tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 13

A New Way of Life Ch. 13


Azizah and Azman were busy preparing themselves in their room. Tonight was the night they were to meet Barbara and Doug at their house. Based on what Azizah had explained and that she had gone through, they both knew that the party would be a sexual romp. Azizah, Barbara, and Doug had only exchanged phone calls since first meeting, but it was obvious from her demeanor that Azizah hoped for more of Doug's big cock and Barbara's sweet pussy. Azman could only look on with a smile as he saw his wife choosing her clothing so carefully. Soft hosiery, filmy panties, and a new very lacy and almost transparent bra were covering her lovely assets, followed by a costume that emphasized her lovely curves. Then all this was covered by a long black dress that could easily be removed out of deference to being out in public. Azman could see she was excited and hungry to meet them again. As for Azman, after a long lay off from western beauty, he knew meeting Barbara would be worth the wait.

It had been easy for Azizah to retrace her path back to Doug and Barbara's home. Before they even had a chance to knock at the door, it was opened by Barbara. Obviously they had been expected. Barbara hugged Azizah and kissed Azman, pressing her body tightly against his. She took Azman's hand and brought them in, yelling to Doug that they were there. Doug came out and shook Azman's hand, before turning to Azizah and pulling her to him closely with a long, slow, passionate kiss that was much more than a friendly greeting.

Hand in hand, Azizah and Doug with Azman and Barbara following were led into the living room. There they were introduced to another couple, Ray and Sally are westerners. Nearby stood Dave and Linda, a local Malaysian Chinese couple, the first Azizah and Azman had met from their own country.

Soon all were enjoying the snacks that Barbara had prepared. As they ate, each shared their experiences and background among themselves. Azman and Azizah learned that Ray is an engineer with a petroleum company, while Sally takes care of their home not far from where they live. Although in their 40's, they are very experienced in the lifestyle of swinging couples. Dave, they learn is a banker and Linda, is a secretary. Both are in their late 30s and have many friends in the Malay Chinese community. They assured Azizah and Azman they would be welcome to join them and their friends in more parties such as this. They have been swinging since their 20's and have many friends who would like to meet them. During the conversation, they also learned that two more couples are members of the group that usually party with those here tonight, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, had not been able to make it. However, they had not met any Malay couples until now. Azman and Azizah are the first Malay couple to join them. The 2 absent couples are westerners and Indian.

The sound of soft music filled the room as they became better acquainted. There was no hesitancy in touching, feeling and kissing among them. Doug had placed a big television screen in the hall, showing blue films, but no one seemed to care much about them, as their eyes and slowly moving hands appraised each other, evaluating each other as partners.

Even though there were only four couples Barbara decided that it was time to start with a little surprise way of selecting partners. She asked all the ladies to come with her to one of the bedrooms, while the men were left in the living room. She told the ladies what she had in mind and requested each take off their underwear. The giggling group dutifully complied. When all were done, she asked that all to gather again in the living room. Reaching the room, she announced that she now had four sets of ladies underwear. The men were to choose one set to determine who would be their first partner. The owner of the underwear would then follow the man who chose them. For a start, since the house have enough rooms for all, every couple had a private room but later it would be whatever they wanted to do. All agreed, clapping their hands as they nervously looked around among themselves.

Azizah's panty was chosen by Ray, the American. Barbara would be with Dave, Linda with Azman and Sally with Doug. Once the selection process was completed, everyone approached their partner for the first round. The men with lusting smiles, all bade farewell to their own spouses. Holding hands with their new partner, each couple walked to the separate bedrooms.

Azizah was slightly disappointed that she had not been lucky enough to have Doug as her first partner, remembering the comfort of his swollen staff in her pussy. But as Ray removed his clothing with her help, she found she was not going to be too unhappy with her first playmate. Ray's cock was definitely not a disappointment. Even semi rigid, it was rising slowly, already crowned by a drop of what she knew would be a tasty treat. She wondered how he would take her as the tall American stood by the bed upon which had gently laid her.

Ray looked down on the smiling, lovely Asian woman before climbing on the bed with her. Azizah's curiosity was satisfied when, lifting both her legs, he kissed the puffy swollen lips of her pussy and his tongue began a torturously slow spreading of them until her clit was exposed. Sucking it into his mouth, Ray began sucking it and letting his tongue circle the tiny shaft that grew as she began to feel his efforts bearing fruit.

"Oh, yes, eat me, Ray. I love having a man who eats pussy," she groaned.

Ray certainly knew his way around the female form as he ever so slowly aroused his playmate. Gently nipping and sucking the tiny bud that had now grown to almost a half inch in length; her bucking hips only encouraged him more. His hands covered her breasts, squeezing them, while his tongue found the center of her love button and rasped it up and down, back and forth making Azizah buck with the pleasure while she tried to get more of her flesh into his mouth. She gasped and bucked harder against him when the sensations reached her brain. Both her small hands covered his on her breasts at first, but then moved to the back of his head as her pleasure grew. Her legs crossed behind his back, pulling him tighter to her just as the first of what was to become an orgasm filled night caused her to squeal with delight.

Satisfied that she was properly aroused, Ray pulled himself higher on the bed until his cock was aligned with this beauty's love box. He felt her hands steering him between lips already wet with his saliva, and now being smeared with the essence of his manhood. Azizah gasped again as she felt the thick rod spreading her lower lips wide and slowly entering her hot chamber of delights. It took a little time to accommodate his thickness, but Azizah could only pant with pleasure as he took his time entering her. Each pressing of that hardness inside her was made easier by their joint need for each other and soon Azizah could feel the rich warmth of it touching the farthest reaches of her hungry pussy.

"Yes, yes," Azizah said softly, her lips on her lover's throat. She crossed her legs over her lover's thighs and pressed her hips upward as the sensations overtook her. Ray responded, lifting himself slightly before plunging deeper into her welcoming warmth. He kissed her as he lifted his hips once again, working his tongue into her and around her own. Then he drove hard, almost painfully deep into her and ground his thick head against the farthest reaches of her needy pussy. Any pain Azizah might have felt was immediately erased by the pleasure she experienced as Ray screwed her into the mattress. She gasped into his mouth as she felt herself almost fainting from the delight of being so thoroughly fucked.

For thirty minutes Ray kept her beneath him, her legs now over his back as she begged him wordlessly to continue fucking her. One orgasm after another flooded her core. He obliged her, until with a final lunge his cock began spewing its rich baby making cream into the depths of her welcoming cunt. He felt her pussy spasm with a final orgasm as he held it there until his dick began to soften and slowly shrivel.

Unable to bear parting with her delight, Azizah waited until Ray rolled off her, then reversed their positions and took Ray's cum covered cock still glistening with their combined juices, into her mouth while he stroked her swollen pussy lips with his tongue.

Doug had finished with Sally and stood up as soon as the last twinges of her orgasm had calmed and he could see she was ready to join her next partners. He smiled down at her. She had been good, very, very good and he knew he would want her again. At the moment though, his thoughts were of Azizah. Not that he was not delighted with Sally or the others here tonight, but he remembered vividly the soft, warm folds that had engulfed his cock the first time he fucked her, and he wanted more of that lovely body and warm mouth. Pulling Sally to her feet and giving her a passionate kiss, Doug smiled and said, "That was wonderful and I'll want you again tonight, but right now, let's go find the others." Sally was all for it. She had come here tonight to experience the joy of being fucked by every man present as well as tasting the delights of the other ladies juices, so she was happy with Doug's desire to do the same.

They walked, hand in hand, down the hallway. Nearing the next bedroom's open door, they heard the soft mewing of ladies enjoying themselves and looked in.

Doug's cock rose immediately to full length when he saw his wife's face buried in Azizah's crotch. Azizah was sucking Ray's cock and riding Dave's big bone. Dave was behind Azizah, who lay on her side, as Barbara lapped at the junction of Dave's cock and Azizah's swollen pussy lips.

When Barbara saw Doug and Sally come in, she stopped her oral worship of the lovely Asian lady and reached up to touch Sally's still wet pussy. It was all Sally needed. She pressed that warm wetness to Barbara's searching hand before helping Barbara off the bed and onto the soft, cushioned floor where Barbara immediately buried her face in Sally's hot, cum leaking cunt. Barbara barely had time to tell Doug to join Dave and Ray before Sally's hands were behind Barbara's head, pulling her tightly to her welcoming pussy. Sensing what was about to happen, Dave, who was fucking Azizah from behind, changed position and got on the bed with Azizah who managed to get on all fours and straddle Dave, taking his thick bone into her pussy while continuing to suck Ray.

Doug felt his cock stiffen as he watched Azizah's hips lift and then drop again and again over Dave's cock. She still had a mouthful of Ray's cock, but reached out to take Doug too. Alternating between the two rigid cocks, Azizah was soon in a state of growing hunger for even more and so, when Doug whispered in her ear that he wanted to fuck her ass, she agreed with a short nod that had Ray near orgasm. Doug and Barbara had teamed up with the others so many times that they were always prepared for something like this. Taking a small tube of the warming gel from the bedside table, Doug pressed the gel into Azizah's asshole and then spread a small amount on his cock. Holding on to her hips, he began to slowly press his cock into Azizah's tight sphincter. It was so tight and so delightful that it almost caused him to shoot his cum inside her immediately, but he was soon working it slowly in and out of her ass, going deeper and deeper, as Azizah groaned.

She was gasping with pleasure around Ray's cock as she felt two thick cocks alternating to fill both her pussy and her ass. Memories of how Earl and his friends had used her like this before flooded her mind and encouraged her to buck against the stiff shafts that were filling her so completely. Soon both were in her all the way and Ray, unable to control himself at the sight of this slight, sweet lady being thoroughly fucked, shot a load of that salty tasting cum that Azizah loved, deep into her throat. She swallowed it and bucked harder against the two dicks that now impaled her.

Azizah lost track of time, knowing only the pleasure of feeling so full and so hungry for the feel of male hands grasping her hips and her breasts as the two men fucked her.

Azman, on the bed at the other side of the room with the demure Linda, was smiling as he watched his wife being brought to orgasm again and again by her latest partners. He lifted Linda's hips as he fucked her, trying to drive even more of his own hard meat deep into that tight little pussy.

Linda, accustomed to lesser quantities of cock, was smiling up at her partner as she felt her small but very firm little breasts being squeezed as Azman fucked her. She too had been watching the others and felt a twinge of excitement in her pussy as she realized that soon Azizah would be eating her husband's cum out of her juicy little box. Linda was very bi sexual and knew that what Barbara and Sally were doing with each other now was only a prelude to what she and the other ladies would be doing to each other when the men were sated and unable to continue. Yes, she thought to herself, there definitely is a lot to be said about interracial fucking. It was at that moment that the pleasure reached its peak and she joined Azman in an earthshaking orgasm that left both weak, but thoroughly satisfied.

It was in the early hours of the next morning before the smiling group, completely happy with what they had enjoyed with each other, finally went their separate ways, vowing to do it again, soon.

As Azman made love to his wife again that night, neither knew just how rapidly this would occur and what surprises were in store for them as they found the key to success in the multiracial sex lives of new friends and neighbors.

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