tagMind ControlA New Mind Ch. 02

A New Mind Ch. 02


This is a new work of adult fiction. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or are offended by reading about sexual acts please do not continue. This fictional work contains instances of mind control, sexy lingerie, pantyhose, cross-dressing, lesbian and bi-sexual acts, public exhibition, mild discipline and public embarrassment, mild body modifications through piercings and or tattooing, group sex, transvestites, role reversal, and other sexual conduct. If you are offended by any of those topics, please do not continue. If you have any comments, suggestions, or just like my work, feel free to contact me. This story starts off slow and I hope you will find it builds on each layer. I like to consider this an adult story with sex not a sex story. Thank you for your appreciation of the written world of erotica and your patronage to Literotica.com.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2012 by Hubs In Hose

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Chapter Two

Lisa arrived at school and was the subject of immediate attention. Like most schools, most of the teachers wore slacks or jeans. For the occasion that a female teacher did wear a skirt or dress, hosiery and high-heels would almost never be worn. Most of the male staff were appreciative of Lisa's outfit choice for the day. Likewise, most of the female teachers were unhappy with her attire and the extra attention she no doubt would receive. Those teachers were in a state of disbelief that Lisa would dress this way for work!

"Hi guys," Lisa called out as she entered the teacher's lounge for a quick cup of coffee before her scheduled meeting with the school's principal.

"Got a hot date at lunch today Lisa?" came the snide remark from Shelly Johnson. Shelly is the staff's goody-two-shoes, and busy-body. She is the leader of the women's group of her Baptist church and believes that she is the example of the upright and righteous life that everyone must live. In addition to being a fellow English teacher, she had a fondness for getting other staff members in trouble due to their out-of-school actions. Her most recent triumph was getting a student teacher removed due to "excessive partying" at her college the prior weekend. It didn't matter to Shelly that the student teacher was not inebriated or making a poor example of herself, she was at the party, the party got way out of hand after she left, and for that she was held accountable. When Lisa found out that Shelly and her henpecked husband were moving across the street, she considered moving. That is still a sore subject between Lisa and Thomas.

"No" Lisa calmly replied, thinking that there was nothing exceptional about the way she was dressed. "I wanted to wear something different today. I had an idea last night for this outfit and wanted to wear it."

The majority of the men in the room smiled and nodded in approval with her decision, but did not dare to say anything.

"Don't give her any flack Shell," came a defensive comeback from Janet Reynolds.

Janet is a biology teacher and chief foil to Shelly Johnson. Janet was in her sixth year at the school and where Shelly is upright, demanding and rigid Janet is gracious, kind, and understanding. Shelly believed that Janet was a lesbian and that thought infuriated her. Shelly wanted worse than anything to catch Janet in a compromising situation and have her removed from the staff. Janet knew Shelly's desire and played it against her. Janet actually wasn't a lesbian, but had her fair share of girlfriend-lovers.

"She should do what makes her happy," Janet continued moving over towards the coffeepot, next to Lisa still talking somewhat to Shelly. "I think you look great! Sometimes I think we all have gotten a bit too lazy in our dress around here."

Janet places her hand over Lisa's; Lisa knew of the rumors about Janet but did not immediately remove her hand. Janet's touch added a spark to her already aroused state.

Looking at her watch Lisa finished her coffee, rinsed out the cup and headed to the ladies' room in the teacher's lounge. She was running late for her meeting but she needed to pay herself some attention or she knew she would be a wreck all day. She entered the small room, locked the door, put her hand under her hose and started fingering her sex -- trying to relieve some of her pressure.


After Lisa left for work, I got up to shower, shave, and the usual morning routine. As a cyclist, I like to keep my legs shaved -- that is the excuse that I give to my wife, the main reason is that when I get to actually wear pantyhose they feel so much better without any annoying leg hair. As I was shaving I began thinking, I wonder if I can alter how my body acts through thought? I had a stunning success with Lisa last night and this morning, so I decided to try. I began searching, looking for the trigger. I was telling myself "you will no longer grow any body hair." Over and over I repeated that, in silent, inside my head, hoping that I could find the right switch in my brain. I finished shaving, showering, and then went to select my clothes for the day.

I am able to work from home a couple days a week, and today was one of those days. So, I decided on jeans, and a t-shirt, but my attire would not be complete without hosiery! I opened my underwear drawer and selected a pair of sheer suntan pantyhose. I have worn these several times before and they still fit me perfectly. I sit on the bed, gather the hose and place my toes in them. After all these years I still love the feeling of sliding hose up my legs -- it is intoxicating to me! I stand up to smooth out the fit and to get an extra feel of my lower half encased in the sheer nylon. My cock starts to stir again from the extra stimulation so I must finish getting dressed or I will not get any work done today.

I go downstairs, enter the kitchen, and see an empty coffee pot. Needing my morning cup I start to make a pot when I find that we are out of coffee beans.

"Shit, how can I start the day without coffee?"

I slip on some shoes knowing that to get coffee I must go to the store. Before I go, I log into work to make sure I am not missing anything. Seeing no meetings until the afternoon, I grab my keys, phone and wallet when I see a note my wife left me:

"Honey, I am sorry that we are out of coffee, if you go to the store to get any would you also pick up something to make for dinner tonight? I love you! L-"

How could I resist after what she did for me this morning?


I arrive at my neighborhood coffee shop, greeted by the employees as I am too much of a regular here. I do enjoy the service, good coffee, and the girl that basically runs the place is very nice to look at. Her name is Tammy and she has an amazing set of legs. I happened to run into her one evening a month or so ago when she was away from work and out of her usual work clothing, button-down shirt and slacks. She had on a cute dress, heels, and sadly from what I could tell she was not wearing any hosiery. Still her light skin, emerald green eyes, fire red hair, and more than ample breasts were a nice sight to see. I said hello to Tammy and asked her to brew my usual. I did notice that she was in an extra cheerful mood when she acknowledged me.

"You seem very chipper today," I prodded.

"Yes, I just got a promotion," Tammy replied. "Starting next week, I will be the store manager here."

"Congrats! That is good news" I told her.

Now my thoughts turned on me as I was thinking that maybe if she is the manager she would dress more like a manager than the help; so she would wear more skirts, dresses and such. Just as quickly as that thought happened, I wondered if I could be successful in altering her mind like I was able to with my wife's. I needed to know if the connection was successful because of the enhanced bond that Lisa and I share, if it was because I had been trying to probe her mind for so long, or if the ability was just in my brain and I could plant instructions on anyone. Putting all reservations aside I tried to enter her thoughts and commanded "accidently unbutton the top two buttons on your blouse."

As she was putting the finishing touches on my drink I saw her hand quickly unfasten the buttons, like I said. I smiled when she handed me my drink and I could clearly see that she was wearing a light pink bra and it was struggling to keep her pert breasts contained.

"Oh man, I am going to have some fun with this" I thought to myself.

I added some instructions to her "from now on you when you wear a skirt or dress you will prefer to wear pantyhose or tights. They make your legs look great and you feel energized when you put them on. Also, you will prefer to wear a skirt or dress to work. You are a manager now and you need to look the part." I wanted to have her join me in the back right now for a quick sexual rendezvous, but there were other manager types in the store and it was quite busy. I will have to return next week for that fun.

As I started to leave the store I caught Tammy's eye and casually mentioned to her that her button had come undone. She looked down, blushed, re-fastened the button, and then mouthed "thank you". I winked and continued on my way.

Entering the grocery store I was awash with optimism. Coffee next week was going to be very pleasurable and I could tap into people's subconscious as I wanted without them knowing. I decided I should conduct as many tests as I could while in the grocery store. These will have to be quick and hopefully decisive. As soon as the automatic doors close behind me, I see Jason Lane. He is the local washout that works in the store. He shows no respect to anyone, or to his life. He seems perfectly fine being a rude, half-employed, reject from society and he blames everyone else for his lot in life. It is obvious from the smell that Jason had just smoked another cigarette while collecting the carts from outside as he reeked of cigarette smoke.

I looked at him and he had his usual greeting of "What are you lookin' at?" I knew that he was my first target. "You hate smoking. You cannot smoke another cigarette. The smell of cigarette smoke makes you ill." I don't know why I tried to help the guy, but getting rid of the stench he brought into the grocery would be a huge improvement in my life. I looked back at Jason after planting the command and he looked a bit green around the gills. I smirked and moved on with my journey.

I selected a shopping cart to make it look as if I were doing some serious shopping. I was shopping, but it was for targets and I didn't want to cause any extra alarm. I worked through the produce isle and saw a young mother looking at the squash and zucchini. From my position across the aisle I sent her a thought "no one can see you, caress the largest cucumber as if it were your husband's hard cock, rub it against your inner thigh, and then place it in your basket." What the hell, right? There would be no way that she would normally do that.

Then I saw her move over to the cucumbers and my eyes got wide. Her slim fingers moved across the vegetables until she selected a rather impressive one. Holding it with both hands she stroked the length of the gourd and let out a small gasp. When she started rubbing herself with the cucumber I thought I would have a stroke. It wasn't too long before she stopped, gave the cucumber a light kiss and placed it in her basket.

I was all smiles for the rest of my visit to the store. Several times I would move people out of my way, have them end phone calls abruptly, put certain items back on the shelves, and to select other items. As the pantyhose nut that I am I had to plant the thought that they needed to buy more pantyhose in every lady that I saw. I even added that they needed to wear them more often as well.

When I remembered what I was originally in the store for, I was near the meat counter. It was obvious that we would have steak tonight. I asked the butcher to select for me some of his nicest prime rib cuts and then gave the suggestion for him to charge me a reduced price for the meat. It was nice to be purchasing fine cuts of steak at hamburger prices. I went back to the produce section for some potatoes, over to the bakery for some nice French bread, across the store to the wine section for a bottle of Beaujolais-Villages, and almost forgot to pick up more coffee beans.

With dinner secured and my testing complete I made my way to the check out. Normally I use the self-check stands, but seeing Trina at her register with only one other person in line, I decided to let her ring me up. Trina is one of the girls I watched growing up in the neighborhood. She is older than my daughter and is attending the local college. She is very cute and very smart. I don't think I have seen anyone of her age with as much drive and desire as she does. She didn't have a very easy childhood as her father was a mean drunk. Once he was out of her and her mother's life things started to get better for them.

While waiting in line I started wondering if I could penetrate someone else's thoughts. I was already giving them commands; they were following them as if they thought of the ideas. What else could I do? I picked up one the gossip rags, acting as if I was reading it and tried to probe Trina's thoughts. I wasn't getting anything right away, and then I started to hear a girl singing.

I looked around and the singing stopped. I focused on Trina again, then the singing continued, then I heard Trina's voice say "what is going on with these women? Every one of them today has bought pantyhose."

I smiled as I knew I was in her thoughts; there was no way she would say that out loud. I figured while I was there that she needed to discover her appreciation for pantyhose. Staying with her after I planted the thought I heard her say "come to think of it, I am out of hose myself, I probably should purchase some as well."

It was finally my turn to check out. I greeted Trina and she returned the greeting.

"Looks like you have a nice dinner planned for tonight, Mr. Rhodes," Trina said as she started ringing up my selections.

"Yes, I have had a few things go my way recently and thought I'd celebrate a bit," I replied to her. "I bet you have some exciting plans this weekend."

"Nothing really, just studying at Annie's"

She stopped talking but I heard her continue "and hopefully she will fuck my brains out with that dildo of hers"

Wow, I did not know that she and Annie were into each other. I didn't think that either one of them were gay as I have seen them around with different boyfriends. But it was good to know that they were intimate. It was probably a college thing. She finished checking out my goods, I paid her, and told her that I hope she enjoys her weekend. Before I got out of her sight I sent her another thought "wear some extra sexy panties to Annie's house. When she kisses you, your body will respond with a warmth and pleasure like you have not experienced before. When you make love you will have the most intense and enjoyable climax you have ever had." It was the least I could do.

Walking to my car I saw Jason again and he wasn't looking too hot. But he was still overtly staring at the breasts of the woman walking out in front of me. What a slime! I understand the appreciation of a woman's body but don't stare kid; you make yourself look like a stalker. My anger with him and his actions reached a boiling point. I decided to give him the worst command I could give a 20 something guy "you are no longer attracted to women; you are not interested in sex in any way, woman or man; you are a eunuch." I wonder what the punk will do now.


"So Close, Why Can't I cum?" Lisa cries to herself in the ladies room; her hand buried in her pantyhose rubbing her engorged clitoris, laboring to bring some quick relief for her overly excited situation.

"Damn it, I don't have time for this now" she admits in defeat as she removes her hand from her sex, adjusts her hosiery, flushes the toilet (to keep up appearances), and then washes her hands. As she is walking through the door she nearly bumps into Janet.

"If you need a hand, let me know" Janet slyly says to Lisa with a little wink. With no one else in the room there is no danger of Shelly hearing her.

Somewhat flustered at Janet's comment, Lisa smiled and continued to Dr. Barber's office, the last place she wants to be right now.

"Morning David, sorry I am running behind this morning," Lisa greeted the school principal in a casual manner in his office.

Dr. David Barber is a tall man about six foot five in his late-forties, slightly greying hair and still shows signs of being an athlete when he was younger.

"Good Morning Lisa," Dr. Barber starts. He notices her attire paying a little extra attention to her shimmering pantyhose encased legs. Her stunning looks almost makes him forget what he wanted to talk to her about then he sees the letter on his desk. Composing himself he resumes the conversation. "Lisa, you know that we are all very proud of your work and how much you mean to our school and our community. It is a shame that we can't give good teachers like you more rewards more often. But I am happy to tell you that you have been selected to attend the National Literacy Council's Convention in Las Vegas this summer."

Dr. Barber's tone at the beginning of his statement started Lisa in a defensive mode, she started thinking what could that bitch Shelly have fabricated, realizing that she was getting a reward not a reprimand shocks her. She had been a teacher for almost 20 years and has not received any sort of reward like this.

"Vegas? This summer? Really?" Lisa stammers questioning the principal.

"Yes, here is the letter explaining the selection criteria, why you were chosen, details for the convention and what you need to do to get your tickets and hotel room. Also, you can take your husband with you, they are paying for it."

"Ohmygoshthankyou! I can't wait to tell Thomas when I get home." Lisa jumps up and gives her friend a principal a hug -- further adding to her excited state. She takes the letters and starts back to her classroom. On her way back she saw Janet in the hallway. Like a school-girl she ran up to her friend to tell her the news.

"I get to go to VEGAS!" Lisa cheers taking her friend by the elbow and showing her the letter.

"Really? That is great news, you so deserve it for what you do here." Janet says as she gives Lisa a big hug. "Too bad I couldn't go with you, you know What happens in Vegas..." Janet says while still hugging her friend and giving her a little wink.

Realizing that there would be students entering the school soon Lisa ends the hug before anyone sees them and gets the wrong idea.

"Maybe someday," Lisa said trying not to lead her friend on.

As Lisa waked, in her mind she floated, to her classroom she was glowing, bordering on the edge of over-stimulation, from her sexual encounter with her husband earlier, to the flirting of her co-worker, and now the trip reward she was like a champagne bottle without the wire on the cork -- about to pop but she could not do anything about it.

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