tagErotic CouplingsA New Model

A New Model


She stood in my doorway with her shoulder leaning against the door frame. Her smile lit up my modest, studio-type office. Her wavy, soft, brown hair lay against her shoulders and the strapless, black tube-dress she wore hugged every curve. Slightly see through, the light from the hallway had shone the junction between her parted legs.

"I was told that this is where the new models check in. Are you the photographer?" she smiled, looking at me behind my desk.

"Yes. Are you here for the still-shots interview?" I asked her.

"I am." She replied and then walked toward my desk.

Her heels clicked against the hardwood floor, as I watched the fishnet nylons she wore, move against her skin. I pulled myself up to my desk and leaned onto it, resting my elbows on the calendar mat that was scribbled with past and present appointments. I grabbed the pen off my desk and looked at the date.

"Denise, right?" I smiled up at her, when she leaned over my desk and placed her hands flat against the brown surface.

"Yes, that's right." Denise answered, staring down into my eyes.

"Okay, Denise. Walk over to my tripod." I turned and looked in the direction I wanted her to go. Without a response, she went around my desk and headed for the camera that topped the tripod.

Pushing my chair out, I grabbed the strap for my camera off my desk, laying it over my shoulders around my neck. I approached her from behind; her eyes glanced over her shoulder as she listened to me move behind her.

"Take your clothes off, Denise," I told her bluntly, "but leave the fishnets on."

Her fingers went to the front of her tub-dress with no hesitation, as she slipped her thumbs down into the front of it, peeling it down over her shapely breasts. Inch by inch, more of her beautiful skin appeared. The dip in her spine arched, as she bent forward a little at a time, sliding the stretch dress down her ribs to her hips.

"Wait, one minute..." I walked around her, "stand still for a moment, and let me look at you." I said, stopping in front of her.

I smiled and then looked into her eyes. I then followed the curve of her neck, down over her collar bone, to her breasts. Turning for a moment, releasing my camera from the tripod, I hooked it onto the straps around my neck and let it hang down on my chest.

"Okay, keep going, but slide the dress slowly." I instructed.

Denise looked up at me and began to shift her hips slide to slide, pushing the snug dress down over her hips until it slid past them. She gave it one last nudge, as it dropped on top of her heels, circling her ankles.

The waistband of her fishnets stopped at her hip bones. I reached forward and hooked a finger inside them, sliding my finger side-to-side. "Very nice," I paused. "Kneel ...please." I told her.

"On my hands as well?" Denise asked, with a willing smile.

"Yes, hands and knees..." I winked at her. "Please."

Denise turned with her back toward me and then knelt down before me. With her hands placed flat against the hardwood floor, I took the lens cover off my camera and took a few shots. She looked over her shoulder and then arched her back, spreading her knees. I walked around to the side of her and knelt down. I pulled her waistband down, the soft, skin of her cheeks were hot and I could tell she was turned on.

"I think you want more than your picture taken, Denise." I pulled her stockings further out and slid my hand down inside them, reaching her wet pussy. "All this from a few pictures," I stroked the slit of her flesh. "Such a naughty girl you are." I teased.

Denise whimpered but, welcomed my touch. I took my hand away, releasing her waistband, snapping it against her skin. "Ohh!" her small jolt had me hard instantly from her reaction.

"Lay your face against the floor and stick your beautiful ass in the air for me." I ordered.

She looked back at me unsure, but her face was flushed with color. "I won't take another picture until you do," I pulled the strap over my head, as if I was going to set my camera down, but before it cleared my head, she quickly pressed her face against the cooled, wooden floor and rose her ass at the perfect level. "Good girl, you take direction very well." I praised.

I snapped a few shots and heard the sigh of pleasure escape her lips. "Play for me," I saw the hesitation in her body, but her fingers appeared, climbing into the holes of her fishnets to reach her wet and open slit.

"Good girl." I snapped the camera a few times; changing the angle, watching and listening to the wetness consume her fingers. I licked my lips, wondering how she tasted and then pressed my teeth into my lower lip, as I took a few more shots.

Each time the camera made the sound of a capture, she became louder, and louder. Her breath was out of control and she wiggled against her moving fingers, coming closer and closer to releasing.

"I'm going to slide my two fingers inside that pretty pussy. I'd like to take a picture of that, but I don't want you to cum, until I have the perfect shot." My voice was firm, knowing how close she had become. "Is that understood?" I asked her, tilting my head to look down at her parted lips, inches away from the floor.

"Yess..." Denise moaned painfully holding onto her orgasm.

"Good girl" I said with a pleasing tone, while I looked down, seeing her eyes clench tightly together, as she removed her fingers reluctantly.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I slid my first two fingers beyond the threshold of her heated tunnel. She shook with intensity, letting out a moan that came deep from within, as I began a series of shots, moving my fingers around, and then down. I stroked her, toyed with her until her knee's slid further and further, sinking down toward the floor. Each new angle she moved to had created a new shot until she could no longer put up with the assaulting slide of my fingers.

"Pleasseee! Let me cum!" Denise screamed, forcing the air from her lungs, spilling it onto the wooden floor.

"I'm going to hold down the camera, snapping several continuous shots. When I start you may cum." I told her, as I picked up speed, racing my fingers in and out; her ass pushing back into them to increase the thrust.

I held the button down on the camera and it started to click and click, and click. Her breath stopped along with all movement, as I felt the muscle of her sex clamp down on my moving fingers until it began to spasm.

"Ohh god! Yes!" she screamed, shaking, twisting and writhing against my fingers, as the camera continued to recoil the shots off, one after another.

I released her from my grasp and then leaned down toward her ear, listening to her trying to catch her breath.

"You're hired."

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