tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA New Sex Club in the Neighborhood

A New Sex Club in the Neighborhood


Lisa and Rick had been fuck buddies forever. They weren't romantically attached, didn't want to get married or have children. Rick even had a vasectomy so they could ride bareback. One evening over pasta and wine in their favorite Italian restaurant Rick asked, "Did you hear about that sex club that just opened down the street from my apartment? I got their brochure in the mail."

"No," replied Lisa, "tell me about it."

"OK, they have a nightclub area with a bar and live entertainment and dancing where singles can hook up. Women can go alone, but men have to be accompanied by a woman. There is a public room where couples can go to swap. They draw lots to choose partners, and there are private rooms upstairs.

"Do you mean you would want to go?" asked Lisa, wrinkling her nose. She had a cute little pixy face.

"Maybe. How about you?"

"Well, I'd have to think about it," she replied.

Lisa had no problem with Rick fucking other women, and she liked to date other guys occasionally, but to go to a club and screw strangers was an idea she needed to get used to. Still, the more she thought about it the more it seemed like it might be fun, so she told Rick to go ahead and set it up.

The night arrived and Lisa was deciding what to wear. Her breasts were small and firm enough that she didn't need a bra, so she decided on a sheer pink blouse and a tight black skirt that showed off her big, luscious ass. Under it she wore a thong and completed her outfit with a shiny patent leather clutch and patent high-heeled sandals. Come-fuck-me shoes, Rick called them.

They took a taxi to the club. Rick paid the taxi and their admission, and they went to the bar for drinks and to check the place out. Lisa's gorgeous ass quickly drew many partners. Several women asked Rick to dance. They both had plenty of opportunities to hook up but decided to have a policy meeting before committing to anything. After a few drinks they decided to try out the public room.

The public room was filled with ear-shattering music thumping an erotic beat. Sofas lined the walls and a porno movie with the sound muted was showing on a flat-screen TV. A table by the door held a bowl of blue tickets and another of pink tickets. The doorkeeper held two rolls of tickets with numbers corresponding to those in the bowls. She tore off a blue ticket, tore it in two, handed half to Rick and dropped the other half into the bowl of blue tickets. She did the same with Lisa's pink ticket. There were already four couples in the room, and the arrival of Lisa and Rick brought the number to five - the signal to start the next drawing. The doorkeeper screamed two numbers over the pulsating music. The holders of the corresponding numbers looked at each other and laughed; they had come together. The doorkeeper returned their tickets to the bowls, stirred them and drew new tickets. The man chosen took the upraised hand of the woman and led her up the stairs. Rick's number was drawn next, and he led his bed partner upstairs. Lisa's number came up next, and her partner turned out to be a burly blond man named Oskar.

He pulled Lisa to her feet by her upraised hand.

"I'm in a hurry!" Oskar growled as he cupped Lisa's breasts and used them to steer her to the stairs as the others in the room looked on in amazement. "Yeah, you have a great ass, Lisa, but I'm a tit man, not an ass man. Even so, I'm horny enough to fuck you good. Luck of the draw, he cackled." When he got her started in the direction he wanted he released one breast and reached under her skirt. He pushed her thong aside and fingered her pussy until they reached the first bedroom with an open door. He shut the door, and instead of heading for the bed he plunked down in a straight chair, unfastened his fly and pulled out his erect dick. He shoved Lisa's legs apart and yanked her down on his lap facing him, his jutting cock between them. He unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse, exposed a tit and began to nurse. He uncovered the other tit and moved his mouth from one to the other. He lifted Lisa by the hips, inserted his stiff cock into her pussy and began to thrust.

"Wait! You're supposed to use a rubber!" Lisa cried. "This is my fertile time." She began to scream, but her screams were drowned out by the loud music and the joyous shouts and screams of people screwing in nearby rooms.

"We'll use a rubber after I shoot this rusty load into your cunt," he leered. "Maybe put some hand lotion in one to show 'em downstairs. The wife has been on my ass for weeks because I won't screw her, but she can't get knocked up, and there's no use wasting good spunk in a dry hole. I've been saving those little swimmers for tonight, and you're the gal that got lucky. The only way I could get the skank to come with me tonight was to promise her somebody else would screw her," he sneered.

He massaged and squeezed Lisa's little tits, twisting her nipples and said, "These jugs will be a lot bigger in nine months, and me and our baby will take turns sucking milk out of 'em then." He reapplied his mouth, pulling vigorously. Lisa was terrified when she felt her womb contract from his suckling and knew it would draw his gism to where she didn't want it. He closed his eyes and blissfully resumed fucking her. He came fast and hard. Groaning with pleasure he spurted against her cervix again and again. Without withdrawing he carried her to the bed and laid her down still coupled to him. He pulled up a pillow, commanding her, "Up, up. Raise your hips like you want more of my cock in your pussy." He shoved the pillow under her hips. Between talking dirty and promising "to put a little Swede in you," he nibbled at her tits until he began to harden inside her again.

"We can take it slower this time," he said and began a leisurely stroke in and out of her pussy, sometimes withdrawing altogether, pausing to tease her clit and opening and then slowly entering her again. When he wasn't in a hurry he actually was a very good lover. He knew exactly where her g-spot was and to her dismay brought her to orgasm again and again in spite of her reluctance. Grunting, he repeatedly shot his cum into her pussy which was more eager than her mind was.

When Oskar was finally satiated he wiped himself off with a towelette and began rummaging in her purse. "What are you doing?" she screamed over the pounding music.

"Just getting your name and address," he answered. "I'll be checking on you in a few months, and if you don't have a baby bump we'll give it another try."

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