A New Life Ch. 05


'So I take it you like my special skill?!'

I grinned. 'It's a damn good thing you didn't tell me you could do that before now, else I'd have ripped your clothes off weeks ago!'

We laughed together, happy to have let off a bit of steam. And I wasn't kidding. No-one had ever been able to do that to me. I wasn't in his league when it came to cock size, but I wasn't small either, so that was some skill. And one I was sure I would enjoy a lot. I had a moment of regret thinking I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to do that to him. But I would do my best. And I could still give him the full docking, I was convinced of that.

'You're pretty talented as well you know. It would have been a miracle to get mine down your throat, but it was amazing.'

'Thank you. And you haven't seen all my talents yet.' I heard him groan, and felt a twitch between us. He wasn't quite ready for round two, but if we went the way I wanted he'd be plenty hard enough by the time we were good to go.


'Yep, I'm right here. What do you want?'

I grinned again. 'I want you.'

His grin joined mine. 'You have me. I believe we were going to discuss, um...'

'Docking procedures?!' I finished, laughing. He joined me.

'Okay. I guess the question is who is docking first. Or do you only like it one way?'

'I like both babe, but I prefer to be the one docked with, if you get my drift. And I really want to try your cock in my berth.'

We were both giggling through the silly conversation, but he looked a bit nervous when I said I wanted him to take me.

'Are you sure you can take it? I don't want to hurt you. I'm quite happy to be on the receiving end. Mind you, I'm not sure I've taken anyone as big as you before either.'

I smiled. 'In either case, it just takes the right amount of preparation. And yes, I'm sure I can take it, if you get me ready. Like I said, we've got as much time as we need. That's the advantage of relationships rather than a quickie.'

He just kissed me in reply. That was enough to say we were agreed on the next stage. And god, I really did want to feel that huge cock in me, and the more I thought about it the harder I got. It wasn't going to be easy, but it would definitely be worth it. I lifted myself off him for a moment to reach into my bedside drawer, and handed him my bottle of lube with a grin on my face. And then just in case he hadn't got the hint, I rolled off him and lay on my front, waiting for him to make a move.

I expected him to go for my hole straight away, but he straddled me and sat on my arse first, starting to massage my shoulders. That felt really good, and I relaxed into the mattress and moaned. His hands kept moving across my shoulders and back and he varied the motions and ran his hands up and down my spine occasionally too. It was the sort of massage you'd get professionally, not at all sexual, but the fact we were doing it naked and he was sitting on me with his cock resting against the small of my back, well that had me turned on a great deal. By the time I felt him shift his weight and move further down the bed, I was moaning with desire already. He began then to massage up my legs a little, but he moved to my asscheeks pretty quickly, circling and separating them. That felt really good too.

Suddenly his breath was against me and his tongue was licking at my entrance. I could only moan louder. He kissed and licked at my hole and circled around it, all the time making me harder and more eager. I started to push myself towards him a little and his tongue pushed inside me slightly. I cried out his name and that spurred him on to a quick bout of tongue fucking that had me practically creaming my sheets. His mouth and tongue had so many "special skills" I wasn't sure I'd survive learning about all of them.

When his face was replaced by his hand and I felt the first gel coated finger enter me I just sighed in pleasure. Before I really knew it there were two in me and I was writhing and humping back on them. I liked playing with myself, but it was so much better when someone else did it and I didn't know what to expect. His technique was again amazing. I begged for three fingers and didn't even wince when they entered me, I just kept on riding them. When those fingers found my gland I nearly jumped into the air, assailed with the familiar intense sensation. He circled and pressed into it, and I lost my load into the sheets, groaning loud as I came. He didn't even stop, although I felt a lot more full and realised he was now up to four fingers. I was still loving it and couldn't wait much longer for his cock.

'Greg, please.' I moaned out. He took the hint and withdrew his fingers, making me feel suddenly empty and desperate to be filled again. That was going to happen, and some, any moment. He rolled me over and kissed me yet again. I'd never get tired of his kisses. Then I felt what I was after pressing against me. I exhaled and tried to relax, and when the head of that massive cock entered me I wasn't sure if the pleasure or the pain was more intense. 'Stop. Give me a moment.' I begged. It must have taken a lot of control for Greg to do that, but he didn't move a muscle, intent on not hurting me. I guessed he knew I was in some discomfort, but we also both knew that often happened initially until you got used to the welcome intrusion. I gave a little wriggle when the burn subsided, and that felt good.

'Okay, I'm ready for more. Slowly.' He took me at my word, and the slide inside me might have been so slow I wouldn't have noticed, if it hadn't been expanding me quite so much. If I winced or drew in a sharp breath he stopped again and we set up a routine where he would stop and I would wriggle again to get him started when I was ready. He seemed to like me wriggling while he was inside me too because it always made him moan. My eyes were closed, but I could imagine the intensity on his face, and I knew how difficult it was to do this and not just fuck hard and come, but he was making love to me. That made me open my eyes for a moment to check him out, and the love and lust showing in his gaze just made us smile at each other. I didn't dare glance down further to see how much more of his massive pole there was for me to take.

It just seemed to keep on coming, for several long minutes we just stopped and started. And I was glad I had come from his fingers, because every tiny movement rubbed right along my prostate. I was feeling very very full and still some burn, but frankly this was still heaven. Eventually I felt his balls against me, and the pleasure I felt at having taken all of him, and being the first one to do that, well I couldn't stop grinning. It probably helped that I was still in anticipation of the actual fucking, and that was going to be magnificent. I looked at Greg and he seemed more surprised than anything else, just staring down at where our bodies met. I giggled and he moaned.

'Stop doing that. I'm not going to keep it up if you do.' he complained, mock offended. I knew the problem was it felt good, but probably a bit too good if he actually wanted to do something now he was here, rather than shoot immediately.

'I can't help it. You feel wonderful. And I told you we could get to "full docking"!' I raised an eyebrow to emphasise the joke. It made him lean down to kiss me, and the sudden shift of his cock in me made us both groan.

'You feel wonderful too.' he said quietly, and then kissed me harder. It was even more intense playing with his tongue when he was inside me, and the desire burned bright yet again. That moment also helped me relax, and the fit didn't seem quite so tight any more. He obviously felt it too, because he drew back to look at me, his face asking me a question. I swallowed hard in anticipation and nodded.

Agreeing to him fucking me was the last coherent thought I had for some time. He started to withdraw and thrust again, very gently and each time increasing the amount he was moving by and the speed of his motion. Each time he bottomed out I shouted or groaned, and I have no doubt there were streams of expletives coming by the time he was almost withdrawing from me and then putting himself all the way back in. Each time he did the pressure against the spot had me almost seeing stars, and finally that feeling was too much. He pressed in again and I shot all over us, crying out his name.

He hadn't come and he didn't stop, he just took my orgasm as his trigger to start thrusting harder and faster, and I just lay there taking it, pleasure building in me yet again. I wondered if I could come again, but as soon as I felt he was that was it for me. His pulses inside sent me over the edge. I was dimly aware of him crying out as he shot but mostly I was just feeling my own pleasure.

We lay in silence for quite a while afterwards, both of us trembling with aftershocks and panting as we got our breath back. I knew I'd never had better, and I didn't want anyone else either. This was it for me, I hoped. I could happily live the rest of my life with this guy, if he'd have me. Please let him want that too, I thought. I could happily stay under him for the rest of my days too, he was so warm and comforting as he pressed me into the mattress. He was probably heavier than me but it didn't feel like I was being squashed, more like protected from anything else. I sighed my contentment, and he moved to kiss me lightly. I moaned as I felt him shift and his dick slid from me. That was the end of my contentment for a few minutes. I moved quickly to get up.

'Got to go clean up.' I said, with some regret at having to leave him, and headed to the bathroom. After I had sorted myself out I came back with a flannel to wipe him down. He was dozing and barely stirred as I wiped him down. My cum was everywhere. He had some in his hair, but I just wiped his body and then his cock down, figuring we would go for a shower when we woke up. It had been a long day, capped off with the best ending I could possibly have imagined, and we had the whole weekend to come. I snuggled up to him and put my head on his chest and an arm and leg across his body. Even though he was half asleep he moved a little towards me to get comfortable, and moved his arm to put it around me. The perfect end to a perfect evening, curled up with the man I loved.

* * * * * * *


I woke up to sunlight streaming over the bed, highlighting Simon's hair and body, as if I'd have needed any more reason to look at him. I must have shifted around in the night, because we were both on our sides, arms around each other and legs intertwined. I had morning wood and it was resting on his own erection. I couldn't stop myself smiling, this was the best morning I'd ever had. Nearly three years of waiting to find the one and now I had him. And he'd not only wanted and been able to take me, he'd clearly loved it too. He had been right, it was better to be in a relationship and take your time than it just be about getting off as fast and hard as you could with someone you had just met.

I had a sudden moment of regret. I'd brought enough clothes and stuff for the weekend, but not for work. I'd have to go home at some point. I didn't want to leave him, ever. Perhaps I could persuade him to come with me, and we could christen my bed while we were there, but that didn't deal with the fact we had separate houses. I wanted to be with him every night. Was it a bit early to broach the subject of moving in together? Probably. I had only met him a few weeks ago, but it felt very right from the first moment, and certainly once I knew he liked me too. My sigh made him stir and him wriggling against me rubbed our erections together and made me moan.

His deep brown eyes opened to look at me, and then he gave an answering moan when he felt me twitch, and then groaned as he stretched out a little.

'Are you okay?' I asked, a little nervous because that didn't sound good.

His eyes came back to mine and he smiled. 'I'm great. Just a few aching muscles. And when I think about how I got them, I'm not going to be complaining!'

That thought made me smile too. I'd lay bets on me having some similar aches and pains, especially in my thighs from when I was controlling that long and slow slide into him, but how could I possibly mind that when the end result had been so incredible.

'So what are we going to do today?' I asked, with a wink at the end to make sure he knew what sort of activities I would like to be doing.

'69, followed by a shower and then some breakfast. After that, you can pick something.'

'I've got a bit of time to think about it. Your suggestions to start sound excellent.' I had enough of him wrapped around me that I could roll onto my back and take him with me. I figured he'd prefer to be on top for this bit. I kissed him and he moaned, our erections together again but this time pressed between our bodies. He started to slide down me, kissing and licking as he went, his hair falling around him so I couldn't see his face, and I had the strangest recollection of the dream I'd had where he did this. It was almost like I'd been here before. I moaned even before he started licking me.

'I thought you said 69.' I complained. I wanted to suck him too, and was pleased when he turned around and straddled me, his erection almost poking me in the eye. I was too turned on to laugh about it because he was already working me well, and I just grabbed hold of him and started to suck. I had mixed feelings about 69s. I never felt I could do as good a job when I was distracted by what was being done to me, but on the other hand giving and receiving at the same time was great. I tried to concentrate on what I wanted to do to Simon, and sucked most of him in, feeling him gasp and moan around me. That part of this was always fun, I wanted to get reactions even more because I could feel them directly. As I worked harder so did he, or maybe I was following his lead, there was no way of knowing for sure.

All I could be certain of was that it was working for both of us. Muffled moans filled the room and soon my mouth was filled with his seed. A moment later I was shooting too, eyes closed as I experienced the joy of orgasm. I only opened my eyes again when I felt him move off me and turn around, and then I just stared and groaned. He'd backed off me when I came, and again just like in my dream, he was grinning while my cum dripped from his face. I practically growled as I sat up. 'Come here.' And I licked his face clean while he continued grinning at me.

It turned me on seeing him like that and he certainly seemed to appreciate being cleaned off by my tongue. I sat back again to check I had covered every bit of him, and he was still grinning. I wiped that off his face temporarily with another kiss.

'Are you psychic?' I asked with a grin on my face. He just looked confused in reply. 'It's just I had this dream about you doing that. It's almost as though you knew.'

He smiled sexily at me. 'So, you've been dreaming about me?' he asked, teasing.

'Pretty much from the moment I first saw you.' I replied honestly. 'When I saw you waiting for your interview I thought how nicely you'd fit against me if I got to hold you in my arms. I was desperate on your first day to catch a glimpse in the hope they'd actually hired the guy I couldn't get my mind off.'

He blushed, and it was so sweet I had to kiss him again. 'It might sound odd, but I'm glad I didn't see you when I came for the interview. I'd have been even more scared than I already was. I had enough trouble in the few days before I started keeping you out of my mind as it was.'

It was my turn to be confused. 'You didn't see me until your first day.'

He went bright red. 'I saw your photo. That was enough to set my mind racing.'

I grinned again. 'I didn't realise I took such a good photo!'

His blush started to fade a little but he still seemed embarrassed. How could I possibly be upset that he'd fancied me from the moment he saw my picture? I thought I'd move things along a little and we could get to the shower, as I was now feeling sticky and aware that I didn't smell as fragrant as usual. It was hard and sweaty work making mad passionate love. Simon didn't complain when I led him towards the bathroom, and he started it running so we could step into the spray.

We could have cleaned ourselves up but we both seemed keen to keep our hands on each other and so by mutual agreement we each washed the other down, paying particular attention to any erogenous zones, making us moan and giggle as we were played with. I started to wash my hair, but Simon stopped me and turned me so he could do it for me. It had never occurred to me that it could be erotic to have someone else wash your hair, and maybe it was just having his hands on me yet again, but I really enjoyed the experience, even more so when I got to return the favour and felt him tremble against me as I played with his long hair, knowing how much he enjoyed it being touched. I carried out a very slow shampoo and then conditioned it, recalling some techniques for head massage which I had received in a few high class salons in the past. That only seemed to turn him on more, and when I was done and he turned back round to face me I got passionate kisses in return.

Much as I could have played like this all day my stomach was now rumbling, and I needed to get some breakfast. I figured Simon did too or it wouldn't have been on his list of things we were going to do that day. I still needed to think what I wanted to do after, but when I considered it the only thing that came to mind was him taking me. It would be the perfect final act in the beginning of our sexual relationship. Most other things we had covered so far, and I needed to feel him too. I reluctantly got out of the shower and Simon followed, nothing being said but again we dealt with each other, drying our bodies off with fluffy towels, and throwing some clothes on quickly before we headed into the kitchen.

Together we organised scrambled eggs on toast plus cups of tea and sat down at the table to eat and drink. I had the same feeling as I had earlier, about wanting this all the time. Waking up with Simon, sex followed by a shower, and then sitting down together for breakfast, well it was all exactly what I wanted and I knew it would feel very lonely doing this by myself when I next had to. Not that I thought Simon would be chucking me out any time soon, but I would have to go home eventually. My thoughts must have shown on my face, because he started looking at me.

'What's wrong?' he asked.

'Sorry. Just thinking boring stuff about having to go home to get clothes for work.'

'Your place is quite nice, why do you look so unhappy about having to go there?'

I swallowed hard and looked him straight in the eyes before replying. 'You aren't there.'

The intensity in my gaze was mirrored in his yet again. He paused for quite a while before responding, perhaps trying to be sure of what I was thinking first. 'When do you want to move in? Or would you rather we lived at yours?'

A beaming smile spread across my face. 'I like it here. It's bigger and a nicer area, although you do have those strange neighbours!'

He smiled back. 'That's fine with me. I'm not sure I could face packing all my stuff up again so soon.'

I turned serious again. 'Simon, I need you to know, I love you. I want everything with you, and this is just the first step in what I hope will be the rest of our lives together. I can't imagine ever wanting to be apart from you again.'

He moved towards me smiling softly, and kissed me hard. 'I love you too. And I can't think of anything better than having you around for the rest of my life. When shall we go get your things?'

I kissed him again and lifted him so I could twirl him in my arms, both of us laughing at the silliness of it. I couldn't think of a time I had ever been happier. He loved me and he wanted me with him forever. I set him back on his feet and kissed him until we were both shaking and I could feel his hardness against me.

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