tagBDSMA New Master

A New Master

bybarbarian queen 2©

She trembled. He was very angry. She had climaxed, again, without permission and now he would punish her. Publicly. She feared he would beat her, although their agreement included a clause against it. Still. He blindfolded her.

“Since you could not obey me and hold your climax,” he said, “I have sold your contract to another Master. Maybe he will have better luck in training you.”

Sold! She heard another voice, deep, soft. Then the closing of the door. “I have purchased you,” said the stranger. “Your previous Master said you climaxed without permission. Is this true?”

“Yes, Master,” she said softly, trembling.

“Do you enjoy orgasms?”

“If my Master wishes,” she replied.

“I asked if you enjoy it,” he said again, his voice stern.

Her trembling increased. “Yes, Master,” she said as her head drooped.

“How long can you sustain an orgasm?” he whispered in her ear.

“I don’t know, Master.”

He removed her blindfold. She swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. Her new master was huge. Well over seven feet tall and well muscled. His handsome face was expressionless, his odd, gold eyes, cool. He removed her previous master’s collar and laid it on a table. She felt suddenly naked.

“Follow,” he said. She obediently followed him, one step behind, as he led her out of the club. She heard the shocked murmurs from the other subs. She tried not to show her uncertainty. She had been sold to the only master who was never pleased. He took her to his car and put her in the passenger seat, then drove her to her new home.

Inside the house, he ordered her to strip. “You will remain nude at all times,” he said. “Follow.” He led her to a room filled with chains and toys. And whips. Then he stripped, tossing his clothes on a chair. She suppressed a moan. He was huge! “The only rule I have,” he said as he watched her, “is that you must take whatever I give you.” He held her eyes with his. “Your climax is to be allowed to flow, you will not deny me any of your reactions. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered. Her eyes flicked to the toys and whips. She desperately wanted to ask him not to beat her.

“What is it?”

“Please, Master,” she whispered, “the…whips?”

His gold eyes flashed briefly. “Do you want to feel the kiss of the leather?” he asked softly.

“Please, Master, no…” her whisper was barely audible, her shiver of fear very evident. He studied her.

“Here,” he said, indicating where he wanted her to stand. Chains. She made no resistance when he shackled her wrists and fastened her to a chain. Then he pulled, raising her arms over her head. He shackled her ankles to eyebolts in the floor, spreading her legs wide. He tangled his hand in her hair and kissed her, hard, demanding. Hungry. He gagged her. Now he would begin.

He teased her breasts, pulling at her nipples until she was writhing against his hands. He placed the clamps and tightened them until she tried to scream. A clitoral stimulator was placed and turned on full power. She jerked madly as the intense vibrations mingled with the pain in her breasts. He tipped her head up to look into her fevered eyes. A cool smile. “There is more,” he said softly. He wheeled over a machine with a dildo attached to it. He positioned it between her legs then slowly impaled her, watching her eyes widen. Her hips rocked, trying to ease the pain of the dildo penetrating her. She whimpered. Then he turned on the machine. In. Out. Steady, hard thrusts. He went to a comfortable chair to watch and wait. Soon, she was writhing against the constant motion of the machine and the vibrations against her clitoris. Her nipples ached, the clamps bobbing and pulling at her.

Time to add something. He touched a switch and the dildo began to vibrate. Her first orgasm hit her. Her back arched as her hips jerked. Her body rippling with the convulsions. His gold eyes gleamed. She had a very intense first orgasm. He idly stroked his massive penis as he watched her writhe. He increased the vibrations and the motion of the machine. This was the level when all of the other subs he’d had either fainted or were hysterical. She was moaning now, her body thrashing in the chains, bucking against the machine, the maddening vibrations on her clitoris, the steady pull of the heavy clamps on her nipples. Another massive orgasm rippled through her. It had barely begun to subside when another peaked. Her hips were jerking madly as her orgasm kept spiraling and higher. Another notch higher on the machine. Her eyes were closed as her body convulsed in constant orgasm.

He watched her writhe and spasm for hours, occasionally increasing the intensity of the machine until he had it at full power. His penis was now monstrously erect and quivering. His golden eyes blazed with lust as he watched her orgasm go on and on.

He got up and roughly pulled the machine from her. Her eyes snapped open in shock. He lunged upward, impaling her on his monstrous erection. Then he took her, lunging up into her spasming body with all of his considerable strength. Her hips jerked against him as he slammed into her. He pulled on her clamped nipples. Her scream was trapped behind the gag. And her orgasm intensified, gripping his huge penis with hard, rhythmic spasms that went on and on. He thrust savagely into her for hours, his control over his own orgasm complete. He took her hard until he began to tire. Then he let his orgasm burst. His penis swelled in her, pulsing a flood of fiery ejaculate deep into her convulsing body. Then he held her tight, still impaling her, as her orgasm slowly subsided. He eased from her quivering body and stepped back. She hung limp in the chains.

He released her ankles and then her wrists. He caught her as she crumbled. He removed the gag and kissed her. “Very good,” he said softly. “But there is more.”

She trembled in his arms and looked up at him, eyes shining. “Yes, please, Master,” she breathed. And there was much more as he played with her and took her, sating himself in her again and again.

Her joy was complete when he collared her. And then used her savagely for days.

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