A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 03 Ch. 06


"Liz and me are gonna have our picture taken for Adam. You're gonna be the camerawomen."

"Picture? What kind of picture?"

"You'll see." Natalie smiled, grabbed her phone from her purse, and headed down the hallway towards the bedroom. Her sister-in-law followed, still unclear as to what exactly was going to happen.

"Here," the blonde said," handing the phone to Gwen when she entered. "Take our picture."

"If I'm going to do this, I get to be on top," Liz insisted, gesturing to the bed. "You first."

"Alright, alright," Natalie grumbled, lying down on her back and opening her legs. Liz straddled her hips and bent over, her face next to the woman below her.

To Gwen it appeared as though one wide open sex had been stacked on the other. "You want me to take a picture of you two like that?"

"Yup! He'll love it!"

Liz looked down at the woman below her, then back at Gwen. "No faces, right?"

"No faces," Natalie agreed. "Okay hurry up and take the picture—she's heavy. Make it good, remember, this is for my husband."

"You don't seem to mind me on top of you when I make you come this way," Liz retorted. She ground her mons into the woman below for effect.

My brother, Gwen reminded herself as she shook her head in disbelief. I'm taking a picture of his naked wife and her naked friend for my brother. She aimed the phone with shaking hands and clicked the button three times. "Okay, think I got it."

The women got up and reviewed her efforts. "Those will have to work," Liz announced and looked at Gwen. "How about you? Think your husband would like a picture of you and Nat?"

"Me and Natalie? Oh God, no! He's never even seen her naked, much less...no!"

Liz smiled at the woman's discomfort. "So I guess Natalie's not gonna get one of you two for Adam, huh?" She smiled at Gwen's shocked look and discomfort.

No more was said of the matter and the women were on their way home shortly after. The vehicle was quiet, Natalie concentrating on her driving, Gwen mulling over the events of the last twenty four hours and their consequences.

"Natalie, do you ever feel bad that Adam doesn't get to do the same kinds of things you do?"

"Things like what?"

"Things like last night. What we did at Mrs. Danning's, and...after."

The blonde laughed. "He's more than welcome to model for legalbeefcake.com if he's ever asked. I do think he's on the upper end of sexy for a lawyer. And if one of his golf buddies wants to give him a handy, he's free to take that offer too. I doubt that would happen though, guys are kinda funny about anything more than a fist bump or a bro-hug."

"Did you really mean what you told Liz about her and Adam?"

The blonde looked over and smiled. "Of course. It's not like they haven't done it before."

"But not since college, right?"

"Well no, not since then, but that mainly because her ex is the jealous type. She hasn't really had any desire or use for a man since she got divorced, but I get the feeling she's starting to get the itch again. She's worried about the crazies you meet on a one-night stand, and a friend with benefits kind of hookup makes her nervous because if she wanted to get laid when she has the urge she'd probably feel like she has to return the favor when her fuckbuddy comes calling at 3am. I keep making the point to her that Adam would fit her requirements really well. She'd have complete control of when, where and how."

"And you're alright with that? You don't mind sharing him?"

"I put a lot of time and effort into his training," Natalie said with a grin. "You Currans are an inexperienced bunch, but very teachable and eager to learn. I'm happy to share the fruits of my labor with those I trust, and I trust Adam and Liz." Her smile changed, softer and more heartfelt now. "I trust you too, you know."

Gwen smiled back, certain Natalie had chosen her words poorly and was not offering her all the same privileges as Liz. "I trust you, too." That makes you a member of a very select group, she added silently.

It took her a moment to realize the SUV was turning right on to a side road that appeared to cut through heavy forest. "What's going on?"

"Which one did you like best?" Natalie replied, pulling to the side and reaching for her phone. She looked at the screen for a moment, then turned it to Gwen.

One of the pictures she had taken a short time ago was now displayed. "I don't know, they all pretty much show the same thing, right?"

"I think this one," Natalie decided. "It's a little sharper." She typed, pressed a button, waited a moment then put the phone back. "All set."

Gwen eyed her suspiciously. "What did you just do?"

"Sent it to Adam. What did you think I was going to do with it?"

"I don't know, maybe show it to him at home, in private?" She said plaintively, her voice rising. "What if someone sees it?"

"Don't worry, it's his personal phone, not his work phone. I know the work phones can be confiscated for evidence, and I wouldn't want him to have to have to give up who the hotties are in a deposition," Natalie replied with a smirk. "And Adam will keep it private. He's not going to show it to anyone." Natalie wasn't quite sure that had been completely true in the past, but if he had let a few "slip", he had done so discretely. Those had been solo shots, though; she was fairly confident he was not about to show this one to his golf buddies. Still, the thought of him showing off his wife with her friend had produced a delightful surge of fear-based adrenaline. "If someone sees it who shouldn't, no faces, so they won't know it's me or Liz, right?"

"It'll be on his phone! Who else could it be?"

"A sizeable portion of the population has the same standard equipment. Your brother could just be a giant horndog who gets photos of other guys' pussy. Plausible deniability, you know?"

"So why did you wait until now to send it?"

"I wanted to wait until he got to the golf course. It's fun to try and rattle his game. It's also bait so he comes home as soon as he gets done rather than hang out with his buddies in the lounge."

"Do you do this a lot?"

"What, send him naughty pictures? Sure, why not? We both get a kick out of it. He sends me some, too. Wanna see?"

"No!" Gwen cried. "He's my brother!"

Natalie laughed. "I know, I know, but he does have a nice bod for a lawyer..."

"I'm sure he does, but I don't need to see it. What is it about sending dirty pictures to other people? You two, Ali and Jason..."

"It's fun and a gift the person getting them is sure to appreciate. I'll bet Tim would like one..."

"What! You mean like the one you just sent?"

"How about one of just you to start? I think I take a good enough picture for your husband to figure out he's looking at girl parts."

"And anybody else who sees it!"

"No face," Natalie reassured her, "just a smoking hot body. Plausible deniability, right?"

"We can't take a picture like that right now," Gwen reasoned. "We're out in public. Maybe we can do it some other time?"

"We've been here five minutes and haven't seen another car go by yet. It's pretty secluded...you don't even have to get out. Just take your shirt off. C'mon, live on the edge a little. Trust me."

"Yes, this weekend has been absolutely boring," Gwen sniffed before hurriedly looking about, checking for onlookers. "You won't get my face in the picture?"

"No face, just a pair of unnaturally perky boobs. Gimme your phone."

Gwen again looked about, then reached in her bag and handed it over. "Just one," she announced, unbuckling her seat belt. With a final scan of the surroundings, she raced to shed the blouse and bra. "Hurry."

"Perfect." Natalie aimed the camera. " Hey, I've got an idea."

"What? Natalie, take the picture or I'm going to get dressed again!"

"Take your pants off and then put your seatbelt on. We'll make it look like we were driving when I took it. Just do it," Natalie insisted, sensing the woman's reluctance. "The only way anyone could see your cooch is if they walk right up to your window."

Gwen looked around again, then hurriedly shed shoes, pants and underwear. "Don't get my face."

"I won't. Put your foot up on the map pocket in the door, open yourself up a little. Look casual."

"I'm naked, Natalie! How much more casual can I be!" Gwen slouched in the seat and the phone's camera clicked in quick succession. The Lady urged her to get dressed as they reviewed the pictures. "That one," Natalie announced, handing the phone back. "Send that one."

Gwen checked each of the photos for anything that might identify her, finally agreeing with Natalie on the best of a perverted lot. She looked up in panic as the engine roared to life and the SUV began a U-turn. "What are you doing?"

"Going home, unless you wanted to hang out here a little longer."

"Let me get dressed first!"

Her sister-in-law grinned at her. "I dare you to stay like that all the way home."

"Somebody might see me!"

"I doubt it. You're sitting pretty high up. Tell you what—put your shirt on, but nothing else."


"Because I want you to. Do it," she repeated with an air of authority. "I'll give you a treat if you do."

Gwen grumbled as she slipped on her blouse and slunk deeper into her seat. "If I get caught like this..."

"You won't. There's a blanket in the backseat—I'll let you put that over your legs if you want. Gonna send your picture to Tim? I'm sure he'd appreciate knowing you're on your way back."

Gwen scanned the 2-lane highway for threats, then back down at the phone. She triple-checked the destination she had selected—the idea she might send this to the wrong person was too horrifying to contemplate—and started typing.

For you

Please don't show anyone!

On our way home

Love you

She held off sending it, pondering the wisdom of her action, knowing that once sent it would be very difficult to undo. Tim will love it, the Slut suggested. Something for him for once. With a deep breath, she hit the send button.

Natalie's hand slipped from the gearshift and gently snaked under the blanket to Gwen's bare thigh as she was deleting the last of the photos from her phone. It didn't stop there, the driver's fingers gliding down to urge her passenger's legs apart. "I think you like showing off," she said, gently inserting a finger in Gwen's exposed slit. "You're very wet."

"I'm not showing off...you said nobody could see, right?"

"Yeah, but just imagine if somebody could..." The next two hours were decadent torture as Natalie kept one hand on the wheel and one hand between her sister-in-law's legs, alternating strokes and caresses with periods of inactivity where her middle finger just rested between swollen lips. Gwen eased her seat back and spread her legs to make herself more available in an effort to keep Natalie's hand moving and avoid those moments of frustration when she stopped. The blanket had long since slipped to the floor, but Gwen didn't feel the need or desire to retrieve it just yet.

Natalie was skilled, bringing her passenger ever closer to climax in cycles, exciting then backing down for a bit to slow her climb as Gwen's hips tried to create pressure against the palm that rested lightly on her mons. They were ten miles from the turn into the Nelson driveway when the long-awaited orgasm was finally delivered.

"That was incredible," Gwen groaned before realizing just how close they were to home and scrambling to find her pants, deciding that underwear wouldn't be necessary for the short walk from driveway to the house and stuffed bra and panties in her bag. "Thank you—let me return the favor—maybe if you pulled over somewhere?"

Natalie laughed. "You get very brave after you come! I appreciate the thought, but don't worry, I'm sure your brother will take good care of me when I get home as long as those pesky kids aren't around." She grinned. If I know your brother, between the picture and telling him what we did this weekend I'm pretty sure he's going to make me walk funny."

The SUV pulled into the yard as Gwen was slipping on her shoes. Tim's truck was not there but Eric's was. One of the business trucks was gone—Eric had the emergency duty this weekend, maybe he and Tim had switched? But why would the young plumber be up here on his day off? She reached for the door handle and remembered where her underwear was—hopefully the young man would not come out of the shop to greet her.

"You did great," Natalie told her as she exited. "I'm so proud of you, the way you handled everything. Think you want to model again?"

Gwen got out and turned to look back at her sister-in-law through the open truck doorway. "I would—" she stopped mid-sentence, a look of horror spreading across her face as she spotted the wet patch on the seat cover, dark against the light gray of the fabric, where she had been sitting. "Oh my God, Natalie, I'm so sorry—let me go get something to clean that with—"

"Don't worry about it," the blonde laughed and rubbed her fingers over the stain. "It just looks like you spilled a drink there. It'll dry."

"Are you sure?" I—"

I'm very sure, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. You did, right?"

Gwen blushed and looked down. "Yes, I did. It was a lot of fun."

"Good! Then we'll have to do it again. I'll call you tomorrow—I want to hear what Tim thought of your picture."

She waved from the deck as the SUV disappeared down the driveway. Maybe a swim before I make lunch, she thought. Eric is probably in the shop...skinnydipping would be fun but too dangerous, she mused. It might be fun to let herself get caught...she smiled at the little fantasy, imagining the young plumber's embarrassment. The Lady's admonishment that she hadn't felt it necessary to be embarrassed herself was summarily dismissed.

She was startled enough to let out a small squeak as she entered the kitchen and saw a naked man leaning against the counter, his arms crossed expectantly at his chest. Tim had not left after all, a half-smile on his face. "Oh—I didn't think you were here. I didn't see your truck, but I did see Eric's. Is he out on a call?"

"Yup, Eric's out on a call. My truck's behind the shop—I was loading scrap to take down to Manny's when I got your message. That's a hell of a picture of you," he replied, picking up his phone.

She smiled weakly. "How do you know it's me?"

"I've spent years memorizing every nook, cranny and curve of my wife's body, a habit you've made a lot easier recently. I'd recognize it anywhere."

"You aren't mad that I sent it, are you? I know it was risky—somebody else could have seen it—but Natalie thought you might like it."

"Much as I'd love to show that off to all my friends, I think I'm going to keep that one to myself. And Natalie was right." He gestured to his swelling member. "Do I look mad?"

"No, I guess not..."

"The problem with a picture like that," he continued, arms again crossed, "is when you send it you have to be ready to take care of anything that might come up because of it."

Gwen smiled. "That's not a problem to me at all. Let's go to the bedroom. There are some things I want you to know about last night. If you still want me to take care of that—" she motioned to the snake raising its head to look at her—"after, I'll be glad to."

"Uh-oh, that sounds interesting. I want to hear all the details of your weekend, but I really need to take the edge off first so we can take our time after and I can really enjoy every detail, and anyways, it's hard to talk when your mouth is full, if you know what I mean." Tim raised his eyebrows suggestively and grasped his erection, shaking it at her.

Gwen smiled, gracefully dropped to her knees and took him in her hand. "When was the last time you came?"

"Well, uhh..."

"You can tell me. I just want to know how much to expect. You do want me to take the edge of this way, right?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice. And, uhh, if you really wanna know, yesterday morning, right after you left."

So Natalie had been right about that, too! "Really? What Natalie did, did you...masturbate...because of that?"

"Well, uh, yeah! Sorry, but that was hot as hell!"

"Huh," she murmured, studying the cock just inches from her face. Not as big as Neal's, not that size was important, but it was all hers, and that was far and away the most important thing. She felt a deep obligation to satisfy it and the man it was attached to.

"You aren't mad that I saw that, right?" Tim asked, mistaking her concentration for displeasure. "Natalie said I didn't have to leave, and I didn't know she was gonna do that..."

"No, I'm not mad," Gwen replied still studying the veined length she was holding. "Just a little surprised that you liked it. I'm still getting used to the idea that, umm, you like us being together like that." She leaned forward, letting the spongy pink head slide past her lips until they locked around his corona. The tickle of her tongue against his opening made him groan.

Tim's need was urgent and he took control, gently taking hold of the base of her ponytail while he fucked her mouth. Gwen moaned in approval and he occasionally stopped mid-stroke to allow her to remind him of her tongue's talents before gently thrusting again. "Eric's back," Tim grunted as they both heard the sound of tires crunching up the driveway, but he showed no desire to stop or retreat to a more private spot. Gwen grew nervous at the thought of being discovered servicing her man like this, but there was excitement too, the Slut encouraging her to show off her cocksucking talents. The cock's owner was too close to allow much time for that though, and he thrust several more times before stopping, this time with his length pushed as deeply as he dared go without gagging her. Across the yard a truck door slammed and Gwen felt the first jet of salty cream against the back of her throat. She flinched with the first pulse, willing herself not to pull away from the sudden volleys of hot sperm, letting it pool on the back of her tongue.

Tim pulled his length from her mouth even as the last spurt was leaving the tip. "He's coming up to the house," he calmly announced, looking past her through the window. "Since you're dressed, can you see what he wants while I go get some clothes on?" Gwen hurriedly swallowed her husband's offering, wryly noting that her efforts to get her husband to drink more fruit juice seemed to be paying off, and got to her feet. She was struggling to retie her ponytail when Eric knocked. Gwen, cheeks flushed and her brow damp, opened the door to greet him.

"Hi, uhh, Gwen, is Tim home?"

She smiled. At her insistence, Eric had stopped calling her "Mrs. Nelson" just a couple of weeks ago. "He is. C'mon in, he'll be right out. Is everything okay?"

"Uhh, yeah, everything's fine, I just wanted to let him know..." he was momentarily distracted by a little white pearl on her shirt, very visible against the light blue fabric, sitting just above her breast. He knew what it looked like, but it couldn't be that...just his overactive imagination again. It's just spilled ice cream, or mayonnaise. "I just wanted to let him know," her repeated, now worried that he had been caught looking at his boss's chest, "that the compressor on truck two blew a seal."

"Goddamn thing," Tim grumbled, tucking his shirt into his jeans as he came down the hall, "I knew that was cheap shit when we bought it. I think we've got a dead compressor with a good seal in it—at least I hope it's good. I'll swap it out."

"I hope I didn't interrupt anything—I mean, your Sunday," Eric said nervously looking back and forth between Tim and Gwen, noting the pearl was quickly melting and the wet spot on her shirt expanding.

"Oh no, I just finished lunch and was getting ready to feed him," Gwen said, shooting a glance at Tim. "Are you hungry? I can make you something."

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