tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 14

A New Way of Life Ch. 14


After the small gathering at Barbara and Doug's home, Azman and Azizah realize that they had found couples in their own city that are as sexually hungry as any they had enjoyed overseas. Their experience with Earl, Ting, and their friends had awakened them to the fact that sex was only better when it was shared. Now, after both had enjoyed all their new friends, they knew that they were on the threshold of many new experiences and looked forward to them. Azman was like a tiger as he took Azizah every night, making her hungrier than ever for hard dicks to fill her mouth, her ass, and her pussy with hot cum..

Since the party they had not met their new friends for sex, but they never lacked for communication over the phone or by email, trying to set a new date with Barbara and Doug, Dave and Linda, as well as with Ray and Sally. .At least, now, they had friends with a common interest - sex. Azman and Azizah were much more satisfied with their work as well as their own sexual needs, but they knew that soon they would want more.

They were both thinking about that when they received an invitation to the wedding reception of Zaki's sister, Halimah. They had not been with Zaki and Yati for a long time due to work and other factors. Now, as they find themselves on their way to the wedding reception, both realize they are hungry for sex with their brother and sister. Zaki and Yati met them as they reached the site. Out of sight of the remaining guests, the greetings they exchanged were anything but that expected of brothers and sisters in law. Azman's hands were inside Yati's dress, gently squeezing her breasts as they exchanged a passionate kiss. Azizah was enjoying the feel of Zaki's hard cock against her pussy as he too let his hands roam over her body. It was difficult to step apart as both couples felt the rekindling of their desire for each other, but they knew they must – at least for the moment. Being a family reunion, many families gathered, and lots of stories were being exchanged with one another, but none as interesting as what these two couples could have related.

Zaki and Yati had not forgotten what transpired overseas. After returning home, they had not had an opportunity to meet people here. Meeting Azman and Azizah brought those sexual urges back. When Azman and Azizah told them about finding the other couples, Zaki and Yati were eager to resume their relationship and to meet the other couples.

After the gathering, they had their time together for a cup of coffee and to talk more about their adventures. During the conversation, the four realized that the old experiences were as appealing as they had been when they had been together in America. Azman informed Zaki that they are staying at the hotel, and would be returning home tomorrow. If Zaki and Yati are free, he invited them to meet them there. Zaki and Yati were all for that that.

Somewhere before midnight, the door bell rang. Azizah welcomed Zaki and Yati into their room. At first everyone seemed a little hesitant, despite their obvious need for each other. Zaki and Yati set at the settee, while Azman and Azizah sat on the bed. They conversed for a while, but all seemed at a loss on how to resume their familiarity with each other, feeling a little lost. Finally Azman stood up and went to Yati. He pulled her up and started kissing her. When Zaki saw this, he moved over to Azizah. Soon all were exchanging passionate kisses and hands were exploring each other just as they had done months before, in America.

Azizah sighed as she felt Zaki's warm mouth close over her swollen nipple and pressed herself closer to his cock, straining to be allowed into her hot pussy. She didn't have to guide it, that hard bit of male muscle went right between her swollen lips and into her tight pussy. Zaki held it and smeared his cum over the tight muscle guarding her core, but soon it was behind that and Zaki was slowly working his way deeper and deeper into her. Azizah sighed with pleasure as she felt the length and breadth of that swollen staff of his entering her again. It had been far too long since her sister's husband had gotten his dick into her while they were in America and she realized it felt even better now than it had then, thanks to her more frequent experience.

Yati was now on the bed with them. Azman had stripped off her clothing and his and was tasting that juicy box that had been so much fun to eat before. It hadn't lost its sweetness and he felt himself getting even harder as Yati used both hands behind his head to encourage him to eat her. He waited until he felt her body shudder, and then slid higher on her body until his cock aligned itself with that delightful source of their pleasure. He looked over to where Zaki was now driving his cock into his wife relentlessly and smiled. He loved seeing her being fucked, and Zaki was doing a good job based on Azizah's soft moans of pleasure.

There was little sleep for either couple that night. None wanted to relinquish their rediscovered pleasure. It was late in the morning when Yati was riding Azman's stiff bone while her sister was enjoying Zaki's. It seemed only natural for the two of them to give each other's breasts a gentle squeeze and exchange kisses as they fucked their male partners who could only look on with increasing lust as they realized their wives were enjoying each other as much as they were each other's husband. Only later though did the two women suck the accumulated cum from each other while their husbands, unable to stay hard any longer, watched with satisfaction.

Zaki and Yati stayed with Azman and Azizah in the hotel, fucking their way through the morning. Zaki held Azizah close while Azman had the same tight embrace of his sister in law. It wasn't until early afternoon while the foursome enjoyed a late breakfast together that Azman cheekily asked Zaki, how Halimah was in bed. Had he ever tried her?

Zaki blushed and admitted he had not, but certainly would like to. Azman smiled and agreed, saying that she really looked great and he would love to put his cock into her tight pussy. They all started laughing as the realization that now that the taboo on incest was broken, Halimah was accessible. Zaki said his sister was still jobless and suggested that Azman could help her by finding her a job somewhere. Azman nodded, his thoughts going to the pleasure getting his dick into Zaki's sister would be and agreed to find something for her.

The pressure of his job caused Azman some delay before he could reach out to Halimah, but a week later, he called her and arranged for her to come to his office for an interview.

Azman wasn't sure how he was going to be able to use Halimah, but he knew that having Azizah to help him would be a good idea, so on the day she was scheduled to meet with him, he had Azizah come to the office. He told Azizah that he was going to try to get Halimah to work for him as someone to meet with his clients and encourage them to bring their business to his company. He and Azizah had already discussed the idea of him fucking Halimah and, although unsure if he would be successful, Azizah agreed to help in any way she could. She felt certain that, with a little encouragement, Halimah could be added to their group. She wasn't as sure that her husband would go for the idea, but she also knew he could be enticed into such an arrangement with only a little work on her part, and it would be the kind of "work" she had enjoyed with Earl and Ting

The interview was short and fruitful. Halimah agreed to work for Azman, although she was a little dubious about his description of her duties as a hostess for the company's new potential customers. Azizah played more than her part in encouraging Halimah, ending with an invitation to have lunch with her the following day.

Azizah was more than a little pleased at Halimah's appearance when she arrived punctually the next day. Gone was the shy, hardly talking young woman who had been married only a week or so ago. What she saw now was a self-confident young lady dressed in western clothing that displayed her figure as well as her ease in such situations.

The luncheon was a success, including Azizah's description of her duties with Earl's company in America.

"It doesn't involve a great deal of work, you'll be in charge of entertaining potential clients for my husband's company and much of it will involve just being nice to them." Azizah said.

''How 'nice'? Halimah asked with a smile?

"Well, it might involve going out to dinner with them, perhaps dancing with them, and basically just showing them a good time." Azizah said carefully.

"You mean having sex with them?" Halimah asked.

It was Azizah's turn to blush and she did so before saying that such a situation might come up.

"Did you do that?" Halimah asked with a smile.

"Occasionally," Azizah admitted. "Not too often and only with those I really liked."

"That's very interesting," Halimah said without a change in her smile. "I have been very disappointed in the sex I have with Abdullah. He doesn't want it as often as I like and he's told me he wants me to have sex with some of my old friends while he watches."

"And how do you feel about that?"

Halimah shrugged. "Frankly I wouldn't mind." She looked down. "I love sex, but I like it with other women just as well as with male friends."

"Then you and I are going to become much better friends," Azizah smiled and reached out to touch Halimah's breast. "I have some friends who like that too."

In less than thirty minutes, Azizah and Halimah were in bed together, exploring each other's bodies. Azizah was astounded by the ease with which Halimah fit into her enjoyment of bi sexuality. She was shuddering with delight as Halimah's rasping tongue found the center of her clit and felt her orgasm peak as she herself helped Halimah reach orgasm.

It took the two ladies several more hours of oral sex before both were sated for the time being. That was when Azizah volunteered to help Halimah with her desire to make her new husband a better lover.

"Do you think he really wants you to have sex with some of your old friends?" Azizah asked seriously.

"Oh, yes," Halimah replied. "We were at a dance two nights ago and one of my friends was dancing with me. He kept letting his hands wander and I had to scold him, reminding him I was now a married woman. When I told Abdullah about it, he was so excited he took my hand and put it on his cock. He was very hard and told me I should take my friend out to our car and let him fuck me. I teased him about that when we went to bed that night and he got hard again and fucked me harder than he ever has before, telling me how he wanted me to fuck my friend while he watched. I wouldn't tell him yes or no, just that I would think about it." She giggled then and looked down. "He's been very attentive since that night."

Azizah nodded and smiled. It wasn't exactly how she had been lured into swinging, but it was close enough she could see a way to make Halimah a very happy lady and also give Azman a chance to fuck her.

"Let's have tea together tomorrow and talk about that," she finally said. "I think we may have a solution to your problem."


In our next chapter, Azizah and Azman develop a plan to introduce Halimah to the pleasures of swinging without Abdullah being offended. In fact, it becomes so successful that Abdullah finds himself encouraging his new wife to have other male and female lovers.

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