A New Life for Debbie Ch. 05


His boxers were pushed into a huge tent by the massive shaft that was desperately trying to pierce the fabric. She took the elastic waist band and pulled the boxers down. Joan's heart jumped in her chest as she discovered the huge cock that would soon make her a complete woman, a three shots gun as Abbie called it. It was gorgeous, pointing toward her face, already quite hard as Dee had told her. It wasn't outrageous big, just three inches diameter, just very long, about 12". It would fill her pussy completely and quite nicely but if he was sufficiently good at it, her cervix would open for him and let him spew his potent sperm directly on her eggs. Her mother had told her it had been an indescribable experience for her.

Joan took the massive cock into her hands. God she couldn't encircle it with her thumb and forefinger. It was huge, larger than what she had expected. She was afraid, terrorized even but she knew that now, nothing was going to stop her defloration from happening. He obviously wanted it and now she was, too! The man took her in his arms, kissed her neck quite tenderly then nibbled her earlobes with his teeth, pushing his tongue into her ear. It tickled, she squirmed and laughed and, then discovered that that simple stimulation had made her swooning from desire for him. He pushed toward the bed, taking her in his arms, carrying her to the bed as if she was a treasured and very fragile object. He laid her on the bed and clapped his hand.

The door through which he had entered, opened a second time to let in two scantily clad women. They were wearing red babydolls, so short that they stopped at their waists, leaving in plain view the red tattoos on their bald pussies. The babydolls were made in the sheerest gauze, letting nothing to the imagination. The two women were also wearing matching five inches red stilettos and nothing else. Watching Joan in her scandalous wedding gown had been a major turn on for most people in the assistance but discovering these two quite appetizing women displaying so lewdly all their charms made many of them explode in their pants. They were, for sure, Joan's mother and sister, with the same hairstyle as her to emphasize their close resemblance.

They placed two big cushions under Joan's back to heighten her cunt and facilitate the man's work. They parted open completely the wedding gown, completely freeing his way to her dripping cunt. He positioned himself between her widely parted legs, bent forward and took her left nipple in his mouth, kneading the other one between his fingers. In no time, the nipples got engorged and became as hard as the man's cock. They were pointing to the sky.

Joan was caressing his cock, massaging his balls while Dee and Janet were licking sensuously his shaft and cock head, one of each side of him. The cock was throbbing desperately under their combined ministrations. Joan then took the knob in her hands and began to rub it between her breasts. When she felt he would never get bigger, she pulled it down gently and began to rub it between her cunt lips, insisting on her clit. She was oozing love juices and she coated generously his cock with it.

Her mother and sister had switched to pushing their fingers into Joan's twat, trying to ream her, to prepare her to accommodate the big intruder that was about to fill her to capacity. She was dripping with excitement. Dee and Janet had now two fingers each in her cunt, working them in and out as fast as she could in the slick cavern! They guided the big shaft toward the entrance of Joan's wet slit.

Joan had her eyes glued to his, unaware of the moves of her sister and mother. They were now rubbing his engorged cock head against her pussy slit. The knob was parting slowly her cunt lips, getting steadily deeper into her. When the wider part had disappeared inside, the two women put their hands behind the man's waist and pushed him forward. Joan began to moan desperately as she felt her innards being stretched out. Now that the head had popped into her pussy, the rest should be easier.

Dee and Janet took Joan's ankles in their hands and lifted them upward while still maintaining their pressure on the man's loins. He was continuing to push in slowly. They didn't press the movement, letting Joan time to being accustomed to feeling such a huge cock inside her. Joan continued moaning, digging her nails into her palms and still fixing his eyes.

He was enjoying immensely the warm tight sheath that was enveloping him. He began to move in and out from her cunt, first by a fraction of an inch then increasing the depth of his movements as she began to meet his movements. Each time he gained a fraction of an inch deeper. He bent forward and took her lips under his mouth, kissing her fervently. He was moving his cock inside her pussy in rhythm and her belly was arching up to meet his thrusts.

Dee and Janet were encouraging him.

- That's it, man. Fuck her now as the bitch she is at heart!

His cock head was now passing between her cunt lips that had opened in acceptance. She was so tight he was just fucking her by a single inch or so. He wanted to get deeper into her love tunnel. Joan would very soon take him in full into her.

Despite her mother and sister's encouragement, she wanted to prolong the moment, knowing it would never come back. She gripped her hands behind his neck, knowing that when she would have to abandon that support, she would be irremediably fucked. The man was pulling her down by the hips, increasing slowly his downward pressure. She had valiantly supported his pressure but now, she was losing her grip.

Slowly, she impaled herself on his erect pole. He suddenly felt a resistance to his penetration : the tip of his cock had come into contact with her hymen. She moaned in despair. Their delicious toying was coming to its end. He increased still more the pressure on her hips. The pain in her overstetched membrane had become unbearable. She was now screaming in pain. At any moment, her hymen would simply burst. Suddenly, the man pulled her up by a couple of inches. The pain faded away instantly. She emitted a long gasp of relief followed immediately by a tortured scream of despair. He was now pulling her down with all his strength. She had gathered speed in her fast dive. He broke though her hymen. She screamed madly as he continued to pull her down with the same strength. Her cunt was now enveloping tightly his cock like a velvet glove.

He stopped a minute to savor his triumph, pulled back one more time and plunged violently downward, stretching out the deeper recesses of her cunt. She was shrieking in pain, crying openly. He humped her two or three times to complete his victory. His cock was now nudging closely her cervix. He tested it with a few more powerful humps No he was all the way in. Joan thought he would content himself by spewing his sperm there but she didn't really knew him. The pain had disappeared now that he had filled her to capacity. Her heart beat gradually fell back to normal.

He began a slow back and forth motion and picked up the pace. Joan held him lovingly as he spread her legs wide open bringing her feet off the ground still held up by Dee and Janet with her knees above his waist. She was taking his cock deep quite willingly. It was the moment for him to launch a new, very brutal attack. He suddenly pounded her cunt as deep and hard as he could. Completely bewildered, she felt him drive into her deeper and deeper. He pound into her cervix until it gave way and pushed beyond entering her womb. He finally exploded inside her planting wads after wads of warm potent jizzm deep into her womb.

- Oh God, That's SO GOOD! Thanks, Master!

Joan was now realizing and feeling that his baby making goo was probably already covering her eggs and fertilizing them. Maybe his very potent seed was doing its job at that very instant but at the worst, it would be in the coming minutes. God! Two months before she would have asked him to pull out before he comes. She had planned to have a baby when she got old, around 30, she had never imagined becoming prego at 22! And this man she had not known one hour before had just impregnated her and he would leave, probably definitively her life. She was sad about it. Normally men should remain to your side for some time, days, weeks or months. Pshaw, it was still some free girl's dreams of love! She had to remember that this man had paid a lot of money to deflower her, to fuck her and knock her up, nothing more. When she would give birth to her twin babies, he could pick one, one he would choose and leave the other one to her or to someone else for adoption or he could turn down the offer and leave her the first choice. She would have to get used to it : she would never be nothing but a slave whore, a baby maker and a surrogate mother for men she would never see again!

Her mother and sister were still holding her feet as high as they could to have gravity help to fertilize her eggs. As soon as her lover had disengaged, Dee produced a big dildo with which she plugged Joan's cunt. The sperm wouldn't drain down from her! She was instructed to keep her cunt plugged all the night, except to add another load inside. Afterward, she was to sleep with her buttocks held up all the night to put the maximum chances on her side. She knew that she would do the maximum to ensure her impregnation. Abiding to such orders is the basis of a slave whore's conditioning.

The man wiped his bloodied cock on her dress. Custom wanted Joan to keep all her life that soiled dress as a souvenir of her public defloration by a stranger! It would have been the ultimate shame for a free woman and it was the ultimate pride of a slave whore!

Joan just wondered in how many months anyone could see she was carrying but she had other things to think to. That man would remain with her all the night. Her second mission was to make him hard again to allow him to fuck her again and again. She had an even more urgent mission : clean his cock. It was the duty of a good whore and she would do her best to satisfy her customers, how ever nasty or dirty their demands! She kneeled at his feet and took his cock into her mouth. She felt the taste of her own blood on her tongue. . . It was now Samantha's turn to submit completely to her master for the night and tomorrow morning, she would have to attend the ownership ceremony for Joan and her sister after a quickie with Al and Justin!.

Dee and Janet discreetly exited the stage to do the same service to Joan's sister. Afterwards, Dee would service the spectators of Samantha while Janet would come back to take care of Joan's ones. By that time, both groups would be horny as hell and they would have to service them all the night, too. They were prepared for it and after watching closely that first defloration, they were quite eager for it!

- - - - Samantha had heard from a distance the screams and applauses that have accompanied her sister's defloration. It seemed to have proceeded smoothly. Even though, she had had the little pleasure of having her ass hole licked by her sister on the previous evening, Samantha had felt jealous of her sister. She had had the lover that her mother had chosen for them, he was handsome and his cock was the dream tool to burst through a tight hymen. She may be less lucky, herself! And, to compound her fear, she didn't even know how her future lover looked like! He may be ugly, he may even be a woman : a big lifeless strap on dildo could easily pierce her hymen, even if it couldn't impregnate her but that wasn't so sure as some contained heated tanks just for impregnating lesbians

The stage was even more lavishly decorated than for Joan. It was the main event of the evening after all. The wedding dress she was wearing was even lewder than Joan's. They would discover it on the next morning as they would wear their defloration outfits with their blood on them for the ownership ceremonies. They would replace the wedding dresses their mother and sister had worn just a month ago.

It was a white babydoll just like Dee and Janet's just longer to the floor. The cups of the top had been cut out, just framing her generous breasts with a fine lace trimming. The fabric of the dress was even more transparent than nylon curtains. With her five inches stilettos she looked like a fairy in its diaphanous veils. Samantha took a sexy pose for the assistance's benefit, waiting for the arrival of her future mate.

Before she had realized it, he was on stage and he was powerfully built, more like Tyrone with bulging muscles on his arms and chest. He was white. She looked at his face and jumped back by several feet : She knew him!!! He was her uncle Archie! He had often come to visit them. Debbie didn't like him too much but her father Tony did. He was lecherous, always trying to corner Debbie or any of her daughters in some discreet place. She had felt so often even in public his hand brush against her breasts and her buttocks that she had stopped noticing. He even once came under the table to caress her thighs in the middle of a conversation. Since then she had stopped wearing skirts and dresses and switched to jeans. Now with her new job, she had had to switch back to skirts just to entice men into touching her! Debbie had warned Samantha as she had all her daughters that Archie wanted nothing but have his hands inside their knickers. Debbie herself was not exempt of his attention even in presence of her husband. Tony smiled and always let him do as he wanted, occasionally encouraging him.

Samantha had seen once her uncle in trunks on the sundeck near the swimming pool. He had something quite unique : his cock was really huge, a little more than 12 " in length, as he boasted, and four and a half inches in diameter. God! She was expected to let that baseball bat enter her, and not by the handle! He would surely split her in two! She turned the head in fear and discovered her mother and sister with goggled eyes watching the man who had paid so much to take her cherry. They had come to help her and discovered she was facing a horny ape, a gorilla or something like it but not a man. He was looking toward his prey as if he was about to devour her.

He stretched on the bed calmly and told her :

- As you're nothing but a paid whore, don't expect me to spare you in any way, my dear niece. You're going to do the whole job and I'll be watching you perform for me and as you work hard to stretch yourself to accommodate me, I'll play with your mother and sister. If you take too long, I may decide to fist them.

He had big hands, almost out of proportion with his body. Being fisted by him would amount probably to have your cunt definitively ruined. She now had the lives of her mother and sister in the balance. Samantha bunched up her dress and pushed hastily her cunt in contact with his cock. God, he smelled awful : he must not have washed for weeks. He really reeked! His cock smelled sex, sperm, pee and plenty of other odors more or less unpalatable. She rubbed hastily his cock against her pussy lips, insisting when he was nibbling her clit. Against her expectations, her cunt soon oozed love fluids. God! Was it thinkable that she could be excited by that beast!

- I decided not to wash for the whole week for you to discover how a real man, a wood logger in the forests would smell. It's quite different from the perfumed skin of your wimp friends at Uni, isn't it?

The more she rubbed against him, the more lubricated she got! By some perverse twist of her mind, the perspective of being soon soiled by her dirty and nasty uncle turned her on. While she was working hard on him, he had deliberately pushed four fingers in a cone in Debbie and Janet's cunt. They had heightened themselves as far as they could, giving him ample place to move his fingers in and out of their tortured pussies. He had ordered them to push down their cunts when they felt him pushing up his fingers. As good whores, they were obeying his instructions, knowing they would ultimately be ruined by him with their own collaboration but they had been thoroughly trained to obey. Slowly, his knuckles were disappearing into their cunts. The last knuckle had just disappeared inside them when his knob suddenly popped inside Samantha's pussy. With a groan of dismay, he disengaged his hands and focused his interest on Samantha. The friction and the large amount of love fluids Samantha had provided had somewhat cleaned the disgusting cock. Archie nearly didn't reek any more. It just smelled awfully bad!

This time, Archie accompanied Samantha's moves with his hands on her hips. He was alternatively pushing and pulling her on his cock, trying to force himself always deeper and he was succeeding : his cock was gaining slowly inside her. Debbie and Janet overcame their disgust and began to lick and salivate on his cock to add some lubrication. It was the first time they had a really active sexual contact with him. When he was trying to fist them, they were like fuck dolls, inanimate objects! It was foul and dirty but some primitive force seemed to guide the three girls. Samantha's internal walls were parting in front of the invading cock. He found it easier and easier to slide inside her once very tight channel.

His steady pressure and the threats he had heaped on Samantha's head seemed to have hit home. The tip of his cock arrived in contact with her hymen faster than it had been with Joan. Archie was no artist as the man who was still actively sweeping Joan's love channel at this very moment. He had helped her up from the invading tool before slamming her back down onto it. Instead Archie had decided to apply a higher and higher pressure until her maidenhead gave way. His way was probably more painful for the young girl but more enjoyable for him. He really loved feeling the thin membrane stretching desperately before his menacing tool. Samantha was now screaming continuously in pain and he loved listening to that melodious tune like a true sadist. He pinched savagely her breasts, twisting her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezing them mercilessly. She contracted on herself under the pain and that simple move did the trick : her maidenhead burst under the irrepressible pressure and Archie could continue his way into the depths of Samantha's belly.

Nothing could stop his progression now. With just a couple of humps, his cock went into close contact with her cervix. It was his moment of triumph, she had been fucked completely by her uncle. He went in and out rapidly to reach his own climax. He wasn't the kind of man interested by the pleasure of his partner. He flooded her cervix with a gallon of his cum. The pressure was so great that some of it burst forth inside her womb and inseminated Samantha. He had done his job! Now he could enjoy the young girl, making her dance around his cock all the night. He thanked officially Debbie and Janet for their help and sent them to service the assistants that were now delirious, just wishing now that he could have his eldest niece and his sister in law also playing cup and ball game on his cock now. He found comfort that he could now quite easily book Debbie or any of her daughters for half an hour whenever he wanted and they wouldn't be allowed to turn him down!

His mind then turned to other evil ideas : why not put Debbie into her former husband's clutches. He would love torturing her and her daughters. He would just add a condition : everything should be done in his presence. Tony was really nasty at times. Debbie and her daughters would always remember that day IF they survived to it!

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