tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA New Look at the Boss

A New Look at the Boss


I'm sure that most of you have used the Internet to check out someone, or perhaps to see if you could find some interesting, or even erotic, secret about someone that you know or that you work with. This is a story about how one of those searches produced an interesting result.

I work at a small company that's run by an early 40's tall thin blonde woman named Janet. She's about 10 years younger than I am and very dedicated to her job. She's all business, but at the same time friendly and outgoing to all those in the work place. Our company is a bit different in that it has a lifestyle statement that every employee has to sign the prohibits office romances, adultery or other types of behavior that could give a bad reputation to the company.

At a recent business function I was seated near my bosses husband, a man that teaches at a local college and thinks that his intellect is vastly superior to everyone. He also thinks that his is the most talented, but still undiscovered writer of short stories and poetry. I overheard him discussing some recent things that he'd written and logged into my memory the web site where he said they were posted.

A few days later I went to the web site and read some of his newest musings and was quickly reminded that his greatness was only in his own mind. However, it contained a link to another web page of his writings so to follow the trail I clicked on the link to see what I could find. On these pages he had written several pieces using a pen name, and they still weren't very good but it gave me an idea to do a search using his pen name.

I was surprised when several web pages came up where he had contributed one or more articles. I saw that one of them was a mature site so I naturally checked that one out first. There were several of his writings that I had not seen before, and these were by far the best work of his that I'd ever read. The topic of one musing was about the sensations one feels as they are getting a blow job. Which made me think of my boss in a completely different way. Another was about taking chance of getting caught by having sex outdoors and in public places. Again this brought new images of my boss to mind. I quickly ready through all of his adult writings and at the very end of the last poem was a link to another web site to find out more about the author of the writings and his "inspiration." I quickly clicked on the web address.

I was disappointed that it was mostly a biographical page with a list of his writings, his education credits and more boring details. At the end of the page was and invitation to another link to a photo web site to meet the author. I followed the link and was pleased to see that there were several albums filled with photos.

After looking through most of the albums which were filled with pictures of him studying, teaching, napping and so on I was about ready to give up until I opened the next to last page. The first photo that popped up was a nice shot of my boss Janet wearing a dressing gown. As the photos on the rest of the page appeared I was happy to see that this whole page of photos contained the type of pictures that I had hoped to find.

I quickly looked over each photo and downloaded most of them. While they were indeed very nice and sexy they were PG rated and didn't show very much skin. Then I clicked to the next and last page and I thought my long search finally hit pay dirt. The first photo that came up was a picture of Janet sitting in a chair with both breasts bared. There were several more shots from that same sitting where she was topless, but still wearing bikini panties. I again downloaded these as fast as I could.

As the last photo loaded it also had a link to another photo album on the same web site. I clicked on the link and it notified me that it was and "adult only" account. That didn't really mean anything as all I had to do was click a box to say I was an adult and it let me in. There were just two pages, but as the first one opened I thought I had struck it rich.

Janet was nude in all these photos and it was pretty obvious that she had been modeling for the photos and that they were not just random photos. She was carefully posed in all of the photos so that every part of her body was exposed for the camera....and now me too. She was holding up her tits, pinching her nipples, spreading her legs, and even holding her pussy open for the photographs that her husband took, and now posted on the internet.

I was really impressed with these photos. I always new that my boss was quite a sexy lady, and she'd given enough down blouse glimpses of to verify that over the years, but this was proof that she could not only be a professional working woman, but could also look like a slut wife for her husband and the camera.

Then I clicked to open the last page. The first photo that opened showed Janet sucking her husband's cock. I guess his musing about blow jobs was very accurate. Although she was totally nude in the photo it was apparent that the photographer was also one of the subjects in the picture as the quality and the set up wasn't as good as the previous photos.

But what really amazed me was the next photo. Once again it showed Janet sucking cock, but in this photo she was also holding another one in her hand! The next photos showed her taking turns first sucking one cock and then the other and the last photo in the album was one of her kneeling on a bed sucking a stranger's cock while her husband fucked her from behind. It was the classic "take two cocks at once" pose.

I loaded all the photos unto a CD so I could look at them later and shut down my computer. A couple of days later I went back to see if there was anything new, or if I had missed anything and all the pages of photos were gone.

I didn't say anything for many months, and wondered about what I would do with my information anyhow. I couldn't use the photos to get my boss to have sex with me as that would cause both of us to lose our jobs, I didn't think that blackmail for money was a viable option either. I finally just decided that I would tell her and see how she responded.

Before one of our weekly meetings I loaded up the photos as a power point presentation on my lap top so that a new series of more revealing photos would scroll across the screen every time I punched a key. After we had taken care of some of the usual work place business I asked her to look at something that I'd been working on.

We slide our chairs together so we could both look at the screen and as the photos of her dressed in lingerie started to stream across the laptop she just said "oh crap" with each new photo. When they were done she asked where I'd found them, and now what. I told her just wait and pulled up the next series of photos.

In these photos Janet was totally nude. It was strange to be sitting next to your boss as you looked at nude photos of her on your computer. She was still saying "oh crap" with each picture and then started to say things like "I'll kill him" and "that bastard."

After those photos were finished she said: "ok, now you've seen me naked, now what?" I told her that every time we met in the hallway, at a company meeting, or anywhere I simply wanted her to always remember that I've seen, and possess, nude photos of her. If I look at her I want her to realize that I know what's underneath her business clothes. She frowned and finally said she didn't have any problem with that, and added that nothing I had shown her would have violated the "morality clause" of her job. It was just her stupid husband that had done something unethical.

I agreed with her, and then hit the key to run the last series of photos. She gasped when the picture of her holding two cocks at once came up, and sat silently as the rest scrolled past. When they were finally down and the photo of her doing two guys stayed on the screen she just asked me to close the laptop and then asked what did I want?

She explained that the three way sex was a gift for her husband's fortieth birthday a few years ago and that they had not done anything like that before or since. She of course placed all the blame on him, she was pressured into it, and had no choice, blah, blah, blah. She asked if I was going to get her fired by giving the photos to the company board.

I assured her that I would not trade them with anyone, and that I would not hold them over her head for a promotion, better wages, time off or to try and get her in trouble in any way. I explained that I enjoyed working for her and that she was the best boss I'd ever had, and that now I knew she was also the sexiest boss I'd ever had. I told her that I would keep the photos, look at them now and then, and always remember how lovely she looks.

I also made her promise two things. That sometime in the next few months she would give me my own private photography session, and that if her husband ever asked for another three some I would be the guy that gets invited. She smiled and said both might be fun.

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