tagLoving WivesA New Partner for Linda Ch. 18

A New Partner for Linda Ch. 18


Another experience out of time sequence because I benefited the most from this one. Linda added another partner, and without any remonstrance this time. That came later (when we returned to the states), but at this point it appeared Linda was getting closer to my goal of having her become a wife who welcomed sex with my friends and those who interested her.

* * * * *

I had known Jake for three years before this happened. We had worked in conjunction for that entire period of time, often cooperating on projects that required close coordination. Oddly enough, during that entire time none of us had met the other's family. I don't even recall what finally brought the four of us together; all I know is that it was the start of a lot more fun.

What I found even more fascinating later on was during those same two years, both Jake's wife, Claudia, and my Linda had been part of a group that met on a weekly basis. It was a purely social thing so obviously none of my business. Our company did nothing to encourage social contacts among the male members, and left the ladies to their own devices. So, when Linda told me over supper that night that we would be going out with Jake and his wife Friday, I never gave it another thought. Perhaps I didn't even associate 'my' Jake with hers, or maybe she never even mentioned his name, I don't remember. All I knew was that she had committed us to a party of six in that little flea bag town, on one of the few nights when we could have been with some of our other friends, perhaps winding up in bed together and seeing Linda take another long thick male beefsteak in her tight pussy while I had some fun with one or the other guys' ladies.

It didn't do any good to whine about it though. Linda was my social director in those days and I had little to do except change clothes at the appropriate time and accompany her to whatever even she had planned for us. Too bad though, I was really in the mood for a little sexy fun - and this sure didn't promise to be it. One of the couples I already knew were the straight-laced type that didn't even drink, let alone dance or have a little fun groping each other's wife. What the heck they were going to do was beyond me!

I was still thinking unkind thoughts when we went into one of the six bars that were the main attraction in that town. It at least had a reputation of having the best entertainment, although who gave it that compliment I never found out. The foursome that formed the other part of our party wasn't there yet, so we sat at the bar and had a drink, letting the customers ogle Linda's shapely bod. I liked to drink in those days, and soon I was at double what she had downed, feeling no pain, still regretting a 'wasted night.' That night was typical - a couple of sad eyed female impersonators doing a strip that was so poorly done even Linda knew they were men in drag before either was halfway through.

Jake and Claudia joined us soon after the appointed time and so the four of us sat at the bar until our other couple came. Now the night was beginning to look up, or at least it would have had the killjoy couple scheduled to join us not been such party poopers. I don't think I had even seen Claudia before. And, man, what a dish she was! In her high heels, she was almost as tall as Jake's five foot ten. She had legs that were as gorgeous as Linda's (and hers were those shapely ones a man dreams of having wrapped around his neck!), full hips, a delightfully protruding ass, narrow waist, at very pointed set of at least 38D's, and the prettiest, piercing blue eyes I had ever seen. She was a strawberry blonde with curls forming at her shoulders and tucked up to the inside of her hair arrangement in what I think they called a page boy. In short she was lovely - matching my own Linda who had outdone herself, as usual in looking like a million dollars in this backside of the world.

Both the girls were wearing my favorite kind of dress with low cut necklines and a surplice cut to the bodice. It made my fingers itch just thinking of getting my hands in there. Linda's was a brilliant red making her stand out like a neon light in the jungle. Claudia's was a navy blue shiny fabric that made one wish to dive right into the cobalt blue interior

We waited a decent thirty minutes before having our party seated, with no sign of the final two who were to be here. Just as we were ordering a snack to settle the booze we had finished, a waiter hurried over to our table with a phone, plugging it into a box in the floor. I answered and heard the voice of June's husband telling me they had a minor emergency at their house and they couldn't make it. I had a hard time suppressing the smile on my face when I announced to the rest of them that June and Harry wouldn't be joining us after all. Linda gave me a dirty look and kicked me under the table as I barely contained my joy.

The coast was clear, the band was much better than usual (probably to make up for the two 'strippers'). I'm not a great dancer (heck, I barely shuffle from side to side!) so, when the band struck up one of the fast numbers Linda liked, I was ignoring it completely. Fortunately for me, Jake invited Linda to join him on the dance floor. I watched the two of them jerking on the floor like marionettes, but obviously enjoying themselves. Jake was a good dancer, and so was Linda, thanks to her first lover. When the beat slowed to what I called a belly rubber, I had just enough booze in me to ask Claudia to dance, leaving Jake with Linda.

Actually, I had been looking forward to any opportunity to get closer to Claudia ever since she came through the door to this club. I realized then that I had seen her more than once at the employee's club, dancing or just enjoying the music. She spent quite a few nights without Jake, who I assumed either didn't like to dance, or didn't like the club scene.

Linda was a totally different story. She had been taught to dance by her first lover, Mike, (a great dancer and even more proficient seduction artist.) This slow paced music was actually Linda's favorite kind, the same kind that Mike had used to get her over her shyness and into his arms. From that day on, she assumed the closeness he had taught her was the proper way for him to hold her while dancing (and later in our bedroom). She liked her men close. I wasn't about to change that idea. She loved to dance now, even when her lover wasn't available. She would dance with any man who asked her - even me, if she was desperate. Any man who wrapped his arms around her was in for a delightful time as those 42DD's held him at bay until she pulled him close. Linda's pleasures had increased on the dance floor many times as her partners took advantage of that proximity and a free feel. It had taken a long time, but she began to realize that multiple sex partners were nothing which would change our marriage. She had become so emboldened by my telling her that I wanted her to have sex with other men that she would even go to the club without me. It hadn't had any real effect until most recently though. Although I knew she had become a notorious flirt, I believed that her lover, our neighbor and a black friend were the only men who had enjoyed her charms so far. Lately though I was beginning to hear stories from our neighbor's wife (a notorious gossip who loved to fuck) about how Linda didn't spend the full night at the club, yet never came home before closing time. I finally convinced her that I really didn't care. It was Linda's choice and, since I didn't own her, she was free to do as she wished.

As Claudia and I neared the dance floor, I could see Jake was in his element. They were at the back of the floor in the dim lighting of the club. I moved us sedately around to near them. He saw me with his wife and smiled as I continued working our way closer to them. He held Linda so tightly that her breasts were crushed flat against his chest and her leg was between his thighs. I almost smiled when I saw what appeared to be a thickening at the thigh of his trousers. Linda was certainly giving him the full treatment. I looked over at Claudia to see if she saw how those two seemed to be enjoying each other. Maybe she did. She had this little thin smile on her face, but made no comment.

I tried to be a little more circumspect as I pulled Claudia closer. I knew that Jake and Linda were close. I didn't know how close until I heard Jake tell me quietly that 'she isn't glass, you can hold her much closer than that.' I turned my head to see him smiling at me and nodding at Claudia. Linda's head was against his shoulder, her eyes closed. Jakes hand had slipped lower on her back and was resting right at the curve of her ass, while he had her other hand pulled in so tightly that the back of his hand was just inside the bodice of Linda's dress and being held there by my wife. I couldn't miss seeing that the snap, holding the bodice of her dress to the facing was open. I had a good view of the top part of her breast in her half cup bra, so I knew Jake must have too.

Claudia looked at me closely, without saying anything. The smile had not disappeared even though she had seen as much as I had. From what I saw her husband had been having some delightful moments under that red facing. He knew we could both see him as with a deliberate boldness Jakes hand slid inside my wife's top and gave her breast a gentle squeeze. His eyes had never left ours, and Linda's eyes had never even opened as he smiled, then turned her so his back was to us, moving into an even darker portion of the crowded dance floor.

"The old letch," Claudia said so softly I almost missed the comment. It took me a moment to assimilate that information as I had already been working on getting my hands in the same position with Claudia as Jake was enjoying with Linda. I was still working on that when the music ended and Claudia pulled me toward the table as a much faster beat began.

"You'll just have to forgive him, Earl. He's like that with all the ladies. I keep telling him that sooner or later some husband is going to beat him like a dog for being so pushy with someone else's wife."

"This may sound a little funny, but I have no objections," I told her. I looked up just in time to catch a rather surprised look on her face. Then the waiter brought another round of drinks to the table. I was trying to think of what else to tell her when I looked across the floor and saw the perspiring couple coming toward us, so I cut the remark short. The short interlude of dancing had pulled enough of the alcohol from my system that I could observe a little better now. I noticed Jake, the perfect gentleman, seated my wife next to him and then sat down. He was looking at Claudia who was shaking her head very slightly and slowly. His expression changed to one of slight sadness.

The rest of the night went quietly, with no more apparent moves by Jake on Linda. I caught what I thought were negative vibes from Claudia and let things drop without further comment or attempts to get the party back on a more lively footing. We danced the slow ones together. Linda and Jake danced most of the time together. Both Jake and I were almost openly groping our partners, but it just wasn't the same and I couldn't figure out what had happened.

When we got home around two that morning, Linda was still feeling the effects of the alcohol we had plied her with during the night. Not too much - she wasn't drunk but the fun of being groped by another man had turned her on just as it usually did. It was a sexual intoxication. I knew Linda was thinking of more than just being groped by Jake, and I certainly didn't mind that idea. She did her usual interrogation to see where I was with Claudia, laughing abut how I had been as free with my hands on her as Jake had with her.

"She didn't think much of your hand sliding up the inside of her thigh though, did she?"

"I think I might have gotten a little more out of it if you hadn't said something about Jake might not like me rubbing her leg. "

I was a little miffed about that. I had been doing pretty well considering how slowly the night was progressing until then. Claudia had put her hand on top of mine at that remark and shut me down.

"I had to say something, because I think she saw he already had his hand on my panties," Linda laughed. "The angle was wrong for him to hide it. Too bad, I was enjoying it too."

"Let's see if you enjoy this as much. " It was my turn to laugh as I pushed her back onto our bed and crawled up on her body, letting my cock find its own way through the tight curls covering her pussy. I had both her breasts in my hands, sucking the left one while squeezing the right. I could feel my wife's wetness. It matched my own. We didn't get to sleep until almost six that morning.

Two weeks later I was walking toward our apartment complex when I heard the single beep of a horn and saw Jake's car at the end of the swimming pool fence. I had just passed it without thinking and saw through the heavily tinted windows that there was only one occupant. As I looked, the window was rolled down and I saw Claudia. She motioned to me to come over to the car.

"Get in," she said without expression. I walked around the front, opened the passenger door and got in as she rolled the window back up. It was a relatively cool day, so the inside of the car was comfortable even without air conditioning. She turned on the seat to better face me. I couldn't help but notice her skirt rose as she turned, leaving a large gap between her thighs covered only by shadow.

"I've been wanting to talk to you ever since we were at the club and there just hasn't been any way to get together without Linda or Jake knowing. I didn't want that just in case I've misjudged what you told me at the club a couple of weeks ago."

I searched my memory, but drew a blank.

"I'm not sure what I said, probably too much. I hope I didn't offend you."

"No, not at all." There was a smile on her face now. "In fact it intrigued me. I had told you that Jake is a big letch and that someday some woman's husband is going to take offense at the way he fondles them. You said, 'You may think sounds a little funny, but I have no objections" or something like that. Are you and Linda having problems?"

I laughed and relaxed. "No," I said, "not at all. I was going to tell you more, but the circumstances weren't right at the moment and I didn't think to carry it through. What I was going to tell you is that Linda can be as much a flirt as Jake could think of being. I believe it goes both ways, but I have no objections. Linda is a big girl. She can take care of herself, and if she wants to play 'que, sera, sera,"

"Whatever will be, will be," she loosely translated. Her smile widened. "Good, then what I'm about to tell you shouldn't come as a shock and I hope it doesn't spoil your friendship with Jake, but he's been after me to invite the two of you over to our house ever since that night. I think he's got the hots for her. "Claudia," I answered truthfully, "I would be honored and I'm sure Linda would love to come over."

"For some cards, a light snack, and maybe some dancing….?"

"As I said before, we would love to. I'd like to have the opportunity to twirl you around the floor a few more times."

"Good, here's a note for Linda then." She handed me a sealed envelope, "you can tell her Jake gave it to you as a note from me."

I was puzzled, but nodded. She slid slightly closer to me and kissed me on the cheek. I was a little surprised, but thought that very kind of her.

"Friday night, at 8:00," she said, pressing the button that unlocked the doors of that heavy old car. "We'll see you then."

I got out of the car almost literally scratching my head. I didn't know what was going on, but the questioning and her responses made me wonder if I hadn't been more successful getting to know Jake's wife than I had expected.

Friday came soon enough. Linda had fussed all day to make sure she looked just right. I wondered what that was all about, considering the purpose we were going over for. She finally selected a loose fitting black wool jumper that continued as a skirt, the filmy blouse she wore beneath it was almost transparent and I knew Jake would have a good view, even though not complete of those lovely tits of hers. Three inch black heels and thigh high hosiery completed the picture. In short, she was lovely! We were at Jake and Claudia's house at 8:00 on the nose. Jake opened the door when I rang the bell and smiled widely.

"Welcome, come on in. Claudia will be out in a minute." He gave Linda a hug that lasted a few seconds longer than some would consider appropriate, looked her up and down like he was examining a filet mignon, then shook my hand and beckoned us toward the living room where two couches faced each other. "Have a seat. I'll see what's holding Claudia up."

Linda and I sat on one couch. We heard a slight murmuring in the hallway to the bedrooms, then Claudia came out. Both Linda and I stood up, Linda to give her one of those kisses on the cheek the ladies are fond of, and I to thank her for the invitation. It was hard to get the words out. Looking at Claudia now, she was as lovely as my Linda who I naturally thought was always gorgeous. She wore a little vest with buttons down the front. It looked like she had a blouse beneath that was almost as thin as Linda's. She also wore a skirt that hugged her hips and would have been too tight had it not been for the long slit that stopped just short of her waist. As she stepped toward Linda, I could see that it overlapped to prevent exposing too much flesh. I had to wonder how much overlap there was. I could feel my hands stirring, wanting to find out. She took both my hands in hers, mumbling a greeting which I missed because I was so entranced. I mumbled something in return and was rewarded with a smile as warm as her lips as they touched my cheek

The night went exactly as they had said when she told me of the plans. WE played cards. I partnered with Claudia, and Jake with Mary. The drinks were prepared (and had been heavily spiked) so we took our time with each round. The card table was small, so small that our knees touched often. Jake had the perfect spot around that little table. I don't know who put on the biggest act, Jake or Linda. Linda suddenly forgot everything she knew about poker (although she usually won more pots than she lost) and Jake had to "help" her, bending low over the cards she held close to her chest. It was, I admit a different version than we usually played, allowing partners to exchange cards to better their hand. However I knew if Jake continued bending that low over Linda's bosom he would be intoxicated not only by the view, but the scent of perfume between those lovely knockers of hers. I could think of no real reason to reach beneath the table and see if Claudia was as warm beneath her skirt as her thigh was where it touched me but I did have the opportunity to get very close to her and enjoy the fragrance of another delightful perfume. Midway through the game, Claudia complained of being too warm and took her vest off. It was then I found out just how thin her blouse was. I could make out the nipples of her breasts through the filmy bra she wore. They were as large and delicious looking as I had expected. My hands began to itch again.

Toward the end of the game, no one seemed to have a real advantage over the other partners. We took a break and Claudia mentioned the snacks she had prepared. I followed her into the kitchen, offering to help her bring them into the dining room, from the kitchen, as well as some ice to freshen our drinks. As we gathered the items together, I mentioned to Claudia how enchanting her costume was. She stepped closer to me and asked me how I really liked it, thrusting her chest toward me with a wide smile on here face and her arms poised to go around my neck. I couldn't resist the offer and used both hands to cover her breasts as I kissed her. I let my tongue protrude slightly between my lips and felt her lips open beneath mine. Our tongues wrestled for supremacy for a moment, with not clear winner. I let one hand wander to the slit in her skirt and found there was very little overlap - in fact, I was on bare skin within inches. She closed the distance between us and I let my hand slide to the inside of her thigh, then onto the softness of silk barely covering the warmth of her bare pubic mound. She groaned slightly in my mouth as I explored a bit more, then backed away with a sadistic grin, saying loudly enough to be heard by Linda and Jake that "we have everything, I think."

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