tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 16

A New Way of Life Ch. 16


A New Way of Life, Chapter 16

During Mike's visit, Halimah was away from home or the office often. Nobody seemed to care about her attendance in the office, as her job is not only office work. But her absences from home began to bother her hubby Abdullah. Abdullah knew that Halimah worked for Azman, and also knew that her job is not always in office, but he wasn't aware that her job included entertaining clients in bed, unless she herself said 'no'. If she's willing and has no objection to the client, then she finds herself looking forward to hot, steamy sex with little thought about Abdullah. Halimah is not happy with what she's doing, but the pull of lust she feels when she is with a skilled partner is more than she can withstand. Her hubby's inability to satisfy her leaves her desperate and horny for sex, and since she can get it as often and in as much variety as she could want, she allows herself to indulge in all its forms. While Mike is in town, she is often beneath the hard body of his with his cock deep inside her pussy. She smiles to herself as she recalls the lovely feeling he induces in her as his cum fills her needy body and she once again experiences the delights of multiple orgasms.

Halimah either comes home late or not at all. Whenever Abdullah asked her, why she was absent so long, she told him that she had more work than expected and her job is still in doubt so she had to spend much more time than she expected until she felt secure in her job. She invited Abdullah to talk to Azman if he was concerned. She knew Azman would definitely give her husband a good alibi or even Azizah if he happened to reach her instead.

While Abdullah was still confused about Halimah's long absences due to 'her job.' his brother and sister-in-law, Zaki and Yati came for a visit. They had not seen each other since their wedding day, and they had not met since Abdullah and Halimah lived in a different state. But now the school holidays allow them to travel and both are anxious to visit their relatives. Zaki and Yati brought along their kids for the holidays, and took advantage of the opportunity to visit Abdullah and Halimah. When Zaki and Yati arrived at Abdullah's home, Abdullah and Halimah was both home since both had a day off. They had lunch together. And in the evening they all traveled to Azman and Azizah's home for dinner.

After dinner, and having chatted about family and friends Zaki and Yati said they would check into a hotel. but Azman influences Zaki to stay at their home, since Azman's home is a big spacious bungalow with many rooms. Abdullah and Halimah were also asked to stay for a night at Azman's home. All had separate rooms, except for the kids, who were to share among themselves.

Abdullah excuses himself early since he had to leave for work early the next morning. The others continued to chat at the sitting room. After a short while the kids also adjourned to bed, leaving the adults to themselves. Halimah and Azizah were in the kitchen together when Azizah whispered to Halimah that they should get together. Halimah knew she wanted to, but was a little cautious, since not only her hubby was around, but also his brother. Azizah assured her that it will be safe if they do it in her room. Knowing that Halimah wanted to eat her, Azizah and Halimah returned to the sitting room and told Zaki, Yati and Azman that she wanted to show something to Halimah in her room. They both walked up to their room, leaving Zaki, Yati and Azman together. After they left, Azman broke a secret to Zaki and Yati that he had slept with Halimah. Being a very sporting brother and a horny one too, Zaki takes the news easily as does Yati. Zaki even admitted that if he got a chance, he wanted to have Halimah too. Azman says if he really wants to, he can go up to his room as Halimah is doing it with Azizah. It makes Zaki's cock stiffen. He had fucked Azizah before and knew that if he found her with Halimah, he would have the opportunity to get his cock into her while Azizah watched. .He immediately excused himself to go upstairs. When he stood up to go, Yati pulled Azman up knowing that he would welcome the chance to fuck her while Zaki was busy with Halimah and Azizah. Everyone knew that is was the perfect opportunity to indulge their lust for each other. .Zaki tiptoed to Azizah's room while Azman and Yati headed to Yati's room.

Reaching the room, Yati did not give Azman a chance to think. She started to disrobe, but Azman stopped her. Standing behind Yati, Azman's hands were all over her body, squeezing her full breasts and pressing his rigid cock against her tight ass as he took her clothing off. Yati's nipples were hard with desire to feel his dick in her pussy and so, when he finished taking her clothes from her, she turned in his arms and began taking his clothing off. When she reached his trousers, she saw his tumescent staff at her eye level and immediately took it in her mouth. Azman shuddered as he felt her begin slowly sucking his throbbing cock as he held her head. It was a perfect blow job and he loved the way Yati was sucking his dick.

While Yati and Azman are busy, Zaki is enjoying the view of a 69 between Azizah and Halimah on Azizah's marital bed. Halimah is so busy licking Azizah's clitoris that she wasn't aware her brother is standing behind her, watching her eat Azizah's juicy pussy. Azizah, in her position beneath Halimah, caught a glimpse of Zaki standing there with his trousers bulging from his swollen cock. Using her fingers, she signaled Zaki to closer to them. Zaki needs no further instructions. He immediately took off his clothing, and once naked, he walks slowly towards the ladies. With a smile, Azizah spreads the cheeks of Halimah's warm, full ass and indicated that Zaki should put his already hard dick into her sister's pussy. Zaki slowly pressed his swollen cock head against the folds of Halimah's hungry cunt and began slowly and gently easing his hard dick into his sister's pussy. This startled Halimah, but Azizah tells her softly that it's Azman. Reassured and having felt Azman's cock in her before, Halimah just smiles and continue licking Azizah, while Zaki is now pushing harder and deeper.

Doubly enjoying the sensations of Zaki's hard dick slowly fucking her, and the juiciness of Azizah's now gushing sweetness of her other lover, Halimah relaxes and matches her brother's strokes as her tongue continues to fuck her partners swollen pussy.

Unable to resist the soft, sweetness of his sister's cunt, Zaki couldn't resist filling her with his seed. He pounded his sister's sweet pussy harder and harder, then after going for a very fast and hard pace, Zaki shot his load of hot cum deep into Halimah, while Halimah too shrieked with the pleasure of her own cumming, not knowing that it was her brother who had shot his cum into her. Both collapsed on Azizah. After a few seconds, Halimah stood to go to the toilet. While she's away, Zaki starts sucking Azizah's swollen nipples. When Halimah returns, she is shocked to see her brother is fucking Azizah. Only then does she realize that it was Zaki, her brother who had fucked her. With only a towel on her body, she leaves the room, heading for her room, overcome by the realization of the incestuous relationship. But, she was stopped when she saw that in front of another room, she saw her husband Abdullah peeping into that room. Halimah is not sure what is going on inside, but it seems Abdullah is very interested. His cock is swollen to its full length and standing as high and proud as Halimah had ever seen it. Halimah returns back to Azizah's room, because if she were to walk to her room, Abdullah will see her, and would be wondering why she's coming from Azizah's room wearing only a towel.

So, she came back to Azizah's room and told Azizah that Abdullah is peeping into the other room. Azizah pushes Zaki to stop him, and stood up. Pulling her pajama up, she walks out of the room, leaving Halimah standing and Zaki slumped on the bed.

Zaki, who was fucking Azizah, was not too happy when Azizah stops, as his dick is still hard. He got up and walked over to Halimah and pulls her onto the bed with him. Halimah was hesitant, but Zaki's strength overpowers her. Pulling the towel off her, his hand moves to Halimah's pussy where he was earlier. Halimah's mind is filled with contradictions. She knew that to let her brother fuck her would be incest and shocking to some, but she also realized that the hard cock that was spreading the lips of her pussy was welcome and slowly she relented. Her legs crossed behind her brother's thighs and she found herself joining his rhythm as they joined in their lust.

While Zaki is fucking Halimah, Azizah slowly walks towards Abdullah, who is still peeping into the room. Azizah knew that Abdullah is peeping at Azman and Yati. Reaching Abdullah, she put one hand on Abdullah's mouth and the other hand on his dick. Abdullah jumped at the unexpected touch, but says nothing. The sensation stirred by Azizah's hand on his cock is too enjoyable. Azizah peered around Abdullah and saw Azman is fucking Yati in her ass. Yati is on all fours on the bed, with Azman behind her.

Azizah sees the perfect opportunity and pulls Abdullah to his room next door. Once inside the room, Azizah pushes Abdullah on the bed, and she drops her pajama. Abdullah was confused, but hungry for sex. Azizah quickly pulls off his clothing. Once he's naked, she kisses her way down his belly and takes his cock in her mouth. Abdullah is unable to resist her hot mouth on his cock and begins trying to fuck her mouth. But Azizah has other ideas. The moment she felt that Abdullah is hard enough; she raised herself over him and presses her pussy onto Abdullah's rigid dick. In an instant Abdullah is inside her and Azizah starts riding him. Far too soon though, Abdullah starts cumming.

Azizah was frustrated, because she had not felt anything yet, but since Halimah had told her of Abdullah condition, she just smiled. Once Abdullah finishes shooting his cum into her, he collapsed and no longer looks horny. He sits up and asked. "Where's Halimah?" .Azizah tells him that Halimah is enjoying herself. Azizah could sense this made Abdullah a little angry but Azizah pulls him down and explains everything to Abdullah and also what he saw. After sometime, Abdullah just seemed to quiet his own inner turmoil and to accept the facts. After watching him cooling down, Azizah asked him, whether he's game to join them, to just watch, or go to sleep. Abdullah had mixed feelings, and he was a little shy, but realized he now had the opportunity to watch others without fear of ridicule. As Azizah insisted, he finally admitted that he couldn't fuck her again, but would like to watch. Azizah smiled and pull him by the hand. They walk to the room that had been occupied by Azman and Yati, but the room was empty. So, slowly they walk to Azman and Azizah's room. They heard a lot of mumbling and muffled screaming. Slowly they pushed the door open. What they saw was not a surprise to Azizah, but a big shock to Abdullah.

On the bed, Yati was flat with her back. Zaki is by her face, his dick filling her mouth as she slowly sucks his thick cock. Halimah is on all fours, at Yati's crotch, licking Yati's pussy, and behind her is Azman, fucking Halimah from behind. Abdullah was frozen, looking at the scene on the bed. The incestuous scene of his wife's family and her stirred him more than he would have guessed. He just stood there looking at them. A soft moaning fills the air as the three people share their lust. Despite the fact he was unable to rise to the occasion, he admitted to himself that the sight of his wife with another man's cock in her ass was beautiful. It made him hunger for her, but also he looks a little sad. Azizah took his hand and tried to slowly push him forward, but he just stood still. With their actions on the bed, nobody seems interested enough to look up to the doorway. Nobody saw them standing there. After a while Abdullah just excused himself. .Azizah lets him go, but only on the condition he should not reprimand Halimah, as he also did her earlier. He agrees, and walks off to his room. Azizah joins the group after Abdullah left, without telling them that Abdullah had been there, as Abdullah too had told her, he does not want Halimah to know that he watches her. Abdullah realized that he had enjoyed seeing his wife being fucked by other men and enjoying the ladies equally.

In the early hours of the morning, Abdullah felt Halimah slipping into bed beside him. He found himself strangely excited and began sucking her nipples until he felt them growing taut. The feel of her hand on his cock was enough to excite him and he found himself able to make love to her as he had never been able to before.

The next morning, Abdullah woke early and got up. He had an early morning appointment at his office. Before he left, he gave his wife a soft kiss and smiled down at her still sleeping form, admitting to himself that he had loved watching her have sex with other guys and the ladies too, and he wanted to see her do it again.

Abdullah's soft kiss awakened his wife. Realizing that Abdullah was going to work, she walked him to the door, and with a final kiss, wishes him a good day at the office. With Abdullah gone, Halimah wants to go to sleep again. She knows she should prepare herself to go to work, but the pull of her bed is too strong. She starts into the bedroom, but before she could climb back into the bed, she felt strong arms enfolding her as she was gently pushed into the bed. Before Abdullah he drives more than a short distance from Azman's home, Halimah is already being put to 'work' by her brother Zaki.

Halimah, who was initially hesitant and reserved about fucking her brother, now was eager to feel her brother's hard bone sliding deep into her pussy. She opened her arms and pulled him down on top of her as he slowly pressed his throbbing cock through the taught muscles guarding her core and heard her sigh with contentment as it slid to the end of her hungry tunnel of love.

"Yes, yes," she mewed with short gasps as she felt him beginning the rhythmic pumping that she knew would fill her with his cum. "Fuck me, brother. Let me see what Yati feels when you are inside her."

Zaki is only too willing to do that. He cannot get enough of that tight, slippery shaft that feels so delightfully hot around his throbbing love muscle. He feels his sister's hips responding to his long thrusts as his hands close over her breasts. He remembers the delight of eating his sister's cum filled pussy and knows that before he finishes today, he will taste that delicious elixir of life once again.

Abdullah had only gone a short distance before realizing that he had left his wife in a situation where any of the other members of the household could use her. It caused his cock to harden as he recalled the beauty of seeing Halimah pressing back against the hard thrusts of Azman's cock while her tongue sought out Azizah's juicy twat. In a few short minutes later, he was on his way back to Azman's home after canceling his morning appointments. He believed that an appointment to see his wife being fucked was far more important.

Abdullah wasn't disappointed. Parking a short distance away and creeping quietly into Azman's home, he knew from the sounds in the master bedroom that his wife was once again enjoying herself. Still, he hadn't expected such a crush of bodies as he peeped into the room where Zaki was driving his dick into Halimah's pussy, Azizah was beneath her lapping the expelled juices from Halimah's swollen cunt, and Azman had his cock deep in his wife's pussy.

Without saying a word, or bringing attention to himself, Abdullah left Azman's home and resumed his trip to the office. What he had seen was so stirring that he knew he would return that night and once again spy on his wife as she was fucked by brother and employer both. He knew it would happen, just as he knew that he wanted to have Azizah suck his cock while he watched. He smiled to himself as he thought about the future pleasure in store for both he and Halimah when he finally told Halimah about his recognition of her needs and how he wanted to see her fulfill them with others.

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