tagFirst TimeA New Mate

A New Mate


I had just locked my bike and slung my backpack over my shoulder when someone shouted

"Hannes wait!" from behind.

Turning around, I saw a blonde cyclist swing recklessly through the schoolyard. I recognized Gustav immediately, and raised my hand to greet him. He skidded instead.

"Hey!" said he as I approached. "What's up?" I asked.

We hadn't seen each for a year since he studied in America as an exchange student. It was California for sure, since the sun had burned his fair skin considerably. If you knew Gustav, you'd suspect too that he spent as much time lounging with all the beautiful people as he did studying. Was I jealous--absolutely. But unlike his doctor parents, mine couldn't afford the program.

"Fuck!" he said, giving me a big manly hug.

"You've beefed up!" I said as he released me.

"You don't think I just bay-watched..." he said, grinning.

Gustav was always into something, but it was always challenging and often cool. Take kickboxing, for example. He started at 15, and soon dragged me in. But that only lasted one semester, whereafter something else interested him.

Sure, we had e-mailed each other this past year, and I enjoyed his reports. On second thought, I wasn't surprised he put on five kilos of muscle.

Grinning, he continued. "You know, you can't be limp on the Cali beach."

Since kindergarten, we had hung out like a band of thieves. Where he was always spontaneous and outgoing, I was calm and reserved. What would he have done if I hadn't cleaned up after all the wacky antics he dragged me into? Anyway, I missed his company, although I'd never admit it.

"How are the girls?" he asked suddenly. I answered him with an embarrassed look.

"But damn it Hannes, you haven't stuck your thumb out?" he continued.

Girls, it turned out, were not my strong point. There was Madeleine, but I could never overcome my insecurities or shyness enough to approach her. She moved on. Worst, that wasn't even the first time it happened. Each failure brought misery and sense of worthlessness. On a friend-only level, however, I never had problem with girls. Yet as soon I crossed that line, I'd just clam up. That pushed them away. Gustav, on the other hand, was a chick magnet. They flocked around him, but never me--the wingman.

While Gustav was on the beach, I was running hard--even sporting black runner's shorts and a red Peak-T, a fancy kind of t-shirt. By the end, I was thoroughly tanned and toned. Although I didn't build muscle like Gustav, I was still proud overall.

The first day of school always surprised me. I could never wait to see how tanned everyone had become, and how the girls had changed. Did they bring more curves? To have seen all new students with high hopes for the future was exciting nonetheless.

I couldn't wait to finish school. Poor Gustav--California delayed his graduation a year.

"See you at lunch huh?" I asked him.

"Sure," he said, leaving for the cafeteria.

Math was after lunch. Rounding a corner, I bumped into a group of girls. Instinctively, I held onto the person I collided into. Giggling, she looked up at me. A petite, sandy-haired chick looked up at me with the most awesome blue eyes. Without a doubt, I had no idea who these girls were.

All I could say was "Excuse me," to which she replied with "It's okay!"

Embarrassed, I had to move on. It was clear they were giggling, and after a few steps I turned and found them looking my way. The girl I forgot to introduce myself to waved. Oddly, I didn't blush.

I sat down next to Philip and Henry. Gustav, Philip and I have been friends on and off since middle school, so when Gustav left we hung out more often. Henry was Philip's friend, which made me the third wheel. The class assembled. Everyone was the same more or less, although a few girls had become quite curvaceous. After roll call someone knocked on the door, catching everyone's attention.

Before Victoria--our teacher--opened it, the girl popped her head in and asked "Excuse me, but is this class 'NV3b'?"

"That's right," said Victoria. "Alright," she replied, opening the door completely.

My stomach knotted. She was tall, slim, and had waist-length, braided black hair. I didn't expect anyone to wear heels either! The low cut black pants complemented her black tank top decorated with geometric skulls. I could just spot her tanned belly.

" Hi, I'm Ida," she introduced herself, shaking Victoria's hand.

"Victoria," she replied, " and welcome! Sit wherever you want."

Ida surveyed the classroom before approaching me. "Hey, is this seat free?" she asked kindly.

"Sure," I said,removing my bag from the chair.

"Thank you," she said, and sat down with a smile.

Her arms were wonderfully tanned and speckled with tiny hairs bleached from the sun. I wanted to check whether they were as soft as they looked. She wore little makeup, perhaps only eyeliner, and no jewelry except a ring on the left middle finger. She caught me eyeing it, but smiled the whole time.

Work began as the lecture ended. Every time Ida looked up from her notebook, I noticed her checking my work.

"How do you do this?" she asked, pressing her question by touching my arm. Her warm fingers almost tickled, and I couldn't help but wince.

"It's not suppose to tickle!" she giggled.

"It's okay," I said, glancing at her work. Although I wasn't the best at complex numbers, it was obvious she made simple mistakes. But her writing, neat and structured, was a pleasure to read.

"Here is the error," I jotted down, and then circled the spots.

"Ah..." she moaned. Her big brown eyes offset an apologetic smile.

"Embarrassing. What's your name anyway?" she asked.

"Hannes--well, actually my name is John, but my parents call me that."

Although she had scribbled beside her errors, I couldn't make it out. Meanwhile, Victoria assigned homework. This made me sigh. Since class was going to resume shortly, I stretched in the hallway. Ida joined me, and we chatted all along the hallway. She was pleasant and undoubtedly smart. This coupled well with her sense of humor and politeness; although my joke was hardly funny, she laughed anyway.

"Hannes, I'm lost. Could you help me find my locker and then show me where

the cafeteria is?"

"Sure. Lockers are ordered logically. The letter indicates which section the locker is in

while the first number indicates the floor. The last number is the actual locker."

"Okay, then we'll to G-section, first floor," she said, looking for her key.

"It's the same place as my locker," I said, "which number are you?"

"Twenty-four, and you?"

"Seventeen," I replied.

"Then we're almost neighbors!" said Ida, smiling at me.

We walked and I pointed out the premises along the way. Of course, the locker corridor bustled with students and was littered with backpacks. Ida quickly found her locker and tossed her bag in. Still stuffing my supplies in, I said "I'm waiting for a friend--that's okay?"

"Of course,"'said Ida. We continued chatting until Gustav appeared.

"Hey--you've finally stuck your thumb out!" he said. Nodding at Ida, he grinned.

Embarrassed, I introduced her. "This is my new classmate Ida."

"Nice," said Gustav. He was already putting his hand on her lower back to guide her down the hall. Sigh. As usual, girls just melted in his hands.

"Come, Hannes," she said.

How thoughtful--she even made space for me between her and the playboy. Gustav, a touch annoyed, hardly resisted me squeezing in.

Ida and I faced each other at the table. Gustav didn't wait to charm her. Today, he was sitting beside her; tomorrow, perhaps they'll date.

"Ugh, I have family commitment tonight," said Gustav disapprovingly after lunch.

"It's okay," I said, "see you later." We shook hands and he took off.

"He needs to polish his game," said Ida.

"Yes," I said with a laugh, "he wasted no time as usual." Ida giggled a bit before continuing.

"So what how do spend your spare time here?" she asked.

"Not a lot in a town like this," I replied.

"I bet you hang at the hot dog stand no?" she asked.

I could not help but laugh--where did she get it from? Her smile suggested it was a joke.

"No seriously, there's not even that much," I continued. "Although I do some kickboxing and Parkour."

"Parkour...is when you jump between rooftops huh?"

"Rooftops, hmm, not so much. Any obstacles or things you could jump over normally."

"Good stuff," said Ida, "I've kick-boxed a little, but have never tried Parkour..."

When class resumed, we sat together. Before everyone settled in she whispered,

"Should we study math together after school today?"

Since when does a girl suggest that? "Sure," I said.

"Okay, at your house or mine?"

"Yours," I said. Otherwise it would have been terribly embarrassing with mother around. Smiling, Ida returned to her notebook.

After school we rode to Ida's, who turned out to live only a block from me. In fact, I had visited that house when other people had lived there. Ida's family remodeled it considerably.

"My father's an architect and this is his playhouse," said Ida, laughing when she saw how impressed I looked.

Full of tasteful decorations, Ida's room was particularly beautiful. Her bed was exceptionally wide, dwarfing her study desk and laptop. In one corner stood a large cozy armchair that could fit two comfortably. A small flat TV and stereo completed the room.

"We'll sit in the kitchen," said Ida. "Mom will be home soon and then we won't be alone." But even her kitchen was comfortable. We picked the wide island and cushioned stools. After a few exercises her mother arrived.

"I'm Monica," she said, kindly as Ida would. But she was curious, and had to prod us with questions.

"I should be going soon," I said after a while.

Ida helped me pack up my books and then followed me to the door. "Pick me up tomorrow?" she asked.

"If you like," I replied cheerfully.

"Of course," she said, hugging me--quite a surprise! Despite my awkward hug, she waved cheerfully before closing the door. I biked home slowly.

Thinking of her and of the first day in general, I lost sleep. What do we have going on?

The next morning was unusual. Not only was I refreshed, but I didn't need my alarm. My parents were shocked in their own way.

"Good morning," I said cheerfully while sitting down.

"Has something happened?" mom asked, almost tensely.

"No," I replied, "I'm picking up a classmate. Gotta be on time!"

"Someone we know?" dad asked.

"Nope. Ida. She's new."

"Ah, I understand," mom said before exhaling.

"Huh?" I said, puzzled.

"Oh nothing," she said, casting a knowing look on dad, who nodded in response.

For once, it was really fun to have breakfast early.

"I have to go now if I'm going to make it," I said.

I had hardly knocked on the door when she swung it open and said hello by hugging me.

"Hey," I said.

Ida swung around and headed down the hall. She looked pretty in that thin summer dress. I took the opportunity to glance at her small bust and gently rounded hips while she touched up her makeup. She wore more today.

"Okay, shall we go?" she asked. I nodded and opened the front door.

"Bye!" she said before closing it.

We rode slowly side by side and chatted spiritedly. I stole all the glances that I could. Her dress kept flaring up and showcasing her beautifully tanned legs. A little annoyed, she had to take one hand off the handlebars to hold it down.

"No worries!" I laughed. The route to school was hopelessly short.

I saw Gustav walking in the hallway and I was suddenly seized with a pang of envy. I knew that it was only a matter of time before he and Ida would date. Good for him! I greeted him a bit too quickly and likewise he greeted me oddly.

"Everything okay with the family?" I asked.

"Oh sure, but last night was crazy!" he replied.

Ida giggled a little; my jealousy surged. Why couldn't I understand my feelings? Gustav did these things with girls all the time. Touching my arm, Ida brought me back to reality.

"Come Hannes. We start soon," she said.

"Okay," I replied. "so lunch as usual then, Gustav?"

Gustav hesitated while Ida glanced at me disapprovingly. Can a new girl change old friends?

"I can't today," said Gustav. Turning on his heel, Gustav disappeared down the corridor.

With a satisfied grin, Ida pulled my arm. "Come on!" she said.

We barely made it to class on time. The day passed like yesterday in that Ida occasionally leaned over and asked something. Her warm breath always caressed my cheek and tickled my ear. We were getting quite comfortable with each other--it was natural for her to lean on my shoulder.

Fortunately I had already her parents, because on that afternoon we studied in her room.

"Now they know who you are, so they stay away," said Ida as she closed the door.

We sat on Ida's big bed, surrounded by pillows, and reviewed biology, although we paused here and there to talk. Come home time, I felt we knew each other. She was always pleasant, and I just wish that I had charmed her a little. But my chest kept aching. Unlike last night, I was prepared for her hug at the door. Her eyes glistened--or perhaps it was just a reflection of the sunset.

"So tomorrow...?" asked Ida as I stepped out the front door. Smiling, I nodded.

That night I lay in bed, thinking for hours. Ida and Gustav popped in and out of my thoughts--Gustav in particular, though. His behavior puzzled me but I figured it just was because he had been away for so long. We just needed to hang on the weekends again. You've heard me talk about Ida--how's she's been fun to study with. But I must add that my marks have improved since.

After another early breakfast with my surprised parents, I raced to Ida's. She already had her bike out, and then patted my arm as we headed out together.

"I was going to ask Gustav if he wanted to hang out this weekend," I said.

"Oh..." she said.

"And you'd join us, of course--I don't have to ask him about that..." I continued, smiling. I was pretty sure Gustav wouldn't mind.

Looking a little happier she said, "Alright!"

When we met Gustav in the hallway at our locker, he was hardly cheerful. In fact I'd say he was disappointed that Ida was there. I asked him, "Are you free this weekend?"

"Sure, and is she coming with?"


"Then why should I come?" he said sourly. I looked at him surprisingly while he glared.

"Any fool knows where this is going," he said, and left there and then.

Where did that come from? I've never seen him burst like that.

"Well he's pissed off," I said.

Smiling, she said, "He feels like an outsider."

"What?" I asked.

"Oh fuck it," she said.

At least my stomach pain disappeared over the week. At the end of that week I was just feeling warm and well all the time. Gustav's behavior was mystery though. While always short and cross when Ida was around, he would suddenly act normal when we were alone. It was becoming clear that he was disinterested in Ida anyway. I caught him flirting with a ginger.

My nerves were particularly sensitive come Saturday night as I rode to Ida's. We hadn't bothered to make any reservations. It was past the dinner rush anyway. At that time, Ida and I became best friends--making arrangements was no longer a nervous effort. However, once she opened the door that evening I got the shakes. It must have been her tight turquoise shirt, unbuttoned slightly and hinting a white satin bra that did it. Or perhaps it was her short black skirt and those long, slender tanned legs.

"Hello," she said, and then hugged me.

"We'll have the pinot noir," she said. "The bottle please."

"Yes madam," the waiter said.

The wine simmered through me. It was not that we needed any privacy, but she kept leaning over to whisper things. Each time I stole a glance at her cleavage, and inferred that she had lovely, small breasts. Ida never lost her smile. Though I was burning, I was also frozen--electrified even--as she kept caressing my arm.

The club line was packed. Ida's perfume teased my senses. The scent was...sophisticated. It wasn't quite floral. I couldn't place it, and abandoned the effort as soon as she held my hand.

"So we don't separate," she said.

The wine and Ida made my head spin throughout the night--a fun time throughout.

It helped that knew most of the people there--and Gustav was markedly absent. My other friends and acquaintances enjoyed meeting her. Boy, could she dance. People gave her all the space she needed to shake it and whip her braids rhythmically to the music. By the last song, her dark eyes sparkled and her smile shone. It was also a ballad, and so she pressed her leg between mine as dances cheek to cheek. Some unlucky ones asked her to dance, but she just shook her head politely.

Suddenly, her hot tongue traced along my neck, leaving a cool trail. Shivering, I heard her whisper, "Hannes...I want you." I stepped back to read her expression--it was all consuming.

"But..." The issued died as she pressed her warm lips against mine. Her tongue eagerly teased the inside of my mouth. Hardening, I had to pull my hips back slightly. She pulled out and kissed my cheek before resting her chin on my shoulder.

"You haven't notice how hot you make me?" she continued.

So Gustav had been rejected--but enough of that. Holding her tightly I said, "You're so fine," and then caressed her lower back. We were still hugging when the music had ended and everyone was rushing to leave.

Everything was still hazy until she took my and said, "Come on--let's go to my house. They're away for the weekend."

Her place couldn't have been more than a few blocks away, but that night it felt like an eternity. With one arm she opened the door and with other she dragged me upstairs.

Although it was past midnight, there was enough moonlight to help us navigate her room. After choosing some soft music, she took my hands and asked, "Are you nervous?"

"Oh yes," I said, trembling, "you've done it before, right?"

"Yes," she replied with a delighted smile.

I hadn't yet, of course. We crawled onto top of the bed. Once I was comfortably on she pulled me for a kiss. I responded to her hungry lips as best I could have. But I never had to use all my limbs like this at once. While she confidently explored my body I gently fumbled along her curves. She paused to take my shirt off. It felt quite tight, and so I helped her fit it over my head. My chest sizzled under her palms.

Sitting up, I toyed with her shirt buttons. But then I struggled. They kept slipping out of my fingers. Her coal-black eyes encouraged me throughout it, however. With the last button conquered, I exposed her tanned chest and white satin bra. Closing her eyes, she laid back. Her soft moans pressed me to stroke gently toward her bra. I could just slip my hand under the cup, and her tit fit easily into my hand. As my thumb met her hard nipple, she beckoned for a kiss.

Not that I knew what to expect--but I must say that it was surprising to watch her unclip her own bra.

"Now take it off," she whispered, smiling.

One hand gently did the trick. Those firm breasts, capped with perky nipples, stunned me. And if I was a mirror they'd stun her too. She gasped lightly as I massaged each of her nipples. Abandoning one, I brought my hand to her inner thigh and let it slip under her skirt. She only opened her legs a little before sitting up.

"Loosen your belt," she said, unbuttoning my pants.

Although I had to stretch my arm now, my hand eagerly made its way to her sex. The anticipation was overwhelming as I slid over her, soft thighs and onto her moist tendons, which were a touch rougher--evidence of a shave. One finger brushed the wet edges of her panties, which made her jump just a tad. I can't explain how I felt.

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