A New View


Sometimes this troubling economy gives us opportunities that we otherwise wouldn't have had. I work for a small business that is totally dependent upon providing service to other companies. We provide accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, bill payment and collection, and similar services to our client companies.

As the credit tightened, several of our clients made adjustments in the amount or the frequency of the services they contracted from our company. In order to prevent layoffs, everyone in our little company agreed to take one day a month of without pay.

Today was my day. It was somewhat of a luxury to be home from work during the week. I had slept late - which, in itself, was a luxury. After making a pot of coffee and getting the paper in, I went through my workout routine. As a forties something single , divorced actually, woman, I am concerned about saving money and my future security so I have cut back on expenses including the athletic club. Except for the equipment routines, I can do much of my workout routine at home.

Anyway, after working out, I took a leisurely shower. I dressed in shorts, a loose t-shirt and flip-flops. After pouring a cup of coffee, I went out onto my patio. I noticed some trash had blow into the shrubs and flowers along the six foot tall back fence. Putting my coffee down, I walked across the yard to pick up the trash.

My backyard abuts against the backyard of a man named Eric. He is friendly and we have chatted at neighborhood cookouts and block parties. I've been over to his house for a party or two and he has been to mine. These are typical neighborhood parties - a little grilling or a potluck, a few drinks, and lots of conversation. Eric spends much of the week away from home. I don't really know what he does for a living, but he travels a lot. He evidently is single and lives alone since I've never seen anyone else around the house or yard when Eric isn't home. I had always thought of him as being a rather reserved and, even, shy man.

Some of the trash had blown behind the shrubs and lay against the fence. I carefully worked my way into the greenery so I wouldn't scratch my legs. As I bent down to pick up the trash, I heard what sounded like a lawn chair being unfolded. I peeked through a split in one of the fence boards.

Eric was unfolding an aluminum and canvas recliner. I watched as he set up the recliner. He covered it with a terry towel. He went back into the house . After a few minutes, her returned with a book, a bottle of water and a large bottle of oil or sun screen. He set the things down on the ground next to the recliner.

He pulled his t-shirt over his head. I watched as he spread the oil on his chest and arms. Eric looked like he worked out regularly. I figured he was probably in his middle to late fifties. He must have also sunbathed regularly because his arms, chest and back were all nicely suntanned.

I bent again to pick up the trash. I stopped what I was doing as Eric unfastened and stepped out of his shorts. He had turned his back to me. Eric apparently sunbathed in the buff because his butt was the same nice suntanned shade as his back and legs.

I watched as he applied oil to his legs. He used an applicator on a long handle to apply oil to his back. He applied oil to his butt. This was all rather erotic as I glimpsed his low hanging sac between his thighs as he stooped to either apply oil to his legs or to pick up or put down the bottle and applicator.

I smiled as I wondered how long it would take him to apply oil to his penis and sac. Well, he showed me as he turned around. He poured some oil into his hands, rubbed them together and then oiled his inner thighs. His fingers lifted his sac and spread oil over his skin. I realized that Eric was shaved and smooth.

He poured more oil into his cupped palm, rubbed his hands together then wrapped one hand around his penis. The other hand cupped his sac. I was mesmerized as I watched his oily hand slip up and down the length of his now less than flaccid shaft. His other hand slowly rolled and fondled his balls in their slippery sac.

Eric seemed to be enjoying himself. I hadn't watched a man play with himself so much since my ex- and I used to masturbate for each other as foreplay or as a break from screwing.

He stopped oiling himself and wiped his hands on his chest and stomach. Eric didn't appear to be horse hung, but, from what I could see, a girl wouldn't need to complain about the quality or quantity of meat that he was packing. His balls looked cute in their smooth oily sac. The crown of his penis, with its' coating of oil, glistened in the sun. And the rim of the crown seem to flare beyond the diameter of his shaft.

I realized that I was licking my lips.

Eric adjusted the back of the recliner and the towel. He sat down and then laid back. He looked rather sexy - nude except for dark glasses, oiled skin glistening in the sun. I expected him to pick up his book and begin reading.

Instead, his hand moved to his thigh. He rubbed his thigh then his penis. I hardly took a breath as he lifted his soft penis. I wondered if he was going to do what I now hoped he would do. I was afraid to make any movement except for breathing. I didn't want to do anything that would disturb Eric and I definitely didn't want to give myself away.

After Eric lifted his penis, he sort of shook it so it wiggled and waggled. He grinned as he began to squeeze and roll it in his hand. The rolling and squeezing changed to a short pumping motion. His penis became more and more erect as his hand moved up and down.

He stopped and reached for the oil bottle. I was looking at a handsome fully erect cock now. Eric oiled his hand then wrapped it around his hard shaft. He then poured more oil over the glistening crown or, as my ex- called it, cockhead. I held my breath as I watched the oil run down over his hand, down the hard shaft and down over his ball sac. He continued to pour a small, steady stream of oil as he began to pump and stroke his cock in a steady rhythm.

I smiled to myself as I remembered pouring chocolate syrup over my ex's- cock and balls as he jerked his cock. Before we were finished, we were both covered in chocolate and we had ruined a set of sheets, but we had had some great, mildly kinky sex.

Eric leaned back. With his dark glasses, I couldn't see if he had closed his eyes. My ex- always closed his eyes when he really got into jerking off for me. His hand maintained a steady rhythm up and down his shaft.

With his free hand, he began to rub, twist and pull one of his nipples. I slipped my hand under my t-shirt and found one of my nipples. It was hard and I could feel that my areola was all pebbled. I cupped my breast and rubbed a finger over and around my nipple. I was damp between my legs and I knew there was a wet spot on my panties.

Eric was sitting up again as he steadily stroked his cock. He had put his feet on the grass on either side of his chaise lounge so I had a clear view of his hand, cock and balls. I wanted to masturbate along with him, but I was afraid to move. Eric kept changing his rhythm from long fast strokes that ran up and down the full length of his hard cock to a short fast pumping motion where he rolled his foreskin up and down over the rim of his cock head.

I could hear him gasping slightly as he pumped away. He maintained a steady rhythm as he leaned back again. He gasped louder and slightly arched his hips as a short white stream squirted up from his cockhead. It dropped down into his oily pubic hair. Eric moved his hand to the base of his cock and rapidly pulled it up to the crown.

A long, strong stream of cum shot from his cockhead. It landed almost on his shoulder. Eric continued the long rapid pumping motion. Each stream was a little shorter. Eric finally stopped pumping. He squeezed his cock like he was wringing the last of the cum out of it and his balls. His cum formed several white stripes that stood out against his oily, suntanned skin.

I realized I was squeezing my breast in time with Eric's strokes. He relaxed and lay back on the lounge. I relaxed and took my hand out of my t-shirt. He lay quietly. I though that he might have dozed off. Before I could move away from the fence, Eric got to his feet. He stood still as he removed his sunglasses. He then looked right at the fence where I was crouching. He smiled, then turned and walked towards his house.

I waited until he was inside. I worked my way out of the shrubbery and flower bed. I even remembered to pick up the trash and take it with me.

Once inside my house, I went straight to the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror and pulled my t-shirt over my head. My nipples were all hard and pointy. I pushed my shorts down my legs and kicked them away. I could see that my panties were soaked.

I peeled my panties off and stood naked in front of the mirror. My face was flushed and I was a little sweaty. I wet a finger and ran it over a hard nipple. I rubbed my pussy. It was almost sopping. I traced the edges of my labia then parted them with my fingertip.

Just before I touched my clitoris, I smiled and thought of my new view of my neighbor Eric. He certainly didn't strike me as the reserved and shy man that I had thought earlier.

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