A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 09


At the lunch meeting Marsh told Mike and Brad that Mario would be with them as well as the Martinelli brothers who had volunteered to fly helicopters.

Mike was relieved to know they would have the combat experienced pilots. They had several pilots that were familiar with the Colombian countryside, but most of them had never been in a combat zone like Viet Nam. That kind of warfare was entirely different than the oil company escort service that most of the Turner pilots were doing in South America.

Marsh asked Mike if there would be any wisdom in transporting a couple of Apaches and/or Cobra gunships down for air support. Brad was the first to respond. The gunships would definitely be a valuable asset. The ground teams were always wishing they could call in air support, but under most circumstances the helicopter gunships would be seen as intruders by the local military. Marsh assured Brad that he really didn't care if he ruffled a few feathers with this mission. His sister's rescue was more important than having to ask forgiveness from the local government. Besides, wasn't that what the American people paid the government bureaucrats to do? Let the state department apologize to the Colombian Air Force.

"Damn Marsh!" Brad exclaimed. "I like the way you think. I want to go on missions with you more often."

Marsh turned to his Executive VP. "Becca, would you see if you can get Todd Benson with an Apache, and maybe Eric Moore, or Little Al, with a Super Cobra down to the base in Ecuador by tomorrow afternoon? I suppose if we had to send all three down we'd have a little added coverage. If nothing else, those guys can go in and level the compound after we clear out." Marsh smiled at his wife as she nodded her head. "Shouldn't be a problem," she answered. "I'll make the call. You know, that Todd Benson is good." She continued. "You made a good call when you hired him."

Sue chimed in next. His wife Emily is a good addition to our team at the urgent care, too. She didn't have any medical bookkeeping experience, but she is getting right in there and picking up the language and the government red tape stuff in a hurry.

Marsh smiled. "You should call Beth Morrison and tell her thank you for sending us to get them for the wedding."

While Marsh was talking to Sue, Brad stood up and walked around the table to the side where Jenni, Wendy, and Sue were sitting. When Marsh was finished Brad offered his hand to Jenni, and began to speak. "Hi. I was introduced to all of you when I came in, but I haven't met you three beautiful ladies yet. I'm Brad, and you are..."

"I'm Jennifer Turner, Brad. As in James Turner's sister and I'm a registered nurse. Marsh hired me to manage the new urgent care. I'd prefer you call me Jenni, if you have occasion to call me anything at all in the future."

Brad shook Jenni's hand and moved down the table to Wendy.

Wendy smiled as she looked up and said, "Hi Brad! I'm Wendy Wilson. I'm also a registered nurse. Jenni hired me to supervise the nursing personnel at the urgent care."

Brad and Wendy shook hands before Brad moved over towards Sue. As Brad stepped over beside Sue's chair, she stood up.

Marsh looked at Sue, then at Brad, and then he looked at Becca. "Did you see that brick?" he whispered to the beautiful redhead.

"Oooooh yeah!" Becca replied. "That thing hit HARD!"

Meanwhile Sue spoke to Brad. "Hello Brad. I'm Doctor Susan Davies. Marsh hired me to be the medical director of the new Turner Medical Group. My medical specialty has nothing to do with your parts, but if you find yourself needing an exam, or medical clearance, I'm your go to physician." Sue paused for an instant, and then added; "And I'll be offended if you are going to take the formal way of addressing me. I'm Sue."

Brad had extended his hand, and Sue had taken it in a firm handshake. Now as she pulled Brad into a full press hug, Sue continued, "I think handshakes are great Brad, but I really like hugs."

Everyone in the room was laughing, but Trish spoke up next. "You go girl! Don't be shy, just take what you want."

Brad was the one to blush. "OooooKay." He said. "I think this is the kind of management team I want to work with. No offence Jimmy, but the new guy has brought in a winning team, from my viewpoint. I'm really glad to meet you, Sue." There was a pause, and then Brad continued. "And Wendy, Jenni, I'm glad to meet you two, too."

Brad stayed plastered to Sue, but turned his head back to look at Mike. "Hey buddy?" he questioned. How come you never mentioned the "A" team? Were you planning on keeping the medical personnel a secret? What kind of friend are you?"

Brad turned back to Sue. "Sue, is there any chance I can talk you into not leaving with the guy you came to lunch with? I'd love to give you a ride to wherever it is you need to be."

Before Sue could respond Mike Taylor spoke. "Hmmm, Looks like I'm gonna need a ride. Hey Becca, you got room in that whirly bird for me to hitch a ride. After that hook landed, it looks like my seat just got took."

"Sure Mike." Becca replied. "Where should we drop you off? You been workin out at the base, or down at the Bull Pen?"

Sue turned to the group around the table. "Please excuse me folks. I need to get back to work, and my ride is leaving."

As Sue and Brad were walking out of the room, Mike responded to Becca's question. "Well boss, Brad and I were working at the Bull Pen, with Doug Sanders. I should probably go back. Looks like Doug and I are gonna be a twosome not a threesome this afternoon. And Doctor Davies," Mike called after the almost gone medical director. "I need that guy on the transport tomorrow morning at no later than 0430. We've got a mission tomorrow in Ecuador, see to it he's in shape to work tomorrow." The sarcasm was dripping off Mikes words.

The Turner management team, with Mike Taylor replacing Sue Davies, all climbed into the Bell 230, and Becca made short work of getting it off the pad. She flew down to the area between the road and the bull-pen, and hovered about eight inches off the ground, not bothering with the landing gear, while Mike jumped out.

Becca lifted the bird just enough to clear the trees and included a low altitude pass over the Morrison estate in the flight back to the office. The girls on Dan Morrison's deck waved to the occupants of the Turner helicopter as Becca flew past.

The landing procedure on the rooftop pad at the Turner Global Headquarters had changed just a little since Marsh had joined the company. Becca flew in close and then backed the helicopter into the hangar, before; she extended the landing gear and shut down the turbines.

Everyone returned to their office and got back to the work at hand. Jenni and Wendy were working on procuring equipment, and personnel. Trish was still negotiating with various contractors and with county officials for permits to make the new Hole in the Sky restaurant legal.

When Becca got to her office she went right to work getting three assault helicopters loaded on transport aircraft and moved down to Ecuador. She made sure there were enough qualified mechanics on the transports to assure short work of getting the helicopters ready to fly, as soon as they arrived at the South American base. They would need to be ready to take them down at the end of the mission and get them loaded into the transports and out of the country again, in short order.

Todd Benson, Eric Moore, and Albert "Little Al" Stout were very agreeable to heading down to Colombia and seeing some actual combat style flying. Security patrols around the home neighborhood were easy money, but they were far from being exciting.

Becca was sending an Apache for Todd and a couple of Super Cobras for Eric and Little Al. She had told the three combat experienced pilots they could order up whatever armament on their birds that they wanted, with one request from Marsh. Marsh wanted them to be able to level at least three of the buildings on the compound they were going to attack. Becca told the guys Marsh had said, "Whatever it takes."

The three attack helicopter pilots studied the satellite photos of the compound Mike and Doug had identified. One of the buildings was going to be a real easy one to destroy. It was an armory that sat right next to the fuel depot. That was going to be a serious fireworks show. The other two would not be terribly difficult either. There was a bunk house that housed the FARC soldiers, and the main house of the compound. It was an old structure built as the main home of the owner of the farm. It had been taken over by the command personnel of the small band of outlaws that were loosely associated with the FARC.

On the way down to Ecuador the pilots would study real time satellite camera images to get their last minute target information.


Brad and Sue had both felt a strong attraction to each other at their first meeting in the conference room at the Hole. They also both had a strong work ethic and took their responsibilities seriously. Brad opened the door of his truck for Sue to climb in, and he headed out towards the Turner offices, where Sue had her office. When they arrived Brad walked Sue in and learned where her office was. Nobody in the Turner Management team had any doubt but that Brad would become a frequent visitor to the Turner Medical offices.

Brad was back at the bull-pen only a little over an hour later than Mike. He, Mike, and Doug continued to go over the requirements for the rescue at the FARC compound. Mike and Brad had been in the jungle just at the edge of the "farm" that served as the headquarters of that small faction of outlaws.

There was about twenty-five acres of coffee plantation that was used as the "working" crop, to give an appearance of legitimacy to the farm.

There were only about a dozen "farm workers" that lived in the bunkhouse. They were low level soldiers that worked the coffee plantation when they weren't needed for raids, at which times they were armed with Kalashnikov automatic rifles and were turned loose to raid, pillage, and generally wreak havoc on the people of the surrounding countryside.

Doug, Mike, and Brad decided that two teams would be needed to make this operation work safely. They called in Jacquelyn Wyatt. Jackie was arguably equally as dangerous as most any two other Special Forces operatives. She was no "Flaming Red Widow Maker", but there were none of the security personnel that wouldn't be happy to be on Jackie's team.

When the operation was laid out to Jackie, she suggested that it would be good to take Suzie Blanchard as well. "If we could get Marsh to bring Ron Reynolds in from Hawaii," Jackie mused. "Suzie could shoot from the door of a hovering helicopter. Ron can fly almost anything and make it rock solid." Jackie paused for a few seconds and then asked; "Isn't Lucy Ramirez down there in Ecuador? If we put Lucy and Suzie in that chopper, we might only need one team down on that op. Those two are fucking deadly."

"That's a great idea, Jacq." Mike responded. "Call Marsh and put in a request."

Jackie was on the phone almost immediately, and it was a no-brainer for Marsh as soon as Jackie laid out the idea. He was on the phone to the company's top helicopter pilot in minutes. Within less than half an hour, Ron Reynolds was making arrangements to be in Ecuador the next morning or sooner. It was fortuitous for Marsh and Ron that the air base in Ecuador also had an Airbus AS-365 with noise reduction modifications. Lucy and Suzie's shooting platform would be stable and quiet.

Under normal circumstances the AS-365 was used to transport oil company executives. It was fitted with a plush custom interior. Marsh called the mechanics at the Nueva Loja base and had them make the needed temporary changes in the configuration to support a shooting platform for Lucy Ramirez and Suzie Blanchard. Marsh told them to check with Ron Reynolds and Lucy, to get specific requirements.


By midafternoon the Turner Security Management Team was ready to leave the office and put their plans into action.

Becca flew Marsh, Jimmy, Trish, and herself to the ranch.

Before they left the office Marsh called Papa Victor to give him an update. Papa Victor told Marsh that they would actually be ready to go by the time Marsh arrived at SBD. He said Giuseppe and Antonio were going to be in So Cal within the hour, and if Marsh would call him about a half hour before he got to SBD that they would bring the Sikorsky and meet Marsh there.

Jimmy got his mobile emergency/operating room ready, and drove it out to the airbase where he had a custom built C-17 ready to drive the one of a kind mobile medical facility into.

To the casual observer Jimmy's Mobile ER looked like a heavy duty box truck that you might rent from Hertz or Penske. It had a Kenworth conventional truck cab, and a thirty-two foot "normal looking refrigerated box". Looks can be deceiving.

Jimmy had had a custom built Cat Marine C18 ACERT diesel engine mated to a custom built Allison automatic transmission. The CAT Marine engine was turbocharged and after cooled, developing something in the vicinity of nine hundred horsepower. That particular engine and transmission combination was NOT something you could just go to your local Kenworth dealer and order.

The "normal looking refrigerated box" was a custom built, dual slide out, insulated, climate controlled, specialty van body. What looked like a refrigeration unit on the front of the "box" was in fact a fifty kW generator. It had been custom built for Jimmy by a friend of his at Cummins/Onan.

The chassis had extendable stabilizers under the four corners of the "box". When the mobile medical unit was set up, with the slide outs extended, the stabilizers made sure the unit was level and solid.

With the slides extended the interior consisted of two separate rooms. There was a twelve by fifteen-foot emergency room at the back. That was only an eight by twelve-foot room when Marsh had been treated in it. The slides had not been extended on the road between Dan Morrison's estate and the Turner ranch. The front room was sixteen by fifteen, and was set up as an operating room. There was cabinetry inside each room that contained the necessary medical supplies and equipment for each room.

Necessary equipment included an X-ray machine, plumbed oxygen, compressed air, and suction. Both rooms had LED lighting that insured that there was light for ANY procedure that ANY physician would want to perform. There were three high intensity spot lights above the operating table in the larger of the two rooms, and two in the smaller one at the rear of the module.

Jimmy and the support personnel he would need in Ecuador were in the C-17 with the mobile medical truck and in the air in time to arrive in Ecuador for a late dinner.


Marsh called Mike at the bull-pen to check on the status of his part of the operation. Mike told him that he was basically finished with the planning. They would need to get updated information about who was where at the FARC compound when they got to Ecuador, and they would need to stay current once they arrived. Doug Sanders and Lindsey Schultz would both be keeping track of the compound and the FARC personnel on it while the actual assault teams were on their way down to Nueva Loja. The teams would have access to most of the information during the flight, but the analysts would keep track of everything, and that was the job they were best at.

Marsh told Mike that he, Trish, Marguarita, and Becca were about to get under way and head out to California to pick up the Martinellis. He would only stay in San Bernardino for a short time and be headed south as soon as everyone was loaded in the Gulfstream.

"Ya know Marsh," Mike drawled. "If I go ahead and get my teams on their way, we could get this operation started well before tomorrow evening."

"Let's do it." Marsh responded. "The sooner we get started the sooner we get Lizzy back."

"You got it boss," Mike said lightly. "Brad, Jackie, and I will call the teams and get everybody on the transport. I'll see you in Ecuador in a few hours."


The Bell 230 was parked on the lawn beside the house. Marsh made two trips out to carry the bags that contained a couple changes of clothes for each of the people that were about to get in it. Marsh had an extra duffel bag with a couple of Wolf's vests and a few supplies for the K-9 member of the team. Marsh planned on picking up a few of his weapons from the bunker under his hangar at SBD. He and Becca would NOT want for high quality weapons. Marsh would also be wearing his portable first aid supplies.

When Becca had moved from her apartment over Jimmy's auto storage building office, she had brought a Pelican 1780HL up and put it in the middle walk-in closet. Now she pulled out that case and placed it on the bed where she opened it to check the contents.

As Trish walked past the bed she caught a glimpse of the contents of Becca's "field kit". (That was what the label said.)

"Holy shit!" Trish exclaimed. "You've had that arsenal here in the closet this whole time, since we moved in here?" Trish's eyes were open wide and her mouth hung open as she perused the weaponry Becca had.

When Marsh heard Trish's outburst he walked over to glance into the "kit". "Looks rather standard to me," he quipped as he put an arm around each woman. "I've got one, very similar to that, in each of the four homes I used to live in. There's one at the ranch, one at the cabin, one at the house in Hawaii, and one at the house down at the marina in Newport Beach. Those don't include the ones in the bunkers under my hangars. Becca, I'll take you down there this afternoon when we get to SBD."

"While I am thinking about it, there's something I think all of you should see, right here in our bedroom." Marsh told them. Marsh called Marguarita into their room, and he led Trish, Marguarita, and Becca into the middle closet, where he and Becca had started to keep their "work" clothes.

Walking to the far end of the closet, Marsh reached up and turned the hook on the end wall that he had hung a light jacket on. All three ladies were surprised to see the wall slide open from the right corner. When the wall stopped sliding there was a six foot opening at the end of the closet. Inside the opening was a six foot by six foot landing at the top of a stairwell.

Marsh invited the ladies to step in with him, and then he pushed a metal plate on the wall. As the closet wall slid shut Marsh showed Marguarita, Trish and Becca a small indentation where a finger could push a sliding metal rod. That rod would push the lock to prevent anyone from opening the wall from the closet after you. Marsh led everyone down the steps into the underground hallway that opened into the bedrooms of the safe room.

Becca had been in this part of the bunker when Marsh had showed it to the group of friends and neighbors the day he had taken them to lunch at The Hole in the Wall restaurant. She had not seen the stairway up to her closet and bedroom. After a quick walk through to show Trish and Marguarita the safe "room" (which in reality contained multiple rooms and a lot of supplies) Marsh and the ladies headed back up to their bedroom to pick up the things they were about to load into the helicopter and take to the Gulfstream. When the gear and a few extra clothes were loaded into the Bell 230 Marsh called the small group together and went over the plan for the next few hours. He pulled everyone into a group hug and expressed his love for each one.

The flight up to the Turner Air Base was about seven minutes long. The Gulfstream had been serviced, fueled, and towed part of the way out of the hangar to sit on the apron in front of the hangar. Becca flew the 230 into the hangar and turned it around so that it faced out. She shut the turbines down and several people came to pick up the luggage and "field kit" to load them into the Gulfstream.

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