tagInterracial LoveA New Perspective

A New Perspective


I scanned the room for my wife and found her sitting at the bar sitting beside a large well dressed black gentleman. He appeared to be about 50 and looked to be my height or better but he was significantly heavier than me with a thick neck, broad shoulders, wide hips and a bit of a belly. My 31 year old wife had always had a thing for muscular older men and I might have been in trouble if he had been white but my wife was definitely a bit of a racist. She'd been raised north of Detroit and her parents, and everyone that I'd met from the small rural town she'd grown up in, was a redneck. Her views about black guys had certainly mellowed during the six years that we'd been married but she continued to insist that she wasn't attracted to black men at all and she still sometimes used racial slurs in private.

I took an empty seat a few spots away from her and ordered a beer. She and I had arrived separately as we sometimes did when we were out of town. It was a role playing game we both enjoyed where she would arrive at a club without me and I would come in and pick her up. I usually tried to show up twenty minutes after her but there had been an accident on I94 and my arrival had been delayed by almost an hour.

The bartender returned with my beer and handed me a menu. He took my credit card to start a tab and left while I tried to make eye contact with my wife in the mirror behind the bar but she and the man beside her were engrossed in conversation. Eventually she acknowledged my presence with a discrete smile and a subtle nod but she quickly turned her attention back to him. It was a strange greeting and I wondered if she was upset because it had taken me so long to arrive and I hadn't called or text messaged her because I feared it might ruin our ruse.

I quickly finished my beer and ordered a second as well as a plate of wings and a shot of bourbon. I could tell by the look in my wife's pretty green eyes that she had a bit of a buzz but that wasn't a surprise since she'd spent part of the afternoon with her sister at a local winery while my brother in law and I had shot a round of golf. We were all in town for her mother's 60th birthday and my wife was, as usual, stressed about seening her family. There was often drama when they got together and my wife loathed family drama.

The well dressed black man seemed to have my wife's undivided attention and he was also very touchy feely which somewhat unnerved me but given her racial views I was sure I was just imagining the chemistry between them.

His hand brushed against my wife's and she smiled brightly and laughed as he held her gaze. I was used to her getting hit on because it happened a lot. She always dressed sexy when she went out, with tight, low cut dresses that accentuated her generous curves and natural dd breasts. Her flirtatious, bubbly and outgoing personality was at times the bane of my existence and she loved to flirt with good looking men to try to make me jealous but she always flashed her big diamond at her admirers and sent them on their way before they felt like they had a chance at getting into her panties.

She had locked her ring in our hotel room safe as part of our role playing but even if she'd had it I doubt she'd have sent him packing. It was evident from her body langue that she was enjoying his company even though he was black. I couldn't hear most of what they were saying over the loud music in the club, though some words and phrases did make it through.

"You're bad," my wife giggled. Her bottom lip curled into her mouth and she chewed nervously on it as she teased and twirled several strands of her long auburn hair in her right hand. Her cheeks looked pink and flushed and she gazed at him with a troubling glimmer in her dazzling green eyes.

I slugged the shot of bourbon and killed my beer before ordering another of both. I'd had a few beers on the golf course and the two beers and a shot I'd imbibed at the bar in just 30 minutes had given me a buzz. I was surprised that I didn't feel jealous or upset watching my wife flirt with another man while completely ignoring me but I wasn't a particularly jealous person. Instead I was oddly excited by it and I watched them with wide eyed interest as I ate my dinner.

His fingers brushed the back of my wife's hand and then traveled slowly up her forearm. I could see goosebumps on her exposed flesh and my pulse quickened. I felt a familiar tingling between my legs and my cock grew bloated and heavy in my jeans.

My wife and I had sometimes joked about having a threesome but we were at odds with what gender the third party should be. Like most men I wanted two women while she, being very straight, preferred a two guy menage a trois and we both had agreed that it was probably best to just fantasize rather than risk our marriage on a night of passion.

"Let's dance," he said as he rose to his feet. He was taller than I'd thought and I laughed at the 15 inch difference between my curvaceous 5'2" wife and his hulking 6'6" frame. There weren't a lot of men who made me, at 6'3", feel small but he was one of them. He was built like an NFL Lineman and he had arm like my legs and his legs were like tree trunks.

"Okay," my wife said eagerly. She had alwaya loved to dance. She and I had met at a dance club when I was still technically married to my first wife and she was still dating her ex boyfriend. She'd been a 23 year old grad student at the time and I was a 38 year old engineer working for one of the big three. My first marriage had been in the toilet for years and I had moved out a month earlier but I hadn't yet started dating.

He led her onto the crowded dance floor and I watched them for a moment over my shoulder before paying my bill and heading to the bathroom to break the seal. I furtively eyed him as I walked past but I avoided eye contact with my sexy, full bodied wife. She'd been thick and curvy when we met but she'd gained 25 well placed pounds since we'd gotten married giving her an accentuated hour glass shape that I adored and he rested his ebony hands on her wide hips as they danced to the heavy bass of the trendy dance music. I'd spent most of my childhood in New England before going to college in Michigan and I had been surprised at how trendy the Motor City was when I arrived. New music and fashion trends hit Detroit long before they reached the conservative shores of Massachusetts where I'd grown up.

I walked out of the restroom and scanned the dance floor. It was easy to spot my wife's giant dance partner because his head was above the crowd. They had moved from the well lit front of the floor to a dark corner where their actions were somewhat hidden from prying eyes but I found a seat with a clear view of them and sat down.

His hands moved up and down my pretty wife's curves as they gyrated to the beat. They turned slowly as if on a turntable giving me a clear view of their raw sensual dance moves and my eyes widened. My wife's big taut nipples were clearly visible through her tight red dress. Her hands mimicked his and roamed over his strong muscular body as her hips and ass swayed and thrust to the pounding bass. They both had rhythm, something I lacked, and they danced very well together.

He spun my wife around so her ass was against his crotch and his hands moved up her body to her big beautiful breasts. Her eyes were half closed and her fat, juicy ass ground subtly against him. I felt my first pang of jealousy as he pawed at my wife's big tits. I wanted to march onto the dance floor and end her charade but I didn't. I couldn't. My legs were heavy and unwilling to move my dick was stiff, keeping me planted in my seat.

"Can I get you a drink?" A pretty young waitress asked me over the loud music. Her presence starled me and I reluctantly tore my eyes away from my wife and her new friend. My cheeks were warm and flushed and I needed to calm myself down.

"Yeah, a beer and a bourbon," I replied quickly. I felt beads of sweat run down from my forehead and my mouth was parched. My eyes were drawn to the waitress's slender but firm young ass. Her cheeks were encased in the tight black yoga pants, like the rest of the female staff, and I watched her ass sway gently when she walked away before turning my attention back to my sexy wife and her big hulking friend.

My wife was facing him again. Her neck craned back and she looked up into his eyes as she shamelessly ground her wide body against his. Her small hands clutched at his back as his big paws openly kneaded her fleshy ass and my fists clenched to the point where they started to ache.

They continued to dance and grope while I secretly watched. My heart was racing as if I'd just finished a marathon and my eyes were wide and unblinking. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but I couldn't look away. I was acutely aware of my rigid cock straining and throbbing against the zipper of my jeans and I gasped when he bent down and pressed his lips against hers.

"Here you go," the waitress said, again snapping me from my haze. She placed the two drinks on the small round table in front of me and I handed her a twenty.

"Keep it," I croaked. I was glad that the table hid my obvious erection and I quickly downed the shot before looking back at my wife.

Her back was pressed against the wall of the club and her legs were about shoulder width apart. Her already short skirt was hiked up almost to the point of obscenity and her open mouth was mashed tightly against his. Her fingers raked down his back and his big leg was between hers. She rubbed her panty clad pussy against his muscular thigh and I watched in a daze. It was surreal, like a dream, someplace between a nightmare and a fantasy. I had on a few occasions wondered what it would be like to watch my wife with another man but I'd never expected it to happed and watching it happen was unbelievable.

My hand brushed across my turgid manhood and I bit my lip to stifle a low moan. My cock was as hard as it had ever been in my life and I discretely rubbed it as I watched my wife make out with a man she'd just met a few hours before.

They kissed and groped for what seemed like an eternity. My wife was clearly turned on and she rubbed her body against him like a bitch in heat. Her hands moved down between them and her smile got bigger as she grabbed and squeezed his dick through the Italian silk of his suit pants. He whispered in her ear and they walked briskly back to the bar as I sat paralyzed by my hard pulsating dick.

He dropped several big bills on the bar and then led my wife past me towards the door. Her pretty eyes met mine for a fleeting moment and a lump formed in my chest. She had a distant, far away expression on her face, and then they were gone.

I adjusted my fast wilting dick and then followed them out of the club onto the city streets. They were about 100 feet to my left and I matched their pace, keeping them in sight but out of earshot.

They turned down an alley and they were just entering a parking garage when I made the turn into the alley. My pace quickened and I trotted quickly to the door. I saw them arrive at his car, a late model BMW SUV, and I crept silently closer while staying low and out of sight.

The sound of his zipper echoed in the mostly empty garage and I could see the back of his head over his car. His eyes were closed and I ducked behind a car and peered towards them. My wife stooped in front of him. Her mouth was agape and his cock jutted from the fly of his pants. He had a big impressive cock with a thick brown shaft and a bulbous pinkish tip.

Her eyes fluttered with excitement and she kissed her way up and down his shaft. She had always been a talented and enthusiastic cock suck. She had, in fact given me the best blow job of my life the night we met, and two weeks later I'd put in for a transfer to a job location closer to Lansing. We'd since moved across the state and didn't make it back east more than once every two months or so.

She dragged her tongue along his shaft and then slid her open mouth from the fat, circumcised head to his big balls as he moaned softly. He had impressive length and my wife opened her mouth and eased her lips down his shaft. Her pale, white hands gripped the base of his prodigious cock and she stroked him methodically as her head bobbed in time with her hands.

"Oh fuck Baby," he gasped in a deep baritone. "You suck a mean dick." He placed his hands on the sides of my wife's head and guided her movements, pushing her deeper with each stroke.

My wife choked and gagged when his cock touched the back of her throat. She gasped for air when he released his grasp and she looked up at him with a ravenous hunger in her eyes. Her mascara was smeared and tears streamed down her pretty round cheeks. Saliva dripped from her chin and her bountiful breasts heaved as she breathed deep and heavy.

"I need you to fuck me," my beautiful wife said breathlessly. She rose to her feet and kissed him hard. Her tongue plunged into his mouth and she stroked his big black dick. I'd been kissed like that by her countless times. Her kisses were even better than her blow jobs. She put everything into them and I felt like I'd just been kicked in the gut as I watched them make out like a pair of randy teenagers.

He pushed the top of her dress down and pulled out her big, heavy tits. His dark skin contrasted with her alabaster breasts and he squeezed her nipples hard making her yelp and squeal in pleasure and pain.

He turned my wife around and she grabbed hold of the back bumper of his car. My eyes widened as I realized that his was bareback but my wife pushed her juicy ass back at him, sinking his cock balls deep without hesitation.

"Oh fuck," she hissed loudly. Her eyes closed and an expression of pure bliss danced on her full lips. He started to thrust and my wife panted wantonly. Her body pushed back to meet his powerful thrusts. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

He said nothing. His hands gripped my wife's wide hips and he fucked her hard and fast. Her head thrashed from side to side like a fish out of water and her body quivered and quaked. I'd seen her cum hundreds of times but I never thought I would see her cum at the hands of another man, much less a black man who she hardly knew.

My wife slumped forward and continued to pant and moan. "Why am I doing this?" She cried out. "Why do I like it so much." Her tremulous voice betrayed the depths of her excitement and her body shook from another hard climax.

He said nothing. He pounded my beautiful wife relentlessly. The loud sound of his hips slapping against her big round ass echoed in the garage and drowning out her urgent please to fuck her harder.

"You love my dick don't you Baby?" He boomed. He slowed his pace and grabbed her long hair, lacing the fingers of his right hand into her reddish locks, as he squeezed her fat ass with his left.

"I do," she sighed. "I love your big black cock." Her eyes opened and she looked back at him wistfully. Her body writhed sensuously and she clutched at her huge tits.

"You always loved the dark meat," he said playfully.

"Mmm hmmm," my wife responded.

My head cocked to one side and I replayed his question and her reply in my head. I knew my wife as a closet racist and I'd been shocked to see her sitting at a bar talking to a black guy but suddently my world had been turned upside down. I thought back to the bar and I realized that there interactions had been far too familiar and intimate for strangers who'd just met. His fingers running up her forearm. The way she gazed into his dark eyes and hung on his words.

"I know what else you love," he said softly. His hips jerked hard and deep, feeding her every inch of his big dick, and her face contorted.

"I know you do," my wife replied in a low raspy tone. She closed her eyes and savored his deep thrusts. "You always knew what I needed and you always gave it to me. Give it to me now Baby. Give me your hot black seed. I need it. It's been too long"

I had a deep feeling of fear and dread. A foreboding pit formed in my belly but I continued to rub my hard cock through my jeans with unabashed desire. My breathing labored and my cum began to boil despite my intense reservations. She had never been on the pill because I'd had a vasectomy years before we'd met and I wondered where she was in her cycle.

He pounded deep but slow, ramming every inch of his huge cock into my wife's pussy as he held her hair and ass tight. She grunted loudly with each thrust and her body quivered.

"Beg for it Baby," he said loudly. His deep voice echoed off the cold concrete walls and rang inside my head.

"Please," she moaned. Her voice trembled and dripped with unquenchable thirst. "Give me your cum Baby. Please." Her painted red nails dug hard into her doughy tits and she twisted her taut nipples as she breathed deep and steady.

"Tell me what you are Baby," he said confidently. He had a strong presence and a deep commanding tone that resonated inside of me. My hands were shaking and my balls tightened.

"I'm a black cock whore Daddy," my wife groaned. "I'm your whore Daddy. I've always been your cock whore. You know that and I'll always be yours." Her eyes closed and she slumped forward in total submission. Her legs trembled and his pace quickened.

His body slapped hard into hers and his breathing deepened. "Here it comes Baby," he hissed. "There's no turning back now." He released her hair and grabbed her hips. He buried his cock balls deep and grunted.

"Oh fuck yes Daddy," my wife moaned wantonly. Her face beamed and her eyes fluttered about. "Thank you Daddy. Thank you Baby."

I passed the point of no return and my cock erupted into my pants. I clenched my teeth to silence my moans and emptied my balls pumping an epic load which soaked through my boxer briefs and my jeans. My head was spinning and I felt dirty, disgusting and humiliated in the aftermath of my orgasm.

My wife let his spent cock slip from her gaping fertile womb and she turned to face him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she pulled him down do her. Their lips met in a warm, wet kiss and she cooed softly.

"Thank you Baby," my wife said quietly. "I'm so glad I ran into you at the club."

"That was fortuitous," he said as he tucked her big tits into her dress and smoothed it over her hips making her appearance presentable before he stuffed his big flaccid cock into his suit pants.

"I love you," she sighed. "I always have. The biggest mistake I ever made was letting my parents racism affect who I married. Thank god my husband was late for our date night or I may never have run into you." She giggled and kissed him again and again.

A tear formed in my eye and I ducked out of sight. My mind was reeling and I slipped away without notice as I fought to reconcile what I'd seen and heard. My wife had professed her love for another man and I felt devastated. I'd always felt a connection to her that was beyond anything I'd felt with anyone before or since. She was my soulmate but I likely wasn't hers.

I drove to our hotel in silence with my head spinning. I didn't want to lose her but I didn't think I had a choice. She loved him so where did that leave me?

Two hours later the door to my hotel opened and my wife sauntered in with a wide, satisfied smile on her face. She looked gorgeous. She looked radiant and what I'd seen and heard didn't change that. I'd spent the previous two hours wrestling with my thoughts and all I'd figured out was that I didn't want to lose her and I would do whatever it took to save my marriage.

"Did you enjoy the show," she said lifting her tight dress over her head and exposing her bare nakedness to my wide, eager eyes.

"I did," I replied sheepishly. My cheeks warmed and my heart started to race anew. She had bruises on her big its and her labia looked raw and red. She reeked of sex, a mix of sperm and pussy, and my nostrils started to flare.

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