buying drinks for a woman who I guessed was in her mid thirties. Meg was thin, really too thin, with dirty blonde hair and a low cut blouse that gave a flash of cleavage. She smiled and, more to the point, she talked to me. It may have been meaningless banter but at the time just talking to a woman felt good again. We ended up going to her place.

"Why aren't you in bed, you little bitch," my drunken date yelled as we walked in. I peered over Meg's bony shoulder and caught a glimpse of a teenager in the hallway. Thin like her mom but with her face in the shadow, she quickly slipped into her room without saying a word and shut the door.

"Com'on," Meg slurred and my "date" led me to the other bedroom. I closed the door behind us and a weak lamp in the corner cast odd shapes across our bodies. She stripped out of her clothes without much noise and struck a pose for me. She gestured for me to take off my clothes while she climbed in the bed. Meg was so skinny that I could count her ribs but she was giving me a 'come hither' smile and spreading her legs. The room was quiet except for our breathing. All my qualms had departed a long time ago because someone wanted me.

Her breath smelled of liquor, her lips and skin were cool. She warmed me up with a deep soul kiss, while her hands stroked my neck and back. Meg then kissed down my chest with rapid-fire smacks until she reached my erection. Without any prompting she sucked it into her mouth and began slobbering all over it. I moaned as the sensations traveled up my spine and I knew for sure that it had been a long time.

"Let's fuck," Meg suddenly said and she lay on her back and opened her arms to beckon me. That was fast; I hadn't really touched her yet but I was no mood to complain about the lack of foreplay. I reached off the bed and pulled out a condom that I had stuffed in my pocket with high hopes earlier that evening. There was no way I was going to stick my most precious possession in this skank without protection.

With my little raincoat on, I pushed Meg's knees up and felt my cock slide into her pussy. Meg began moaning like every bad porno I had watched and then started telling me how big I felt and how good it was. I'm not a fool and after having my penis figuratively cut off at the root by my ex, I just tuned the theatrics out and worked on my own pleasure. I kept thrusting my hips and she kept up the banter, until I told her I was getting close. She grabbed my buns and squeezed me tight into her. That was enough encouragement for me and I let loose a load with a groan of relief while buried up to the hilt.

Without fanfare or feeling I disengaged myself and went to the bathroom to cleanup. I stepped back into the room to retrieve my clothes.

Meg was laying to one side. She patted the bed and said, "Stay with me tonight. I don't want to sleep alone. Please?"

Groggily, I nodded and dropped my pants and shoes. I crawled in bed thinking that I was nice guy after all.

The next morning I awoke with a headache, not a bad one considering, and in an empty bed. Reaching down, I scooped up my clothes and dressed myself. I made my way to the facilities and then poked around the little apartment looking for Meg.

"She's gone," said the teenager sitting in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal.


"Yeah, better check your wallet," she replied. Taking her advice, I opened up the billfold and found it empty. I must of had $150 in there still when we left the bar last night. I was silently kicking myself for being so gullible and praising myself for wearing the condom, the skank.

"She's a drug addict, you know," said the girl interrupting my thoughts. "How much did she get?" I told her and she let out a little whistle.

"That buys a lot of shit. I won't see her for a week." She said it so matter of fact that I could only stare at her face. For a mother who was an addict and all the crap that goes with it, this girl had a soft face with high cheeks and full lips. Her brown hair lay long and limp down her back and her eyes, which no one could miss, were hard, large and hazel like an owl, just staring and sizing up everything surrounding.

"How old are you," I asked curiously even though it was not my business and I did not want to make it my business.

"I'm a senior in high school," she answered while evading the answer, "I ain't a whore, a druggie, or a gangbanger. I've got good grades, I'm clean, and I gonna get out of this hellhole." She took a breath, and so did I.

Old enough to take care of herself in my book. "Well," I concluded, "Gotta go."

Her eyes locked onto mine and pinned me. "Why don't you sit and eat some breakfast. I swear the bowls are clean because I wash the dishes. You look like a nice guy and I'm sorry that mom stole your money. Let me feed you at least."

She took a pause. "By the way, my name is not 'little bitch,' it's Katy."

There was nothing to eat in my house and my dishes were definitely not clean; so despite the sinking feeling that I was a gullible sap again, I sat. The date on the milk carton hadn't expired yet and I took that as a good sign.

After eating, I gave my thanks for breakfast and got up to leave. "Please, don't go. You're not anything like the other guys she brings home and I need someone to stay."

"I'll, I'll make it worth your while," she spoke in a soft voice and the pleading underneath was unmistakable.

I was not going to be swayed so I stood up to go and Katy arose with me. As I made my way to the door, she blocked my path and I didn't have the heart to push her out of my way. Her hands went for my pants and she fished my cock out of my boxers. Before I could react, I wasn't moving that fast anyway, she was down on her knees and using her tongue, she guided my dick into her mouth.

My cock came to attention immediately even though I didn't want it to do that and Katy latched onto it with a vengeance. Butthead that I am, I didn't stop her. She did not seem particularly adept but she made up for it with energy. With her tongue dancing underneath and her hand massaging my exposed dick, My hips rocking to the beat of her hand. With my butt cheeks flexing to her rhythm, I felt the familiar tingle deep in my groin and a morning load rose to the top. I managed to whimper out a cry of warning just as my cock spurt into her throat and then on her lips and face.

"Oh, shit," said Katy with a startled look on her face, "I did that."

"Yes you did," I said with a forced laugh realizing that I was in deep shit. Thinking frantically I spit out, "Look, just because you gave me a blowjob does not mean there is contract between us, or that I promised to come back."

"I know. But, there is plenty more if you will come back," she suggested with her best used car pitch.

Tucking my equipment away, I backpedaled and sought a quick exit. Door in hand, I told Katy that I would think about it and would get back to her. I walked out the door refusing to look at her in the face. Feeling confused and a little ashamed as if I had just taken advantage of her, I stalked down the steps to the pavement.

The hours ticked by as I walked the streets debating her sweet offer. She may be legal but compared to me, she was just a kid; on the other hand, she had no one else and I was, apparently, her only hope. Making it worse was the fact that I was all alone and had no one or nobody. Finally I came to a course of action with which I could live and not feel guilty, because the bottom line was that I was lonely and adrift.

I knocked on Katy's door and her face alighted with hope when she saw my face. I walked in calmly and shut the door behind me smelling boxed Mac & Cheese in the air. My stomach growled and she cocked her head and gave me a smirk.

"Here's the deal," I began, "First, what happened this morning should not have. Second, I will spend the night here until your mom returns but no more 'anything' between us. And you cook dinner for us. Fair?"

She beamed me a huge smile and hugged me hard, then backed off and told me "sorry." With that we sat down for dinner. After that, ahem, gourmet meal, I figured that I would be buying some food for two as well. Getting up from the table I searched around the apartment and could not find the TV. "Where's the idiot box?" I called out to the kitchen.

"Mom hocked it a month ago."

"Well, what do you do at night?" Katy shrugged her shoulders and told me she read a book or studied for school. Her answer left me feeling like a Neanderthal because she didn't seem to even miss the television. Her life sucked and she studied. My life hit the skids and I drank beer and stared at commercials with self pity.

Truth of the matter was I did have several certifications to study for that would qualify me for better positions and pay, but life had sucked all initiative out of me. They had been hanging over my head for so long that even the boss had stopped mentioning them. We have a word for people like me around this city: "schmuck."

So we started a routine. I would walk in the door after work and ask if Meg had returned, and Katy would say "no" and serve me dinner. Then we would clean-up the dinner mess and sit down to study. Afterward I would go to Meg's bedroom and Katy went to hers. On Saturdays we washed the clothes.

All was not nearly so routine as I make it appear. I would sit and stare at Katy's figure and imagine her breasts beneath her clothes. They sat up on their own even when Katy did not wear a bra and I could tell when she wasn't wearing one. When she stood at the sink washing the dishes, I could stare without distraction at her hair going down her back and at her butt. She looked a little scrawny but day by day, she began to look pretty; I began to see the natural beauty underneath the stress, and would daydream.

Once in awhile I would catch Katy staring at me as well. She would look up from her book and follow my form down the chair. There was a certain sexual tension that gently simmered each evening, but I made damn sure that nothing happened. I would feel a boner starting to rise under the table when her foot accidentally rested on my leg once in a while; yet I kept a straight face and went back to the book.

A week passed and then two and three; Meg did not appear. What I thought would be a week at most morphed to something that seemed to have no end. I enjoyed having a meal and someone to talk to after work. I was making headway with my stuff and just generally feeling in better spirits. The end of the month arrived and the rent was due. Even if I could, I was not going to pay two rents. Katy and I sat at the table after dinner and discussed what the next step would be.

"She's not coming back," Katy stated flatly. "She's either bloated in a sewer or a 'Jane Doe' down at the morgue. I don't want you to tell me not to give up hope, she's was already walking dead before you showed up. I don't want your fuckin' pity either - you got it?"

I nodded; I got it. The fear of abandonment behind her words was easy to sense. I didn't want to leave her anyway; I had realized some time ago that Katy made me feel human again. Either I moved in with her or she moved in with me. "I've got a better apartment in a better neighborhood and you can pick up a bus to your school on the next block."

Katy looked at me with such relief in her face. "Give me ten minutes to pack and we can leave this dump," were her exact words as she ran to her room. One battered suitcase and one plastic bag later, we were on our way. Katy was quiet on the bus and she seemed lost in thought. She held her suitcase between her legs and unceremoniously tossed the bag, filled mostly with paperbacks, into my lap. Ow.

I carried Katy's stuff, without protest from her much to my surprise, up to my apartment and let us both inside. I ushered Katy in and closed the door behind us. I had tried to clean the place up a little but it was not close to perfect. She took stock of the place and then turned to face me. Tears were streaming down her face.

Katy stepped up to me and hugged me. "Thank you," she whispered in my ear, "thank you." She kissed me on the lips and lingered there a moment. The softness of her lips burned through the fog on my brain and I wrapped my arms around her without hesitation and kissed her back welcoming her into my apartment, no, into my life.

My cock came to life on its own and stretched tautly up my belly. I didn't want Katy to know; I didn't want her to think that I brought her here to take her, and I tried to pull back from her. She was having none of that and squeezed me tighter.

"Is that you I feel down there," she said, wriggling her hips and making things worse.


"Good," she finished as she kissed me again and offered me her tongue. Our mouths opened and began to explore each other together. Minutes ticked by, maybe hours for all I know. When I finally broke off from lack of oxygen, I gave her a big, shit-eating grin. With her hand firmly in mine, I dragged her off to the bedroom and she followed close on my heels.

Katy hesitated in my bedroom. She looked down at floor, "I'm not my mom, you know, I'm a, a virgin."

I picked up her chin with my hand and brought her eyes up to meet to mine. "Yes, you are not your mom, and I thank God for that. I want you, and only you."

She smiled shyly and kicked off her shoes. She leapt into the bed and turned over on her back and said: "join me."

I knelt by the bed and began removing her blouse. She reached behind and undid her bra and shucked it off. Throwing her shoulder back she thrust out her chest and asked me if I liked what I saw. Two round lovelies topped with brown nipples sticking straight out; my imagination had been a poor substitute for the real thing. I reached out to gently massage them and then leaned forward to kiss and suckle them. As I took her into my mouth her hands came around to cradle my head. I worked my way down to her bellybutton and circled it with my tongue. Reaching for the button on her jeans, Katy took the hint and lifted her hips. She pushed pants and panties to the floor.

The odor of her arousal struck my nose and my erection stretched tauter in my pants, but Katy was my concern. I wanted to make this an evening for her to remember. I kissed down to her thighs and trailed my kisses down her groin to her inner thighs. I pinched her labia gently and began to run my tongue up and down those pursed lips. Katy moaned and leaned back opening herself utterly to me. I reached my tongue into her slit and tasted her sweetness for the first time and the smell left me lightheaded. Her eagerness was apparent so I used my tongue to take a tour of her sex from her deepest recesses that I could touch to the nub of her clit. One, two, and finally three flicks of my tongue on her button, Katy clinched into a growling, deep orgasm and thrashed madly on top of the bed spread.

Taking a moment to let her catch her breath, I stripped off my clothes and climbed on top of her. Without hesitation she pulled me down and gave me a deep kiss. Impatient and shaking with desire, I eased my cock up to her entrance. I slipped the head just inside her lips and she broke off our kiss and smiled at me.

"Ready?" I asked. She answered by reaching down with her hand and grabbing my cock. Feeding me into her drenched pussy, She urged me to push forward until I met resistance. I pushed harder breaking through her hymen and Katy winced. Waiting until she gave me a sign, I took up a fast, impatient pumping in and out of her delicious warmth. After a month of abstinence I was in manner capable of holding back and after a few thrusts I came hard.

Katy kept me in place and in the quiet of the moment, the tears began to fall again down her face. I brought up a hand to wipe away her tears and gently asked: "What's the matter?"

"I'm so happy," she began, "I've never met anyone like you before."

She hesitated. "I love you."

Katy did not allow me respond because she reclaimed my lips and thrust her tongue into my mouth. My entire body came to life and my cock grew again inside her pussy. We started pumping our hips against each other taking my cock to the entrance of her pussy and bringing it back until is was fully buried. It was a slow and unhurried pace that gradually grew in intensity until I felt her tremble beneath me and I let loose again, stronger than before, feeling my muscles strain all the way back to my asshole to pump my orgasm.

The next morning we untangled ourselves, cleaned up, and got dressed. I dragged Katy down to the beauty shop and got her a real cut. After a trip to the corner pharmacy at her request, we hopped the bus and I blew the rest of my paycheck buying her a new wardrobe, from the neck down to the toes.

Katy made me sit on the couch while she modeled her new clothes. The wardrobe and the hair style transformed her from a beaten down ghetto creature into a beautiful woman. I clapped and applauded and as if on cue, Katy began a strip tease down to her new sexy bra and thong. She made her way up to me and reached for my cock that was already feeling cramped in a tight space. "You may not realize," she spoke in a sultry voice, "but Mom taught me about some things that you just may be interested in."

She climbed up onto the couch and pushed her crotch in front of my face. I stuck out my tongue to lick her pussy lips when she stopped me. "Not my new thong!" she teased me and proceeded to drop them.

I began kissing her while she unbuttoned my shirt. She backed off me and damn near tore off my pants with her eagerness. My cock stood a full attention as I sat back down on the couch. Katy smiled and bent down to kiss it. She blew on the head and then took it gently into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around and around the sensitive underside.

"Keep that up and I'm going to come," I warned her.

"Oh no you're not," She shot back. Katy straddled me and lowered herself onto me. Her warmth engulfed me and she worked my erection down to the base. Placing her hands on my shoulders she began pumping my cock up and down while I reached up to stroke her breasts.

"Harder, harder," she panted and I began pulling and pinching her nipples. Her breaths started coming rapidly and she came crying my name and damn near ripping my shoulders out of sockets. So taken was I by the power of her orgasm that I shot my first load as well, adding to the cries in the room.

Katy smiled at me and asked me I was ready for the surprise. I looked back at her with that glazed 'I just came hard' look and she answered her own question, "I guess so."

She pulled a tube out of the pharmacy bag and held it up to me, it was anal lube.

"Are you sure?" I asked, "it's gonna hurt."

"You'll be gentle and I trust you."

Love? Trust? These words rolled around in my brain and my cock responded with a quick resurrection that I did not expect. Not quite hard enough, Katy reached down and slurped my erection back into her throat. She handed me the tube and shook her butt at me. I coated one finger with lube and stroked Katy's rosebud. Rubbing back and forth a few times, I forced my first digit into her tight ass. Adding more lube to a second finger I thrust that in as well and then began pushing my fingers farther and farther in. Katy still had my cock in her mouth and was sucking loudly.

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