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A New Life


This story depicts graphic lesbian sex, mind control and female masturbation. If you are in an area where such material is prohibited or are offended by these things then leave now. You have been warned.

Special thanks to vella_ms for her wonderful work as my editor.

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The morning sun gleamed through the arched glass roof far overhead as Molly strolled listlessly through the mall, feeling sorry for herself about being alone on yet another birthday. Her boyfriend, Eddie, had forgotten about it... again.

She really didn't know why she stuck with him, he was always off with his friends, into drugs, couldn't hold a job and always asking for money or just taking it from her purse when she wasn't looking. She also figured he was cheating on her with one of her few friends. She really should have dumped him years ago but she could never bring herself to kick him out for more than a few days. Within a few days he always came back apologizing and she always let him back in.

Molly was a quiet, shy girl who kept to herself and had few close friends. Her parents were both gone and she had no other close relatives so Eddie was really all she had. He wasn't much but she didn't think she could do any better. In her heart she knew that she would really be better off on her own but the idea of being so completely alone terrified her. On the nights when she kicked him out of the apartment she would stay up the whole night crying and looking out the window to see if he was coming back, hoping he would and cursing herself for her weakness.

As she walked past a glass storefront she paused to look at her reflection and sighed at the image that stared back at her. She ran her hands over her small, almost non-existent breasts and down her slender body as if she were smoothing out a wrinkle in her baggy brown dress. The dark brown, almost black eyes, staring back at her reflected her melancholy mood and she sighed more heavily. It wasn't that she was ugly, she thought, just plain... the kind of person that no one ever noticed, just another face in the crowd, part of the background.

No, she said to herself with resignation, Eddie was the best she was going to get so she had better get used to it. At least he had never hurt her, not physically anyway. She had know a couple of girls back home whose boyfriends or husbands would come home after a bad day at work, or worse yet, after being out drinking and beat them for no reason. Eddie had never done anything that bad, it was just that he was, well... a looser. But he was her looser and she'd just have to accept his faults and hope things got better.

She thought that she could deal with the drugs, drinking, partying and stealing. She had gotten used to it over the years and it no longer affected her the way it used to. She didn't really know if he was cheating on her or not so she decided to ignore that problem for now.

Really the only thing that Eddie did that upset her any more was his porn collection. She felt a little silly that with all the stupid things he did it was porn that aggravated her most, but it did. She was mostly upset for the obvious reason that it always made her feel so inadequate compared to the beautiful women featured in the magazines. Their curvaceous bodies and perfect smiles always made her feel even plainer than she usually did.

The other reason that she didn't like the porn collection was because of the way she found herself reacting to it. She would catch herself sneaking little peeks at the women inside whenever she was picking up the magazines from wherever Eddie had dropped them. Despite her best efforts, her eyes would betray her and she wound up staring at the full breasts and curvaceous backsides even as she cursed herself for being such a pervert. Each time she looked she swore that she never would again, but she always did.

The images of those women would haunt her for days after she had looked at them. Many times in the still darkness, late at night she would lie awake fantasizing about the women she had seen and wonder what it would be like if they were lying there with her. The thought of their smooth soft skin made her sweat with both fear and longing.

She wished he would get rid of the magazines but at the same time she was secretly glad he had them.

A while later she was sitting alone at a small table in front of the mall's ice cream shop enjoying an ice cream sundae she had treated herself to when she heard a smooth, quiet, feminine voice beside her ask, "Mind if I share your table?"

Molly turned and looked up at the woman who had spoken. Her tongue suddenly seemed struck to the roof of her mouth as she starred. The woman in front of her was breathtaking. She was wearing a tight black dress that rode very high on her shapely legs and was scooped out on top to expose a rather generous amount of her cleavage. Long, straight, silky black hair framed a pale, but strikingly beautiful face with incredibly green eyes and full lips painted bright red.

As small smile quirked the corner of those full lips as the woman looked down on Molly. After a moment one of her perfectly groomed eyebrows arched slightly and she asked, "Well?"

Molly who had been staring dumbly at the beautiful woman suddenly realized she was acting like a halfwit and stammered, "Oh, yes, please um, have a... have a seat." She waved a shaky hand at the metal chair across the small table from her.

"Thank you." The woman said in that same smooth voice as she slid into the seat and placed a small cup of coffee and a black purse onto the table in front of her.

Molly stared at the woman a few moments as her mind finally started working. She realized that almost every other table in the small food court was vacant right now. She started to wonder a little nervously what the beautiful woman wanted with her. Was she just friendly and looking for someone to talk to or did she want something from her.

"That's quite the breakfast you have there," the woman said as she pointed one slender, perfectly manicured finger at the table in front of Molly.

Molly looked down at the ice cream sundae in front of her and she could feel her cheeks flush with sudden embarrassment. "Oh, this... well, it's not my usual breakfast. It's just my birthday and I thought... well, you know." She hunched her shoulders a little and quirked a small shy smile.

The woman's slender eyebrows rose fractionally, "Really?" She smiled broadly, "Well, happy birthday." Then her brows drew together a little as she looked Molly straight in the eye, "Aren't you doing anything special on your birthday, a party, going out, something? You know, family, friends... what about a boyfriend?"

Molly's heart sunk a bit at the mention of 'boyfriend' and she dropped her head a little in embarrassment but the woman's stare seemed to be holding her eyes and she found it hard to look away. Finally with an effort of will she broke the gaze and looked down, "I don't have any family and Eddie, he's my..." she toyed with her spoon and cleared her throat before continuing, "my, uh, boyfriend, well, he didn't even remember it was my birthday." She paused for a moment then continued, "But it's ok... I'm fine, really. I don't mind being alone on my..." her voice caught in her throat and she swallowed, fighting back sudden tears. "It's fine, really."

After a few moments Molly felt a firm, warm grip on her hand and she looked up again into bright green eyes that now looked so warm and friendly. With a dazzling smile the woman said, "Well then I guess we'll have to do something special together. My name is Cassandra, what's yours?"


"Charmed to make your acquaintance, Molly. So, what should we do?"

Molly hesitated for a moment. She was still a little nervous about what Cassandra really wanted from her. She found it difficult to believe that the woman didn't have some kind of hidden agenda and was just doing this out of the goodness of her heart, but it felt so wonderful to have someone to talk to. "I don't really know. I was just planning on doing a little shopping today, maybe try to make myself look better so my boyfriend will remember me."

Cassandra made a sour face at the mention of her boyfriend but quickly hid it with a delicate sip of her coffee. "I think we can do better than shopping." She said, putting the cup back down. With a smile she opened her purse and extracted a small cream colored envelope. "This will be much more fun." She glanced around as she carefully opened the envelope, reached two fingers inside and pulled them out as if holding a small object. A slow smile spread over her lips and she said in a hushed voice that only Molly could hear, "Happy Birthday my Pet."

At the word "Pet", Molly brow wrinkled with confusion and more than a little concern. She started to slide her chair back from the table saying, "I think maybe I should be going now... um... it was nice..."

As Molly started to get up, Cassandra flicked her fingers at her. Molly saw sparkling powder and with a flash her world went black.

The next thing she was aware of was walking arm in arm with Cassandra through the mall. She couldn't remember leaving the food court or riding the escalator up to the next floor but she didn't really care. The feeling of Cassandra's arm and the closeness of her body sent warm ripples of pleasure up her spine making her shiver. She squeezed a little closer to Cassandra and leaned her head onto her shoulder as she walked.

Cassandra rubbed her cheek against the top of Molly's head and asked, "Are you feeling ok now my Pet?"

The sound of her voice sent another ripple of pleasure through Molly and she responded in a breathy whisper, "Yes, Mistress."

Cassandra's smile widened, "That's wonderful, now let's see about your birthday surprise, shall we?" She turned and walked into a small lingerie store taking Molly with her.

Molly hardly noticed where she was as Cassandra led her to the back of the store. Her mind was still fuzzy and she couldn't seem to hold onto any thoughts for long, her mind kept drifting around aimlessly but always leading back to Cassandra, her beautiful Mistress.

Cassandra led her up to a checkout counter at the back where a beautiful, heavily breasted, red haired girl was working. She was standing behind the counter looking down at something and her low cut blouse exposed a vast amount of cleavage for all to see. Molly felt a stirring in her belly and warmth between her legs as she stared down the girl's blouse. It was the same reaction she had when she looked at Eddie's magazines but now it was much more intense, much harder to resist. She felt ashamed for staring so brazenly and also for getting so aroused by it. She finally managed to turn her gaze away and look at another part of the store. She wondered at her reaction for a few moments but before she could dwell on the thought, it slipped away and her mind returned to her Mistress.

When the girl looked up and saw Cassandra a broad smile instantly spread on her lips and her eyes opened wide, "Mistress! What can I do for you today?"

Molly's eyes snapped up and a hot flash of jealousy boiled up in her as she looked at the young girl who had just addressed Cassandra as Mistress. She was Molly's Mistress, not this girl's.

Cassandra seemed to sense Molly's mood change and turned to face her, placing a warm hand on her cheek. "It's ok Molly, Lucy here is another of my Pets, it doesn't mean I love you any less. I love all of my Pets." She turned to Lucy, "Isn't that right Lucy?"

"Oh yes Mistress." The girl said with a dreamy smile.

Molly looked back at Lucy and the flash of anger and jealousy melted away replaced by a warm, pleasant feeling. This girl was also a Pet, Lucy was as devoted to the Mistress just like her. As she looked, she realized that Lucy was even more beautiful than she had at first realized. Her eyes were again drawn from Lucy's beautiful face to her more than ample cleavage and the warm feeling increased.

Cassandra turned back to face Molly, "Now let's see about making this a very special birthday for you." She glanced at Lucy, "Would you mind opening one of the dressing rooms for me Sweetheart?"

"Oh, anything for you, Mistress." She said as she practically leapt around the counter and hurried to open a changing room.

Lucy held the door open as Cassandra led Molly into the small room. The changing booth had floor to ceiling mirrors on two walls and a small stool padded with red velvet against the third wall. The door, which was covered with a red velvet curtain, wasn't a full door and anyone outside would be able to see the occupant's feet under it.

"I'll be right out side Mistress if you need me for anything else." Lucy said with a final lusty look as she closed the door.

"Now, let's see about that Birthday Surprise." Cassandra said. She looked Molly up and down. "You already have a very beautiful face, even though you don't seem to realize it. But maybe there are some other things we can work on." She stepped behind Molly and grabbing her shoulders, gently turned her to face one of the mirrors.

Cassandra's warm hands on her shoulders felt wonderful. With the continued contact Molly's mind seemed to be clearing up more and she was starting to think more normally. She looked at her image in the mirror and her mood sank a little. It was the same image she always saw, just a plain girl with a plain face in a plain dress.

Cassandra leaned in closer and whispered strange words that Molly couldn't understand in her ear in her ear, then louder she said, "Look closer, see what other people see."

Molly felt dizzy for a second and her eyes slid closed, when she opened them again and gauzed into the reflection in the mirror she sucked in a startled breath. The girl that looked back was the same as she had always been but Molly now saw her through new eyes, the eyes of everyone else. The girl in the mirror had long light brown hair that fell softly past her shoulders. She had a pretty face with high cheekbones, a small pert nose, full lips and large, hypnotically dark eyes. A slender body with small breasts, curvy hips, and shapely legs which were mostly hidden by the baggy brown dress that she was wearing. A tear rolled down her cheek at the vision before her.

"How did you do this?" She asked in a shaking voice.

"I just made you see what others saw but you never could, or more appropriately, never would. You are beautiful Molly, you always have been, don't ever forget that." She sighed and straightened up, "But that doesn't mean we can't make a few changes. Like these for instance." She said as she reached around Molly and cupped her small breasts.

Molly gasped in pleasure at the contact. "Mistress?!" She exclaimed in confusion.

"Does that feel nice my Pet?" The Mistress asked quietly.

"Yes Mistress."

Cassandra made a sound deep in her throat, "Oh, it's going to feel a lot better than that very soon my pet. Now be a good little girl and take your dress off for me."

Molly instantly started stripping the baggy brown dress off of her slender frame. Within moments she was standing only in her small white bra and simple white panties.

"Now the bra." said Cassandra.

The bra fell immediately to the floor revealing small, almost flat breasts with small pink nipples. Molly shivered not only from the cool air of the changing room but also from the hot look of lust in Cassandra's eyes.

"Hmm..." Her mistress said. "Very cute, but not quite my style. I think we'll have to make a few changes." She snapped open her purse and extracted a small silver bottle. "Turn around."

Cassandra took the stopper out of the small bottle and carefully placed a single drop of silvery liquid on each of Molly's nipples. "Now rub that into your breasts for me."

Molly did as she was directed, rubbing the warm oily silver liquid into the skin of her breasts. Within a few moments her chest started feeling warm as if she was sitting naked in the spring sun. With the warmth came another sensation, pleasure. A soft moan escaped Molly's lips as she continued to knead her breasts and pull on her nipples.

"Does that feel good my Pet?" Cassandra cooed into her ear.

"Yes Mistress. It feels wonderful."

"Do you ever masturbate Molly?" Her mistress asked.

"No Mistress."

One corner of Cassandra's mouth twitched up in seeming amusement, "Why not?"

Molly's cheeks flushed a bright red, "It always seemed so wrong, you know... so... dirty."

"Turn around and watch yourself. Look at reflection as you play with your breasts."

Molly turned and looked into the mirror. The image before her was so erotic her breath caught in her throat for an instant. It was a beautiful young woman with her hands sliding over small breasts and pulling on hard, pink nipples. The woman's eyes burned with wanton lust and passion. The vision was so sexy Molly almost couldn't believe it was really her, but it was.

"Now my Pet, it's time for the real fun. Close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you that you can open them. Do you understand?" Cassandra whispered in her ear.

"I understand Mistress." Molly gasped out as she closed her eyes and continued to fondle herself.

"That's very good my Pet. You look so delicious, I may have to taste you later." Cassandra gave a long slow lick to Molly's ear. Then she started to speak in a soft, lilting voice.

To Molly, the words made no sense but it seemed to be some kind of song or chant. She groaned as the heat in her breasts continued to grow. But something else was happening, as she continued to fondle her breasts they seemed to be filling her hands more and more. For the first minute or two she thought it was just her lust filled mind but after a few more minutes it was impossible to ignore. Her breasts were now filling her hands and they seemed to swelling more with each breath she took. The increased sensation of her now handful sized breasts was driving her lust even higher, but a some rational portion of her mind was alarmed by their sudden growth.

"What's happening to me?" Molly managed to gasp out.

Her Mistress gave a throaty chuckle, "I'm just making a few changes. How do they feel?"

"They feel so... so big! They... they feel so, mmmm... so good! Oooohhhh!" Molly got out between moans as the weight in her hands continued to grow. "How big... how big will... they get!?" She managed to gasp out as she felt a hand slide around her middle and trace along the top of her panties.

"Just a little bigger my Pet, just a bit larger."

Molly didn't know how much longer she could remain standing. The waves of ecstasy that were cresting over her, threatened to overwhelm her at any moment. Her breasts continued to grow until they were far beyond what she could cup in her small hands. To her overloaded mind they already felt as large as cantaloupes. She desperately wanted to open her eyes to see what she looked like but her Mistress had told her not to and she was a good Pet and would obey.

Molly felt the hand on her stomach slide inside her panties. She cried out at the feel of warm fingers running through the soft hair covering her pussy. She shivered as her Mistress' hot breath whispered in her ear.

"That's enough my pet, open your eyes."

Molly opened her eyes and moaned in shock and pleasure at the sight before her. The slender girl that was there when she closed here eyes was gone. In her place was a wickedly curvaceous girl with heavy, full breasts capped with large, hard nipples. Lust filled the eyes of the beautiful sexy girl and also the eyes of the dark haired woman standing behind her.

"Do you like them, my Pet?" Came a whisper in her ear.

Molly could only moan and nod in answer. Her mind was completely lost in blind ecstasy.

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