A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 09


Marsh had heard a couple of gasping breaths as he had talked. Now Eva took a deep breath and responded. "Well...I don't know what to ask, Marsh. Maybe you can tell me when your Lucy is going to come for me. I guess I should make sure my stuff is all in my suitcases so I will be ready."

Marsh smiled as he replied, "Well Eva, I'm not sure how long it will take Lucy to get there, but I would think she will show up within the next hour. Maybe less..."

Marsh heard the sound of a helicopter in the background, and Eva gasped again, as she watched two women and three men exit the helicopter that had landed out in the front of the hotel.

Marsh heard a woman's voice ask, "Are you Eva Menendez? I'm Lucy Ramirez. My boss said you need a safe place to stay for a few days."

Eva was dumbstruck. "I...ahhh, I'm Eva. Your boss is on the phone. I was, ahh ...I am talking to him right now."

"No problem, Eva. Why don't you let me talk to him while you go to your room and get your things? These people will help you."

Marsh heard another pause, before he heard Lucy's voice. "This is Lucy. Who am I speaking to?"

"Lucy, this is Marsh Mitchel. Thank you for getting right on this. I'll be down there to meet you before tomorrow evening. We've got a score to settle with some bad guys. I hope you're up to a little action. I've heard really good things about you. Jimmy seems to think you'll make a good member of my team."

"I sure hope so, boss. Jimmy says good things about you, too. He tells me you and the Widow Maker hooked up and make a pretty lethal team, by yourselves. I'm looking forward to meeting you and seeing Becca again. She will be coming down with you, right?"

"As far as getting right on this Boss, we were up in the helicopter and only a few miles out of town. I had my pilot make a quick left turn and we were right here. Might have taken a little longer if we had to get in the air from the base, but this was just a short detour."

"She will be with me, Lucy. Becca is my rock. Take care of that scared girl for me, OK Lucy?"

Marsh ended the call, and looked to see where Becca was as his phone rang again. This time the caller ID said Port of Los... Marsh had seen this before, and he recognized the number from Papa Victor's office at the Port of Los Angeles.

Marsh answered with a simple "Hello, Marsh Mitchel speaking."

A female voice Marsh recognized as Victor Martinelli's secretary spoke to him; "please hold for Victor Martinelli."

This was a common occurrence. Papa would ask his secretary to get him someone and she would find and dial the number, then connect the call to Victor.

Papa Victor picked up and came on the line in just a few seconds. "Marshall!" Papa greeted. "How the hell are you son? I hear you're getting ready to come to SoCal with not so good news again."

"Oh shit!" Marsh responded. "What do you know and who told you, Papa? Does Mama know, too?"

"It's OK, Marsh." Papa Victor assured Marsh. "Yes, Victoria knows you are coming. Mama got a call about an hour ago from some secretary in New York, telling her that Elizabeth had been abducted from a clinic in the Colombian region of San Miguel, and that Doctors without Borders was doing everything they could do to find her."

"Marsh, I'm sure you know that your mother went ballistic. As soon as she got off the phone with that gal in New York, she called me. She sounded frantic. I told her I would get more information and I would call you and see if you could help."

"While I was on the phone with Victoria, Antonio called and said he and Giuseppe were coming out, and he wanted to know if I had any pressing business in the morning. When I told him about Elizabeth, he said that was why he and Giuseppe were coming out. He added that you were coming out as well."

"Marsh let's cut to the chase. I told Antonio and Giuseppe to fly out here tonight. All five of us will meet you at SBD and travel to Ecuador with you."

"Five?" Marsh questioned.

"Marsh, Mario is here." Papa Victor informed Marsh. "He says if someone is going to go rescue his sister, he is for damn sure going to be involved. Victoria said she will not get in the way, but she is going to be as close as she can be when you get her daughter out of the jungle."

"Marsh, if you want to tell her she can't ride along she may take it from you, but there's no chance she'll take that from me. You know your mother."

"Ooooohh I do, Papa." Marsh sighed. "OK. What time can y'all be at my airport? Papa, I'm not sure about my timing here. I've got people working on getting my teams together. I've got to get people and equipment down there and I have to have accurate and current intelligence reports from the region. I'll have to get back to you. Tell Mama we'll get her back, Papa. I'll get her back or die trying."

"I know you will, Marsh." Papa said softly. "Your Mama Vicky knows that too, son. Victoria knows."

"I've got to go, Papa." Marsh told Victor. I've got a lot of things to get done."

The gravity of the situation hit Marsh as he hung up the phone. He was sitting at his desk on the sixth floor of the Turner Office building. The door between his office and Becca's office was closed, so Marsh dialed Becca's intercom. "Hi sweetheart!" Becca greeted him cheerfully. "What's up? Is there something I can help you with, or did you just call to say "Hi!"?

"OH baby!" Marsh responded. "I..."

Becca heard the stress in Marsh's voice, and interrupted him. "I'll be right there, love." She told him as she hung up the phone. Marsh's door flew open a few seconds later, and Becca nearly flew across the floor to Marsh's side.

"What is it Marsh? What do you need? I'm right here for you, my love." Becca had her arms around Marsh's shoulders.

"Aaahhhhh sweetheart." Marsh sighed. "I know you're here. And I take great comfort in that. Have you talked to Jimmy or anyone else in the last hour?"

"No. Why Marsh? What's up?" Becca was genuinely concerned.

"Pull up a chair my love, we need to talk. Let me get your mother in here, too. She needs to be in on this, I guess Jimmy should be here, too." Marsh was speaking as he thought out loud.

A quick intercom call to Trish and then to Jimmy had them both into Marsh's office in a matter of seconds.

"Thank you all for coming in here." Marsh began. ."I know you each have things to do, and I'm interrupting. Jimmy, you're aware of what's going on and you're already involved. Trish, Becca, I've been on the phone non-stop for the last hour and a half."

"I got a call from Doctors without Borders this morning. My sister Elizabeth was abducted from the clinic she was working at in Colombia. Jimmy and I have started the wheels in motion that will take us to Ecuador to mount a rescue. We believe that a faction of the FARC is the responsible group."

"Mike Taylor and Doug Sanders are working on intelligence, and rounding up personnel to take down with us."

"Jimmy, what you don't know yet, is that the idiots at the New York offices of Doctors without Borders, went to the trouble of calling Mama Vicky, and telling her that Lizzy was abducted. Mama Vicky is fit to be tied. She wants to come to Ecuador with us so she can be there when we get Lizzy out."

"So, Jimmy. I would like you to come and bring your mobile ER. Would you mind putting that on a transport and standing by with it in Ecuador just in case we need it?"

Marsh paused, and Jimmy nodded affirmatively.

"Trish my love, I'd like you to come along with me and stay with Mama Vicky. There's a RN already down there that was with Lizzy, but wasn't taken when she was. She will need some moral, or immoral, support as well. "

"Becca," Marsh paused and Becca spoke up. "I'll be right there beside you, Marsh. You are the best back-up I could have, and I'm the best you can have. We'll take care of each other. When do we leave?"

Becca had her hand on Marsh's shoulder and felt some of the tension melt away as he heard her assurance of support.

Marsh continued; "I want to take Marguarita with us as well. Mita can handle Mama Vicky as well as, or better than anybody else I can think of. We need a stabilizing influence just for her."

Trish had been sitting in a chair in front of Marsh's desk. She now got up and walked around the desk to put her arms around Marsh and give him a friendly kiss.

"Marsh," Trish said in a loving voice. I'll come with you for whatever you want me to do. I'm not going to be much good as a soldier, but I can be really good in any supportive roll you need me in. I love you Marsh."

Jimmy stayed in the chair he had taken a seat in as he walked in. "Marsh, I don't know your sister at all. I do know her father, and I know you. I'll be there for both of you, and for any of your team, as necessary. We have a presence in that region and we can put together a rescue operation in a hurry. You might not even need to go down there, but I know you feel you need to go to your sister's aid. That's just who you are. I'm glad I can be a part of the company you need, to put on this kind of intervention."

"Now I think I'll go back to my office and get things together for my part of the plan." Having put his stamp of approval on Marsh's plan, Jimmy got up and walked back to his office.

Trish walked back to the front of Marsh's desk. "Marsh, unless you have something you would like me to do right now, I have a couple things I'd like to finish, or at least get to a convenient stopping place, before I leave."

"Absolutely sweetheart." Marsh replied. "I'm sorry to be interrupting your work for this, but my family comes first. I hope someday soon all the drama will be in the past, and we can stick to saving the world in a nicely scheduled fashion."

All three of the Mitchels laughed, and Trish went back to her office.

Becca got up and walked to Marsh's office door. "Sally," she spoke to the receptionist. "Marsh and I need a little undisturbed time. If mom or Jimmy want something they can just walk in, but take messages for anyone else." Becca closed the doors to Marsh's office, and sashayed back to Marsh.

Marsh's office had a large sofa and two large over-stuffed chairs on one wall, arraigned as a conversation area, with end tables beside the sofa and one between the chairs. There was a coffee table between the sofa and the chairs.

In most executive office suites the furniture would probably be covered in leather. Not this one. Marsh didn't have any particular high moral objection to leather; he just didn't like the feel of it as much as he liked a plush fabric. The furniture in his office was strong plush velour.

Becca took Marsh's hand and led him over to the sofa. On the way she stopped at the linen closet and pulled out a couple of towels.

When Marsh had the electrical gurus setting up his office, he had asked them to install a digital twenty-four-hour clock above the doors. As Becca led him to the couch, Marsh glanced at the bright digital LED display. It read eleven twenty-three. It was almost lunch time. Marsh was going to have desert first.

Becca spread the towels on the sofa and turned Marsh so his back was toward the seat. She unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his Wranglers and pushed the Wranglers and his briefs down together. Next she gave Marsh a gentle push into a sitting position on the sofa.

Becca smiled at Marsh as she reached under her skirt and pulled her own panties off. Marsh could see that the panties were royal blue satin, his favorite. Becca slowly knelt in front of Marsh. As she spread the bright blue bikini panties in front of Marsh, Becca softly spoke; "I want to be this girl, Marsh."

Marsh swallowed a huge lump that caught in his throat as he remembered that specific pair of panties. The front satin triangle of the panties Marsh had had embroidered for Becky for her birthday, - five years ago. It read, Bek-e. She had worn them once. Marsh knew that Becca had gotten them out of a drawer in the closet of the ranch house in California.

Marsh took both of Becca's hands in his and lifted her into his lap. "Done!" He whispered. "I love you, Bek-e." (Pronounced Beck-ee) Marsh had moisture leaking from both eyes as he pulled Becca's face close for a warm loving kiss. The kiss was not an especially long one, as Becca broke her face away from Marsh and slipped off of his lap.

On her knees in front of him, Becca took Marsh's cock in her right hand and his balls in her left. "Marsh," she began. I know you are worried about your sister. I can feel the stress you are feeling. I want you to relax for a few minutes and let me work out a little of that stress." With that said, Becca slipped Marsh's cock into her mouth, and proceeded to apply suction.

Marsh laid his head back on the back of the sofa and closed his eyes. Becca's mouth and hands proceeded to draw the tension out of Marsh through his cock as she bobbed up and down his shaft, following her lips with her hand.

Marsh sat back and just basked in the pleasure Becca was inflicting for about five minutes. Then he opened his eyes and leaned forward. Taking Becca's hands off of his cock, Marsh gently pulled her head up and looked into her deep pools of blue green. Some might refer to them as her eyes. Marsh wanted to dive in and just sink into their beauty.

"You are giving me pleasure beyond belief girl. The only way I can think of that I would enjoy this more would be if we shared the pleasure. Please get up here and sit on that pole so that we can both get the full effect of your work."

Becca stood up and then put her knees on the sofa on each side of Marsh. Becca's skirt was bunched up to her waist, and Marsh was treated to the beautiful view of his cock disappearing into her hot, very wet, pussy. Becca lowered herself till her ass cheeks were between Marsh's legs, and Marsh's cock was completely imbedded in her love tunnel.

When all of Becca's weight was on Marsh Becca just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of fullness. She let herself lean forward till she was resting on Marsh's chest, and then put her head on his shoulder. She and Marsh were surrendered to each other and became one united being.

Marsh took a deep breath, relaxed his neck muscles, and allowed himself to be enveloped with the pleasure of feeling completely accepted into the loving embrace of his sole mate's love. Her pussy wrapped around his cock was nice, too.

As both Marsh and Becca expected, Becca's pussy began its own assault on the invading object, which was Marsh's cock. Both of them had come to anticipate this action, and they both had reason to enjoy the growing pleasure produced by the subtle contractions that got progressively stronger. It was not a conscious activity on her part, Becca's body simply began to do what both she and Marsh had come to expect, and enjoy immensely.

As Becca and Marsh sat motionless on the sofa, the door of the office opened and Trish stepped in. She stopped dead in her tracks. "Ah-huh." Trish huffed. "I leave you two alone for two minutes, and I come back to find the office completely silent and you two wrapped up in each other like peas in a pod." Trish paused, and then continued. "God you two look wonderful. You just look like you belong together."

Becca turned her head so she could see her mother as she replied. "Mom," she said and paused. "Are you aware that I've observed the very same thing when you are with Marsh as well? You fit with Marsh like the chocolate on a dipped ice cream cone. Now if you'll take your panties off and get over here, I'll dismount and let you have a ride."

"If you two play it right," Marsh interrupted. "I don't mind giving both of you a ride. I think I'm up for it if you are. Trish, come over here and take a ride on my face. I'd kinda like to have my desert before I go to lunch."

Marsh turned himself and lay down on the sofa. With Becca still on his cock, there was plenty of room for Trish to lower her pussy on his face. For the next twenty minutes Marsh was completely distracted from the South American issues. Becca experienced three strong climaxes, two on Marsh's cock, and one on his tongue. Trish got four. Three while riding Marsh's face and one exquisite climax on his cock when he exploded in her hot love tunnel. Becca went and got a towel for her mother to keep her from leaking all over the office. Marsh led both of them to his private elevator, and the three of them went up to the penthouse to shower.

After their shower, Marsh asked first if Becca would fly them to the Hole for lunch, then he invited Jimmy, Sue, Jenni, and Wendy, if they wanted to ride along. Marsh offered to buy them lunch, and they all agreed that would be a good thing. Jimmy showed up at the penthouse before Marsh, Becca, and Trish left for the helipad. He had taken the liberty of inviting Rick to come to lunch as well.

Jenni, Sue, and Wendy met them on the pad. As they were loading into the 230, Jenni suggested that if everyone would tell her what they wanted, she would call Ginny, and the chefs could get started on lunch preparation. The Turner Management team all went out to the Hole in the Wall for a good lunch that was ready for them by the time they got there.

Mike Taylor was at the Hole when the team got there. Marsh invited him to come into the conference room where they were going to eat and discuss the impending soiree they were planning to attend in South America. Mike asked if he could bring one of his team with him, and the Turner Management team was introduced to Bradley Michaels.

Brad had been an Army Ranger, and had worked for Turner Security for seven years. He had joined Mike's team when Mike came into the company, and they had spent most of their time in South America. During lunch there was a lot of information exchanged with Mike and Brad bringing Marsh and Becca up to speed about what to expect to encounter when they crossed from Ecuador into Colombia.

The Colombian government was generally friendly to the Turner Security personnel, because they wanted the oil companies that were drilling there to stay. The oil industry was a lucrative business partner for the Colombian government. It was more acceptable to the world than the drug trade. The drug trade was profitable, but not nearly as socially acceptable as the petroleum business. The Turner Security Group helped keep the big oil executives feeling safe, and the Colombian government liked that.

The issues would be mostly with the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and/or the cocaine traffickers. Frequently those were one and the same. The FARC needed the cocaine dollars. The cartels liked the armed warriors that guarded their crops and transportation system. The Turner Security Group was a thorn in their sides, however you looked at it.

Both Mike and Brad were in agreement that the FARC was responsible for the kidnapping. Their team had been engaged with the rebels as recently as two weeks ago. The Turner team had killed two FARC soldiers and injured several others. The Turner team had one member that sustained a minor injury; splinters/shrapnel from a tree branch that a FARC bullet had struck. Both men agreed that the FARC would not be pleased to see the Turner Group show up again.

While they were at the Hole, Rick got a call from one of the analysts he had put to work on the intel side of the kidnapping rescue mission. The analyst said that she was sure that Lizzie had been taken by the FARC, and that she knew where they had taken her. The rescue should be easy at least from the standpoint that they knew where to look. She told Rick that she and her counterpart in the Ecuatorian office would now try to scout the compound from satellite views and try to determine what the force of the resistance would be.

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