tagMind ControlA New Mind Ch. 03

A New Mind Ch. 03


A New Mind

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Chapter Three

I returned home after what I thought was a very successful trip and I realized that I was not going to get any real work done. After the time I spent at the grocery store and coffee shop, I didn't get home until after noon. I logged into work to make sure that no one was looking for me, answered a few email messages so it at least looked like I was doing something, and then sent a message to my boss telling him that I had some training to do and probably wouldn't be available most of the afternoon -- I didn't lie, I just didn't tell him what I would be training on.

Logged off the VPN connection, I decided that I needed some sort of log to track my successes and failures. I opened a new file on my computer then detailed the activities from last night and earlier in the day. I tried to recount how I obtained this ability so I could document it as well. Sadly, I realized that I have been trying to tap into this part of my brain for so long I don't know what finally made me have this ability. Was it due to the years of concentrated focus? Was this power always there and my brain finally connected the correct "wires" to access it or did I have to strengthen my mental process? One thing was certain, I felt a lot different than I did yesterday and nearly all the yesterdays before it. I was more relaxed; my thoughts seemed to come quicker but in a way more organized. It was like they were compartmentalized and my brain was became more efficient. I felt like I was in tune with my surroundings. Then a crush of reality hit me; I hoped that I didn't take my first series of successes too far. My history of dealing with successes has not been positive, I will get a small something good and then try to quickly turn that into something 100 times larger and I ruin the whole thing. I decided that I will need to pace myself with this and I needed to ensure that I was not doing any real harm to people and I entered into my journal, to remind me to enjoy each singular success and not to jump to step 20 skipping steps three and four.

I noted that my "power" seemed limited to just other brain activity. I did not know if it only worked with the human brain as I had not tried any other animal other than human. I discovered I cannot telepathically move objects (I wondered if that would come later). I noted that I can only place the suggestion for someone to act to make them move I cannot move them directly. I had limited success in hearing the thoughts of other people, but the one time I was successful, it required me to concentrate and focus directly on the person that I was trying to hear. I need to do more work trying to listening to other's thoughts. I tried body modifications, but what I attempted was a minor change on me that won't show promise or failure for a couple days. I added to the "to do list" to try more physical modifications.

The first item I wanted to address off the "To do list" was to see how far away I could pick up a person's brainwaves. I thought about who should be my first long range "target" and came to the quick realization that my wife would be the most likely person to connect over a larger distance. Her school is less than a mile away directly from our house, so not too unrealistic. There was a photo of her on my desk so I set my focus on it and I tried to pick up her thoughts. I then closed my eyes and tried to block everything out but her thoughts and... could not pick up anything. I tried to connect to her for nearly fifteen minutes but I didn't seem to be able to connect to her at all. I tried to connect to Trina at the grocery store, since I had already heard her thoughts and she wasn't that much farther away from the house than my wife and again did not notice any success. I realized that I probably needed to be in visual range of the person.

After starting my journal and my testing, my thoughts turned back to my wife and how her day was progressing. I wondered if my suggestions put her into any embarrassing situations. I hoped that I didn't do anything that would be too overtly noticed by her co-workers. The Lisa that they know is a conservative and traditional woman. The woman I know is a great wife and mother that has a reluctance to try new things. She is happy with her routine and doesn't alter it very often.

My testing and subsequent journal entries took up most of the afternoon and left me mentally exhausted. I decided to go lay down for a bit. I set my alarm for 5:00 to make sure that I have enough time to start prepping dinner.


Lisa did all she could to suppress her aroused state while teaching. Teaching middle school English this was an easy enough task as she was working with her students on sentence structure and punctuation drills most of the day. Lisa, or Mrs. Rhodes as she is known by her students, is a friendly and fair teacher that most of the students respect even when the material is dry or uninteresting on the surface. She put all her mental efforts into teaching the lessons planned for the day and that helped to lower her internal fire to a low smolder. Additionally, helping her was her schedule as she didn't have to leave her room for much of anything today. Lisa decided to eat her lunch at her desk and to limit her adult contacts to as few as possible.

The final bell rang and Lisa smiled knowing that she could soon go home to relieve the pressure that had been building inside her all day.

"I don't know what you were trying to prove today, but it was highly un-professional," came the hiss from Shelly Johnson entering Lisa's classroom as the last of the students cleared their wing of the building. "I'll be adding this to the letter I am writing to Superintendent Hogan about your actions."

"Shelly, what have I done to draw your hate?" Lisa responded, although somewhat relieved because her interaction with the insufferable Shelly Johnson proved to be the extinguisher to any residual internal heat she was feeling. "Besides, I don't think that your actions will have any impact now as I was just awarded this," Lisa showed her contemporary the letter announcing the selection by the National Literacy Council.

Shelly read the letter and her usual sour appearance turned to abject disgust. "We'll see about that!" She exclaimed as she stormed out of the classroom.

Lisa sighed and shook her head in reaction then packed up her papers and belongings to take home. Lisa was so glad that she turned down the offer to carpool with Shelly after they moved in -- there would be no way that she could control her comments while driving in the same vehicle.

Walking to her car she waved to Dr. Barber and Janet Reynolds, smiling at them both trying to forget the bitter interaction she had just a few moments earlier.


"Honey, I'm home," was the sound that roused me out of my late afternoon nap. My wife seemed to be home a little earlier than usual. I looked at the clock to confirm my initial thought and to reset the alarm.

"I'm upstairs," I replied to my love. A few moments later she entered the bedroom. In my activity of the day I forgot how sexy she looked today. She was standing in front of my in her red dress that really accentuated her healthy figure. The expensive sheer black hosiery she wore, thanks to my suggestion, was the frosting on the most mouth-watering cake I had ever seen. Turning my gaze to her face and her almost hypnotic eyes I saw that she was a bundle of nerves; she was frustrated, upset, mad, and excited all at the same time. I could tell that her day was really challenging. I felt a pain of regret for what I thought was my fault. Without trying to do anything with my new gift, I brought Lisa close to me and gave her a big loving hug. I wanted to show her that I was there for her, I was and always would be her rock, and I loved her. I looked into her eyes and at her lips then gave her a loving kiss. When I broke the embrace, I slid my hand down her back so I could caress her taut ass.

"Mmmm," Lisa moaned in response to my actions. "I have some good news to share with you but I need you right now," she said as her inner fire returned. As she spoke she punctuated the word "you" by grabbing my crotch which reflected my ever growing excitement.

The kids had spring football and band practice after school we knew that we would not be otherwise disturbed. I sat back on the bed, pulled my love to me, and unzipped her dress. It seemed to fall to the floor with no effort on either of our parts. I squeezed her again, my bride now just wearing a black lace bra, pantyhose and heels and was my ideal picture of sexiness. We rolled over on the bed; Lisa removed my shirt and unbuttoned my pants. When she reached for my cock I remembered that I too was wearing hose. This did not stop my wife as she quickly moved her hand under the waistband of my hose to get a firm grip of my fully erect member. I rubbed my hands all over her lower half feeling her hose incased legs, ass and thighs. I reached between her legs and noticed that her juices were soaking through the sheer material.

"I need you in me," she moaned with desire while removing my hand from her sex.

Not saying a word I stood up to remove our remaining clothing. The air was filled with the smell of lust. I leapt on the bed and on top of my wife. Her face was filled with lust. My throbbing manhood needed no assistance to find her opening. Her pussy was so wet I slid all the way into her with hardly any effort. Her velvet glove encased my cock; she wrapped her legs around me as I started thrusting in and out of her sex. Our lovemaking was primal, nothing was said other than grunts, groans and moans. I continued my cock's piston like movement in and out of her sopping pussy. She was rising up to meet my thrusts and I pressed her back on the bed seemingly through the mattress and into the box-springs. Lisa's body tensed and I felt her orgasm begin to take over. She gripped me tight with her arms and her sex; her fingers scratched my back. I felt my climax was close, with her orgasm beginning it pushed me over the edge. I rammed my cock deep into her once I felt I could hold out no longer. I felt her love muscles grip me tighter when my cum erupted from me further saturating her sex. When Lisa felt my hot cum shoot into her it pushed her release to another level, she started bucking against me as we tried to become more one than we possibly could be.

We remained joined together on the bed enjoying our post-coital ecstasy; our bodies were covered in a combination of sweat and sexual juices. When I looked into my wife's eyes I saw that our pleasure had also brought with it a feeling of deep relief. I smiled knowing that I had caused that in many ways.

Our connection was broken by the sound of my phone; I had received a text message from our son telling me that he would be going over to a friend's house to study after practice. Shortly after that message I received one from our daughter telling us that a group from the band was going to go get a bite to eat and she would be home later.

Looking at my recovering wife, I told her, "I guess it is a good thing that I bought dinner for two tonight, the kids won't be home for a while."

She smiled, I leaned in to kiss her again, and I got up to prepare dinner. I slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts I had on bench by the bed then went downstairs to cook the meal I had planned.

When I finished cooking the steaks, I brought them inside to rest; I opened the bottle of wine, and made the salads. I placed the plates on the table as Lisa arrived in the dining room. She was wearing her purple satin robe that was tied to accentuate her cleavage and was short enough to show off her legs and make me wonder if she had anything on underneath.

"Mmmm, that smells wonderful," she said as she sat down and take a sip of her wine.

"Thank you," I replied. "It is a pleasure to serve you," I said dripping with double entendre. Not missing a beat I then asked Lisa, "So, how was your day?"

"Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you," she started almost bouncing out of her chair to tell me. "I have been selected to go to a conference in Vegas this summer. We both get to go. The air-fare and room will be paid for and they will be hosting one dinner. It is a four day, three night trip!"

"Really?" I responded with surprise and happiness.

"Yes, the National Literacy Council has a convention every year. They select teachers from across the country to attend and to demonstrate their teaching methods," she continued. "If only that bitch Shelly Johnson doesn't do something between now and then to take it from me."

My wife's demeanor changed almost instantly. She had gone from radiant and bubbling to bitter and angry in a fraction of a second. She had told me before of Mrs. Johnson's actions before so this didn't surprise me. I tried to comfort her as we finished our meal. I told her "Don't worry about Shelly, I am sure that she can do nothing and I am sure that she will soon grow up." I knew right there that I had a new target for my mental testing and I spent the rest of the evening thinking how I could get to her.

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