tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 03 Ch. 19

A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 03 Ch. 19


Standard disclaimers.

This is a story about sexual exploration and, open relationships. Open relationships can and do happily exist; but they are not for everyone. If you do not believe it is at all possible for open relationships to exist without damage to any and all involved parties, please do yourself a favor and don't waste your time reading this.


Also, this story takes place in a world where STDs don't exist and only babies planned for and wanted do—in other words, a fantasy world. Any resemblance to real-life people is purely coincidental.


"I usually get a warm washcloth to clean him up," Gwen advised softly. "Since you helped make the mess, think you can take care of that?"

Cricket looked up, eyes wide and mouth open in surprise, the spell broken. Her wild and chaotic thoughts came together long enough to proudly acknowledge that yes, she had made the mess—well, technically Tim had made it, but she had definitely helped cause it—and glanced back down at his hairy stomach and chest dotted with the evidence as if to confirm that yes, she really had done that. The naked young woman nodded dumbly, letting go of the cock still in her grasp and slid off the bed to hurry to the bathroom.

She reached for a washcloth, abruptly stopping to look at the woman in the mirror. Her cheeks and upper chest had the now-familiar rosy blush of sexual excitement, her painfully erect nipples begging for another's touch. If Daniel's family could see me now, she thought, contemplating the slut looking back at her, their long-held suspicions would be more than confirmed. Her sisters-in-law had always given her the impression they thought of her as some sort of sexual deviant for wanting to fornicate for her own pleasure. They might have forgiven her lust had she used it to make babies, but she hadn't been interested in that aspect of wifely duties. Of course, they didn't know or chose to ignore that their brother's needs were centered around the obligation he felt to produce a male heir rather than any evident physical or emotional desires.

They probably lack the imagination or experience to believe I've fallen this far, Cricket thought, critically studying her reflection. There was a time when their opinion of her sordid actions might have mattered, back when she was more unsure of herself, back before she met Gwen, but not now. What mattered was that she had done it—for the first time she had been an active participant in a man's pleasure, had been the cause of his orgasm rather than just biologically correct opening to fill. Of course, there were still the ever-present feelings of self-doubt she had when evaluating her performance, whether it be on horseback, at work, or in the bedroom. Yes, she had done it, but had Tim actually enjoyed it, or was he just being polite? Could a man even be polite with an orgasm? The heavy breathing and grunts made her want to believe he had truly enjoyed her efforts, as were the pulsing fountains of semen now on his chest...and her hand, she thought, looking down. The wet sheen was already drying in spots, but a particularly large pearl of his come sat atop the knuckle on her middle finger like the jewel on some obscene ring. She hesitated, studying the vivid reminder of what she had just done before bringing it to her nose. There was no smell, really, nothing compared to the mixed scent of pool chlorine and male musk she had gulped in while kneeling between his legs. Cricket glanced at the doorway to ensure her privacy and gingerly brought the knuckle to the tip of her extended tongue.

She had tasted sperm before, the traces left on Gwen's lips after she had serviced her husband, and once after a particularly frustrating session with Daniel. He had wheezed his way to an unusually quick orgasm before unceremoniously rolling off her and hurrying to the bathroom to clean up and redress. Fast, even for him, she had thought with bitter amusement while reaching down between her still open legs to stroke her tingling clit in apology for another frustrating night. Did men ever fake their orgasms, she wondered, and would he go so far as to do so to in order to be away from even their little bit of intimacy? She had been embarrassed to think she might be reason enough to do so. A sudden impulse urged her to tentatively probe inside her sex, feeling for any evidence proving he had not. She was wet there, wetter than what she imagined she could produce herself, and curled her finger to scoop out whatever he might have left. Cricket brought it up where she could examine the pearly goo more closely. Maybe he had been aroused to enough to relieve his pent-up urges in her after all...she brought it to her lips and got the impression of something salty and bitter, not terribly nice, and was suddenly filled with dread that perhaps the taste was the result of where it had been left and that her own body was the reason for the unpleasantness of it. Or perhaps it had just been a reflection of how she felt about her husband in general by that point. Either way, the overwhelming guilt and shame she immediately felt for putting in her mouth what was never intended to be sampled was enough to discourage her from ever taking another taste of it—or herself-again. It was not until Gwen had reassured her with words and actions that her pussy was not the repulsive thing she had begun to imagine it to be that she dared place the fault with him.

And now here was another sample, and another opportunity...her tongue made contact with the pearl on her finger and she curled the tip to collect the wetness, bringing it back past her lips. It had cooled considerably from when it had first landed on her knuckle after it had bubbled up in a late pulse before falling back on to her finger. There was not much of it, a small portion compared to what was still on his chest and stomach, but still there was a stronger taste of salt as it warmed on her tongue than the traces she had gotten from Gwen. There was a bleachiness as well—perhaps from the pool chlorine on his cock or her finger—but the taste did not trigger the feelings of disgust and self-doubt Daniel's had long ago. In fact, it wasn't terrible at all and decided she could handle more, if needed...

The washcloth soaked up the steaming water from the tap, and Cricket hurried back to the bedroom. Tim was still on his back, hands behind his head while Gwen lay on one elbow beside him smiling at her return. "Is it alright to touch it now?" The young woman asked, remembering how he had stopped her from continuing to stroke it immediately after she had emptied it.

"Oh, yeah," he said with an embarrassed smile. "It only takes a minute or two to get over that. Then it's ready for whatever you want to do to it. Look, I can clean myself up—you don't have—"

"No, I'd like to do it, if that's alright." Cricket knelt beside him before he could answer and began to gently clean the wet spots from his the sparse hairs of his chest, moving down to his more thickly forested stomach. She dabbed in and around his wiry pubic thatch before gently grasping the head of his softening cock between two fingers to move it and get to the puddles that lay beneath. The steel rod wrapped in yielding skin was gone, replaced by something more flexible, like...garden hose, she thought with a smile. Cricket worked carefully, meticulous in her efforts to bathe every last spot, even the loose sac hanging below his softening member. Memories of the care she had taken in grooming an instructor's horse after she had been once allowed to ride him came to mind; then, as now, she had worked to show her appreciation for being allowed such a privilege. Only it's not Gwen's horse, it's her husband, she sternly reminded herself for what seemed like the hundredth time. Cricket was pleased that just as she had developed no desire for her instructor's horse to become hers, she had no urge to possess the man whose body she was carefully tending to. The threat of it, an irrational fear that his orgasm might have triggered some sort of magical attraction in her, had occurred to her as she worked to coax the first spurt from his length. He still felt like just an older, wiser friend—not the kind of friends she and Gwen had become, certainly, but maybe she and Tim were friends with benefits now, whatever that meant? Cricket wasn't sure if an amateurish and educational handjob qualified her for that status.

"Thank you Cricket, that was really good," Tim finally said with a smile, lifting himself off the bed. "Lemme know if you two need anything." Cricket imagined he looked rather pleased with himself as swaggered out of the room, watching that very masculine ass flexing its way down the hall before turning her attention back to the naked woman on the bed with her.

"Sorry I sprang that on you like that," Gwen said softly, cupping the young woman's cheek. "I never told my students before the first time they were getting on the horse until it was right there in front of them. That way they didn't worry so much. I know it wasn't your first time, but still..."

"Close enough to the first time," Cricket replied with a chirp. "And I can't believe you're apologizing! Thank you for trusting me enough to do that!"

"Just between us, right?"

"Of course! Who am I gonna tell?" Cricket gladly allowed herself to be laid down, soft lips finding her own, a feminine hand delicately stroking the curve of her hip. Gwen's knee came up to gently push against the young woman's mound for Cricket to grind against. Her own hand pushed between the older woman's legs to find her very wet furrow, hips beginning to undulate in welcome to the finger on her clit. Gwen gently took a nipple between her lips, bathing it with her tongue, and Cricket moaned in response.

Gwen continued to gently tease her friend's breast as she rolled her on to her back, a knee opening the way for her to lie between Cricket's parted thighs. The young woman gently scratched her back in encouragement, remembering the excitement a body between her legs had always produced, even if this one lacked the masculine roughness as well as the one part she had become accustomed to accepting in this position. As a matter of fact, it was nice to have the body on top of her take it's time with her pleasure instead of being unceremoniously mounted and rutted like a chore to be performed. The missing sensation of being filled, as small as Daniel was, could easily be dismissed in favor of the slow sensuous grinding against her mons and clit.

Gwen pressed her body into the firm flesh below, reveling in the sensation of soft femininity against her own. Their lips met as the two women moved in tune with each other, tongues dancing while breasts and clits slid and ground against their opposite. Cricket was first to climax, frantically grabbing at the ass between her legs, desperately pulling it to her, twitching spasmodically against the pressure on her mons. Gwen was unable to stop her own motion long enough to let her friend come without any added stimulation, her own impending orgasm unwilling to be delayed. They lay there for some time afterwards, holding each other as they basked in their shared sexual high.

"Did I do alright?" Cricket finally asked softly, unable to look into the eyes inches from her own. "I mean, with Tim...he left pretty quickly after...I thought he would have stayed."

"He wanted to give us some time to ourselves," Gwen replied with a soft smile. "Maybe for us to recap your practice session in private, who knows? Besides, men usually have two things on their mind—sex and food, so I bet he went to get a sandwich."

Cricket responded with her own impish smile. "So, as my instructor...do you have any critique for me?"

"Practice makes perfect," Gwen laughed, "but I Tim certainly seemed to enjoy it, and I think you did, too. You did very well after being out of the saddle for a while."

"I did." Cricket admitted, "Enjoy it, I mean. but did you? I mean—are you still alright that happened, and that I liked doing it?"

"It happened because I wanted someone for you who we both could trust. I thought Tim has the qualifications, don't you?"

"Of course, but you didn't answer my question..."

"Yes. I'm still very alright you did that. I'm glad I could find you someone who meets my high standards for you. And I'm very happy that you liked practicing."

Tim was a little self-conscious of the freshening erection his imagination had awoken when the women joined him in the kitchen twenty minutes later, smiling in embarrassment as Gwen playfully made it bounce with a pat on the head as she went by. He quietly retreated to get dressed and was back in time to say goodbye to their guest with a polite hug.

Gwen and Tim looked at each other in awkward silence as the car turned and headed down the driveway. "That was interesting," he finally volunteered with a smile.

"I know that was a surprise—sorry," Gwen said, concern in her eyes. "We were talking about finding someone for her to try out some of things she's been watching us do and I just all of the sudden got the idea that since she watched us she could just practice on you..." she shrugged helplessly. "Sorry. Guess I got carried away—again."

He laughed and took her in his arms. "There's nothing to be sorry about! So you loaned a friend a tool! I'm flattered you felt like you could trust it-me...like that...with her."

Gwen looked up at him, the worried look still there. "Your tool, you mean. I should have at least asked first. I wouldn't loan out anything in the shop without asking first."

Tim chuckled at the ridiculousness of the comparison. "It's our tool, just like the ones in the shop," he compromised. "You can do what you want with it."

"I just want to make sure the husband it's attached to is still mine. Do you still want to be with me?"

"Are you serious? I love you like crazy," he said with a gentler laugh. "How could I not love a woman who lets me get away with that?"

"I didn't let you get away with anything. I put you up to it. I'm the one who gets away with too much...Natalie, then Cricket, and all the things I've been doing..."

"I trust you," he said simply, kissing her forehead. "Like I said, women with confidence are hot, and I know...that...took a hell of a lot of confidence."

No more was said, and the remainder of their afternoon was spent doing the incredibly mundane things that was their life together—chores, dinner, TV, the normalcy seeming all the more absurd to Gwen given her particularly insane behavior of the past couple of days. She pondered it until nearly bedtime, the Lady preying on the quiet moments to bend her thoughts to the inevitable effects of such behavior on her marriage despite Tim's reassurances, the confidence he had professed to love being eroded by her nagging doubts. She was on her way back from the barn after making sure things there were in order for another night when the Slut managed to break through and suggest a simple way to quiet her nerves.

"Tim," she asked simply, looking at him as he shuffled about the bedroom barefoot, still in his jeans and t-shirt, "I'm still the one you want to be with, right?"

The uncertainty in her voice stopped him in his tracks. "Not a doubt in my mind," he said with the easy smile that used to annoy her as too carefree for the situation but now was comforting. "Why?"

"Never mind, it's just me being silly..." Tim smiled to himself. Silly was not a word he had ever used to describe her behavior. "I know it's been a busy weekend for you, but, do you think...that you might want to be with me before we go to bed? Just us?"

Tim grinned in response. "My favorite way. Whattya got in mind?"

"Anything you want. Anything. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it." Gwen didn't wait for a response, kneeling before him and unbuckling his jeans to pull them down along with his underwear in a single motion. She was both pleased and relieved to see his length already rising with each beat of his heart to greet her.

He gently cupped the back of her head and thrust his hips forward. "You can do this if you want..." Gwen opened her mouth to accept the bulbous head before it bumped her lips, swirling her tongue around the velvet skin, feeling the length finish swelling to full hardness behind it. "Look up at me," he ordered and her eyes rolled upward to find his, as if looking for approval. "Love that," he said with a smile, "only one thing wrong with this picture."

"Hmm?" Gwen asked around his cock.

"You still got your clothes on. They gotta go." She quickly took the hint and disengaged herself to stand and strip while he watched, again dropping to her knees as soon as she was free of her jeans. Gwen took him deeply into her mouth, deeper than she could ever remember, only backing off when she felt the impending trigger of her gag reflex as he bumped the back of her throat.

"Mmmm," Tim groaned as he looked down at his wife bobbing on his cock while his hips remained still, allowing himself to be serviced. I really should be returning the favor, he thought, but damn she's gotten good at that, and she looks so goddamn hot doing it...

"Next thing I want," Tim finally announced after several moments of oral heaven, "is you bent over the bed. Get your ass up in the air where I can get at your pussy."

Gwen stopped in mid-lick of the underside of his shaft, looked up and smiled. "Yes, sir." She rose and assumed the position, legs spread for stability and propped up on elbows, looking back over her shoulder to where he still stood. "Like this?"

Tim grinned and stepped up to run his hand over her upturned ass. "Oh yeah, just like that." The hand continued down into the valley between her cheeks, fingers deliberately dragging one at a time over her exposed rosebud. She shivered, and the hand stopped between one opening and the other.

"Do you really like being touched there?" Tim asked. "Tell me the truth."

"I...really like that," she murmured. "I never thought I would but...it's very sensitive."

"Good to know. Know what I like?" He knelt behind her and planted a kiss at the base of her presented slit to answer his own question. "I never really got how beautiful a pussy is until you let me get up close and personal with yours." His tongue gently pushed through her lips, dipping into the wetness beneath. He was patient with his efforts, occasionally shifting his attention from between her legs to tickle her thighs and ass with his stubble as he softly kissed her skin, always returning to bring his tongue up and down her sex, occasionally pushing deeply to enter her with the stiffened muscle. Gwen made a motion to turn once, to make this about Tim again, but he stopped her with a stern command. "Don't move, this is exactly what I want," he growled, and she obeyed.

Her hips twitched reflexively as his tongue continued to touch all the right places. With another reminder to stay where she was, he got to his feet and padded to her nightstand. Tim retrieved the Magic Wand, plugging it in and placing it next to her. "Use that," he told her. "I'm gonna be busy for a few minutes."

Gwen looked back to where he had already moved behind her. "Busy with what?"

"With this." Tim grabbed his length and levered it down, accurately splitting his target open with a single powerful thrust. His hand was no longer needed for aim with her so deeply impaled and joined the other one in taking a firm hold of her hips and control of their fuck.

"Ohhh," she replied, both in understanding as well as the feeling of being filled so suddenly and completely. Gwen happily submitted to him, smiling contentedly as she lay her head and shoulders on the bed and brought the vibrator up between her legs.

Tim groaned as the first vibrations coursed through her pussy and the cock it held. "Nice..." He worked to control his thrusting, mindful that too much enthusiasm at this moment might displace the buzzing instrument from her clit.

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