tagLoving WivesA New Swinging Door Opens

A New Swinging Door Opens


For my friends who are a little tired of Mike's adventures with Linda, this next story is not out of sequence, it just introduces the next player to have the opportunity to give my wife the pleasure she so richly deserved. By this time, Linda not only was beginning to realize that I truthfully didn't mind her having sex with another man, but also wanted her to continue it if she was enjoying it. Her latest paramour is an example of what happens and how feelings can change – slowly, but surely. To all my friends who tried to reach me while I was out of town and my e-mail was being rejected, my apologies. It's a resolved matter now and I'd like to hear from any of you who care to write and comment, good or bad.


This event happened only shortly after Mike had my wife the first time. It set up a chain of events that even I hadn't expected. It also proved that, once a woman finds that sex with another man can be even better than she expected, she will do it again and again if the opportunity is there. Why would anyone want to change that?

Mike had been her first, but after seeing the look of enchantment on her face when she met him again and again, I suspected that he wouldn't be her last. It had taken a long time to break down the barriers that had prevented Linda from taking another man as a lover. She couldn't believe that I meant that I wanted her to have sex with others. What I didn't tell her, as I should have up front, was I also wanted to watch him fuck her. That was a mistake that took a long time to correct. In the interim, I hoped that it wouldn't take as long for her to accept the advances of a second lover as it had the first time.

It didn't. In fact it was just a little over four months from the time Mike had first screwed my wife until her second playmate got her.

It started out innocently enough. We had known our neighbors, Tim and Laura, for almost two years. The relationship hadn't been close, but it grew slowly. I could see it was blossoming, but even I didn't realize that Laura had plans for us and how badly Tim wanted my wife. Tim and Laura weren't prudes by any stretch of the imagination, and they also weren't novices to swinging. I learned just from listening to snatches of the conversations between Linda and Laura that they had quite a bit of experience sexually - a lot more than we had which, until Mike nailed her, had been zero. Most of it apparently had been in short term relationships. Casual fucking as I heard it described years later.

Laura had obviously been keeping an eye on the growing relationship grow between Linda and Mike. She kidded Linda frequently about it, but Linda wouldn't admit to anyone Mike was screwing her. After the almost defiant attitude she had demonstrated to me following their first time, she didn't want to tell me about other incidents. It took lots of pleading and probing, but I finally half convinced her that I really didn't mind. I kept assuring her there was nothing wrong with it in my eyes. She was an attractive woman, drawn to another man. They both wanted sex and, when the opportunity arose after weeks of assurances I wanted her to enjoy herself with him.- I even encouraged her to be with him, again and again. Linda refused to let Laura know what she was doing though. Despite Laura's loaded questions and prying, Linda denied there was anything out of the ordinary happening. When Laura persisted in insinuating that she wouldn't mind a romp with Mike, Linda blushed, denied there was anything between them, and changed the subject.

By the time that Mike had become satisfied that there was no danger from me in his0 relationship with my wife, he began visiting her more frequently. Then Laura began interjecting herself into the cozy relationship.

Almost weekly now, Mike was fucking my wife. The surreptitious meetings were wherever they could have the privacy they needed, sometimes in our apartment, others in the backseat of Mike's little car, and occasionally at an out of the way motel that catered to affairs. .

Laura's visits increased also. She would pop over the instant that she saw Mike's car in our carport. She never caught them at anything, but no one who is sexually active can miss the scent of lust in the air and Laura recognized it. As her visits increased, regardless of whether or not Mike was there, she tested the waters. At first it was just an occasional hug for me and then, when Linda didn't rise to the bait, Laura would insinuate to me that Linda was having an affair. That didn't work either, of course. I wanted to protect Linda's relationship with Mike. My smiles at her comments had exactly the opposite effect.

New Years was rapidly approaching. Laura, on one of her casual visits, suggested that the four of us get together and bring in the New Year appropriately. It sounded like a good idea, and we accepted.

When that night came, Linda dressed conservatively, but in a surplice neckline dress that showed just enough cleavage to make it interesting. Complete with high heels and pumps, she was every bit the attractive woman Mike found so appealing. I was a little more casual in a double knit pair of slacks and sports shirt, suspecting nothing except a quiet, enjoyable evening.

We went over at about seven, just as the sun was setting. Laura and Tim had rearranged the furniture, putting a love seat on one side of the room and a couch on the other, clearing the space in the center for dancing. There was a clutch of soft, slow records on the stereo playing just loud enough to make our conversations difficult across the wide space. Within a few minutes, Tim had drawn Linda into a friendly conversation on the couch, and Laura was doing the same with me on the love seat. We danced intermittently, first Tim and Laura, then, as the drinks flowed, switching partners. The lights, fairly bright when we came in, went out one by one, almost as if by accident - the result of forgetting to turn them on when Laura and Linda or Tim and I returned from frequent trips to the kitchen to make drinks.

The drinks flowed freely, and the dancing became more intimate. I was slightly surprised when Laura pulled me especially close as we danced and pressed my hand against her breast. It had the effect of making me extremely hard, and I know that she must have felt my rigidity against her belly. Despite Laura's running line of patter, both during and after each dance, I couldn't help but notice that Tim and Linda were also much closer together during their circles around the floor and when they sat down than they had been previously. Linda' face was flushed, as much as anything from the drinking, but I also saw that, as they danced, Tim's hand was frequently on her breasts too.

Linda' breasts, as I've mentioned before, are extremely sensitive to the touch. It aroused her to have a man touch them, whether accidentally or on purpose. Her nipples swelled, frequently embarrassing her but providing a rare delight to the man accompanying her. I hadn't known, until now, that she had chosen to wear one of the soft cup bras that I encouraged her to wear when she was with Mike. Almost transparent, the lace was so soft that nothing prevented them from being obvious to the eye, even through her clothing. Her bra emphasized the swell of her breasts, and presented tight, hard nipples for admiration. They pressed tightly against whatever she was wearing over those lovely bazooms of hers. Even at this distance I could see each nipple pressed tightly against the double knit material of her dress, accentuating her attractiveness.

Tim hadn't missed it either. He was holding her closer now, his hand always on her breast, pressing hard enough that it dimpled the fabric of her dress. I knew he could feel that lovely nipple beneath his hand - and I suspected that my wife could feel the throbbing hard-on that pressed tightly against the thigh of his trousers. It was an exciting moment that did nothing to decrease the swelling in my own trousers. Laura was doing what she thought was an adequate job of keeping me from paying too much attention to Linda and her partner, but I still caught glimpses of them that made me realize he was trying to arouse her.

The sound of a siren, the increased volume of fireworks, and the shouts of "Happy New Year" caught us in the middle of a dance. It didn't seem out of place at all when Laura pressed herself tightly against me and whispered "Happy New Year", pulling my head down to hers and kissing me. I kissed her too, expecting it to be the casual peck on the lips exchanged between friends, but it wasn't. Her mouth opened and I felt her tongue against my lips. I accepted it eagerly, until our tongues met and swirled in each other's mouth. We stood, swaying, locked in that embrace for what seemed like a short time, too short. Pressed tightly against each other, I could feel her breast beneath my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, expecting at best a tittering break-up of our clinch.

It didn't happen. If anything she pressed even more tightly against me, guiding my hand to her breast and pressing it against the warm flesh beneath her nylon blouse. I could feel her nipple tightening beneath my hand and squeezed her breast again, this time more firmly. To my surprise her other hand brushed hard against my already swollen cock.

I broke our kiss and turned us slightly, expecting to see Tim and Linda kissing too, anticipating an angry look from my wife at what had become the obvious exploration of Laura's body. What I saw convinced me that I wasn't in trouble, at least not from her. Tim's hand had slipped between the folds of my wife's bodice, unhooking the single hook and eye that kept it together. His hand was beneath the material, over her breast, moving slowly in what I could only assume was a slow massaging of that engorged flesh. They were still locked in a prolonged kiss, paying absolutely no attention to Laura and I, their bodies so tightly pressed to each other that there was no separation from head to knees.

I looked down at Laura and saw her smiling up at me, obviously seeing there was no threat to what we were enjoying together from that direction. She took my hand and led me back to the couch. I followed her down, sitting much closer than before and sliding my hand behind her shoulders. I didn't know which way this was going to go, but I liked what was happening so far. Her face turned to mine and we resumed the kiss that the fireworks had started. She didn't have to direct my hand this time. I found her breast and squeezed it as we kissed, feeling her hand slide up the thigh of my trousers to the wet spot that marked the end of my cock. I held her close as she squeezed my engorged member and our tongues swirled against each other.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Tim pull Linda down onto his lap. Holding her legs across his with one hand, he resumed kissing her. Linda wasn't showing any sign of resistance and I wondered where this was going if it continued. I already had visions of Laura's 34B's in my mouth and her body beneath me as I fucked her right there.

It was not to be. Not then. With a gasp, Linda stood up, dislodging Tim's hand which had been sliding higher and higher beneath the hem of her dress.

"I think we'd better go, it's late," she murmured, looking over at me and seeing my own position. I would have given anything, at that moment, if she had just acquiesced to Tim's advances and let him fuck her, but she was making obvious moves to leave.

With a final kiss at the door and an almost pleading look from Laura while Tim kissed Linda, we left.

"That was fun," I said exploratively, walking hand in hand with my wife back to our apartment. I was surprised to have her squeeze it and murmur, "Yes, it was."

Almost wordlessly we prepared for bed. We were snuggling tightly together as I explored her body and found her bountiful beaver wet with her desire. We still said nothing to each other as we coupled and I slid deep into her warm, juicy cunt, rejoicing in the sweetness of sex together just as I did after Mike fucked her. She welcomed the feeling of my mouth on her breast, holding it upright as I sucked the sweet flesh of her nipple, panting with desire that we were trying to disperse with our lovemaking. She reached orgasm rapidly, almost within minutes, obviously excited by the events of the evening. Knowing that I needed more from her, she joined my in a celebration of the night's events without saying anything, and enjoyed several more orgasms as I continued exploring her.

I came rapidly, much more rapidly than normal, the excitement of sex with her accentuated by the mental visions I had of Laura's breasts in my hands. Linda smiled when she felt the hot blast of cum saturating her juicy cunt and milked me dry with her educated pussy before stumbling into the bathroom. I would have given anything at that moment to have had the opportunity to eat the cum out of her box, something she seldom allowed.

We had barely gotten back in bed, curled tightly in each other's arms, before the phone rang. I answered sleepily and was surprised to hear Laura's voice on the phone.

"Tim wants Linda, and I want to come over there. What do you think?" she asked to my surprise. "I don't know," I replied honestly. "Would you like to talk to Linda?" When she answered that she would, I handed the phone to my wife who asked in surprise, "Who is it?" She took it from my hand as I answered, "Laura."

The conversation was short. Much shorter than I had expected. But Linda' nods and agreement was all that I needed to hear. It was about to happen again.

"Laura is coming over, and I'm supposed to go over there," she said, pulling on a peignoir and then covering it with a gown. She reached for a coat to put on over the otherwise very obvious lack of clothing and wordlessly went through the door, into the living room with me following close behind. She was nervous, I could tell, and I kissed her as her hand reached for the doorknob to the apartment door.

"Have a good time," I whispered to her after she nodded and slid almost silently out the door. I watched her going down the walk to the apartment building we had been in only an hour or so before. She met Laura, who was dressed almost in the same manner, in the darkness between the two buildings. The glow of a streetlight provided the only low level of illumination. They stopped and exchanged a few words before continuing on their way to each other's husband.

I opened the door hastily when I heard Laura's steps just outside and pulled her quickly into the apartment. Her arms came up over my shoulders as she stepped inside and she pressed her body against mine. "I want you," she whispered.

Wordlessly, I led her to our bedroom. She was already undressing before I got out of my robe and beat me to the bed.

Laura was a good looking woman; sandy blonde hair, a lithe body with small, but adequate breasts and long legs that joined at the thin pelt of pubic hair over her pussy. We both knew what we wanted as soon as we were together and I joined her, hovering over her body, feeling her small hands guiding my engorged cock to the entrance of her tunnel of love. I didn't force it. A gentle downward press of my hips had me barely inside her, with only the thin ring of muscle preventing me from sliding all the way home.

She was wet with our excitement. I could feel the warmth of her vagina surrounding my cockhead as I pushed past that last barrier and then the clamping of her cunt around my erect cock. Easing it back and forth a few times, I was soon deep inside her, between those lovely, widely spread legs, luxuriating in the feeling of her vaginal walls constricting my dick. Her sigh showed she was enjoying it as much as I. Her legs raised and I felt them close behind my own thighs as she accepted my offering. I lowered myself to my elbows, with both hands capturing her breasts as I kissed her for the second time.

"Do you like it?" she murmured as she felt me come to the end of her juicy box and press tightly to her body.

"It's wonderful," I managed to say. It was hard to say anything, feeling as I was that lovely pussy wrapped so tightly around my cock. My thumbs stroked her nipples, bringing them to the same high stature they had been in her house only a few hours before. They felt good. Not big, thick and meaty like Linda's, just hard little nubbins of excitement that generated as much enjoyment as I hoped Tim was feeling right now.

"I was really surprised when you called," I whispered as I slowly fucked her. "I have been dreaming of this, but I didn't know if Tim would go for it or not."

"Tim was all in favor of it from the first time he saw Linda," she chuckled, pulling me closer to her with her arms and shifting her legs higher until they clamped around my waist. "He's been wanting to fuck her for a long time, but just could never seem to get the ideal time or opportunity. Tonight was perfect. I thought he would do her right there, and I was disappointed when Linda said that you all had to leave. What happened?"

"She was too close, I think. She knew that if she let him continue, it was going to happen and she just can't get over the fact that I don't mind her doing it with someone else and that I'd be watching her take it. She was so hot when we got home that we did it for over an hour just calming her down, but she was still ready for it. That's why she agreed so easily when you called."

"Tim insisted," she nodded. "He told me that he wanted to fuck her. That's the first time that he's ever come right out and told me that he wanted to fuck another woman." She chuckled. "I know he does, and I know he knows that I've been with other men, but we just don't make an issue of it. Not like tonight. He was hotter than I've ever seen him. As soon as we got in bed and I told him I had seen him playing with Linda' tits, he began telling me how much he wanted to fuck her." She chuckled again. "At first I thought he was going to take it all out on me. He screwed me for more than an hour, but then he rolled off me and told me he still wanted Linda. He insisted that I call you all."

I smiled. "That was all it took. As soon as she heard you say that Tim wanted to screw her, she was ready. I don't think Tim would have had to say a word. She wanted him as badly as he wanted her."

"I'm glad," she said, looking up at me and raising her hips as I pressed deep into her, "because I've been wanting to fuck you too."

The next few minutes, actually closer to an hour, Laura and I brought each other to the peak of bliss at least three times. She grunted with pleasure when I drove my dick deep into her cunt, matching her thrusts with my own, taking all I had to offer and silently begging, with the muscles of her pussy, for more of the same. Her last orgasm was so strong I could feel the fluttering muscles inside her clutching me as she pressed hard against me, letting her own orgasmic juices spray my welcome cock.

"A-h-h, that was a good one!" she gasped as she slowly recovered, settling back down into the bed. "Aren't you going to cum?"

"Not until I get a lot more of this sweet stuff," I told her with a smile, thrusting hard into her core once more. "We've both needed this for a long time, and I want to enjoy it all."

"You're sweet," she said, combing my hair with her fingers. "Just like I knew you would be. I'm really enjoying this." Suddenly, out of the blue came the question that I knew would invariably come up. "Is Linda fucking Mike?"

I wasn't about to lie. Not now. I was enjoying this relationship, and I knew that more would be had by being truthful than trying to cover for Linda' enjoyment of her paramour.

"Unh hunh," I nodded, with a smile on my face, "He does her ever time he gets a chance."

"Does she like it?"

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