A New Queen


Royal Rumble...

Alexa ducked under the boot Charlotte aimed at her head, and – as Charlotte turned back around – Alexa nailed her with a vicious forearm to the face.

Charlotte crumpled, hitting the mat with a thud which allowed Alexa to pick up the victory, making her a three time Women's Champion.

Charlotte limped off backstage, and Alexa watched her go, title raised above her head and a satisfied smirk on her beautiful face.

Her eyes, however, were fixed on Charlotte's ass.

When Charlotte had disappeared, Alexa headed up the ramp and backstage. She arrived at the women's locker room to find it empty, apart from her luggage and Charlotte's, who by the sound of it was in the shower.

When she had finished changing into her civilian clothes, Alexa left her spare hotel room key on Charlotte's bag, along with a note.


I hope you're not thinking I'm done with you tonight.

Come to my hotel, and I'll help you forget your title loss.

Alexa xxxx

Smiling, she left the building


Charlotte came out of the shower, wrapped in a towel and still limping slightly.

Alexa had worked over her legs during their match, and the forearm finish had worked well to excite the crowd.

Even so, she couldn't wait to go to her hotel and relax.

When she reached her locker, she stopped, puzzled by the card and piece of paper on top of her travel bag.

Picking both things up, she realised the card was a hotel key card – not for her hotel, but for one closer by.

The other was a note, and as she read it Charlotte felt her face going a deep shade of red and – inexplicably – her pussy going damp.

This made her angry.

Charlotte was the Queen – both on camera and backstage.

She owned every other diva any time she wanted them. For Alexa to act otherwise was an insult to the way things worked.

Fuming, she crumpled the paper up and began dressing in a hurry.

If Alexa wanted to fuck with the Queen, she was going to find out that it would take more than a cheeky note.


Alexa towelled herself dry, then pulled on the underwear she had brought with her especially for that night.

It was deep red, edged with black lace ruffles and made of soft silk.

She stopped to admire herself in the mirror, noting how the bra gave her impressive cleavage, and biting her lip at how the thong clung to her like a second skin.

As she pulled on a silk robe, there was a knock on the door. She pulled it open to see Charlotte, who didn't look happy.

She gave Alexa a brief once over glance and stepped inside, dumping her bag on the floor as she went past.

Alexa closed the door and leaned against it, taking her time looking at the former women's champion.

Charlotte was wearing a tight fitting sports vest, as well as a pair of yoga pants – both pieces of clothing were skintight in all the right places, showing off Charlotte's fantastic ass.

Not to mention she was clearly not wearing a bra – her nipples were fully hard.

"What do you want Alexa?"

"I wanted to help soften the blow of you losing the title."

Charlotte stormed forward and pushed her against the door, her face an inch from Alexa's and an irritated pout on her face.

"I'm the Queen here, Alexa. Don't forget it. Or do I have to put you in your place?"

Alexa kissed her.

Charlotte reared back, and Alexa took the opportunity to spin them round. She pinned Charlotte against the door, kissed her hard and slipped a hand into her yoga pants – a thong laid beneath – and a finger into Charlotte.

"What are you doing?" Charlotte panted.

"Relax..." Alexa whispered into Charlotte's ear before nipping the lobe, "let me take care of you, show you what a real Queen does for her subjects..."

Charlotte tried to push her away, but Alexa's lips on her neck and finger on her g-spot were sapping her will to struggle. Her breathing was becoming ragged and an orgasm was fast approaching.

Alexa felt the shuddering of her body and slowed the pace of her fingers, keeping Charlotte on the brink but not allowing her the release.

"Please..." Charlotte moaned.

"Please what?"

"I need to cum... please let me cum..."

"Address me properly and I will make you cum so hard for me."

"My queen...please let me cum...I will beg...do anything you ask...I need to cum..."

Alexa smiled.

"Good girl." She purred, then cupped Charlotte's mound.

She proceeded to rub Charlotte's g-spot and clit with her fingers and palm. It made Charlotte squeal in ecstasy, her pussy gushing all over Alexa's hand and down her legs. She clenched hard on Alexa's fingers, her body trembling with the aftermath of a powerful orgasm.

Alexa pulled her hand from Charlotte's panties and sucked her cum off her fingers before stepping back.

"Strip." She ordered. Charlotte seized the bottom of her vest and Alexa added, "slowly. Enjoy showing that beautiful body to me."

Charlotte pulled the vest up and off, giving Alexa an up close and wonderful view of her phenomenal breasts.

Alexa bit her lip, feeling her pussy clench at the sight.

Charlotte turned away, then bent over and peeled the yoga pants off. This revealed her perfect ass in a tiny white thong. Not only were the full flesh of her ass cheeks visible, but a damp patch had made them see through.

Alexa saw the outline of Charlotte's pussy lips through the fabric and fought the urge to shred them and tongue fuck the leggy blonde into complete submission.

She was going to do so anyway, but she wanted to slowly convert Charlotte into a full submissive before making her a three hole slut.

Then Charlotte pulled the thong off and held it out to Alexa.

Alexa took it and sniffed the damp patch, the smell of Charlotte's pussy and the sight of her nude frame making her own arousal much stronger.

Hanging the thong on a coat hook, she took Charlotte's hand and led her to the bedroom where she sat Charlotte on the bed.

"Want to see the gifts I bought for you tonight?" she asked.

"Yes mistress." Charlotte gasped, her breathing ragged with anticipation.

Alexa reached down and untied the sash of her robe, pulling it loose and letting the robe fall open. Charlotte's eyes grew wide with lust as she saw the underwear Alexa had on, a look that only burned more when Alexa slipped the robe off her shoulders to let it pool around her feet.

"Turn around and lie on your back." Alexa ordered.

Charlotte obeyed, moving over to the other side of the bed and laid down with her head near Alexa and her phenomenal legs almost hanging off the other side.

Alexa unhooked her bra, and Charlotte licked her lips in anticipation. Then Alexa slipped out of her thong, showing off her trimmed pussy.

A pussy that was swiftly lowered onto Charlotte's face.

"Eat my pussy. Make your queen cum and I'll fuck you so hard..." Alexa purred.

Charlotte immediately attacked Alexa's cunt, thrusting her tongue deep into the wet, hot hole and lashing the clit.

Alexa ground her pussy into Charlotte's voracious tongue, moaning long and loud. She was fast approaching orgasm, and she knew she was going to drench the face of the beautiful blonde beneath her. Sure enough, she came with a banshee like scream and her pussy flooded out over Charlotte's face.

To her credit, Charlotte drank as much as she could, moaning as she did so as if she was dying of thirst and Alexa's cum was a fountain of ambrosia.

When she stopped cumming, Alexa turned herself round and kissed Charlotte, tasting her own cum on her lips. Alexa smiled deviously and licked the rest of her juices off Charlotte's face, letting it pool in her mouth before French kissing Charlotte and letting it flow into her mouth.

Charlotte moaned happily.

Alexa leaned down.

"Are you a slut?" she asked. Charlotte nodded. "I'm going to fuck your mouth, your pussy and your ass. Know what that means?"

"No, mistress."

"You are going to be my permanent three hole fucktoy." Alexa told her.

Charlotte nearly convulsed.

"Stay." Alexa ordered. She climbed off the bed and moved to her luggage, retrieving the other gift she had for Charlotte. She slipped the harness on and tightened it before returning it to the bed. "Like it?" she asked.

Charlotte looked up and her mouth dropped open.

She was looking at a nine inch long, two and a half inch thick strap on dildo, which on Alexa's petite frame looked even bigger.

Alexa grabbed Charlotte by the hair, and used the other hand to feed the mammoth cock into her mouth. It stretched Charlotte's mouth wide, and Alexa felt her trying to let it sink down her throat.

After a few minutes of gentle, insistent pushing there was an audible pop and the dildo sank further than ever into Charlotte. Alexa found her hips against Charlotte's face and realised it was deep in her throat – she could see the obscene bulge in her neck where it was being stretched to almost breaking point.

Charlotte gagged.

Alexa pulled the dildo out, giving Charlotte a chance to pull in deep breaths, then shoved it back down her throat. Once it was, she pounded the dildo repeatedly into Charlotte's gullet, enjoying the sight of the dildo repeatedly stretching Charlotte's throat.

The clit stimulator was working wonders, rubbing Alexa just the right way to bring her to an immense orgasm.

When it passed, she pulled the dildo from Charlotte's throat, allowing her to draw in air and recover from a throat fucking she had probably never experienced before. While Charlotte recovered, Alexa moved across the bed and yanked Charlotte's legs open.

She was soaked.

Apparently the abuse she had just suffered had done nothing but turn Charlotte on.

Without hesitating, Alexa placed the tip of the huge strap on at the entrance of Charlotte's dripping cunt and shoved.

Charlotte screamed as the giant chunk of rubber split her open and sank deep in her unprepared pussy. It opened her up to a point where Charlotte was on the verge of begging Alexa to take it out – Alexa could see it in her eyes and pushed deeper just to show her while was in control.

When it was in full – scraping Charlotte's cervix – it was stretching her so wide Alexa wagered she could shove her whole fist inside after she was done.

Giving her a moment to prepare, Alexa then proceeded to fuck Charlotte's cunt as hard and fast as she had her throat. Charlotte screamed – mostly in agony – for Alexa to stop, but Alexa disregarded her and fucked her harder.

Seconds later, Charlotte was screaming for another reason entirely.

"OH GOD! I'm going to cum mistress! Stretch my cunt! Ruin me for everyone else and show everyone who my cunt belongs to!"

Alexa smiled and increased her pace, the dildo bouncing off Charlotte's cervix with every stroke until Charlotte wailed in climax at the same moment Alexa came too.

Alexa collapsed on top of Charlotte, trying to catch her breath.

When they had, Alexa untied the strap on and yanked it out of Charlotte. As expected, her pussy was gaped open incredibly wide, making Alexa smile.

She threw the dildo across the room, making Charlotte frown.

"Mistress, aren't you going to fuck my ass?"

"Yes. But I am going to use something better than that dildo."

Charlotte frowned, but Alexa held her hand up and wiggled the fingers – Charlotte's jaw dropped.

"Oh yes please. Fist my ass, mistress." She begged.

Alexa grabbed Charlotte's legs and folded her double, her knees up by her head with her ass and pussy exposed completely. Alexa reached onto the bedside cabinet and grabbed a bottle of squirtable lube.

Drizzling it over Charlotte's puckered and tight ring, she slid a finger in as far as she could get it. Charlotte groaned happily, and Alexa kept adding lube while pushing a second finger inside and stretching Charlotte's previously untouched and most intimate hole.

She pumped the two fingers in and out repeatedly, scissoring them back and forth and opening Charlotte up.

When she forced another finger in – aided by a large amount of lube – Charlotte came. She convulsed and her pussy sprayed all over herself, Alexa and the bed. Some of it also landed on Alexa's fingers, who used it to help open Charlotte up further.

A fourth finger swiftly followed, and Charlotte groaned.

"I'm so full mistress..."she muttered.

"No you're not." Alexa growled, then – after emptying the bottle of lube into Charlotte's ass through the little gap left unfilled – she folded her thumb in and shoved her hand into Charlotte, stopping when it was halfway up her forearm.

Charlotte screeched loud enough that Alexa was nearly deafened. Charlotte came over and over, her ass clenching like a vice on Alexa and her pussy spraying copious amounts of cum everywhere.

Alexa was stunned, never having seen a woman cum so hard and soft much from having something shoved up their ass.

She didn't wait for Charlotte to finish squirting, instead choosing to ruthlessly fist her ass. Her arm slid out to the wrist before she slammed her arm back in.

"Deeper...Harder..." Charlotte moaned, surprising Alexa who nonetheless obliged. Minutes later, her arm was pounding Charlotte's ass up to the elbow and she was moving her arm so fast she feared she would do irreparable damage to Charlotte's ass.

Charlotte climaxed one last time, her pussy and ass spasming over and over while Charlotte rode out the convulsions her body suffered. When it was over, Alexa slowly pulled her arm out of Charlotte. When it was out, she gasped at the utter devastation she had wreaked on the beautiful blonde's ring.

It gaped open to the same size as a saucer, allowing Alexa to see the tender pink walls of Charlotte's anal passage. She pulled Charlotte's legs back down, then helped her to lie on the pillows. Holding Charlotte in her arms, she gently stroked her hair.

"Are you okay?" She whispered.

"Yes mistress. I feel thoroughly fucked but very tired."

"Sleep then, and tomorrow we show the other divas their new queen."

"Yes mistress." Charlotte nodded, and promptly fell asleep.

Alexa smiled and watched her sleep, wondering who to conquer next.

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