A New Me


Things have changed a little within me since my experience on New Years Eve. I guess that night has altered the way I view both men and myself. Not being the shy, retiring type I have always been a little wild, but now I am seeing life in a different light.

I no longer think of going out purely as a means to socialise, but as a way of picking up men. Although not as stunning as some, I have never had trouble finding a guy. My figure is in good shape which is a start, because with men being as shallow as they are all they ever want is a nice pair of breasts. And if you have good legs like mine in a short skirt it is easy to get most men.

This story is from when I went to Chester with the usual group of girlfriends a few weeks ago. Saturday nights have become a regular session lately, in more ways than one. We start off in a few of the trendy bars, doing a bit of a pub crawl as we get a little pissed, but always ending up in our favourite bar for the last few hours.

I had bough a very sexy, low-cut black dress in the sales and a killer pair of heels. They really make my legs look great, lengthening my calf muscles and adding a few extra inches to my height. I am only 5'6" but they bring me up to about 5'9".

After doing a few different Vodka shots earlier I decided to switch to water as I prefer to be in control after my previous experience. After all, what's the point of having a hot session and not be able to remember it?

There was a really cute guy at the bar checking me out so I decided to give him the opportunity to speak to me away from my girlfriends who can be a bit intimidating. Letting them know I was leaving them I smiled at him as I approached the bar, and squeezed between him and the guy to his left. Ordering my drink I noticed his was nearly empty so I asked him if I should order one for him. He looked a little surprised but said, "Yes please, but only if you let me pay for them both?"

"You can get the next ones," I said.

I gave him the chance to have a better look at my cleavage by turning to look for my friends. I waved to them to let them know I had pulled, which made my breasts jiggle just inches from his face. I knew he was looking down at them as I could feel his warm breath on them.

We made small talk for about 10 minutes, and I made sure he knew I was interested by making as much physical contact as I could, brushing his arm, moving a hair from his face, rubbing up to him if someone needed to get to the bar.

Just then a lad came up to him, asking him where their round of drinks had got to.

"Sorry, I have been a bit busy talking" he explained. Apparently he was out with 3 other lads and had got distracted talking to me instead of buying their drinks. I said, "Why don't we go find your other friends?"

He paid for the round and we walked over to a booth in the back of the bar. It was darker over there but just as loud, and I squeezed in first with my "date" next to me. We made our introductions and I could feel all of them eyeing me up. It made me feel wanted and quite a bit horny. I held my bottle of water against my breasts so that the cold condensation trickled down my cleavage. This wasn't lost on any of them, they were all staring at my boobs in the low cut dress.

I put my hand on his thigh and began to rub it gently as I raised the bottle to my lips and drank. I couldn't resist moving higher till my hand brushed against his cock. I felt it stir in his pants. I made a real show of licking my lips and flicking out my tongue to get a drop of water from the lip of the bottle.

I could feel my thong getting wet as my pussy moistened, and I lent to whisper in his ear.

"Do you think your friends will mind if I suck you off in front of them?"

He almost chocked on his beer, his friends laughing at him as they hadn't heard what I said.

He looked at them and told them they wouldn't be laughing in a minute.

All he said to me was "Go for it".

My hand found the buttons on his jeans and I pulled them open. All around us the music was pounding, people were talking loudly, laughter could be heard from a group of people nearby, but no one at our table made a sound as I reached into his boxers and freed his hard cock. It looked beautiful.

A drop of pre-cum had formed on the end which I spread around the tip of his cock with my thumb. Grasping his cock firmly I began to stroke it right there in the bar, feeling it grow harder and throb to my touch. I slipped my free hand inside my dress and began to play with my nipple, pulling on it also until it stood firm. Lowering a spaghetti strap on my dress I exposed my erect nipple to them all, and bent over so I could rub the tip of his cock against it.

More pre-cum was dripping from his lovely cock all over my nipple, so I lowered my head and lifted my boob to my mouth. Licking my nipple I got my first taste of his cum, but now I wanted, needed more. I aimed his cock to my lips and took him into my mouth as I looked right at his friends. They had a look of pure lust on their faces as I sucked on the lovely thick cock. My hand was wanking his shaft as I sucked harder on it, my breast still exposed.

He was moaning now and telling me how good it felt, and I knew he wouldn't last much longer. His hand was holding my hair. I knew what he wanted, so I gave it to him. I let go of his cock with my hand and took him deeper into my mouth until it was touching the back of my throat. Working up a steady rhythm I started to take as much of him as I could. I can't deep throat but I took what I could without making me gag. It was obviously good enough because I felt his grip on my hair tighten and his hips started thrusting.

Sucking harder now, faster, I felt him go rigid as the first jet of cum hit the back of my mouth, followed by another spurt, then another. It flooded my mouth and I swallowed what I could, but a few large drops spilled out and onto my breast. I sucked his cock until I had every last drop, then flicked my tongue out to lap at my boob.

I sat up and straightened my clothing as he put his cock back in his jeans. His friends looked speechless, so I just winked at them and said, "Who's buying the next round?"

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