tagNovels and NovellasA New Life Begins Ch. 07

A New Life Begins Ch. 07


Dim lights flickered overhead as Cain walked deeper into the abandoned warehouse.

In the distance, laughing could be heard from several men. As Cain walked closer to the scarcely painted wooden door he adjusted his shirt, unbuttoning his top three buttons due to heat discomfort. Several men turned to face him as he entered the brightly lit room. Everyone greeted with handshakes and friendly hugs before sitting down around a large oak circular table. The room grew quiet as everyone settled down, waiting for Cain to speak.

"Let me just start off by saying thank you for coming on such short notice." Cain said as he unbuttoned the cuffs on his crisp shirt. "As you all know, the issue with Mitchell and his mistress, Roslyn is being taken care of." He motioned for the young man standing near the bar in the back of the room to bring him a drink.

"Aside from that incident and the recent weather issues I believe everything is going according to plan." Gulping down the scotch Cain could see a few of the men were uneasy about the capture of their fellow comrade.

"Cain, I mean no disrespect when I say this, but do you know for sure it was Mitchell?" Jacob said as he rustled his wet hair." Could David be wrong?" Jacob's face grew pale as he looked directly into Cain's eyes.

Cain saw the worried looks on his associates' faces, he did not want to upset them, but he didn't want to hide the truth from them either. "David has no reason to lie to me about Mitchell." He said in a somber tone, trying not to seem angry or upset."There is more than enough evidence to support this claim. Unless anyone has new information about this, nothing will be changed about it." He looked them over; the feeling of concern was heavy in the air."If you all feel that Mitchell didn't do this I will put their punishment on hold. I will give each of you a week gather evidence to clear their names. After that, well, they will not see mercy from me." The tone in his voice changed. He was angry, his comrades were second guessing his decision about the little rat and his whore. If they couldn't come up with a suspect in the next week they too would pay."Are we all in agreement?" Cain said, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms as the men shook their heads in agreement.

"Thanks so much, Cain." Jacob said as he wiped sweat from his brow.

"No problem at all, Jacob."Cain reached for his scotch, downing it to ease some of the stress he was feeling."Now, let's get to the upcoming ball. Has everything been taken care of with our guests and their company? "He motioned the bartender for another drink as he unbuttoned two more buttons on his shirt, revealing slightly grayed chest hairs.

"Everything is going as planned, sir." Gavin, a slender thirty something Italian man said as he pulled out a beige folder from the black briefcase that sat at his side. "We have arranged for a special guest to join us as well. All that is left is that everyone purchases their outfits and show up." He said as he ran his slender fingers ran though his immaculate black hair. His eyes searched over the file in the beige folder he pulled from the briefcase."One more thing though, Cain," His voice broke in a fearful tone."We do not know about the current situation with Amihad. We've contacted his people, no word yet on the peace deal." He loosened the tie that seemed to choke up, making it easier for him to breathe.

The look on Cain's face showed his concern to his men, he was fearful. Amihad had been one of their closest allies, now he didn't know if they were friends or foes. The bitter fight over one of Amihad's slaves, June, broke their friendship apart. Cain only hoped this ball and their meeting could patch things up.

"Keep trying, please." Cain said as took a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the sweat off his brow. "Everything depends on us reconciling, if that doesn't happen I don't know what will happen to the council."

"Understood, I will keep trying to get in contact with Amihad." Gavin said as he took out a very small, mother of pearl encrusted container. Cocaine filled the container almost to the brim; obviously it was used a lot.

"Good," Cain said as he motioned the bar boy to him."I have a present for everyone. Cain whispered in the young man's ear, the boy nodded and went off into a back room.

He emerged holding a long black rope that was attached to the collar of a young woman. She had small breasts, light pink nipples and dirty blonde hair that touched her shoulders. Dark brown leather cuffs adorned her wrists and ankles, a matching collar fully covered her neck. The black spiked heels she wore made it hard for her to walk, the blindfold didn't help either.

"What a lovely surprise for us, Cain!" A voice said as the young woman was slowly pulled to the center of the room."String her up, Samuel." The voice said again as Samuel, the bartender, took the long black rope from her collar. Samuel took each of her hands, locking them in handcuffs chained on the wall. Her legs were kept free from the bonds on the floor. Still blindfolded her body began to shiver with anticipation of what might happen.

"Everyone, this is Kylie. She's a gift from our good friends in London." Cain said as he walked towards the crowd now gathered around Kylie."They have graciously sent her to us for training. You might recognize her; she is after all the Prime Minister's daughter."

The crowd eagerly drew closer to Kylie's naked, vulnerable body. Her hands clenched the chains that bound her to the dark brick walls. It felt like a dozen hands reaching out to grope her perky breasts, tweaking the nipples as others rand hands down her body. Her breathing quickened as hands grabbed her ass, parting the cheeks, probing the tight hole that was hidden.

"Owe!" She whimpered as clamps were firmly attached to her erect nipples. The sensation made her lose her balance, only the chains held her up.

"What a dirty one you are." A voice said as fingers ran over her sparse public hair."You want me to finger fuck you, don't you?" The man said as he ran two fingers over her slit, stopping to part her now moistened lips. "So you do like it, your cunt's juices are dripping down my fingers." Tears ran down her face, she sobbed uncontrollably, muttering something he couldn't understand. "Don't worry, you will enjoy this." His fingers lightly played with her clit. She moaned. "Tell me you want it. I want to hear you say fuck me." He whispered in her ear as he plunged one finger into her tight wet hole. She squirmed as he finger fucked her pussy.

"I... I want you to fuck me." She said so that everyone could hear.

His head was on her cunt now, flicking her clit with his tongue as two fingers moved swiftly into her pussy. "Don't stop, I am about to cum!" He quickened his tongue movement as he felt her pussy walls clench his fingers. She let out a great moan as her orgasm took over her body. His mouth now suckled her clit as he rubbed his fingers on her precious G-Spot.

"Lift her legs up." The man ordered. His tongue probed her wet cunt, licking up all of her sweet juices. She moaned as his tongue ran over her sensitive clit, making her squirm. He grasped her legs tighter as he tongue fucked her wet hole. "Such a sweet pussy, I hope you fuck as good as you taste." The sound of his belt buckle being undone aroused her. She wanted to get fucked, hard, as several men watched and grouped her naked body.

His hard cock touched her body as he probed her mouth with his tongue. "You taste that? That's your pussy juice. I want you to taste what dirty little slut tastes like." She licked her lips; the taste was something she had never had before. "You like it, don't you? Don't worry, you will get to taste someone else's juicy pussy soon enough." His fingers ran over her pussy again, she was dripping wet now, ready to be fucked.

His hands grabbed her hips, pulling her close, as her back pressed against the cold brick wall. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her mun as he wrapped his arms tightly around her slender legs.

"Tell me you want it." He whispered in her ear.

"I want you to fuck me, please." Her voice was soft; her body gave in to her desire to be fucked by this man she couldn't see, only feel.

With one hand he pushed his cock down her wet pussy, stopping to play with the clit with his head before he fucked her sweet pussy hole. "Your pussy is very wet my dear, I can see your slutty desire won't be a problem later on." His head was resting halfway in her cunt hole, ready to fuck her senseless. "You will enjoy this, you little slut." He drove his hard cock deep into her tight, wet cunt, making her moan in ecstasy. Hands from both sides groped her breasts, pinching the nipples hard, causing great pain to her."Oh you like this don't you." He said, fucking her harder and faster, driving deeper into her cunt.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me, fuck me hard!" She said as the height of her orgasm sent her body into rhythmic spasms.

Her orgasms gripped onto his hard cock, begging it to spill his seed in her cunt. "Loosen the chain." He instructed as the chain that bound her handcuffs to the wall was unhooked. "Good, that's enough."She had felt the weight of the chain on her aching hands and arms as he let go of her legs. "Suck my cock! I know you want to taste my seed in your mouth."

She dropped to her knees obediently, eager to take his cock in her mouth. "Good girl! You will do nicely if you keep this up." She searched quickly for his hard cock with her hands; it was massive in size, thick from shaft to head and uncut. Her right hand wandered down to his balls, cupping them in her hand. She gently began to stoke his cock with her left as she massaged his balls.

"Very good, now take my cock in your mouth." She obeyed her master, taking his massive erect cock in her willing mouth. Her tongue roughly grazed his head, licking and suckling it. The taste of his precum and her pussy juices excited her. She had never known such a feeling, such pleasure from being a man's plaything.

He ran his fingers through her hair, grabbing a handful as he proceeded to force her mouth father down on his hard cock. He skull fucked, not giving her much time to breathe between each forceful shove down his cock. "Oh god, yes suck on the head, I am about to cum!" His head began to throb as his seed shot into her hot, wet mouth. She eagerly swallowed his load as she suckled his head. The tip of her tongue traced circles around his head as the last spurt dripped into her mouth.

"What a fine cocksucker you are. I am sure the rest of the men here will make that sweet little pussy and mouth sore." He said as he slapped his now semi-hard cock on her face and mouth.

"Tell me, do you want to see who fucked you? Well, who all will be fucking you now too for that matter."

"Yes, I want to see the faces of the men who will fuck me senseless." She said, still licking her lips, enjoying his salty taste.

He untied the blindfold, reviling several men to her, cocks hard and ready to fuck her sweet little pussy."Oh my!" She gasped as two men helped her up off the ground, moving her to the table in the center of the room.

"I will leave you gentlemen to it." He said as he grabbed his pants off the dusty floor."You my dear will have a great deal of fun fucking my friends tonight. And when that sweet little pussy of yours can take no more you will be free to sleep. Tomorrow we will start your training." His hands brushed over her soft face as the men circled around the table, removing the chairs. He tucked in his shirt as two men fondled her perky tits while another was between her legs, eating her fucked cunt.

"Thank you, Cain." A man standing on the left side said as he stroked his hard cock while rubbing Kylie's clit.

"Goodnight gentlemen." Cain said as walked away, closing the door behind him. ...

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