tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA New Neighbourhood Ch. 04

A New Neighbourhood Ch. 04


For those that don't like it there is a sense of incest within this story, our siblings are in fact not blood related but have been bought up as brother and sisters. If this subject is going to offend please read no further.it is and will develop further into a story of exhibitionism hence why it is here rather than in Taboo/Incest.

This story is complete fiction, I understand that some of the things contained our not possible, I realise that if some of this behaviour was to happen in the real world people would complain and people would be arrested.

This is fiction I have written it as such and hope you will also read it as it was intended.

I am not a professional writer and I will make some spelling and grammar errors, again if this is going to upset you please close this and read something far better written.

I write purely for pleasure, if you don't like it them please move on to another story there are thousands to pick on.


Chapter four.

Sue woke late and stretched, her body ached and her pussy and nipples throbbed. Sue showered the dried cum off her body and carefully cleaned and checked her piercings, they had been well tested last night and seemed fully recovered already, still sensitive as always but no pain just the dull throb.

Staying naked Sue headed down to breakfast Andrew was already there only wearing boxers and a white tee shirt, he told Sue to take a seat a coffee was already on the breakfast bar where she had sat yesterday.

Andrew made toast for them both, sitting himself down so that he could again study his sisters pussy, he noticed that she had closed up again and that her lips looked a shade or two darker. Feeling himself beginning to harden he said, "so sis is this a free for all, can anyone get naked now?"

"Well I guess that's up to you" Sue replied.

Andrew stood and stripped off his shirt and boxers, standing naked in front of Sue he could feel his dick beginning to rise before he sat back down.

Sue was not stupid, Andrews's mistake was that he thought she was, but although she didn't do well at school she was far from being an idiot. She took in Andrews toned body, like her he had swam in the school swim team and his fat cock but mostly how assured he was she couldn't believe how stupid she had been Mr A indeed.

Sue quickly hid any reactions deciding that she could plan some revenge here, but the more she thought about it the more she realised she didn't want revenge she wanted to be controlled and dominated, she actually was more than happy to be Mr A's Slut. She thought about what she could do and decided there really were only two options, tell Andrew that she knew and it stopped now or tell Andrew that she knew and she would be his.

Sue stood and walked around the bar, she knelt at Andrews's feet. Looking him in the eye she said, Andrew I know you are Mr A, she ignored his shocked look, I will continue to be your complete and dirty slut in any way you wish for as long as you wish, I am yours unconditionally.

She then took her brothers cock into her mouth and for the first time sucked Andrews cock knowingly. Andrew looked down at his sister as her head bobbed up and down on his cock, he wondered how she had known before realising it didn't matter he could have much more fun with his sister now that she knew who he was.

Sue looked up at her brother a dribble of his cum at the corner of her mouth, she flicked her tongue and cleaned it off.

"Well are we OK?" She asked.

"Better than OK" said Andrew," let's go to the beach today I want to try something be right back". Andrew returned with a small package, another bikini was inside, Sue looked at it surprised that it was more than just string, she stood and pulled on the bottoms, they were a thong type with just a thin string between her arse cheeks, a very small triangle of white mesh covered her pussy, just. She could see her piercings through the sheer mesh, the top was the same, two small triangles covered her tits, her nipples and bars very obvious, smiling Andrew tied on a new beach wrap, it tied around her hips, and was just a triangle, it hung to just above her knee on one side but rose diagonally to tie at her hip, her crotch wasn't quite covered by the orange material. Andrew packed a bag with lunch, towels and sun cream, looked at his sister and said" ready?"

The two walked side by side to the bus stop, Andrew had enjoyed his control over his sibling but was glad the subterfuge was over it opened up even more possibilities. Once on the bus they sat at the back, the bus was deserted other than them. Sue felt strangely over dressed and undid the knot of her wrap sitting in just her bikini. Sue was reaching for the bell when her brother stopped her, a different beach today sis, we are going to the main beach near the marina a day like today should be fun, my friends have said that if you walk to the far end there will be no kids as they all stay near the shops and toilets we should get some peace and quiet.

Andrew stood up as the bus pulled in to the town centre bus station, Sue followed as she re tied her wrap around her waist. The day was already worm and sues see through bikini top was getting a lot of attention, luckily the bikini bottoms held her piercings still so she was able to keep up with her brother. On the narrow path down to the beach Andrew stepped in behind Sue, he watched her bottom move and sway as she walked, Sue hadn't checked the view from behind and was unaware that one bare buttock was exposed completely by her wrap. Andrew felt himself swell in his shorts as he followed behind.

Neither of them had been here before, they stood at the top of a ramp leading down to a stretch of sand beach, not very long maybe 2 hundred metres or so, the beach was busy, but Andrews information appeared to be correct there was defiantly more room the further you went. Andrew whispered to Sue, as you are at the beach the wrap is no longer needed.

Sue smiled almost mentally she added the Beep.

With her wrap in her bag the brother and sister walked hand in hand through the crowded section of the beach. Sue was enjoying the looks very much but she didn't know that her enjoyment was making the mesh covering her pussy more and more transparent, she was stepping over and around people with her pussy complete with piercings clearly visible to everyone, and more than one man had to roll over to hide his erection after Sue had passed by.

Sue let Andrew lead her, she definitely preferred to be docile, even submissive to her younger brother. He picked a small open area, between several groups, one group made up of girls about how their age four of them. Sue felt a pang of jealousy as the girl looked her brother over, his swimmers muscles did look good though she thought.

The other groups were made up of mainly men, so although there were a few females Sue was mostly surrounded by men. Sue bent to spread her towel hearing a sharp intake of breath behind her she turned to see a very red faced man. Turning away again Sue bent and continued now aware that her pussy had eaten the string of her thong, she could feel her piercings now free of her bikini bottoms moving.

Sue sat down facing the sea, the group of girls behind her, the man who had just got an eyeful below her, as she did on her last trip to the beach Sue planted her feet about a shoulders width apart. When she finally looked down at herself she was shocked to see that her now wet bikini bottoms were completely see through it was as if she wore nothing but string again, both of her fleshy lips had escaped when she bent over and her two rows of piercings were separated by a thin band of very damp white material.

Andrew opened a bottle of oil, filling his hand he began to apply the oil to sues shoulders, the liberal amount he was using trickled downwards and he watched as sues bikini top became saturated with the oil turning see through as it became soaked just as the advert had said it would.

With Sue smothered in the oil she laid back on her towel well aware that she may as well be naked in the middle of the crowd, she wasn't complaining the looks she was receiving and the knowledge that below her a man was staring at her pussy was keeping her horney. Sue reached down and adjusted the string of her thong, pulling it out of her pussy and over to one side baring her pussy completely and allowing her small ball and chain to swing free and tug gently on her clit.

They had sat in the sun for about two hours when Andrew said he fancied going for an ice cream Sue asked the nice man who had spent two hours looking at her dripping wet pussy if he would please keep an eye on their bags and towels. As Sue followed her brother she was aware that firstly her bikini still oil soaked offed very little, actually make that no cover. She had also forgotten to straighten her thong so everyone she stepped over saw her bare pussy, she made sure to only step over men that were looking up.

Up on the sea wall was an ice cream vendor and several stalls selling everything from plastic buckets and spades to sun glasses, Andrew smiled when he a man doing face painting. The two stood looking over the sea as they ate their ice cream, Andrew told Sue to wait where she was while he went to talk to the face painter.

As Andrew led his sister towards the face painting man Sue laughed I'm too old for face paint, Andrew just grinned and taking her by the hand pulled her inside the small booth. Once inside the painter pulled the door closed and flicked on the light, the room was hardly big enough for all three of them. Andrew told Sue that he had agreed with Matt he would replace her bikini with a painted one the same, give me your bikini he said holding out his hand, Sue compliant did as she was told, I will see you back at the towels be sure you pay Matt when he's finished.

Andrew left her in the booth closing the door behind him, Sue stood naked as Matt sorted out his air brush, Sue realising she only had one way of paying she didn't have any money.

The airbrush on her nipples had her gasping as Matt re-created her bikini with white paint, Sue was sure he lingered more than was necessary over her clit causing her to tremble and cum as he watched, with the bikini completed Sue was on her knees paying for the art work, once she had finished him off Sue said thanks and opened the door, any time sweet heart any time, same price for you Matt called out as she left.

Sue was now completely naked strangely people took less notice now than they had when she wore her oil transparent bikini, but the feeling of naughtiness made Sue shudder as she headed back along the crowded beach, and without her bikini bottoms her piercings sere free to do their thing. She couldn't know but when she stepped over people, again she choose men who were laying face up, her pussy parted showing a brief flash of pink flesh as well as her jewellery.

Sue realised that her pussy was dripping, she hoped that she hadn't dripped on anyone, luckily Matt had assured her that the paint was water resistant so she should be OK. Finding herself back with Andrew she sat down showing her friend below her painted pussy. No one else had noticed the wardrobe change, but Sue was very aware that she sat naked within a crowd her pussy drooled as her arousal climbed.

Sue had been getting more and more confident in herself, she was happy to show people her body, she had paid for various services now with her body. As she thought back over the last few weeks she realised that not once had any one complained, a few females had made comments but there had been no flashing blue lights and handcuffs.

Sue looked down at the guy who had spent the day looking between her legs, she didn't ask his name because she didn't care, not even looking around to check who was watching Sue reached down and ran her middle finger up the length of her slit she was surprised at how wet she was, not wanting to be too obvious Sue slowly circled her clit and right there on the beach began to gently masturbate. Sue looked directly at the man she was putting on a show for, he didn't look up his eyes remained glued on her finger as it toyed with her pussy.

Sue slowly bought herself to orgasm she shuddered and trembled but managed not to cry out. With a wink to the stunned man she laid back down on her towel she looked towards her brother for the first time she realised she may not have been as subtle as she had thought, several of the people nearby were still staring at her.

The two siblings decided that they had been at the beach for long enough after gathering their belongings Sue followed her brother back along the beach again with flashes of pink, once they reached the sea wall again Sue suggested a drink in the café before they walked back to the bus station.

They queued and purchased a cold drink each, Sue followed her brother and they walked to the only empty table on the outside decked area. Andrew sat under a colourful umbrella with his back to the wall. Sue put her drink on the table, and sat on her brother's lap. No one took any notice of the young couple, Andrew took a lot of notice as his sister groped around carefully until she had released Andrews cock through his zipper. With his cock trapped between his belly and sues back no one could see, but the warmth of sues bare skin against his cock soon had him swelling. Sue wriggled feeling Andrews cock swelling between them, making sure that no one was looking in their direction Sue raised herself enough to bring Andrews cock in line with her pussy, she then sat back down with a groan coming from them both. Fully impaled on Andrews cock Sue began to clench and release her muscles Andrew groaned again as Sue squeezed his cock, nether showed any outwards signs and the people surrounding then had no idea that anything was happening. Sue looked down at herself, still naked except for a thin coat of paint she could see her pussy piercings and her pink lips showed now that they were stretched around Andrews's thick cock.

Sue decided that she would get a little payback on her brother, she had continued to squeeze and release Andrews cock and she could feel that he was rock hard, with a waitress at the next table clearing the dishes and cups Sue smiled at her and said we are finished here as well, the second the waitress looked over, Sue stood up and walked away, leaving her brother sat with 9 inches of wet cock sticking up from his lap. Sue laughed as she ran out onto the sea wall again watching her brother as he tried to cover himself and leave at the same time.

Andrew caught up with his sister as she walked along the path towards the town she was still giggling to herself, to be fair Andrew did see the funny side and was grinning by the time he had caught her. As they neared the town centre Sue asked for her beach wrap, Andrew just said "wrap, what wrap?"

Sue walked through the high street completely naked, her arousal from knowing she was naked was compounded by her piercings as they moved about, her clit was throbbing and her nipples ached as she walked next to her brother. With people passing close by the paint bikini was being spotted by a lot of people, slowly Sue was learning the difference between water resistant and water proof, as she walked her wet pussy was slowly washing off her painted bikini bottoms, Sue was completely unaware that with every step she became more and more obviously bottomless Andrew decided not to tell her.

Sue had become used to her painted suit, she had completely stopped worrying about being naked, and sure a few people had noticed but she knew most hadn't. Unfortunately she was now standing at a busy town centre bus stop with her pussy bare, her rings glinting in the sunlight attracted the eye, more and more people noticed the bare pussy surrounded by thinning paint.

Andrew was a little amused when the bus driver waved Sue on without charge, Andrew had to pay, Andrew soon joined his sister at the back of the bus, the journey home was uneventful and once they had left the bus Sue finished the walk home still naked, the quiet lanes were empty and soon they were home. Sue and Andrew showered and once paint and sand free they laid down on sues bed and finished what they had started in the café.

Sue decided that now was the time to talk to her brother, she told him that she loved the exposure and encouraged him to push her boundaries, she said that she had also enjoyed having more than just him, she asked if he could arrange for his friends to visit again, this time without the blindfold.

For the first time the siblings slept together both naked in sues bed, in the morning Sue awoke feeling her brothers morning wood in the small of her back, reaching behind her she re aligned Andrews cock until she could take him inside her more than ready pussy, Andrew awoke soon after feeling his sister fucking herself on his cock.

They both ate breakfast naked, Andrew pulled on some shorts when he saw the pool guy next door, and went to talk to him. Andrew had chatted to Mike a few times over the fence, Mike had not mentioned that he had watched Sue fuck herself with her dildo while he wanked by the pool.

Andrew asked if they could use the pool for the afternoon and evening, just a few friends, a few beers and a BBQ, Mike said it would be OK the pool was heated so warm, the owners were not due back for months, he did however say he would need to come as well, he could set up patio heaters and lights for later also there was a large BBQ in the garage. Andrew thought Sue could manage one extra and with arrangements made for the pool Andrew set about inviting some guests.

Andrew's friends that had already used Sue in the garden were encouraged to bring another friend each, Andrew would see how much cock Sue could handle. With everyone told to arrive around 12:30 Andrew told Sue to wear the string bikini and to add her pussy weights.

At 12:00 Andrew and Sue went next door, Mike had put out loungers and chairs on the decking, the BBQ was already getting hot, and a large tub of ice was filled with beer bottles. Sue picked the lounger that was in the centre of the decked area and laid down wondering what to expect, Andrew had told her nothing about his plans other than by the pool and what to wear.

Slowly Sue and Andrew were joined by more and more men, some Andrew knew and some were friends of Friends there were by the time everyone had arrived eleven men Andrew and Sue, Mike was cooking at the BBQ and Andrew had passed drinks around.

Andrew asked if all could listen,

"Some of you already know Sue although Sue knows none of you," there were some laughs, "today is about Sue, she has made a commitment to a new lifestyle, she is a slut and enjoys being a slut. What we don't yet know is how much of a slut she is, today we will find out."

"Today's rules are simple, Sue will stand and remove her bikini", everyone watched as Sue did as she was told, and naked she laid back on her lounger.

"The day or night will be over when Sue leaves. You may enjoy her, or use her in any way you must not hurt or mark her. To start the afternoon off and so that Sue can show you all that she is here willingly she will masturbate while we all watch until she climaxes, she will then ask each of you if you would like her to suck your cock, you may if you wish decline", "but I stress she is here to be used as much as possible, I hope all of you can manage to rise to the occasion numerous times."

"Sue over to you."

Sue watched from behind her sun glasses which was all she was wearing other than her body jewellery, she started with her nipple bars twisting and pulling until they throbbed and were rock hard. Moving down with her right hand she reached her pussy a few gentle tugs on her clit piercings and she was almost coming, Sue slowed down she wanted to put on a show.

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