tagNovels and NovellasA New Life for Julie Ch. 02

A New Life for Julie Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - Sarah's Project

June 1977

Sarah Parker drove down the boulevard in her convertible Corvette. The car's stereo was booming out a disco song by KC & the Sunshine band.

"Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight," Sarah sang along.

Make that "make a lot of love" she thought to herself. Sarah had just picked up two men! She intended to get Julie, her new friend, laid, and this looked like the perfect opportunity. The two men were leaving for Chicago that night, but they had set a date for a week from this coming Saturday, when they were returning to finish up their business.

The spring semester at the University had just ended. Once again, Sarah had barely squeaked through good enough grades to avoid being expelled. She met John and Richard on the boardwalk at the beach. She went there sometimes when she was bored, wearing provocative clothing in the hopes of scoring a surfer or two. She was leaning over the rail along the parking lot, watching the beach, when they approached her.

John and Richard were on a quick business trip, and had taken the afternoon off before their plane left, but they had plans to return the following Friday. They decided to rent a couple of surfboards and took a rental car up to the beach. John had surfed at this beach several years ago, and he spent a few hours trying to teach Richard how to surf. Eventually the two gave up, turned in the surfboards, and ate at the snack bar, and then wandered along the boardwalk.

"Man, I wish we didn't have to fly back tonight," Richard had exclaimed as they veered off the boardwalk and headed back to the parking lot.

"Oh' we'll be back in a week, his friend John said. "Hey, red alert! Look over there at the railing!"

"Oh, she's a fox!," Richard explained.

John nodded his head toward her. "Let's try to get something set up for next week!"

"How do you do it?" Richard asked. "You just seem to be able to pick up girls so easily."

"It's just a matter of confidence and assertiveness," John said. "Sure, you get shot down some, but you score sometimes also. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

"Now, watch me pick up that blonde fox over there," John said.

"No way! She's too gorgeous," Richard declared.

But John was already walking confidently up to her. Richard watched while John talked to her. They talked for a few moments, then she said something and pointed at him! John looked over at him for a moment, then said something and nodded, and then she nodded and took a pen and a piece of paper out of her purse. She wrote something down and handed it to him, and then walked away as John walked back over to Richard.

"What happened?" Richard asked eagerly.

"Well, John began. "We have a date with her."

"We? What do you mean?"

"She said she'd go out with me if you came along," John replied.

"What does that mean?"

"Either she has a roommate, or she wants a menage a' trois."

"What's that?"

Actually, a "troy" was Plan B in Sarah's mind. Plan A was to get her new uptight friend laid. It was spring break in her sophomore year, and Juliet had not been laid once that Sarah knew. Sarah was positive that Julie had not had sex once since she had known her--and may even be a virgin. Sarah was determined to change that.

Sarah was well aware that Julie was a gorgeous fox. Sarah swung both ways, and would have liked to make love to her, but her friendship came first, and she didn't want to scare Julie off by making a pass at the wrong time. The first step was waking Julie up sexually. Sarah was sure that there was a hot slut just under the Catholic girl-next-door exterior.

Julie had walked in on Sarah a few times in her apartment when she was fucking. Once when one of her numerous boyfriends was fucking her doggie style, another time when she was giving one of the football players a blowjob on the sofa, and another time when she was locked into a 69 with another girl from school.

Each time she had apologized and left, but Sarah had noticed how her eyes lingered, and although she turned her head away, her cheeks were flushed, and not just from embarrassment.

She was locked up though. It would take some time, but Sarah knew that Julie envied Sarah's open sexuality. She just had to be careful, and maybe put her in a situation she couldn't really back out of.

Sarah was the spoiled brat girl grown into an adult slut. Her father was rich, and was paying for her college, but Sarah rarely bothered to study. She did poor overall, and got enough good grades to stay in college by giving out a few blowjobs to some of the professors. Her report card was just good enough to keep her father from cutting off her allowance and taking away her cars, apartment, and credit cards.

The two girls had met a few months ago at the start of the semester in geometry class. Sarah had walked in the class on the first day. There were just a few open seats. Usually, she preferred to set in the back with some hunk, but when she saw Julie in the second row with an open seat to her right, she had a sudden gut feeling and took the seat. The two girls hit it off well, and when Sarah noticed how well Julie did on her papers and assignments, she decided to befriend the girl.

Initially, the motivation had been to seek Julie's help. At that time, Julie was ready for a friend. Her shyness, combined with the culture at the University, had hampered the development of friendships. Therefore, Julie was willing to accommodate the beautiful and friendly girl who sat next to her.

She let Sarah cheat off her test. Sarah was gratified when she saw Julie glance over at her, and then moved her test paper over a little to make it easier for Sarah to see. This was the first time Julie had saved her ass, but not the last time. Sarah had to admit it--without Julie, she would have flunked out of Geometry for sure.

Since then the two had become nearly inseparable, although they were very different. Julie was dark and green-eyed, Sarah was blonde and brown-eyed. Julie was introverted, Sarah extroverted. Julie was the good Catholic girl, Sarah was the campus slut. Sarah had even given Julie a key to her apartment.

Even though her initial motivation for befriending Julie was less than pure, Sarah genuinely adored the shy girl, and saw her as an important project. The goal: to bring out the slut in Julie. She knew that Julie secretly wanted it. The slut inside her was just seething underneath layers of inhibitions--probably brought about by the way her uncle and aunt had raised her after the death of her parents and grandparents.

Sarah thought back to the time a couple of weeks ago when Juliet had walked in on her when she was locked into a 69 with Karen, a classmate from school. The two women had each other heads buried into their snatches, close to an explosive orgasm. Suddenly the door had swung open and Juliet had walked in.

Instead of immediately closing the door, she had lingered for just a moment before stepping back out with a mumbled apology, and Sarah was sure she had continued watching since she had not pulled the door all the way closed. After her and Karen were done, Karen went in to take a shower, and Sarah had gone into the living room to greet Julie. She noticed that Julie's cheeks were flushed and she was breathing hard. It looked like she had just had an orgasm.

Another time the two girls were sitting in Sarah's apartment, watching a sexy movie together. Not a porno, but a pretty sexy movie. They were sucking on popsicles, and Karen glanced over to see Julie going down on the popsicle as if it were a stiff prick. She was sure Julie didn't even realize she was doing it--it was just pure instinct. Julie was shoving the popsicle back and forth in her mouth, the tip causing her cheek to bulge out with each in-stroke. She was steeply reclined on the sofa, one leg kicked up over the arm of the sofa so that her legs were spread, and Sarah thought she saw a bit of moisture in the crotch of her shorts. The movie ended though, and Julie's popsicle fell apart and the sexy show was over.

Sarah felt sure that if Julie had a little booze and some marijuana to help break down her inhibitions, and a naked man had appeared before her with a stiff prick, Julie would have fallen to her knees in a flash and started sucking him off. So all she had to do was set up the right situation. Knowing Julie, it would have to be a situation where Julie felt she was duty bound, but also drunk and/or high to help her overcome her inhibitions. That would be the combination that break through the barrier, Sarah felt sure.

Julie was already in her apartment when Sarah got home, listening to Sarah's new album, "The Grand Illusion" by the group Styx. She was looking through one of the many magazines Sarah had, and greeted her with a hug. As usual, Julie was wearing clothes that simply did not show off her body. Why did she wear such clothes? It was 1977, not 1957! The girl just didn't believe she was good looking. Sarah knew Julie was stunning, but had been conditioned by her aunt and uncle to believe that she was unattractive. That is the first thing that would have to change.

She decided to tease Julie a little bit.

"I have a date for next weekend," Sarah announced as Julie sat down at the vanity in the bedroom as Sarah changed her clothes.

"You are so lucky. Guys just don't seem interested in me," Julie lamented.

"He's a really cute guy. I just can't wait. We are going to go dancing, and then I'm going to bring him back here, and oh, I'll bet he's got a cock to die for. I just can't wait to wrap my lips around it," Sarah whispered.

"I wish I could be like you, Julie said with a sigh, having guys fall all over you and giving them blowjobs."

"Julie, don't be such a spaz! You could," Sarah said, looking at her.

Julie looked in the mirror, and then smiled at her friend and shook her head. "No, I know just where I stand. I'm afraid it would take more than a kind word to turn me into a sex kitten like you..."

"Oh bullshit!" Sarah said. She walked up and grasped her friend gently on the shoulders.

"You are beautiful!" Sarah tugged Julie's big glasses off, and peered through them. There did not appear to be hardly any magnification.

"Do you even need these?"

"Well, I'm supposed to wear them for reading, so with my school and all, I just wear them all the time, and besides my aunt made me do that so that I wouldn't lose them."

"Well, let's start by taking these off. When you are at your desk studying, or driving, then maybe wear them, otherwise, leave them off. I'll bet you don't really even need them."

"Now, your hair, she continued. "Let's undo that tight severe schoolmarm bun and feather your hair."

She let out Julie's hair and began brushing it out with strong confident strokes.

"There--shoot, you hardly even need a curling iron, your hair is naturally wavy."

"Why are you bothering?" Juliet asked. You're the one with the date."

"No, he had a friend, dig it? And WE are going on a double date, and I won't take no for an answer. We are going to the Shore Bird."

"The Shore Bird? But I'm only 19. Like, don't you have to be 21?" Julie asked.

"Yes, but I know a guy who will get you a fake ID. He works for the Department of Licensing. He gave me one in return for a blowjob I gave him, so I'm sure he'll do it again."

Julie giggled at first, but then started balking, getting nervous at the prospect of actually going on a date. What would happen if he saw her and rejected her? She voiced her concerns to Sarah.

"Julie! I need you now! You can't back out now, I have no way of calling them and canceling. If you don't show, I won't know what to do with two of them! You HAVE to do this now, for me!"

Actually, Sarah would have had no problem at all with two of them, but she didn't tell Julie that.

Julie was about to open her mouth, when Sarah put a finger firmly on her lips.

"I won't hear another word. It's settled! It's going to be fun-city for us. Now, let's look at some different clothes for you to wear. I think we're both about the same size and weight," Sarah declared.

She stepped closer to Julie, looking down in her eyes.

"Do you trust me?" Sarah asked.

Julie just nodded.

"Okay, then let's try some different clothes on you."

With that, Sarah grasped Julie's hands and pulled her to her feet. She started unbuttoning Julie's buttons to her blouse, and the astonished girl was speechless. She just gaped and watched as Sarah pulled Julie's baggy blouse off over her shoulders. Sarah ignored her protests, and in a flash, she had unsnapped and removed Julie's bra as well.

"Wow!" Sarah gushed. Your tits are like, awesome!"

Unable to help herself, she reached out and gently grasped Julie's tits. Julie froze, not sure what to do, but kept silent out of fear of offending her best friend. Before she could object or pull away though, Sarah's hands left her breasts, and then her friend quickly sat down on the bed and unbuckled Julie's pants and pulled them down as Julie stood before her. Sarah directed her to lift her legs clear one a time, and then she whipped her panties down as well before Julie could say "wait".

Sarah appraised Julie's body. She motioned for Julie to turn around slowly. Her ass was smooth and well-rounded, and she didn't have an ounce of fat anywhere. Her breasts were large and firm, her belly was smooth and flat. Her legs were beautiful and looked almost as if they were sculpted. She guessed that Julie had a 36", chest--probably a DD, but maybe even an E, a 25" waist, a 35" around the hips. Pretty close to her own measurements.

"Man, you are a brickhouse fer sure!" Sarah gushed.

Julie shyly covered her breasts with one arm and covered her pubic mound with her other hand.

"Now now, don't be afraid. Sarah encouraged softly, pulling her arms away. "You have a beautiful body. You could easily be a swimsuit model or a porn star. Let's have you try on some other outfits I have."

She went to her closet and pulled out some lingerie. She tossed Julie a black g-string, a pair of black fishnet stockings and garter belts, a pair of pumps, a black lace bra, and a filmy black teddy. She showed her how to put on the garter belts, and had her pull the g-string on top of them.

"You do it this way, because then you can pull them off without having to remove the garters. Men love the way women look in those. It feels sexy too. Dig it?"

Julie had to agree. Her heart was racing and she felt herself getting damp in her pussy.

"Now, lay back on the sofa here," Sarah encouraged her friend. "Hmmmm. You know what? Let's take off that bra and the g-string."

She arranged Julie in a similar pose to what one would see in a men's magazine.

"Come on, relax and trust me," she said as she moved Julie's legs gently apart.

"Now, hold still," she said as she got up and walked over to get her full-length mirror. She lifted it with some difficulty and brought it over to where Julie was posed on the sofa and swung it around to face her.

"Look at yourself. Do you recognize the girl in the mirror?" she asked.

Julie could not believe her eyes. The woman in the mirror looked like someone else--right out of one of Bruce's Penthouse magazines. She felt herself getting warm, and her nipples tighten. She was getting turned on!

Sarah peeked around the mirror and smiled at Julie.


"I--I don't believe it!" Julie managed to stammer out.

Sarah moved her head up close to the side of Julie's head, and spoke into her ear:

"Repeat after me. I am a foxy babe," Sarah told her.

When Julie hesitated, Sarah repeated it more forcefully. "Say it!" she demanded.

"I am a foxy babe," Julie said with a slight giggle.

"Again!" Sarah told her.

"I'm a foxy babe," Julie said, a grin widening on her face.

"Okay, now that we've got that straight, come on. We need to take you shopping and get some better clothes for you."

"Okay," Julie said meekly and stood up.

"Hey silly. You'll pick up a guy pretty damn quick, but you would probably get arrested first if you went to the mall like that. Come on and get dressed. You can wear your old clothes for now, but when you walk out of that mall, you won't be wearing those. It's your birthday tomorrow, and I am going to get you dressed up!"

Their first stop at the mall, was at Fredericks of Hollywood. Sarah used one of the credit cards her father had given her and bought Julie new underwear, several pairs of shear black bikini-style panties, g-strings, garter belts, sheer French stockings, a black teddy, and two black lace bras.

"Black is sexy--especially on you," she explained.

At other stores she bought tank tops, low cut tops, and form fitting Hash jeans--tight around the butt with bell-bottom legs. At another store, she bought slit skirts. Within an hour, Julie was walking in the store in a tight blouse, a short skirt, stockings and garter belts, which were barely covered by the skirt, and pumps on her feet. She struggled walking with the pumps but Sarah promised that she would get used to them.

They walked down a side corridor on their way back to Sarah's corvette, when suddenly Sarah grabbed Julie's arm, nearly unbalancing her.

"Wait, she said. "Here's one of those photograph machines."

Indeed it was. It was a photograph booth where one could insert a quarter and get a Polaroid photograph. One quarter would produce a strip of four Polaroid photos that would take a few minutes to develop. Inside was a stool that one could raise and lower by turning it, and a full-length blue curtain could be pulled shut for privacy.

Sarah looked around. They were the only ones around. Then looked more carefully at the photo booth. The coin slot was on the outside

"Let me go first," she said, handing Julie a few quarters.

She got inside, raised the seat some, and sat down. She looked in the mirror and brushed her hair a little, then told Julie to insert some quarters. Julie peered inside and pushed the button to shoot as Sarah moved around in various poses. After a few minutes, Julie handed her the pictures as they came out. Suddenly Sarah stood up and turned the seat a bit higher. Then to Julie's astonishment, she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it along with her bra.

"Sarah!" she hissed, looking around.

"It's okay!, Sarah insisted. "The curtain gives me privacy. Go ahead and push the button."

After several topless pictures, Sarah put her blouse back on and stuffed the bra into her purse. Julie could not help but giggle.

"Now it's your turn," Sarah said, getting out. "Besides, we need a picture for the fake ID."

"Okay, are you sure you can get it?" Julie asked.

"I guarantee you, if this guy gets a pair of lips wrapped around his cock he'll do anything for you. Most guys will. Now get in the booth."

As Julie sat down inside, Sarah fed the machine more quarters, and took a few pictures. A strip came out after a few minutes. Satisfied she had a good picture for Julie's fake ID, she decided to push Julie further.

"Now take off your top," she directed.

"What! No way!"

"Go on!, Sarah insisted. "I did it!"

"No way!" Julie hissed.

"Do it! Now!" she said louder and more forcefully.

Julie caved in, afraid that Sarah would get louder and attract attention, she decided to do as she was told. It seemed as if another force was guiding her hands as she unbuttoned her blouse, not willing to defy her friend's wishes. She carefully shrugged off her blouse in the confined space and let it slip from her smooth shoulders. Sarah reached in and pulled it out, in case Julie tried to put it on again.

"Now the bra."

"No, I can't do that!"

"Yes you can. Do it! Now!" Sarah ordered her.

Julie reached around and unsnapped her bra, and Sarah reached in and pulled it away from her chest and out of the booth before Julie could change her mind.

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