A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 02 Ch. 23


"Uhh, sure, of course."

The two women hurriedly dried themselves and each other. Natalie led the way to the bedroom, flopping on the bed with a contented groan and slouching against the headboard as her sister-in-law opened the nightstand.

"Would you like a vibrator too?" Gwen asked as she handed over the black rubber cudgel.

"Yeah, that would be nice."

Natalie idly teased her clit while the Magic Wand was plugged in and put within reach. "This won't take long," she said as Gwen climbed on the bed, "but I'd love it if you went down on me for a little bit first." The reclining woman spread her legs wider in invitation.

Gwen was a little surprised by the bluntness of the request but kneeled between the open thighs and bent to gently kiss the florid lips at their junction. She worked delicately at first, separating the inner folds from the outer swell with the tip of her tongue, alternating between teases of the opening below and the hooded button above. Miss Ritter had never cared much for this gentle teasing, demanding her young student take a much firmer approach, but Natalie seemed to enjoy it as Gwen's tongue and lips continued their dance, the strokes and kisses becoming more insistent on the most sensitive parts.

Natalie fondled her breasts and sighed contentedly. "You really have a talent for that, you know. Some day you and I are going to have to have a marathon pussy-eating session to see who cries uncle first. But..." She gently took the face between her legs into her hands and brought the body back up to a kneeling position. "I have to get to work and I have an urge for a cock." With a playful smile, she dipped a pair of fingers deep inside her and painted Gwen's cheek with the wetness they had retrieved, then repeated the motion with the other hand. "Let's see if Tim approves of the bewitching fragrance from the House of Natalie." The splayed woman reached for the dildo and handed it to her sister-in-law. "Mind playing tall, dark and hung for a little bit?"

Gwen looked at her, momentarily confused. "I'm not sure what you mean?"

Natalie smiled again. "Use it on me while I close my eyes and make believe it's attached to some young hot stud. A stud who vibrates." She lifted an eyebrow and grabbed the Magic Wand.

"I'm not sure how you mean..."

"Put it in and fuck me with it like Tim fucks you with his. Okay?" Gwen got it now and nodded.

Natalie closed her eyes and turned on the vibrator, and Gwen took this as her sign to begin. She nestled the dark tip in her sister-in-law's folds and pushed, watching in fascination as her sex opened to accept the invader. The blonde moaned softly and her hips twitched at the sensory assault of both dildo and vibrator. "Harder," she called out after only a few soft strokes of the length inside of her. "Fuck me harder." Gwen did her best to mimic Tim's thrusting as Natalie's orgasm began to rise, remembering how she loved to feel Tim "digging in and driving" as his orgasm drew near. She was beginning to worry about the force of her thrusts when her sister-in-law stiffened and climaxed with a long, low, wail.

"Damn, that was good!" Natalie exclaimed, looking through heavy-lidded eyes at the woman between her legs. I loved how hard you were ramming that thing in at the end—just like a real stud! We're gonna have to get you a strap-on...Jeez, look at the time—gonna be late. Sorry to come and run, but I gotta go." She rolled into a sitting position and gave Gwen a quick peck on the lips before hurrying to her duffle bag. Gwen watched with amusement and admiration the force-of-nature that was Natalie as she dressed, choosing to stay nude herself even as she escorted her sister-in-law to the door.


Tim was not even aware he had picked up Natalie's scent on his wife after he arrived home that evening. It was his subconscious that alerted his brain to the presence of another woman's pheromones on Gwen's cheeks, and his desire to reclaim her was quick to follow.

His plans for his wife's ravishment had to wait until the crews had gone home, and then later still as Alison stopped by after work to meet the new arrival. She enthusiastically approved of Marvin before spending time with Dancer to ward off any budding jealousy. Tim enjoyed his daughter's visit, biding his time until her departure, and was quick to suggest an early bedtime to Gwen as they were crossing the yard from the barn while their daughter drove off. Despite his need, he took his time with his wife's pleasure, his tongue work maddeningly deliberate as he brought her close to climax, her Magic Wand finally finishing the job as his fingers filled her. She shuddered through her orgasm and he patiently waited while she recovered, giving her plenty of time to catch her breath and regain her senses.

Gwen was still reveling in the aftereffects of her heady euphoria when Tim firmly guided her onto all fours and shuffled behind her, admiring the view and planting a kiss on each presented cheek before he inserted himself.

She loved the feeling of being taken in this submissive pose, like a brood mare standing for a stallion. Tim was playing his part of stud well, exhibiting his complete control of the situation and his wife without being rough. Time and again he pushed deeply into her then withdrew for another plunge while strong hands held her in place against the onslaught.

The thrusts made her breasts quiver beneath her, and she imagined Natalie's swinging and swaying wildly when she was taken this way. Ali's would probably behave much the same as her mother's...she imagined her daughter on all fours before Jason, guessing the young man would not be as gentle on her other opening has he had been on her bottom in the video. Cricket's breasts are a lot like mine, Gwen thought, and the mental image switched to the young woman in the same position she was in now, a strange man not unlike a younger Tim kneeling behind her.

"Coming—" Tim announced as his thrusting picked up in speed and force. Gwen braced herself for his last effort to bury himself as deeply as possible, her fingers grasping the bunched-up bedspread for better leverage against the powerful body behind her.

His length slipped from her as he withdrew a bit too far, and the subsequent thrust pushed the slick cudgel up between her cheeks. Gwen assumed he had missed his mark in his urgency and waited for him to correct, but the next two pushes left no doubt he had intended this change of plans. His cock bumped and slid over her rosebud, teasing it, as his hips continued to piston.

A loud grunt preceded the first splatter of his ejaculation between her shoulder blades. Tim pulled her to him, trapping his shaft between the globes of her ass, the spurting head still free to shower her back. Gwen held her pose to the last, taking her husband's eventual collapse next to her as her permission to move. She lay next to him and the couple held each other while he recovered.

Tim began to close the house down for the evening once they had stirred while Gwen went out for one last check on the horses. Despite the chill in the air, and she wore nothing more than a t-shirt and muck boots as she crossed the yard. Gwen could feel her cheeks sliding by each other as she walked, the slickness that Tim had left there before the orgasm drying on her back. She stopped just inside of the barn and reached under her shirt, intending to wipe away what he had left on between her globes, instead just using a finger to further spread his lubrication around her crinkled opening. The Slut dared her to go further. She only thought about it a second before sliding her finger in and shivered in wicked delight at the vague sense of fullness, noting the lack of pain or discomfort as her puckered ring captured and grasped the digit. The Lady urgently reminded her she was outside, with her finger up her rear, where anyone could see. Wouldn't that make a lasting impression! Gwen smiled and shook her head at her behavior, then made one last walk down the center of the barn before turning off the lights for the night.


Cricket arrived just as the sun was peeking over the trees the next morning. The Nelsons stood in the kitchen watching the car pull up, Gwen nude underneath her loosely-tied robe and Tim without any cover at all. "Guess I oughtta get dressed," he grumbled and shuffled off to the bedroom. Gwen decided her robe was sufficient and watched the young woman head for the barn after getting out of the car to say hello to Marvin before coming over to the house to announce her arrival.

Tim returned to the kitchen dressed in jeans and a t-shirt as the women were still saying their good mornings and sat down to put on the work boots he had picked up from near the door. "Ladies, enjoy your ride. On behalf of the horses, I hope you tire out before they do," he said as he laced up and stood to kiss Gwen. "Give me a call if you need me to pick anything up on the way home." He smiled and nodded to Cricket on his way out the door.

"Tim's going over to his friend's house to help install an irrigation line," Gwen offered as the sound of his boots thudding across the deck stopped when he reached the grass. "Let me get dressed and we can go do chores together. Come on," she called out over her shoulder as she started down the hall, "we can talk while I get dressed."

Despite their intimacy the weekend before, Cricket was a little surprised to see Gwen casually remove the robe and carefully hang it before beginning to select her clothes. The young woman thought to avert her eyes or turn away out of respect for her host's modesty, but decided that Gwen would have invited her into the room if she hadn't wished to be seen like this. Besides, she had to admit she was enjoying the view...she admired the older woman's self-confidence. With a body like that, why wouldn't she be?

Once out in the barn, Gwen could tell the chores were in the way of Cricket's urgent desire to be on the back of her horse. Still, she grimly stuck to her tasks, completing each one with her normal attention to detail before finally hurrying to saddle Marvin. She was first out of the barn, and Gwen stopped her own efforts to watch them take a turn in the field. They moved as one, human and horse perfectly in tune with each other, Marvin reacting a split second before the almost imperceptible twitch of the rein or a barely discernible tap of heel to flank. Both rider and mount projected an aura of complete confidence and trust.

They rode until nearly noon, only returning to the barn when Marvin began to show signs of fatigue after his lengthy period of relative inactivity. "Lunch and then take the other two out for a ride?" Gwen suggested as their mounts were turned loose in the paddock. "Or will Marvin get jealous if you take Tigger out?"

"If he is, he'll have to live with it," Cricket laughed. "Personally, I think he'll appreciate the rest. He's fat and out of shape, just like me."

"He's not fat, and neither are you," Gwen protested. "As far as out of shape, you seem to be holding up better than the first time you rode."

Cricket put her hand to the back of her neck. "Still get sore too easily, though."

"Maybe you should get in the hot tub after lunch."

"That's not a bad idea...I will if you will."

The women took their time with the meal and clean up afterward. "I'm going to go get changed," Cricket announced with a smile as she put her glass in the dishwasher. "I remembered to pack it."

"Pack what?"

"My suit. Won't Tim be home soon?"

Gwen smiled. "If my guess is right, he and his friends will work on the irrigation system until they get hungry, then they'll eat, then they'll stand around talking about the irrigation system for another hour or so, and then they'll work on whatever car or boat that is nearby for another couple of hours. We'll see him when he gets hungry again about dinner-time. But if you would be more comfortable wearing your suit, then by all means please do."

Cricket smiled. "Are you wearing one?"

"I don't like the way a wet suit feels after I get out."

"Maybe I'll just take mine off once we get up there."

"Whatever you think is best." The young woman headed to the guest room while Gwen pulled towels from the closet and stripped down.

Cricket emerged wearing a modest one-piece, taking the towel her host offered and noting she had not been kidding about foregoing her own swimwear. "Are you sure Tim won't be home for a while?"

"Pretty sure, yes."

Cricket hesitated, thinking, then pushed the suit down and stepped out of it. "Maybe I'll just take it with me." She looked about nervously as the two women made their way up the hill, the cool breeze working in concert with the excitement of her brazen display to harden her nipples. Gwen's, too, pointed the way. She relaxed a little after they had reached the pool deck, confident they could not be seen from the yard at least, but still listened intently for vehicles.

The women settled into the hot water, Cricket flexing her neck and shoulders in an effort to loosen them as the heat began to soak into sore muscles.

"Want me to rub your shoulders for you?"

The young woman's eyes opened and she focused on the face across from her, the rest of Gwen's body under the surface of the swirling water's. "You don't mind?"

The older woman shifted, opening her legs to give her room to sit between them. "Come on over."

Gwen began to gently knead after the young woman had settled herself. "Let me know if I'm digging too deep."

"No-ahhh—that's fine, just like that."

Cricket flexed her neck from side to side, encouraging the working hands into the spots that needed it the most. "Gwen?"


"You and your friend... the one that you told me about last weekend... how often do you get together?"

"It depends on our schedules."

Cricket was quiet a moment, letting Gwen's fingers work into her muscles. "Do you, umm, do what you were telling me about every time you get together?"

"Not every time, no..." Thank God for family dinners, the Lady lamented. Not much chance for you two to sneak off and fornicate at those.

"Is it like, once a month? Once a year?"

"It's whenever we both feel the urge, why?"

"Just wondering what's appropriate, is all," she mumbled.

"Whatever you and the person you're with decide is what's appropriate. Are you, ummm, feeling an urge?"

"Maybe...but it's not too soon, right?" she hurriedly added.

"This isn't the sort of thing that you schedule. When you both feel like it, then..."

Cricket was silent for a moment, her back gently rubbing against the older woman's breasts. "Do you, umm...feel like it?"

Gwen let a hand slip off the young woman's shoulder and on to the skin above the swell of her breasts. Cricket responded by pushing back and snuggling back into the older woman's body. "I love the feeling of a body against mine. Now I know what I was missing."

"It's nice," Gwen agreed, cradling the woman while her hands began to move again. Cricket's legs opened in anticipation as a hand made its way down her stomach. A finger absentmindedly teased and stroked her slit while the two women soaked up the water's heat and a hand casually pet her stomach and breasts. Cricket's relished the touches, her eyes closed not from relaxation as much as pleasure. She was disappointed when the hand and finger abruptly withdrew. "C'mon," Gwen murmured in her ear, "I'm getting hot in here. Let's go down to the house."

"Uhh—okay." Cricket reluctantly stood and climbed out of the tub, Gwen right behind her. The young woman took her cue from her host and didn't bother to wrap herself in her towel as they went down the hill, very aware of the possibility that someone might choose that moment to come up the driveway.

Gwen led the way through the kitchen and into the bedroom. The older woman went to her side of the bed and opened the nightstand. "I keep my things in here," she said, lifting a dildo out. "If you ever need to borrow them when you're here, feel free to just come in and get them." She patted the bed. "Come on. Lie down for a bit."

"Are you sure Tim won't be home soon? I mean, it IS his bed...he might not appreciate finding me in it."

"Oh, I doubt he minds. I'm pretty sure he won't be back until dinner," Gwen replied, moving to her side of the bed. "If he does come back, we'll hear his truck. You can take some toys back to your room and finish whatever we started in privacy."

"But what about you?"

Gwen hesitated. "I'll be fine. I really shouldn't be telling you this, but when Tim and I have a private moment together, he'll want to know how we spent the day, and...well, frankly, he'll need some attention after, if you know what I mean, so I'm sure I'll get some attention from him, too."

Cricket blushed and smiled. "Got it. I can't believe this has that kind of effect on him, but I've got it. Just tell me to get lost when you get ready to tell him. I can go out to the barn and give you two some privacy."

"There's no need to do that! I promise we'll be discrete, maybe after we've all gone to bed. Just understand the bedroom door may be closed for a reason." Gwen lay down and patted the bed. Cricket joined her, tentatively reaching out to the nude body next to her.

Gwen kissed her gently, each enjoying the warmth and softness of the other's lips before the older woman began to make her way down the young woman's body. She gasped as a tongue bathed and teased each nipple in turn, then felt it tracing a line down her stomach, over her navel. She risked a look down her body when the lips were removed from her skin.



"Have you ever been kissed," Gwen ran a finger up between the young woman's thighs, "down here before?"

Her eyes widened a bit in surprise. "Well, once, the uhh, second guy I was with in college, he, uhh, did it for a minute but it think he was in a hurry and it seemed just wet and sloppy and I didn't get what the big deal was."

"May I try? You can tell me to stop if you don't like it."

Cricket slowly opened her legs in invitation. "Uhh, okay."

Gwen resumed her trip down, skimming the silky patch of smooth pubic hair before lightly kissing the insides of her open thighs. Gwen studied the sex being presented to her, the lack of flowering labial lips so much like her own and so unlike Natalie's wild landscape. The Lady was disgusted she could find beauty in a part of the body so ugly it was required to be hidden away, but Gwen thought it truly lovely in its own way. She planted another gentle kiss where the young woman's clitoris lay tucked underneath. Her tongue followed the paths that she knew Natalie enjoyed, that she herself enjoyed, swirling and teasing, driving the young woman wild with her patient efforts. Cricket's sighs and moans made it clear she had no intention of asking her to stop.

Gwen raised her head and looked back, the young woman's expression one of bliss. "Do me a favor?"

"Anything," she answered, her eyes only half-open.

"I'd like to watch you finish. Can you do that for me?" She didn't wait for answer, instead scrambling over the nude body and pulling out a dildo and the Magic Wand.

"O-okay. I've never done that in front of anyone before, though. I'm not sure I'll be able to finish."

"Give it a try." Gwen settled herself next to the young woman and began stroking her breasts and stomach. Cricket closed her eyes, picked up the faux penis, and began to slowly feed it into herself, only reaching for the vibrator after it could be inserted no further. It hummed to life and was gently lowered to her mound, her hips twitching involuntarily at the contact. Despite her worries, the perversity of being on display off began to have an effect and she was soon intently working the dildo and vibrator. Gwen's hand continued to gently caress hard nipples while she bent to kiss the mouth now open in a perpetual gasp.

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