tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 03

A New Way of Life Ch. 03


Azman finds himself unable to pass up the invitations of the other ladies in the group. But what he doesn't realize is that it comes with a price - Azizah's hot pussy!

Azman settled into his position within the company rapidly. Whether it was his natural drive to acclimate himself to a new culture or not, I'm not really sure, but he was doing well. Immersed in a culture that was totally foreign to him, he had rapidly become a member of our family. What I found especially interesting was how women related to him. They seemed comfortable when he was around them, regardless of the situation, including my wife, Ting. Ting is a very perceptive woman and, as she accepted Azman's presence in our home, a bond had formed between them. It only increased ever since that first night when Ting had seduced Azman, leading him to fuck her in our bed. Ting was totally relaxed and pushing to return to our more open lifestyle. This makes some people, who don't know us well, uncomfortable. Ting and I are very loving around each other, frequently kissing and fondling each other like the young lovers we had always been.

This is perhaps the only thing that bothered Ting to any extent. Azman had been with us for almost two years and during that time he had shown little interest in anyone but Ting. I suspect he had never had sex with anyone other than his wife and now Ting. Ting had tried to find one or two of the ladies we knew who would have accepted him as a lover, but he had been unwilling to break his bond with Azizah, his wife, far away in Malaysia. During one of our always-enjoyable matings late one night, I mentioned that to Ting.

"I know," she said with a soft sigh. "I've almost given up on the idea of finding someone he would relate to. It's very frustrating. He's a handsome man but he just doesn't seem to want to fuck anyone except me."

"And not even you often enough?" I teased.

Ting smiled. "Well, that's different. Look how I had to coax him that first night. We need to get him involved with the group, and he just hasn't seemed willing to so far. But then none of the ladies have really tried to turn him on yet to see if he would be interested. Do you think I should push them a little?"

"Of course," I told her, taking her into my arms and kissing her. "Why don't you suggest to Candy that she try to turn him on? You know that she's the only one equal to your cock sucking abilities, and you really turn him on that way. He's been giving her the eye and I think if anyone could do it, she could. He's as fascinated by those bit knockers of hers as I was the first time and we certainly can't have someone around who isn't interested in fucking all the ladies. Besides, have you seen that picture of his wife, Azizah? I'd love to get my cock into her!"

Ting chuckled softly. "What female wouldn't you like to have their cunt wrapped around your dick? But since you've got designs on Azizah, we need to get Azman tied in to the circle before she gets here."

"That's only a few months away," I reminded her. "Do you think you could get him to screw the other girls before then?" My wife arched her brows and gave me a look of feigned disbelief.

"Are you insinuating that there are men who wouldn't want to fuck anyone of them if they put out the right signals?"

I had to laugh at that. I had seen Ting, and all the other ladies too, turn men away in droves and, seemingly without even a coquettish smile, watched them draw others they favored into their cunts as though they had known them for years in a single night. Their skill and delectable bodies had led to a rapidly spiraling increase in the number of couples in our group without drawing any unwanted attention. Once they were in the group, no one wanted to do anything that might alert those less fortunate to what was happening in the neighborhood almost every night. "Of course not, honey," I replied. "I'm just saying that you need to get busy and get him into the circle if you want a piece of Azizah like I do."

Ting produced a mock frown. "I can't imagine doing without a taste of that sweet young thing, so I guess I'd better get busy."

Azman had, even from the first day he met the other ladies, either singly or in a group setting, shown no reluctance to ogle their bodies, but still had done nothing to encourage them to follow through. Judging from the obvious bulge in his trousers, Azman had liked the view but had never made a move on any of them. Possibly because he considered his status as a guest something that he shouldn't violate. But now, with a 'deadline' rapidly nearing, Ting was going to go into high gear and I knew, unless Azman was completely uninterested in sex with them, that she would soon have him panting with lust.

Ting started her campaign of seduction that next evening. Azman had fallen in easily to our habit of relaxing in our hot tub. We had worn bathing suits even when our friends had joined us before our late night parties where Ting and I had entertained our guests in the party room we had built in one bedroom. Azman had never joined us in our romps, despite invitations from our guests and ourselves to join us. I think he might have had some idea of what was occurring only the width of the wall from where he slept peacefully, but he never made any comment.

The buildup of his frustrations were obviously creating some pressures, as shown by the bulge of his cock when he saw Ting and some of the other ladies in scanty suits that only emphasized their femininity. He usually excused himself, leaving Ting and the other ladies to titter in amusement at his discomfort. That night, however, Ting had built the pressure even higher. Ting had invited three of the most courageous and open ladies in the group to join us in the hot tub. With Maurine, Carol and Candy, she had discussed what she intended to do that night.

Candy had started it. She sighed and leaned back against the wall of the tub before grumbling about the clasp that held her top together was cutting into her tender flesh. Without another word, she had unfastened it and flung it the offending garment onto the wooden deck surrounding the tub. The other ladies followed suit almost immediately. This left four sets of lovely boobs floating on the surface of the water. Azman had blushed and started to rise before Ting took his arm and pulled him back down into the water.

"I don't bite," she had chuckled, seeing his consternation, "and neither do these ladies. I can't believe you would leave such a bevy of beautiful boobs on display without at least checking them out more closely." Candy was lifting each of her 36D's completely out of the water in cupped hands. Azman had blushed furiously, looking from her to her husband Art who had been busy doing the same thing to Ting's. When he saw no objection and realized he was the only male in the group who wasn't admiring a set of tits with hands, eyes, and in most cases, mouths, he settled down with a wry smile. It was probably the first time in his life he had seen such openness. As much as he tried to avoid staring at the sight before him, his eyes were drawn to Candy's marvelous boobs. I reached over to cup one and commented on how marvelous they felt. "Show him, honey," I suggested. Candy, without any apparent reservations took one of Azman's hands and placed it directly on her breast. Azman's male reflexes took over and I saw his hand tighten over Candy's tit even as his eyes watched Art for any reaction. I only smiled. Art was way to busy with Ting's.

"Az," I said, using the shortened version of his name which had become common between us, "I've seen you admiring these ladies' bodies long enough to know you enjoy it as much as I. We don't have any secrets between us, and I hope you won't feel reluctant to admire them as I do. She certainly doesn't mind, do you, honey?"

"Of course not," Candy smiled. She turned more to face Azman, "in fact I've been wondering if I was less beautiful than Azizah. Her pictures show her to be a lovely lady, but I hope that I can convince you that just as she has needs, we do too, and one of those needs is to have other men pay attention to us. Will you pay attention to me Az?" With that she raised both arms from the water and curled them around his neck. She leaned forward slightly, opened her mouth and gave him one of her most passionate french kisses. Azman raised his other hand as though to push her away. Instead he closed it over her other breast in a surprising, even to him, admission of her attraction.

I watched, smiling, as the pent up lust of months with only limited sex bubbled away from my friend. His mouth was now open wide as their tongues dueled for supremacy. Candy won, as I knew she would. I saw one of her arms go beneath the water. She moaned with pleasure as the kiss continued and I saw Azman rise slightly from the water before his trunks floated to the top of the swirling water. There was no doubt in my mind where Candy's hand had been especially after I saw the first ribbons of white cum float to the top of the tub's water level.

"Oh, what a shame!" Candy said with a pout. "I wanted that". She caught one thin ribbon in her hand and lifted it to her mouth, letting her tongue draw it in to be swallowed. "Good, but not enough" she said, "now I'm just going to have to think of another way to get more." Without another word, she took Azman's hand and stood up, then climbed from the tub. "Let's go see what else you like, honey." she said as she led Azman through the sliding patio door and turned toward our party room. Azman, obviously in shock, didn't even look back.

Moments later, having pulled the plug that allowed the tub to drain, all seven of us followed the two ahead of me into our bedroom. At first I just stood and watched. Others led their first partner onto the mat where Candy was pressing Azman back onto the thick padding. Candy then knelt over him, her head toward his feet. Somehow she had lost the bottom of her suit and now, with him in this position, he was staring at her slowly blooming vulva as her head descended toward his only partially rigid rod. She held it tightly as she eyed it carefully, then I saw it jerk as her breath flowed over a rapidly swelling head, becoming hard and thick as her lips circled the swollen, purplish helmet. Any comment Azman might have made was muffled by the fact his face was buried deep in Candy's crotch. Both of his hands were pulling her hips down as he tried to sink his tongue deeper into her coral-colored depths, something I knew Candy loved. Only the sound of their oral worship of each other was audible. Candy's head bobbed up and down on the thick shaft that was now completely in her mouth. Her chin was buried deep in his pelvic bush. Azman's knees drew up and spread wider as Candy sucked the length of his cock. Her cheeks were hollowed by her efforts to draw more cum from his bloated balls. Azman's hips jerked up and down, driving his dick deeper into her mouth with each thrust. Then, just as I began to think that Candy would be the winner by a head, I saw her back flush despite the dark color of her skin and perspiration appear with the effects of her orgasm. Azman had won this round. Candy's own hips bucked as she tried to force more of her pussy into his mouth and I knew he had found her clit as she gasped with pleasure. Her hips shuttled back and forth over the length of his face, literally bathing him in the juices they had generated together. She raised her eyes to me and gasped, "Oh, Earl, he's so very good at eating pussy!" She rolled over on her back, but Azman never released his hold on her hips and seemed determined to feast on that cum-slick pussy of hers until she could no longer stand the joy sex brought her.

It took me even less time than I expected before I had my clothes off and was on the mat with them. Azman, satisfied that he had demonstrated his worship of Candy's cunt orally, now pressed his rigid pole between the swollen lips of her pussy and at least half his length inside her. Candy groaned with pleasure, and the opening of her mouth was exactly the right size for me to slide my own now very needy cock into it. I had to turn myself perpendicularly to her body as Azman found her breasts again. Sucking one hard enough to pull the flesh high, his fingers ground her other nipple between them as his hips drove his eager weapon deeper still into that hot cunt. This time he was the winner of the contest, groaning with pleasure as he shot a rope of thick cum into Candy's core. Candy followed soon after, the heat of his spending sending her once more to that place the ladies say men could never find without sending them there first. Her marvelously skilled mouth was panting around my still rigid cock as her second orgasm in less than ten minutes flowed over her, leaving her jerking spasmodically and begging for Azman to fuck her deeper. Frankly I doubt he could have gotten deeper into Candy's hungry channel. With a length of at least seven inches, his pubic hair grated against Candy's smooth shaven hairless mound in little circles that seemed to drive Candy over the edge again and again. I lost my own concentration when her hard sucking mouth drew my own load down her throat to fill her belly as she swallowed the several jets of cum she had earned.

We spent the night huddled on one or another warm body. The action wasn't over after such a short coupling though. At least twice during the night I awoke to the sound of flesh meeting flesh and saw Azman's fucking of another lady. He wasn't the only one of course. I managed to sink my cock into Maurine's sweet pussy as I watched Park porking my wife's thoroughly used cunt. By morning the sheets were covered with drying semen from all our efforts. It was obvious, by the soft, lipstick covered condition of Azman's cock that he had been given the thrill most men would die for more than once. Dried semen on many of the ladies' faces cracked as they smiled their satisfaction with the night's fun. The few unshaven pubic bushes glinted with cum, still wet from the last cock that had filled them. I looked toward the wall and saw Maurine holding Azman's deflated cock. I winked at Ting who lay beneath Park. She winked back and grunted as he drove another length of his oversized cock into her cunt. As he ground his dick into her swollen pussy, she managed to tell me that the night had been 'very successful.'

By the time another two weeks had passed, Azman had become a favorite among the ladies in our group. All commented on his talented tongue as well as his ability to use his cock to stir their own interests. Even the ladies at the company remarked about how much happier he seemed to be. I told each who remarked about it that it must be due to the fact that within another week or so, he expected his wife, Azizah to join him with their children. But I began to wonder if I had created a monster when I found Ting in his bed as often as she was in mine. Not that I minded, I've always enjoyed the sight of my wife being pleasured by other men and Azman was just one of many who entertained her when I was not available. Regardless of what was happening at home, I knew that I intended to have some of the same delights with his wife when she joined us. I enlisted Ting once again to set up my seduction of Azizah when she arrived.

In part 4, Azizah is shocked to find her husband is no longer attracted to her alone and succumbs to the pleasure of Earl's cock while her husband fucks Earl's wife.

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