tagLoving WivesA New Valentine

A New Valentine


She ate another chocolate. She savored the delicious dark chocolate coating and rolled the flakes of coconut on her tongue. Each piece of candy in the heart shaped box was different. It entertained her to eat one after the other, discovering the flavor of each one. She took her time, hoping that once she finished the box, life would be okay again.

She was sitting in the living room on the white couch. The brown candy wrappers were discarded carelessly around her. On the coffee table, she had set the lid to the box. It was edged with lace and topped with a bouquet of plastic roses. A typical gift from her husband.

He never forgot Valentine's Day, or anniversaries, or birthdays, but he never seemed to make an effort either. All the people in his life, even his wife, were just another checklist. Still she had valued his reliable nature and had done her best to make their marriage work.

The effort seemed wasted now, as she sat alone in her favorite red fuzzy robe, dumped by her husband on Valentine's Day. It was unbelievable. She had been ready to be politely enthusiastic about the thoughtless gift of a box of chocolates he had probably grabbed at the drugstore on the way home from work. Instead he had handed it her and declared their marriage was over.

She picked up another chocolate and wrinkled her nose. She hated nuts. She tossed what remained over her shoulder. Sugar was not helping her feel better, maybe she needed something stronger. There was beer in the fridge, left from the last football party she had hosted.

She sighed, she did not seem to have the energy to move. This year she had decided to take initiative and do something special for her husband. She not want to be the complaining wife, so she decided to make the effort to make the day special. Hidden under her red robe was the brand new lingerie she had purchased.

She had been so nervous purchasing it, she felt like a girl playing dress up. She had never indulged in sexy underwear, her husband had never purchased her any. Red seemed to be the best color. A red push-up demi cup bra, a lacy thong, thigh high stockings topped with red lace. Classic sexy.

At the register, she had impulsively added the lover's play package to her purchases. A pair of fuzzy hand cuffs, body oil, an aphrodisiac candle, heart shaped confetti -- fun little toys to help them have more fun.

Maybe the candle was working. Sometime tonight she had tore open the play package and lit the candle, the herbal smell was pleasant and despite her despair, or perhaps adding to it, she was feeling horny. She sighed and threw another cloud of glittering confetti hearts in the air.

She guessed she had waited too long. That's what she thought he had said, that he had already found another woman to excite him, to bring more adventure into his life. It was hard to remember because she was in shock, holding her yearly candy heart, while he told her he was leaving tonight. Maybe if she had dropped the robe the instance he walked in the door things would be different, but she had hesitated.

Maybe she should be glad. Maybe she should not be so ready to settle either, but she was getting older and it was harder to find a man. Though now she guessed she would have to anyway.

The door bell rang. She leapt to her feet and hurried, forgetting her dark thoughts. Maybe he was back, maybe he had already realized his mistake. She hesitated before she swung the door open, how could it be him, wouldn't he just come in?

She pushed away the doubt and quickly swung the door open.

Hidden behind a giant spray of red roses, a delivery man asked, "Mrs. Swammerdam?"

She hesitated, she was not Mrs. Swammerdam, that was her neighbor. She lived in an old neighborhood and the houses were poorly numbered, she often received packages for them.

The deliveryman waited for her, his gaze sliding down from her face to the gap of flesh exposed by her loosely tied robe. His green eyes were framed by golden lashes. He must be blonde all over, she thought. She stared hungrily at the muscles in his arms, at his solid body.

"Yes," she sighed. "Bring them inside."

He obediently followed her inside to the kitchen. She leaned in and smelled the flowers while he still held them. They smelled wonderful.

"Where is Mr. Swammerdam?" he asked in a deep voice that sent shivers down to her groin.

"Business," she lied, waving a hand dismissively. She pulled away and bent over to look under the kitchen sink for a vase for the flowers.

She only had one slender vase, not nearly large enough to accommodate all the roses. Still she pulled it from under the sink and turned around. The deliveryman was standing right behind her and she bumped into him.

His hands were free, he had laid the red roses on the kitchen counter. He reached out and untied the red robe. She gasped but did not stop him from sliding it off her shoulders. At least someone would see her lingerie.

She slid her hands along his arms, feeling the strength in his muscles and the youth of his skin. He tugged down the cup of one bra, spilling her breast into his calloused hand. He continued to hold her gaze as he touched her, rubbing his thumb against her large nipple. She could not look away even as her pussy grew damp with excitement.

As he caressed her breast, his other hand traveled downward, skimmed lightly over the thin fabric before finding the slit designed into the crotch. She felt his finger enter her and she moaned.

He grinned her and moved his hand across her chest, to pull down the cup of the other bra, so both her breasts were bare above the bra.

She hesitated, having second thoughts, and tried to step away, but he stopped her. He pulled his hands away from her body and set them on either side of her on the kitchen counter. He pressed his body against her, trapping her against the kitchen sink.

"You want this," he accused.

He was right. Maybe it was wrong, maybe it was that candle or too much sugar, but she longed for his long hard cock to be inside her. She wanted the affirmation of desire.

She unbuckled his pants and tugged them down. He was wearing plain white boxers. She also pulled those down and his erect crock sprung out. He was blonde everywhere. She licked the tip of his cock and he shuddered. He buried his fingers in her long hair and gripped tightly. She could not move away, even if she had wanted.

Instead she swallowed his cock, taking the hard length entirely into her mouth, rubbing her lips against his skin.

"There you are," exclaimed a masculine voice.

She jumped away guilty and in his surprise, the delivery man released her. The voice was not her husband's but she could not help the reaction.

Instead another young man dressed in the polo shirt and slacks required by the floral delivery service stood in the doorway. In one hand, he dangled the red handcuffs with the silly white fluff around the edges.

"So rude for you to start without me," he continued.

In contrast to the brightness of the blonde stud, he was dark and slender. There was something dangerous about him. She tried to back away, but she had fallen back on her ass in surprise, and it was not easy to scoot away without getting up.

The blonde grinned at her. He left his pants around his ankles, his cock pointing in the air, but bent down and picked her up easily.

The other man came around behind her and pulled off her panties. He dipped a finger against her pussy and felt the moisture there. Despite her discomfort with the situation, she was greatly aroused. When the man slid his hand up to cup her breast, she groaned eagerly in spite of herself.

"Tell me what you want," the second man whispered in her ear, pressing his body against her backside and pushing her close to the blonde stud. The blonde was taller than her so his hard warm cock pressed against her belly. This man was her height and his equally hard cock, still wrapped in pants, pressed against her ass.

She refused to speak. The second man pulled her arms back and snapped the handcuffs around her wrists. With a rough gesture, he pulled her away from the blonde stud and his warm cock. He tossed her onto the white couch, where she sprawled helplessly, her legs open, her pussy exposed.

"Let's go," he said.

"She has the lips of an angel," protested the blonde as he bent to pull his pants back on. "I was about to cum."

"Really?" The second man studied her.

She was in a state, back on the white leather couch again. Her nipples ached and her pussy burned for satisfaction. The two men watching her aroused her more than she had ever experienced in her life.

"Please," she whispered, bucking her hips against the sofa, in a desperate attempt to satisfy herself. If it weren't for the handcuffs, her hands would be touching herself right now in front of them.

"We can't leave her like this," argued the blonde.

"It would be cruel," agreed his friend.

The men quickly shed their clothes as she watched. They were both young and in good condition. Apparently, the dark haired man's height had all gone into his cock, as he was larger than his friend.

"Hurry!" she begged.

The blonde stood up her up so that she sat on the back of couch. He rubbed her breasts and than a second pair of hands joined his as the dark haired man came up behind her. She moaned and twisted, driven mad by the multiple hands squeezing her and tickling her nipples.

The blonde first penetrated her, burying himself in her pussy. She screamed with pleasure, grinding her pelvis against him. He drove faster and faster into her. As his friend fucked her, the second man caressed her curvy ass, sending her over the edge as she came in furious waves of pleasure.

She felt the oil warming her skin as he rubbed it on her ass and then carefully dipped two fingers into her anus, spreading the oil around inside her. She tried to pull away, realizing what he intended, but there was nowhere to go, his friend still had her impaled on his pleasure stick.

And then he slid into her ass. It was a strange sensation. He reached around her and squeezed one of her tits that had been bouncing against his friend's chest. The pleasure began to build again, even as his friend slowed down from his assault on her pussy, the man behind her began to increase his rhythm. An unfamiliar pleasure rose in her, tickling the back of her spine, and her pussy clenched around the cock inside her.

She heard knocking in the distance, someone was at the door, but she did not care.

Both men came inside her, spilling hot thick liquid inside her at the same time, and again she screamed with pleasure.

"Mrs. Hines," asked a concerned voice, "Are you okay? I heard screaming..."

Her neighbor stopped at the entrance the living room. She looked over the shoulder of the blonde stud at her neighbor, still full of more cock than she had ever experienced in her life.

He was an older man, still in shape. He looked so normal in her living room, he had been over to visit for barbeques, birthday parties. She hoped this did not give him a heart attack.

The two men jumped away from her, pulling their cocks out of her. Without their bodies to hold her up, she slid onto her side. Her hands were still bound behind her in the handcuffs. She watched as they hastily dressed and departed.

Her neighbor returned from the kitchen, holding a single rose. "I see you received the roses?"

"Yes," she admitted. She awkwardly pushed herself upright on the couch.

"Where is your husband?"

"He left me tonight." Not that explained what she had been doing.

"I know," he sighed. "He left with my wife."

"Oh!" she gasped in shock, and her chest heaved with that breath.

He considered her bared breasts. He tickled her nipples with the petals of the rose.

"I think I found a new Valentine."

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