tagNovels and NovellasA New Prescription Ch. 01

A New Prescription Ch. 01


Chapter 1: A New Prescription...

My first story, please give me tips!

Author note: The main character's name is pronounced: Shar-me-on.


Charmion groaned and pounded her fist on the steering wheel. She was tired. She hadn't slept in days; her sexual tension was killing her. She wanted to have sex so bad, she was so curious. At 22 she was old to be a virgin, but she wanted her first time to be with someone that she cared for. She didn't have to love him, but she did have to care for him and vice-versa. Plus, Charmion never had anytime for men. She was focused on her career. She was a first-year medical student at Harvard University and was planning on becoming a cardio-thoracic surgeon. Charmion had set goals for herself and she wasn't going to let men mess them up.

Charmion also didn't like men because she felt uncomfortable around them. She certainly was not shy. In fact, Charmion was very opinionated. She was very active in politics. She was extremely active in Barack Obama's campaign. Something about men made her uncomfortable; made her second-guess herself. Maybe it was her high school years that turned her off men for a while. During high school, Charmion had been awkward. She was 5' 10", flat as a board and was as skinny as a green bean. Her deep ebony curls were always frizzy. Her ivory pale skin made her look sickly. Everyone made fun of her. They teased her about her height, her pale skin, and about her name. The teasing had been traumatic her freshman year. Before she had hardened she was close to suicidal. One guy, Aiden Santiago, four years older than her, had made her life hell. He was beautiful. He was 6'4 and had dark hair. He was part Greek part Argentinean. In other words, a God. He took teasing Charmion has his personal job and right. Everyday he would stand by her locker and tease her or he would leave mean and cruel booby traps. Life had been hell. After he graduated, Charmion had hardened and focused on school. She went to Brown University and learned Spanish, French, and Italian. She had double majored in art history and chemical engineering. She had also bloomed.

Charmion was breathtaking, regal. She had learned to tame her ebony locks. Her curls now fell down to her bottom. They cascaded like a waterfall. She had finally gotten breasts and they stood erect and proud, they were a full 34C. Her hips had widened, so she had equipoise, depth, and curve. Her pale skin was flawless and glowed. Her brown eyes were rich and emitted a combination of innocence and sagacity. Pilates and running kept her toned, but not too muscular. Her second job had everything to do with her confidence.

In between school, Charmion was a lingerie model for Agent Provocateur. She only took jobs that didn't conflict with her many internships or class. Nothing gave her more pride that opening the catalog and seeing herself in the sexiest lingerie in the world. She got so wet imagining what men were thinking. She also loved the runway shows. If it weren't for modeling, Charmion would have never been able to visit Paris, Milan, or London. Plus, she got tons of free lingerie. Her closet was filled with corsets, g-strings, vintage stockings, and 4-inch heels. She sighed when she released she had no one to show them off to.

Relieved to be out of traffic, Charmion pulled her old Toyota Camry into the hospital parking lot. Her friends had pulled strings and had gotten her an amazing internship with one of the top residents in cardio-thoracic surgery at the university. He was the best in the field. She pulled down the visor and applied a hint of red lipstick. She grabbed her lab coat and headed into the hospital. She was bit early and she sat down to read the paper she had brought with her and began to drink a smoothie.

Dr. Aiden Santiago was not looking forward to having to meet some wannabe surgeon and let him/her follow him around. He was busy; he had just received a huge research grant and wanted to begin meeting with people to help put the research in motion. In addition, he was recently divorced. At 28, he was young to be divorced, but he had also been stupid. His divorce wasn't nasty, but the marriage had cost him a pretty penny. Aiden's wife was a dominant women and he was a dominant male. He demanded that he control everything. He had pushed himself hard to graduate early from college so he could become a doctor as early as possible. In their sex life, he always wanted to be in control. When they role played he insisted on tying up his wife, spanking her; always wanting to control. Eventually, she had told him that enough was enough. She was also a strong-willed person and she could not be in a relationship that was unequal.

Aiden turned and walked into the staff cafeteria. He stopped dead. Sitting there, reading the paper and with a little bit of yogurt on her top lip was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was wearing a tweed skirt and if he tilted his head he could she that she was wearing stockings and garters. She had on a matching blouse. Her legs stretched for miles to 4 inch t-strapped Mary Janes. Her black hair was elegantly tied back with a barrette. Her long fingers were painted blood red and gracefully turned the pages. She appeared to be concentrating deeply. She looked familiar. Suddenly, he knew; she was his favorite model in the Agent Provocateur catalogs. He had ordered regularly from there when he was married and still received catalogs. He couldn't believe it was her! The other docs must be giving me an early birthday present. He was instantly hard; he adjusted his pants and began to walk towards her.

"Excuse me, I'm Dr. Santiago and you are..."

She jumped about a mile.

Charmion turned around and the blood drained from her face. It couldn't be...Her worst nightmare reincarnated. She thought she had escaped him forever. No way on the God-given earth was Aiden Santiago the man she was supposed to work for. No fucking way. Maybe he didn't recognize her, but he was looking at her with a lustful and sickening gleam.

"Hi, I'm Charmion, I'm the intern that is going to be observing you had assisting you with your research."

She extended her slightly sweaty palm.

No fucking possible way. Charmion. He knew that name a little too well. No way, fate didn't work like that. How could the most beautiful woman on earth be that scrawny disgusting, pathetic excuse for life from high school? Oh man, he had enjoyed tormenting her. It was so delicious. She was so awkward and timid. And now, all he could think was damn.

"Charmion Johnson from high school!? No way, scrawny skinny as pole, braces, ratty hair? Oh my God, Wow and look at you now..."

"Yes, I am Charmion, and I am most definitely not the same person from high school. If you could please conduct yourself with class, we can begin working together. I will not hesitate to bring sexual harassment suits against this institution. And with you being so well-known, it would certainly be a shame."

Aiden's eye narrowed with anger. No, she was right. She was not the same girl. Not a girl anymore, a woman. He longed to possess her, to show her who was boss. To dominate her. He couldn't wait...

With that, Charmion turned on her heel at walked out of the faculty dining area.

Aiden watched her luscious ass in her skirt. Oh, Charmion, he thought.

Work had suddenly got a lot more interesting.

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