tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 06

A New Way of Life Ch. 06


Azizah was sitting on a swing, watching her two kids playing at the front of the house. Nobody was home at that time, except the maid. Her hubby Azman was at the library, Earl had been out since morning, while Ting just left home to visit her friends. Ting had asked Azizah to accompany her, but Azizah just felt a little too lazy to travel, and preferred to stay home with the children.

While sitting and watching at the kids, Azizah's thoughts went back to what had transpired in the couple of months since coming here to join her husband. Time and again, her thoughts went back, to get an answer. Why would a naïve and faithful lady, a mother of two small children, get involved with other men? She could blame some of it on her hubby, Azman, but, as she thought about it she realized she had enjoyed it too. Many of her friends in Malaysia had told her that in the western countries, many things are different than in Asian countries. She was beginning to see and appreciate some of those differences. She didn't deny that. While getting the opportunity to see the differences, she too seemed to be doing things so much differently than what her married friends were doing in Malaysia. Had any of her decent married friends learned, or even worse, seen what she had been doing here, they either would be asking if they were dreaming to see how the decent, faithful Azizah had changed, or they would have died of shock.

But Azizah just smiled thinking of all these events. Her mind in fact was thinking of another party that her hubby, she, Earl and Ting would be attending tonight. Since the last party they had at the house, she had not attended any party more. But this time she was expected to join the group. She was not totally aware of who would be attending, but she could imagine what would happen there. It made her smile widen.

Since she was deep in her thoughts, she was startled when a car drove into the driveway. She saw Earl returning home. Earl got out of the car, and came to her. The kids too came rushing to him. They had created a close relationship by now, coming to knowing him and Ting well. Earl bought some sweets for the kids, and they were shouting all the way. They had a small chat with Earl and Azizah, laughing here and there before the big one ran away, leaving the smaller one to crawl on the grass behind him. Earl whispered something to Azizah, making her giggle, then laugh. Earl stood up and walked into the house.

Later, Azizah called the maid. When the maid arrived, Azizah requested her to look after the kids, stood up and walked into the house. Earl was sipping a drink from the kitchen. When Azizah entered her room, Earl followed her, and closed the door behind him. In the room, Earl pulled Azizah to him, embracing and kissing her. Azizah responded by kissing him. The kisses are long and passionate. Within a short time Earl is undressing Azizah then himself. His hands are all over Azizah, fondling her breasts as he continues kissing her. Once naked, Earl lifts Azizah and places her on the bed. He continues his kissing and fondling on the bed. Azizah sighs as Earl's mouth moves lower, and lower until it closes over one of her nipples. Her hands go behind his head and her back arches as she tries to force more of her breast into his mouth. Just when Azizah nears orgasm from having her breasts sucked and gently squeezed, Earl's mouth moves lower still. She spreads her legs as she feels his breath on her mound, leaving Earl a clear passage for his head to go between her thighs. She felt his tongue caressing the inside of her thighs then slowly sliding over the lips of her pussy. Her hips bucked involuntarily as her body recognized its need for his tongue to be inside her. Then she felt that warm lingual digit press its way between the swollen lips and his nose nudging her clit. She sighed and slid her hands downward to cradle his head between them, pulling him closer to her steaming core. It was only moments later that she found herself jerking in a frantic dance of orgasmic delight as Earl reamed her cunt with his tongue. She pulled him up along the length of her body, pussy too sensitive to withstand more of his educated tongue. She felt his cock nudging the still open portal to her need, then the slow, inexorable pressure as Earl worked his cock into Azizah's pussy, and history repeated itself.

Ever since Earl and Ting managed to seduce Azizah the first time, the sex activity between the three of them happened often uniting Azizah, Azman, Earl and Ting. No one cared any longer who was fucking whom, they had their own understanding that anybody could have anyone at any time, day or night in this house of love. The nights were even busier as they changed bed and each sleeps with different partners, each others husband or wife. Now, Earl was doing it to her again as he did so often. It was like a well practiced marathon of sex, Azizah reached her climax just as Earl filled her cunt with his hot seed, only increasing the throes of Azizah's delight. Finally he rolled over off her body, gasping with the pleasures of their climax. He pulled her close to him with a hard embrace and again exchanged the soft kisses of two lovers who recognize the beauty of sex with each other as well as their own mates. Earl was slowly stroking and squeezing Azizah's breast, gently sucking the nipple as their bodies cooled. They remained like this until Azizah feels Earl's cock pressing into her belly. She smiles as he mounts her again, this time sliding his dick into her juicy pussy without hesitation and begins fucking Azizah again with long, slow strokes designed to give them the most pleasure. Azizah responds by wrapping her arms and legs around Earl's body, meeting his strokes with her own, driving him deeper into her with each thrust.

.While Earl was busy pumping another load of cum into Azizah, the bedroom door opened. Earl and Azizah look up to see Azman standing in the doorway with his arm around Ting. The four of them smile and Azman apologizes for disturbing them. He puts his briefcase on the table he and his wife share, then smiles at the couple on the bed, walks to the doorway, gives Ting a kiss, then back out of the room, closing the door behind him. Earl continues to fuck Azizah slowly and sensuously, concentrating on making each stroke the long, sliding filler for Azizah's hot cunt. Only when he had mad Azizah cum for the third time and eaten her juicy pussy did he finally stand and walk out of the room, leaving Azizah to go to the bathroom where she could wipe down her sweet pussy and ready it for the next opportunity with either Azman, Ting or Earl.

Later, Azizah walks out of the room and saw Azman sitting at the swing where she was sitting earlier .The kids was still playing with the maid. Azizah approaches Azman and soon they were laughing together.

That night, after saying good bye to their kids, Azman and Azizah joined Earl and Ting in their car. Earl drove as they went to a party, hosted by Park and Miriam at their home. Azizah sits by Earl in the front seat while Ting sits in the back with Azman who, judging from the way Ting is giggling, is having some fun with her. For Earl and Ting, and even Azman, this will not be the first time attending a party away from home. But it's a first for Azizah. Not only that, it will be her first time to be fucked away from home. While she's a little cautious about it, she knows that Earl, Ting, and her hubby Azman's presence and influence will help her enjoy it. She just needs to imagine what will happen there, although she already realizes that she is going to be fucked by many men tonight.

The drive to Parks house is not a long one, and soon they are in the compound of Park's home. Several cars were already there. Holding hands with Earl, they walk with Azman and Ting to the door of Park's home. Earl knocks at the door. Park opens it and welcomes them to his house. It seems they are the last couples to arrive. Besides Park and Miriam, Art and Candy were there, with 3 other couples, who are new to Azizah. One of the ladies looks Asian. Park makes a small introduction of his latest guests to those already in attendance, Eric and his wife Patsy, Jake with his wife Dianne, then the last couple, David and his wife Liza. Azizah is surprised to learn that Liza is from Indonesia, but married David and remained in the US. Their greeting was especially warm. Besides Art and Candy, Jake and Dianne are also black.

All of them sit and enjoy the snacks Miriam has set on various tables through the living area. Some of them smoking or drinking as they talk together, getting better acquainted. Liza came to Azizah and started chatting. Since Indonesia and Malaysia are neighbors, it's as though they were meeting long lost friends. Liza seems happy to meet someone from so near home. She also has two kids, but had been involved in swinging for quite sometime. It turns out that Azizah is the newbie, and soon both are laughing as Liza tells all she knows about the men to her most recent friend.

Then Park made an announcement that it was time to begin. He asked all to sit down on the carpet, then took out a packet of cards and distributed one to each person, face down. Once everyone had a card, he told them that those with less than a 10 or higher, need to take off a piece of clothing. More cards followed until, soon, all of them had lost the majority of their clothing. Azizah made a point of having a glimpse at all the men's dicks. It wasn't her habit, but in that environment, she just couldn't help it. Of course she had seen, sucked, and been fucked by the dicks of Earl, Park, Art and Azman, but the other 3 were new to her. Of all, Park was the biggest and longest. But what she saw now, the other 3 new men are also well hung, especially Jake, the other black guy. She felt that little quiver of excitement in her cunt as she thought of how he would feel in her. She also felt a little helpless knowing that tonight each of those cocks would fill her suddenly hungry pussy including the biggest, thickest and longest. She realized that she not only needed to entertain these men, but that she wanted them inside her. She knew if she could not take all, she wanted most of those big hung ones and she could feel all the men's' eyes focusing on her.

After everybody was naked, Park brought in a box which he said contained the underwear of all the men. To start with, he said, the ladies need to 'choose' who will be their first partner. Normally, according to him, the new girl will go with the host, but since he already met all the girls earlier, nobody is new to him. Standing in front of Azizah, he asked her to dip into box to pull out one set of underwear. Closing her eyes, she pulls out one which Park tells her to hold over her head. Once in view, Jake cheers, it's his! All the others clap their hands. Jake comes to Azizah, takes her hand, pulls her up, and then kisses her hungrily. Azizah could only smile, her luck couldn't have been better and she just smiled.

After all have their partners, Park says, "let's not make the ladies wait," and Azizah had only a short glance at Azman, who seemed to have Patsy as his partner. He just winked at Azizah. Liza seems to have Park. Earl is kissing Dianne, Art is already fondling Tings breasts, David is with Miriam and Eric is pulling Candy into a secluded corner. Some just lay down on the carpet, while others choose the settees. Jake, who is taller and bigger than Azizah, just puts his arm around her waist and pulls her to into one of the bedrooms. Once inside, Jake asked Azizah to lie on the bed. When she does he lies down between her thighs, and inhales the aroma of her expectant sex. Jake seemed to be fascinated by Azizah's pussy. Using two fingers he spreads her sparse pubic hair and presses his tongue against her swollen cunt lips, before it drives deeper between them into Azizah's hot core. The suddenness, and the instant pleasure, makes Azizah squirm. She has come to love the sensation a man or woman's tongue can bring to her, and Jake is an expert at eating pussy. She feels him pushing deeper and deeper still as his thumb caresses her clit. His other hand is equally busy, pushing her small breast into a tempting mound that has been suckled before by her lovers. She gasps for release as her hands meet behind his curly black hair, and she pulls him hard into her crotch. Jake's mouth covers her now juicy cunt and she can no longer resist the idea of feeling his cock enter her.

"Please, come up here," she says, pulling at her latest lovers arms. Jake complies and soon is in her arms, kissing her, his long tongue still tasting of her juices as they meet in Azizah's mouth. Now, even as they kiss, Azizah can feel Jake's hands on her breasts, his swollen cock pressing against her stomach. She yearns to feel it going inside her. Hesitating only slightly, she reaches between them, takes his cock in her hand and moves it to the entrance to her vagina. Is this the same pure, faithful wife who until only a few short weeks ago had never had another man's cock in her except her husbands? She knew as she thought of that, that it no longer mattered. Her and her husband's lust no longer knew any bounds.

"A-h-h," she sighs as she feels the swollen knob of his dick pressing tightly against her vaginal muscles, opening her slightly and then pressing harder until at last she feels a thick, throbbing head go past the guarding muscles and into her cunt. She thinks of how easily Azman's cock had fit inside her the first time he fucked her and how, since then, more and larger cocks had found their way into her. She has learned to welcome the cum that lubricates her core as her lovers go deeper and deeper into her on a bed of their pre-cum as well as her own juices. As her lover pumps his throbbing shaft in and out of her, deeper with each movement, she realizes that sex has become something to her that no longer is only for her husband, but also for every man she meets who can give her this fantastic feeling of fullness and joy. She thinks of her friends, back in Malaysia, who have never enjoyed the enormous release as a man other than their husband shoots a load of his hot semen into their cunt and feels only pity for them. If only they knew what they were missing! She wraps her arms and legs tightly around Jake's firm dark body enjoying once again that lovely visual contrast between her pale skin and that of her latest lover.

Jake is squeezing her breasts so hard that it almost hurts, but Azizah can only feel delight as her body nears orgasm. She kissed her lover, sliding her tongue into his mouth to muffle her own sounds of pleasure. Then she feels it, that unmistakable sensation racing from her vagina to her brain. She trembles beneath her lover and clutches him to her harder, driving her hips upward to meet the increasing speed and depth of her lover's swollen cock. Then, with a gasp, she feels the release of her tortured body giving up to the sensations of lust that she has come to expect with every man who fucks her, even Azman, whose feverish fucking of her has intensified in proportion to the number of times her cunt has been filled with another man's cum. Her body is wracked by the lust that only intensifies as she feels Jake's body tense, then that hot, thick surge of his cum flooding her pussy, creeping into her cervix, making her want more, always more!

Jake shudders in her arms as jet after jet of hot cum fills his partner's pussy to overflowing. He feels her hips bucking against his loins and her legs jerking spasmodically in pleasure while his hot seed holds her in that orgasmic fever pitch.

Finally he rolls off her perspiration slick body and sits up, knowing that others will almost assuredly be waiting their turn to fuck her. With a final kiss and fondling of her tits, Jake gets up and leaves the room. Azizah's body asks her to rest after that lovely fuck, but it is interrupted when Azizah feels a hot tongue laving her cum covered pussy. Looking down she sees her new friend, Liza lapping hungrily at the juices flowing from that well filled font, and, behind her she sees her first lover, Earl, fucking Liza while Liza eats Azizah's pussy. She might have protested, begging for some rest, but before she can say anything she sees Art nearing her, aiming that swollen cock of his for her mouth and lust takes away any concerns she might have as his still cum-covered dick fills her mouth.

She begs them for a change in position. Liza waits until Azizah is on her knees, then crawls between them, past cum slick thighs and once more fastens her mouth over Azizah's wide open cunt lips. Earl is reduced to fucking Liza's pussy in the missionary position, but it seems to be nothing he objects to. Now Art crouches in front of Azizah, presenting his dark shaft once again to her mouth for his pleasure. Azizah has learned the fine art of cocksucking from her partners before, and she intends to lavish all that education on Art, one of her favorite fucking partners.

Then, just as it seemed Art was going to flood her mouth with his cum, he lifted her and slid beneath her, pushing Liza out of position, but not off Earl's cock. Art's cock fits into Azizah easily on the bed of cum that Liza could not reach with her searching tongue and it feels wonderful to Azizah. Then there is a sharper push against her semi-virgin asshole. She looks around and sees Liza's husband, David, using the cum Art had pushed out of her cunt to lubricate his tool and press it into her ass. It's painful at first. Azizah hadn't gotten accustomed to having her ass filled with hard dicks yet, but David is gentle and goes into her very slowly, allowing Azizah's tight channel time to accommodate him.

She is just beginning to enjoy the feeling of her pussy and ass being totally filled when she feels the shaking of the bed as another man lying down beside her. It's Azman. While Earl is still pushing his dick up Liza's pussy, Azman is looking at the beauty of her asshole, thinking no doubt that it needed to be filled also.

Azizah sighed even as she felt more cum filling her. It was just so unbearably delightful to her, not only the feeling of having a cock in her pussy, but also one in her ass while she watched her husband, Azman doing the same thing to another woman on the same bed. She felt her lust overcoming her. It was becoming uncontrollable. She wanted more hot cum to fill her cunt. She knew it was going to be a long night, and she knew every one of these men would fuck her again and again before morning. She found herself wanting even more cock!

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