tagBDSMA New Mistress for Lexi

A New Mistress for Lexi


My friend Brittany invited me out to one of those crappy "Dinner and a Movie" theaters. I didn't think twice about the invitation... why would I? I'd known her since high school and I didn't have any plans.

From what I had seen of her since we had gotten back in touch she seemed like the ideal housewife, the ideal neighbor, and the ideal friend. I knew that she got up every morning and fixed her husband's breakfast and packed him a lunch. I knew that she dutifully cleaned the house while he was away. She periodically posted photos to her social networking sites from paid shoots she modeled, but they were always very classy and tasteful. I suspected nothing out of the ordinary.

She arrived at the theater wearing short a sunflower print dress and a large floppy hat. Her stance radiated confidence. At 23 she was thin and shapely. Her breasts pushed suggestively from the plunge in the dress with no tan lines to be seen. I admired the way her brown hair had lightened with the sun to an almost golden. Any woman would be quick to envy her, and any photographer would long to snatch her up.

"Lexi!" she squealed excitedly at me, her dark eyes sparkling.

"Britt!" I said, accepting her unexpected hug. She pulled back, leaving her arms on my shoulders and quickly looked me up and down.

"I love this dress!" she remarked. Her long slender fingers held up the two tickets she had already purchased and she turned to walk inside without another word.

Only a couple other folks were there, but we were early. The seats were made like regular theater chairs and were grouped off around the building in fours. Each cluster had a slender table in front of it draped with a gaudy red table cloth. At the front of the theater, of course, was the gigantic screen.

She selected a table toward the front and against the left wall. So far there was no one around. I scooted to the innermost seat. She followed, placing her purse in the next seat out.

"So how have you been?" she asked.

"Fine, and you?" I returned. I always hated the awkward catch up conversation with past high school friends. What was there to really say?

"Fine. Are you still in school?" She asked me after a pause.

"No, I just graduated last month. I'm starting at an insurance firm as soon as I complete my training," I replied. "Are you in school?"

"No," she laughed, "I skipped college for the modeling thing."

"I've seen," I quickly interjected, "your photos are beautiful."

"Thanks," she beamed, "but it's all small time stuff. I'm mostly just a housewife now. I notice there's no ring on your finger - any man in the picture?"

"No," The question normally irritated me. I was only 22, there was no law that said I needed to be married. In this instance, I was suddenly embarrassed. For some reason I desperately wanted to impress her.

She crossed her legs and the short sundress showed off perfectly tanned thighs. Did she see me looking? Crap! What if she thought I was a lesbian! Or worse, what if she though I was coming on to her and she left!

"I'm surprised," she answered. If she had seen me looking she didn't remark. although I thought I saw a knowing gleam in her eye. "A pretty girl like you should have a man catering to her every whim."

A waiter in a red and white suit walked up and smiled. His face was covered in acne, he couldn't have been more than 16. He immediately blushed at the sight of us. "Uh, Can I take your, uh, drink orders?" he asked.

"Coke," Brittany said.

"Dr. Pepper for me," I answered. The boy paused a moment too long before he got the message and walked away. We both snickered at his obvious infatuation.

Five or six more groups entered the theater as we chatted about various happenings and old friends. None were particularly close to us. Most people stayed near the back. There was a group of two or three boys at the next table behind us, but it was spaced out fairly well. Everyone had a pretty private movie experience.

As the previews came on, the same kid came back with the drinks and offered to take our dinner orders. He and the other waiters then disappeared and the theater darkened. Suddenly, I realized that I had never even asked what movie we were seeing.

The chatting dimmed in the theater as the opening credits started. Brittany had been leaning on the arm rest between us, and in one sudden yet elegantly smooth move her fingers were resting on my inner thigh. I jumped at the sudden touch, and looked at her with wide eyes. What the heck is going on?

Her fingers slowly traced upward, easily under the hem of my dress and straight to the crotch of my panties. Her posture hadn't changed and I knew that no one around us could tell what was going on. What was she doing? I had never had ANY type of contact with a girl before - I had never even more-than-hugged a girl. I had never wanted to. But still, for some reason I didn't stop her. She inserted one finger into the crotch of my panties and pulled downward.

Leaning toward me, she whispered, "You don't want to cause a scene. No one is suspicious right now. Get these off and give them to me." She withdrew her finger, and seemed to go back to watching the movie.

I admit, I was curious about what was going on. Why did she want my panties off? Was she playing some kind of sorority hazing type game with me? I reminded myself that she was a model - maybe they were visible through my dress. Hurredly I pulled them down where they instantly got tangled on one of my heels.

She knocked the napkins off of the table at that exact moment and bent to pick them up. She knicked my panties at the same time, stuffed them into her bag, and placed her bag back in the seat farthest away from me. It was almost as though she had planned the entire thing ahead, but surely not...

My cheeks began to burn. I wondered if her inviting me was some kind of prank. I hadn't been that popular in high school and she, of course, had been. Just when shame was welling up in my stomach and I was ready to run out of the theater she placed her hand back on my thigh.

I instantly calmed. I knew at the time that my reactions to her were off, but I had no idea why.

She leaned over again. I leaned eagerly toward her to hear what was next.

"Good girl," she said, "now just relax." Her hand traced up my thigh and straight for my crotch again. I tensed, knowing that this time there would be nothing between her fingers and my pussy. "Relax!" she hissed.

I unclenched my legs apprehensively, and she traced her fingers ahead without pause. She caressed my pussy lips up and down, then slid a finger between them, but not deeply. She went up and down the crease a few times, just centimeters above my clit. I knew my pussy had started to get wet, and when I felt her delve deeper I clenched again. I knew she would find out how much I was turned on by so little.

"You are going to relax those legs, and I am going to make you fucking cum all over this seat whether you want to or not - do you understand?" she whispered harshly. My pussy instantly soaked, and I relaxed. I knew my nipples were pushing at the fabric of my dress too - if she looked over she could easily see what she was doing to me. I'd never had this reaction to anyone - but no one else had acted so "take-charge" with me. It was fucking hot.

Her fingers started working around my clit, all over my pussy, and suddenly a finger pushed inside me. I raised my hips to accept it and saw an approving smile touch the corner of her lips. She still pretended to watch the movie, always cool as a cucumber. Meanwhile, I was on fire.

She flicked at my clit over and over. I knew the assault was going to cause an orgasm to build, if she didn't slow down it would happen quickly. I would cum all over the seat, just like she said, and there really was nothing I could do about it. So. Fucking. Hot. I suddenly realized how much I liked being ordered around by her. I would do whatever she said. If she wanted me to cum I would just... I felt my pussy tighten up around her... she withdrew her fingers.

I looked at her desperately and saw the wicked smile she was giving me in return. "Patience" she whispered. Luckily, she had seen the crater-face kid bringing our dinner and drink refills. Boy would he have gotten the view of his life!

He left the plates and he turned around to leave once more. In retrospect, I think I glared hatefully at him the whole time.

"Excuse me," Brittany called him back.

'NO! What are you doing?!?' I wanted to ask.

"Where is the bathroom, sir?" She smiled innocently.

God, anyone would fall for that innocent act - and in real life she is the girl ordering me to cum all in my seat?

The kid gave her directions and then the kid left. She ducked from her seat into the floor, and then shimmied underneath the table cloth. What a genius! She had asked for the bathroom just to throw anyone off who noticed her missing.

I nervously waited, anticipating what was coming. Yes, there she was! The table cloth in front of me bulged out. Two hands ran up my shins toward the center of my thighs, and then higher. Her fingernails dug into my hips and she pulled me foward.

I slid up to the table as though I was preparing to eat. Ever so slowly, Brittany moved foward as well, licking the insides of my thighs, then my pussy lips, then delving into my hole as deeply as she could. She licked dilligently there in and out of my wet cunt. Finally she worked her way to my waitng clit. Her tongue moved in expert strokes over me, sending shivers through my body and goosebumps up my arms. Every now and then her teeth would gently grasp one of my pussy lips, or my clit, and I would try not to moan out loud.

"Brittany, fuck" I whispered. Did she know how hard it was to be quiet.

"Cum for me," she whispered back, "right here in front of everyone." She increased the pressure on my clit, sealing her lips around it and sucking it into her mouth. I reached down, reached for anything, and felt only her gorgeous hair beneath my fingers. There truly was nothing I could do to stop the beautiful assault on my clit.

"ohMMMFfffggod" I uttered, or somethign equally embarrassing. My back arched, and I did just what she asked. I fucking came in her mouth, my insides clenching for what seemed like hours as she lapped the aftermath like an eagerly waiting animal.

My breathing returned to normal, and I began to panic. Had anyone noticed my all too obvious orgasm? I looked around and to my relief it didn't look like anyone had seen it. She crawled back into her seat like nothing had happened.

Once my pulse slowed my mind started racing. I didn't pay attention to the movie at all, which turned out to be some sci-fi thing.

I kept retracing what had just happened. The beautiful girl next to me, the picture of class and sophistication, wasn't so innocent as I had once thought. Next I kept retracing how much I liked following her 'orders.' I had never had an experience like that before, but I had also never cum so hard. Finally, I kept wondering what was next.

The movie ended, and the lights clicked back on.

"Brittany," I started, but she shook her head.

"I want you to come over tomorrow. Around 11:00."

"Okay" I said. She left the theater with my panties still in her purse.

I got up early the next morning eager for my meeting. To kill time, I baked some bread to take over to Brittany's house. The hour couldn't come soon enough.

Ringing her doorbell was agony, too. The anticipation killed me. Would she act normal? Like nothing happened? And finally the door swung open.

"Lexi," She beamed, "please come in." I stepped in, handing off the bread to her at the same time.

"This looks delicious," she said, "although I bet not as delicious as what I had for dinner last night."

My stomach did a little flip. She winked, she headed down the hallway.

I followed her to her kitchen where she had set out two mugs of tea, or cocoa, or something steamy. I took a seat but she almost immediately stopped me.

"Uh uh," said waggling her index finger back and forth. She sat at the table across from me and pointed to the floor. "You sit right here."

Was she kidding? The floor? I hesitated.

"Here." She demanded a second time. Her voice was suddenly stern. My mind raced, but my body acted. I pounced to the floor in front of her and waited expectantly. She nodded, pleased.

She opened her bathrobe to reveal a perfectly naked body. I stared in awe of the tight-toned-no-tan-lined goddess in front of me. "Time to return the favor." She gently placed her hand on the back of my head and guided me toward her slit.

I had, of course, never eaten anyone out before. Her pussy loomed closer as I leaned forward. She was perfectly shaven. It was already glistening. I knew I had about three seconds to make an excuse and run away. What if I didn't like it? Couldn't do it?

I could've taken the slow, anticipatory approach that she took when approaching my pussy the night before, giving myself a few more seconds to think it over. But let's face it ... I already knew I was going to eat that pussy until she begged me to stop. I dove in face first.

"Good girl," she praised me. Had she expected resistance?

I licked hungrily against her, trying to reach as far inside of her pussy as my tongue could possibly go. Again, I felt for some reason that I needed to impress her. I licked her clit with a broad tongue several times. Then I sucked it into my mouth and released it repeatedly while simultaneously licking it. I made out with her clit like it was a lover returned from war. I was on my knees worshipping her cunt.

"That's a good little slut," she whispered, "good little slut. Lick that fucking pussy, ughm, yeah," She wasn't quite moaning but I could hear the pleasure in her voice. Just when I thought I was giving her all I had, I stepped up and gave her more. I put more pressure on her clit and raised my fingers to her cunt. I slid two inside her easily and fucked her with my fingers while I fucked her with my face. "Oh yeah you like being a dirty little girl, don't you slut," she moaned.

It hadn't been a question but an accusation. I wondered if she knew how much I actually DID like it. Her hips were bucking against my face. I fingered her harder, faster.

"You are mine, you dirty little cunt," she breathed. And then a knock at the door.

"Brit?" A man's voice and the front door closing behind him. She jumped up, knocking me out of the way. She pointed to the stool with the extra cup of - whatever it was - and tied her robe up quickly.

"Baby!" She squealed as she ran to the door. "Come meet my friend Lexi!" I was luckily sitting at the table and had wiped the wetness off my face before he entered.

"Hi there Lexi," he said, "I was just coming home to grab some papers from my office."

"I made you some bread," She cooed, handing off the bread that I had made her. I flushed, suddenly irritated. I sat silently watching the show. Did her husband think she was the innocent little thing that the rest of the world thought her to be?

"Wow! How did you have time to do all that AND clean up everything AND have a friend over? You are amazing babe." He kissed her. I looked down into the cup I was holding.

"Well, I won't keep you guys. Thanks for the bread!" He sprinted back to what I assume was his office and then out the door carrying my bread.

"He is always working" she said a little sadly. I didn't respond. Suddenly, her mood changed.

"Stand up, slut!" she said sternly, grabbing a fistful of my hair.

"Ow!" I yelled accidentally.

"Don't fucking complain you little bitch," she said, pulling me toward the door her husband had entered. She half pushed half kicked the door open to reveal a cluttered office desk, some bookshelves, and piles of books and boxes everywhere. "Bend over the fucking desk," She demanded, throwing me twoard it.

I quickly tried to stack papers up so they would not be beneath me. I didn't want to ruin anything important.

"I SAID FUCKING BEND OVER ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE LISTENING TO YOUR MISTRESS TODAY?" She shouted. Mistress? The word gave me chills. I bent over. She jerked my jeans down, and my panties.

"I thought I told you to take these off at the theater? I expect you to be without panties like the slut you are," she growled angrily, pulling at them. "Maybe the third time is the charm." She pulled scissors from the desk and cut my panties on both sides, removing them from the jeans that remained around my ankles. I dared not move from the desk. It was so cold and hard against my eager titties. I tried to tell myself not to think that way - or she would see my pussy getting wet.

I heard her leave the room, but she quickly returned. I heard her creeping up behind me, but she said nothing. SMACK! Something across my ass.

"That's for not making me cum fast enough." SMACK!

"That's for being such a good fucking pussy eater that I was about to cum when my husband walked in."


"That's for wearing panties."

I was sure my ass was red, on fire. It felt like she had a broad paddle of some kind. SMACK!

"That's for hesitating when I told you to fucking bend over the desk!"


"That's because your ass looks so fucking pretty..." she trailed off into a kinder voice, "so fucking pretty when it's cherry red..." She started to carress my stinging ass, knead it in her hands.

"Let's see how you like this, my little cunt." I heard a little pop and then felt something ice cold all over my asshole. It was running down toward my cunt, and some of it may have even seeped down into my ass. Her fingers were on my ass next, rubbing the stuff over my hole, dipping her fingers into me gently. My pussy was so jealous.

"Tell me you want this." She demanded.

"I want you to finger my asshole, please, mistress."

"Good girl," she whispered fiercely. I realized she liked this name. "Tell me you want something bigger in your asshole."

"Please mistress, fuck my asshole," I pleaded. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say. This seemed to do the trick.

I felt something small and hard at my back door, and then felt pressure as whatever it was entered me. I heard a couple of clicks and then I started to feel vibration. The sensation was so cruel to my aching clit. "Mmmhhmm" I moaned.

"You like that don't you, slut?" she asked.

"Yes mistress," I cried, "My pussy is aching mistress. It's aching to cum."

"You don't get to cum!"


I almost came just then, with the vibrator deep in my asshole. Luckily, I didn't. I knew would've been in so much trouble!

"I'm sorry mistress," I said, "I will obey."

"You didn't make me cum in your mouth, and even though that was my ignorant husband's fault, I will punish you. I wanted to cum on your pretty face."

"I will be so happy to eat you again mistress," I begged, "please let me lick your pussy!"

"No," she said, "I think you will watch me cum, and you will not be allowed to touch." She untied the bathrobe once again and sat back in the desk chair. Her legs were spread wide for me.

I nodded, sadly. I wanted to cum for her, in front of her, on her, anything. I wanted at least to feel her cumming for me.

She pulled a second vibrator from the pocket of her robe. I watched it carress her clit, then touching just the rim of her pussy. She circled her clit a second time. Her other hand gently squeezed her pussy and flicked at her nipples.

She was already so stimulated from my mouth that we both knew it wouldn't take long. I was unconsciously rubbing myself against the desk watching her play with that beautiful shaved pussy but I caught myself and stopped. I knew I mustn't cum without permission.

I watched intently as she slowly pushed the vibrator deep into her pussy and then pulled it back out. She repeated the process, a bit faster, and then started fucking herself furiously.

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