tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 15

A New Way of Life Ch. 15


Neither Azizah, nor Azman realized how easily Halimah's conversion to swinging was going to be until Azman received notice that Mike would be coming in from the states, to prepare a report on how well the company's latest venture was doing.

Azman wasn't worried. He knew that he was doing a good job and looked forward to seeing Mike again. Azizah was equally thrilled at knowing that Mike would be here soon, remembering the times Mike had buried his big bone in her pussy, leaving her able only to walk on very shaky legs, but with a bright smile in her eyes and on her soft lips.

Since it would soon be Halimah's task to welcome visitors to Kuala Lumpur, Azman decided to have her accompany him and Azizah. Azman knew Mike's weakness for lovely Asian women, and Halimah would be a welcome addition to the party setting out to greet a friend as well as a member of Earl's staff.

The threesome met Mike at the airport. Mike shook Azman's hand, then turned to Azizah and obviously wanted to pull her into his arms, but Azizah just let him take her hands because of her concern that it was a public location. Mike smiled, remembering that the customs of Malaysia frowned on a public display of affection, so, lifting her hand he kissed it. Azman looked on with a smile which surprised Halimah.

Halimah whispered to Azman "Do American's always greet a lady in such a way?"

"Only if they are old friends," Azman said with a smile, turning to signal for his limousine to pick them up. With Mike's baggage stored in the trunk, Azman and Mike got into the car with Azizah between them while Halimah sat in the jump seat facing the three on the broad rear seat. Azman drew the sliding panel that separated them from the driver and looked at Halimah with that same smile. She didn't miss the fact that Mike was kissing Azizah passionately and his hands were roaming over her breasts as they drove the short distance to the hotel where Mike would be staying while in KL. It shocked her that Mike would be so affectionate with Azizah, without more than a smile from Azman who looked on as his wife and his friend remained in a tight embrace. She was wondering just how "friendly" she would be expected to be as she entertained other important visitors to Azman's plant. She hadn't missed the fact that Mike's attention had been riveted on her for several minutes as they waited for the car. His eyes had traveled up and down her body, causing that tingling sensation between her thighs she always got before her defenses crumbled as sex appeared to be in the offing. His smile at her, and nod of approval, was answered by a shy smile from Halimah before she realized he was a total stranger.

She didn't have long to wait to find out how well Azizah did her job after Mike had taken a shower and cleaned up after the long flight. Azman seemed to pay no attention to the fact that Azizah had disappeared into the bedroom of the suite while Mike was freshening up. Halimah's curiosity got the better of her. Azman was on the phone, seemingly unconcerned about what his wife was doing in Mike's bedroom. She found herself drawn to the door of the bedroom. As she neared the slightly closed door, she could hear Azizah's voice uttering soft sounds of pleasure. Her curiosity drove her closer until she could look into the dimly lit room where she saw something she would never forget. A naked Azizah was astride Mike, leaning forward. Between her thighs, Halimah got her first view of Mike's throbbing hard shaft driving deep into Azizah's core.

Sensing someone behind her, Azizah turned her head and saw the shocked look on Halimah's face.

"Come in, come in," Azizah managed to gasp between thrusts of Mike's hips as he drove that rigid spike ever deeper into her tightly gripping pussy. It was something Azizah had expected Halimah would see at a later time, but why not now. What she didn't know as Halimah slowly approached the bed, was that while Halimah was surprised at how shamelessly Mike was fucking her boss' wife, she was much more impressed by the size of the lovely cock filling Azizah completely. It was easily half again as thick as Abdullah's and at least two or more inches longer, yet Azizah was taking it all easily.

Halimah found the itch between her thighs suddenly become a wetness as she watched Azizah slide forward on her lover's body until her pussy was directly over Mike's face, freeing that lovely shaft which sprang to full attention as soon as Azizah's pussy left it. She watched Azizah's face turn into a mask of lust as Mike's mouth was obscured by Azizah's thin fringe of pubic hair pressing tightly against his nose. She heard the sigh of satisfaction as Azizah fed Mike the juices from her previously engorged snatch and his tongue scoured the soft petals of her nether lips.

"Here, ride him for a while," Azizah managed to whisper as she pulled Mike's head tighter to her crotch. She sighed as she felt Mike's tongue begin swirling deeper inside her juicy box. Although obviously enthralled by the sensation of eating Azizah's pussy, Mike's big dick had not flagged. It stood high and proud making Halimah's mouth water with anticipation. Looking over her shoulder/ Azizah suggested that Halimah do something with it. Even though Halimah's pussy was wet just from eyeing that wonderful cock, she was concerned, never having done anything with anyone other than her husband Abdullah and she wasn't sure if she could take this throbbing love log in her tight pussy but Azizah was insistent. Hesitantly Halimah doffed her clothing and came closer to the busy couple. She reached out tentatively to touch the throbbing muscle still coated with Azizah's juices and marveled at its hardness and thickness before she slowly mounted the burgeoning shaft. The newly wedded Halimah could only gasp as she felt his hardness press against her tight folds. Aided by Azizah's remaining juices and Mike's own copious flow of semen, it slowly slid between her folds and pushed hard against the tight ring of muscle guarding Halimah's entrance.

"Oh, my, what a great pussy," Mike managed to mumble. He pressed upward making Halimah gasp as she felt the helmeted head push its way into her tunnel of love. Still anxious, but enjoying the sensation and no longer afraid, Halimah pressed down against the thickness filling her, taking the first inch or so of thick shaft inside her. She was doing all she could to take the big strong dick into her tight pussy as she reached forward and grasped Azizah's breasts from behind. That hard shaft kept swelling as Halimah began to wonder if she could take all of it. She felt it was almost too much, but Mike helped with a thrust that drove three more inches of hard dick into her hungry cunt. Halimah grunted, and pressed down until she felt her pussy lips grinding into Mike's pubic hair. Totally filled, and wanting to enjoy every inch that filled her, she began slowly lifting her hips, then sliding slowly down that length again and again as she felt the throbbing heat of Mike's cock head smoothing out the lining of her vagina as they slowly fucked.

Sitting atop the mountain of male meat, Halimah felt Mike's juices coating her core as his cum flowed up and down her channel, easing the tightness only slightly, but increasing the pleasure ten fold.

Ever since being welcomed by Halimah, Azizah and Azman at the airport, Mike has been obsessed by the beauty of Halimah, but had never even dreamed he would have her so soon. It was a dream gone wild as he felt these two Asian beauties sending him into a delirium of passion. He could only think of heaven as he took turns pulling each of them down tighter against his mouth and his swollen cock.

The threesome was so engrossed in their own pleasures that they didn't notice Azman watching from the doorway. He was smiling from ear to ear as he watched Mike savoring his wife's pussy while Halimah ground her own pussy against Mike's burgeoning shaft. Mike managed to roll Azizah on her side without dislodging his cock from Halimah's tight pussy. This position, on their sides, left Azizah's body open to what Azman enjoyed even more frequently now than he had before, and he slowly took off his clothing, intending to join those on he bed. Azizah had been expecting her husband to join them and seemed to pay him no mind until she felt Azman's own throbbing cock pressed tightly against her tight little ass hole, then deeper and deeper until he was completely inside her, fucking her slowly as his hands squeezed Halimah's breasts. Azizah had grown to liking the feeling of her husband's cock filing her ass and she only groaned in pleasure as he slowly fucked her. Mike, his head squeezed tightly between Azizah's thighs continue to eat his succulent delight while his hands busied themselves, squeezing her lovely breasts.

Halimah could not believe the intensity of her orgasm as she felt Mike's rigid shaft continuing to drive deep between her quivering cunt lips and into her semen filled, saturated vagina. Her entire body was quivering with delight as she reached up and took Azizah's firm breasts in her hands and gently squeezed them as Azman fucked his wife's ass. As good as Azizah's pussy was, Mike realized that he wanted some of Halimah's cute little ass. He wasn't too sure if she could take it, but he knew he must try. With Azman busy fucking his wife in her welcoming ass, he wrapped his big hands around Halimah's hips and touched Halimah's ass hole with his middle finger. Halimah seemed only to drive her pussy harder against his cock. Using some of the cum seeping from Halimah's pussy, Mike pressed his middle finger into Halimah's ass. It was a tight fit, but Halimah only smiled up at him as she welcomed a second finger. It felt just like Abdullah's tentative fingering of her ass which he did often before they married.

Mike, now aware that this lovely lady might welcome his tool in her tight ass, shifted his position so he was behind Halimah. It was a beautiful sight, that lovely heart shaped ass, and those delightfully firm, full breasts beckoning his hands to cup and gently squeeze them, but first he wanted to get his throbbing cock into her once more.

Halimah grunted as she felt the helmeted head of Mike's cock push hard against her asshole. To prevent any pain, Mike used the cum from her pussy to lubricate his dick and then tried again. This time it went inside, just beyond the tight grip of her sphincter. It was enough for the moment and he was gently working it to produce more of the pent-up semen in his balls to lubricate the tight channel. It felt divine!

Halimah had to agree, leaning forward on her elbows, she felt Mike slowly going deeper into that hot, welcoming channel. He was working his cock into her very slowly, withdrawing just enough to let the cum work its magic. Halimah was feeling no pain now, just that wonderful, full sensation of her lover's cock wedging its way deep into her ass. Mike was fucking her slowly, taking his time, his hands gripping her breasts and pulling her back until she could now feel his pubic hair on her ass with each thrust. She sighed as she realized why Azizah enjoyed this, and told herself she wanted to have it this way often. She smiled as she thought of how good it would feel to have another cock in her pussy and one in her mouth as she sailed on this delightful sea of total lust. She wasn't sure if she could have an orgasm like this, but her curiosity was satisfied when she felt one of Mike's big hands slowly strumming her clit as he fucked her ass.

Azizah, still had Azman's cock in her own ass, but she couldn't miss the hissing intake of Halimah's breath as she neared orgasm. She also couldn't resist reaching up to squeeze on of Halimah's breasts, then beginning to suck on it as she felt Halimah responding to Mike's thrusting cock. She was meeting each of his thrusts with those of her own, wordlessly begging him to fuck her harder. Then with her eyes tightly closed, Halimah felt the hot slickness filling her ass. Mike was cumming and so was she. Her mind filled with beautiful fireworks as she felt her release, triggered by Azizah and Mike simultaneously. She fell forward, onto Azizah's still sucking mouth as Mike held her hips and fed jet after jet of hot cum deep into her bowels. Only when she felt that thick missile slowly withdrawing from her ass did she roll away from the two delights that had obliterated any concerns she had about sex with Mike.

It was more than an hour later that the foursome was enjoying a shower together in the large bathroom. However, they didn't intend to stop there, especially Azman. He had not had Halimah yet even though she had been working for him for some time. There had been no opportunity, but now he knew Halimah had no reason to reject his advances and he intended to use this opportunity to fuck her. After the bath, the four sat in the sitting room, still naked, slowly consuming the food that had been delivered to the room.

Azman had pulled Halimah close to him and was busy fondling her full breasts until Halimah began toying with his growing cock which grew considerably more when Azman began sucking those lovely mounds. Mike had pushed Azizah forward to grip the armrest of the couch and was slowly fucking her ass. All knew this would be a night to remember, but none more so than Halimah. Already she had been fucked by a total stranger who also had filled her ass with his hard cock and hot cum – and it was just starting she realized when Azman began sliding his dick into her cum filled cunt. She sighed with contentment as she wrapped her arms about her boss, forgetting totally about the lack of sex from her husband, Abdullah. She knew that three lusty teachers intended to totally use her body, and she found it to be a delightful prospect. Her nipples were aching from their need to be sucked and pulled.

Azizah looked back over her shoulder and saw that her husband was balls deep in Halimah's tight little ass. Halimah had grown from the shy, naïve young lady Abdullah had married to one as exciting as she had been when Earl and Ting had first started training her to accept other men into her tight pussy. She smiled, congratulating herself on her and her husband's successful efforts to change Halimah from a typical Malaysian lady of her age, with all the sexual restrictions placed on them, to a courtesan who would have been the pride of Earl and some of his friends back in America, just as she had become. Her smile widened as she thought about the possibility of taking Halimah back to the US, on one of Azman's annual trips back to meet with Earl. Halimah would certainly be welcomed by Azizah and Azman's friends when they found how well Halimah could meet their own needs. It sobered her slightly when she realized that it might be difficult to get Halimah's husband Abdullah to accept Halimah's newfound freedom and learn to enjoy it as Azman did. She would have to work on that, she thought, as she relaxed back into the eroticism of Mike's big cock filling her ass.

When, with a final lunge and a hot load of Mike's cum shot deep into her ass, Azizah realized she was tired and thinking seriously about returning home. When Mike finally turned her loose, he too was complaining about being tired from the jet lag. Any idea of that though was scratched when she looked over and saw Azman was still fucking Halimah's ass mercilessly. She smiled at their activities. Halimah was gasping, but smiling, obviously enjoying her second round of being fucked in her ass and Azman's groping of her tits as he screwed her. So to prevent cutting the fun short, Azizah took Mike's hand and led him into the Mike's bedroom where both were soon sound asleep.

Sometime later, Azizah awoke and realized Mike is not beside her. She looks at the time and sees it is well past midnight. Slowly she stood up and walked to the open door to the sitting room. There, on the carpet, she saw Halimah astride Mike with her back to him taking his cock in her tight ass, but he wasn't alone in enjoying Halimah's talents. Azman is on top of her with his cock deep inside Halimah's pussy. Double penetration is difficult for some women to take, but Halimah had managed to fit Azman's cock in her pussy after Mike has pressed his dick into her tight little ass. She was moaning softly as both men fucked her slowly, but they were sounds of pleasure, not pain. The men are double penetrating her, with Mike pushing up into her ass, while Azman is fucking her stretched pussy and sucking her breasts as Mike holds them up for Azman's enjoyment. It's obvious they have been at it for quite some time, based on the silvery threads of cum leaking down Halimah's thighs. Just as Azizah was thinking of joining in and sucking Halimah's breasts, both men picked up the pace and fucked Halimah harder and harder until they both unloaded their thick, hot cum in the young lady's tight openings. Halimah was embracing Azman tightly as Mike pushed up hard into her ass and Azman stiffened as he shot his load into her hot cunt.

After all had cum, they collapsed in a heap, panting from the exertion, but with wide smiles on their faces. It took a while for all of them to realize that Azizah is standing near them, watching them with a smile on her face. Halimah, even though no longer the shy, demure young lady she had been when the day started, was still a little concerned about how Azizah would feel about seeing her take both men on like this, but any concerns were allayed by the smile on Azizah's face.

It was late in the morning before Azman and Azizah left for home, taking Halimah with them. Poor Mike was left alone to try and regain his strength before his first formal meeting with Azman tomorrow, but even he was smiling when he realized how much of this sweet pussy was going to be his while he was here. He knew Earl would be pleased.

In the continuation of our story, Abdullah learns that watching his wife being fucked is almost as good as fucking her himself. When his sister seduces him and he fucks her too, he learns that incest is not such a terrible thing after all and wants more from friends and family alike.

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