tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 03 Ch. 25

A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 03 Ch. 25


Standard disclaimers.

This is a story about sexual exploration and, open relationships. Open relationships can and do happily exist; but they are not for everyone. If you do not believe it is at all possible for open relationships to exist without damage to any and all involved parties, please do yourself a favor and don't waste your time reading this.


Also, this story takes place in a world where STDs don't exist and only babies planned for and wanted do—in other words, a fantasy world. Any resemblance to real-life people is purely coincidental.



Natalie, now dressed in light blue scrubs, looked up from the message she was typing. Gwen's phone dinged in reply a few seconds later. "Thought I owed you a fair trade."

You don't owe me anything," Gwen protested with a smile, unsure exactly what her sister-in-law was talking about, and opened the message to find a file attached. She looked up and smiled uncertainly at the message's sender, then tapped to play the video. It opened to the image of two dangling breasts, then Natalie's stomach as she straightened after starting the camera. She stepped back further, her nude body still filling most of the screen as she grinned and waved excitedly. The scene behind her made it apparent she was in a hotel room, the camera propped on the dresser and aimed at the little hallway behind her, the bathroom to the left of the door. Gwen thought she could hear the sound of running water, maybe the shower?

The naked woman quickly turned and hurried to the door, opening it just enough to poke her head through while the rest of her stayed safely hidden behind. She stepped back and swung it open just a second later, revealing the surprised young pizza delivery driver standing in the hallway. He shuffled in uncertainly as Natalie hurried away to where her purse sat on the edge of the bed, unabashedly staring at her upturned ass as she bent over to retrieve his money. Gwen could hear her saying something as she took her time getting the bills out of her wallet.

"What are you telling him?" she asked, her eyes locked on the screen.

"Oh, just that I was getting ready to join my husband in the shower when the pizza showed up, and how much we love having pizza in bed together after sex," Natalie said with an impish grin.

"So Adam was in the bathroom?"

"Oh no, I was at a conference in Jacksonville that weekend. Adam was home, and I sent him this after. I just told the pizza guy that so he'd think somebody was there with me. A girl can't be too careful. Oh, and you can't see them, but I left some of my toys on the bed, too," she added.

"You are crazy!"

"Maybe, but Adam seemed to like it. He sent me a video back about an hour later, showing his, umm, appreciation. Wanna see?"

"God no! But maybe I should show Tim this to pay you back for showing my brother mine."

"Go for it. I would hope you've figured out by now that I've got no problem being seen naked. Oh shoot, almost forgot! Be right back!" Natalie hurried out the door while her puzzled sister-in-law remained in the kitchen to replay the video. She returned with a stack of paperwork. "The partnership stuff you asked Adam for. He kinda snuck it out of the office before your father had a chance to intercept it and make changes. Anyways, gotta go. Talk soon?"

Gwen traded the paperwork for a hug. "Talk soon."


Tim and Cricket waved as they passed each other on the road, one on the way into town on an emergency call, the other on the way to the house for a weekend with her horse and friend. The lines of thunderstorms that had begun marching through the area before midnight were continuing, the downpours overwhelming several sump pumps that Tim was on his way to attend to while washing out the young woman's plans for a relaxing ride. There were still barn chores to do though, and that in itself was a comfort. Mucking stalls in a quiet country stable had become very much preferable to pushing papers in a sterile office.

Gwen was pleased to see the young woman arriving earlier and earlier for her weekends, not to mention that the house was now the first stop after she exited the car rather than the barn. Marvin was not forgotten though, and Cricket hurried out to her horse soon after hugging the home's owner.

Despite the rain there was still some discussion as to whether a ride might be risked before a particularly close flash of light and subsequent peal of thunder convinced them it would probably not be safe. They tended to the horses instead, meticulously grooming them before moving on to their tack.

Gwen finally called a halt shortly before lunch. "Given the weather I was thinking of getting the grocery shopping done this afternoon. You're welcome to stay here..."

She remembered with an equal mix of excitement and embarrassment her last trip to the store, and the show she had put on. "No, of course not! I'll go with you."

"Okay, then we can make an afternoon of it, go somewhere for lunch, my treat."

The young woman's protests that lunch should at least be split was overridden, and for the second time in a day two bodies rinsed themselves under the spray of the shower in the master bathroom. There was no time spent in the bedroom other than to change into clean clothes after, Gwen omitting a bra and daring Cricket to do the same.

The young woman's shirt was not particularly revealing, but she still felt small thrills every time she reminded herself she was braless in public. It probably isn't even noticeable, she thought, and a quick glance at Gwen's chest only hinted at the fact her breasts were unrestrained. It was not until the dairy aisle of the grocery store that she noticed the hard little points gently moving up and down beneath her friend's shirt as she walked, and a quick check confirmed was in the same state. Still she was not pushed into displaying anything more, not like last time.

"Forgot to mention," Gwen announced as she drove, "just us after dinner tonight. Tim's going out with some friends—somebody's birthday, I guess, so the TV is ours tonight. Hope that's okay with you."

"Of course it is! It'll be nice to have someone to watch with."

Both women had the meal preparations under way when Tim finally returned home, Gwen laughing and shooing him off to the shower when he tried to squeeze her rear end. She reached into the refrigerator a moment later and retrieved a beer. "He forgot this," she said, holding it out to Cricket, "Could you take it to him?"

"Oh, uhh, sure..." He was stepping out of his jeans when she got to the bedroom, shirt already gone, penis flopping free after being freed from his sweat-soaked underwear. The casualness of his nudity flustered her momentarily, and the young woman had to remind herself she had seen him naked before, in far more compromising positions. Like when his cock had been in her hands...Tim looked up, a little surprised, freezing in place. "Uh, Gwen asked me to bring this to you."

"Woman's a saint, I tell ya," he said, reaching for the can and breaking the spell. "Tell her I'll be right out to help get dinner ready."

"Oh, we're almost done. We'll put it on the table when you're done, umm, showering."

"Be out in a couple of minutes."

He waited until Cricket retreated, then turned for the running shower, also mindful of how easy it had become to be naked in front of others. He wasn't exactly packing, but it was fun to show off what he did have. Would have been nice if Gwen delivered it in person though, maybe stayed to wash my back, he thought with a smile.

They ate slowly, talking, Tim in no hurry to be on his way, almost wanting to call it a night and stay in. No, he finally decided, a guy's gotta do guy stuff sometimes, and reluctantly said his goodbyes after helping with clean up.

There was plenty of wine and popcorn to go with the TV watching. Cricket was near the bottom of her second glass as they watched an R-rated crime suspense movie, the kind Gwen would never have consented to be shown in her living room back in the old days. There was a brief shot of a sultry young administrative assistant sliding down to her knees in front of a silver haired lawyer leaning against a desk, her likely destination of the man's waist just below the camera's reach, hinting strongly at the act she was about to perform. The scene faded, only to cut to an unmade bed, the camera focused on the now bare back of the woman as she apparently sat astride the man's face, his hands full of asscheek.

"I never thought about doing—that-that way," Cricket mused, emboldened by the alcohol. "Of course, before I met you and Tim I always thought that—"she nodded at the TV before looking into the bottom of her glass, wishing it full again, "didn't actually happen nearly as much as people talked about it. I mean, even though I wanted to try it just once, just to see what it was like, putting a man's penis in your mouth, just seemed, I don't know, so far out there, and I knew Daniel would never let me do anything so dirty, much less do it to me. But when I see you two do it...well you both seemed to like it. You do, right?"

Gwen looked down at the bottom of her own glass and smiled. "I wasn't sure I'd like it the first time I did it for him, but I do—a lot—now. It makes him happy, and I just, I don't know, something about having him in my mouth that I really enjoy. And I couldn't imagine a man returning the favor for me, either. But I'm really glad he did."

Cricket smiled. "Did you ever imagine doing that with a woman before the first time you actually did?"

Gwen paused. Before Miss Ritter? Never. Okay, she corrected herself, maybe once or twice, but that was just teenage curiosity...Before Natalie? Only in a few of her fevered dreams until the possibility became real. "Once or twice, but really, it just...happened. How about you?"

The young woman blushed. "Maybe once or twice...but I'm glad it "just happened" with you. I do still want to feel what it's like to have a man do that, though. I have to guess it feels different?"

"It does. Remember my experience is pretty limited—Tim's the only one that's done that for me, and yeah, it's a little different...but it's like he's guessing at what I want. Women just know, I guess. The guessing is fun, though. You never know where he's going next. Oh, and stubble."


"A man's razor stubble on your skin. Sometimes it tickles, sometimes it's a little like sandpaper..." Gwen giggled. "I sometimes wonder what a full beard would feel like, although I'm not about to ask Tim to grow one just to find out. I think women have the easier job, though. Men are happy anytime their things are in something else, and the fact there's a tongue involved just makes it just that much better." Gwen giggled again, this time at her coarseness. "I'm going to go close up the barn, then call it a night," she announced, stretching and yawning.

"I'll go with you," Cricket volunteered, and the women trudged across the yard to make one last check of the horses. There was no longer any question of what bed the young woman would be in when they returned to the house, and she lay there naked next to Gwen, looking up at the ceiling, trying to rationalize how the situation she found herself in was any semblance of normal. Screw normal, she finally decided. I don't care. I like it. She smiled at an imagined conversation with her mother. Don't worry Mom, I must still like men—I got really excited putting my hand on Tim's penis. But sex with Gwen makes me feel really good...

"I think we're turning you into us," Gwen said quietly as she turned on her side and threw an arm across the young woman's blanket-covered stomach. "Boring old people who are in bed before dark."

"It's dark out, and I keep telling you I was like that before I knew you. I just like knowing I'm not the only one who appreciates that kind of pace."

"Hmm." A kiss landed on her cheek, very close to her lips. "Good night. Don't forget, Tim will probably stumble in around midnight. He tries really hard to be quiet, but sometimes he's not very good at it." Gwen rolled again, her back now to the woman in her bed.

Cricket rolled up behind her, hoping that would be alright, knowing it would be, luxuriating in the feel of a soft warm body. Her hand slid under the covers and over Gwen's ribcage, resting at the spot just below her breasts. "Do you think Tim will just go right to sleep when he comes home late?"

"Maybe, maybe not...why?"

"Just wasn't sure if you two had a, you know, a cutoff time for..." The young woman's fingers began to gently stroke the smooth skin they lay on.

Gwen felt sure she knew what the unspoken activity was and smiled. "Are you worried you might miss cutoff, too?"

The hand stopped and withdrew. "Oh—uh, sorry, no, just curious."

Gwen rolled over to face her, a hand gently brushing Cricket's cheek. "Nothing to apologize for. And to answer your question, no, it's never too late for him—" or you, the Slut drily reminded her, "so don't be surprised if Tim has something on his mind when he comes home. Will you be alright if he does?"

"Oh, uhh, of course, I mean, whatever you two do—or don't do is alright with me! I just asked because I was kinda wondering about-that...sorry, I'm such a pervert." Even in the dark Gwen could see the young woman blush.

"No more than me...would you like me to help you before he comes home?"

Cricket hesitated, thinking it rude to ask before blurting it out anyway. "I just like the way you feel—so soft and warm-if I can just touch you, that would be nice."

"Touch all you want," Gwen replied, her hand already smoothing the young woman's side. "But I get to touch you, too." It was sometime before either woman's fingers reached for intimate spots, both enjoying the feel of fingertips gliding over feminine skin and muscle while their lips met with occasional brief kisses. Gwen was first to a breast, tongue gently flicking and bathing the nipple while the young woman sighed in pleasure. Legs opened in invitation, the older woman's hand happily accepting.

Her lips continued on down Cricket's taut stomach, towards where one finger was now slowly gliding in and out while her palm pressed against the young woman's clit, finally sliding her body over a spread thigh to gently kiss at the wetness between her legs.

"Oh God," Cricket moaned, "that is so good...I know what you mean about a woman hitting the right spots." It was some time before she raised her head to look down at the woman between her legs. "Can I do that to you now?" Gwen looked up and smiled, and the two women quickly changed places, the older woman's turn to look down at the head bobbing at her crotch.

The young woman worked slowly, dipping to run her tongue up Gwen's sex, still marveling at the pleasant mildness of her taste, so unlike what she had imagined before that first time. Gradually, the hard little nub at the top became her focus. Gwen's hips twitched in response, and a pair of hands found their way to the back of the head tormenting her, fingers combing through her hair.

She allowed the lips and tongue to withdraw after another moment or two, and Cricket sat up. "You said you were going to show me the gifts you got for modeling?"

Gwen smiled and extricated herself from the woman between her legs. Neal was retrieved from the nightstand drawer first, his banishment to the closet ended after Natalie had left the day before.

His was not the focus of the young woman kneeling on the bed, however, instead pointing at the other lifelike reproduction that had been placed in front of her. "I see what you mean about them being almost real. That one looks very familiar...Tim, right?" Gwen smiled and nodded. "Does it feel real, too?"

"Touch it and find out."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Why not? Of course."

Cricket tentatively ran a finger up the length, giggling nervously at the feel of the yielding surface over the hardness beneath. "How in the heck did they do that?" she chirped, looking up at the older woman in wonder.

"No idea. Pretty real, huh?"

"Really real. Does it, uhh, feel real, like him, inside you?"

"I suppose...it's hard to tell without the body the real one is attached to, though. You can pick it up you know. It doesn't bite."

Cricket accepted the invitation with another nervous high-pitched giggle. "It's heavy."

"It's certainly solid. Would you like to try it out?"

"Really? You don't mind?"

"I don't mind. Tell you what," Gwen said, getting off the bed long enough to retrieve the Magic Wand and plug it in, "you take this, and I can help you with that." She traded the vibrator for the dildo and gently pushed the young woman onto her back, climbing between legs opened in anticipation.

Gwen waited until the tennis ball head of the wand was applied to the young woman's clit before gently pressing the head of the length against her opening. She waited for the angry buzz, then gently pushed his length forward, watching Tim's reproduction bull its way into another woman for the second time in two days. Cricket didn't have the labial lips Natalie had, and the length disappeared into her without abundant folds of flesh grabbing at it as it slid by.

"Ohh! That is nice..." The young woman's hips rose to meet the invader, helping to push it deeply into her, testicles soon bumping against her bottom. "The ones you got me always feel so massive...this one feels comfortable, more real."

"Mmm-hmmm..." Gwen had begun a regular cadence of thrust and withdraw, watching her friend accept the cudgel then give it back, hips twitching forward to hurry its return. The mad hum of the Wand was bringing her closer...

The whoosh of the air conditioning could not completely mask the sound of a truck coming up the driveway. "Tim's home," Gwen said softly, an incredibly perverted idea beginning to form. "I know you're probably close, but do you think you can wait a little longer until Tim can join us?"

"Uh, sure, yeah I guess," Cricket mumbled, lying there with the vibrator now turned off, waiting for the length inside her to be removed.

"I'm going to say hello," Gwen continued, placing the dildo back on the nightstand. "Be right back."

"Alright..." the young woman made her way under the covers, suddenly conscious of the fact she was naked in another woman's bed and that woman's husband was home.

"You're back early!" Gwen called out as she turned the corner into the kitchen while Tim was shutting the door.

"And you're naked, which is a great reason to come home early," he said with a grin as he took her in his arms and kissed her. "Hope I didn't interrupt anything..."

"Well, actually..."

"Oh, uh, well, I can watch some TV until you're uhh, done..."

"No, it's fine, I want you to come to bed. But you should shower first. You smell like cigarettes."

Yeah, bars'll do that...you sure? I can hang out here for a while if you want."

"You've had a busy day and I'm not going to kick you out of your own bed! But if you're not too tired," she said, lowering her voice, "I think Cricket was hoping to see us together, if you know what I mean." His grin told her he did. "Come on." She grabbed him by the hand and led the way down the hall, letting go once he was at the foot of the bed.

"Uhh, hey Cricket. Hope I didn't wake you..."

"No," she squeaked, the covers modestly pulled up above her chest, "we—I—was awake." His eyes went to the dildo on the stand beside her—his dildo, a pretty good likeness he supposed, almost creepy how real it looked, although he had never really spent much time memorizing the look of his dick. It was just kind of there...he wondered where it had been tonight. Gwen, or perhaps even Cricket?

"I'm, uhh, gonna take a quick shower—Gwen says I smell like cigarettes. Be right back." He hurried through a quick shampoo, body lather and rinse, his freshening erection getting a little more attention than necessary. He quickly rejoined the two women, making no effort to hide his bobbing cock as he tried not to hurry to his customary side of the bed, next to Gwen with Cricket to her other side. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence as they lay there, Tim and Gwen above the covers, Cricket still beneath them, each wondering what to do next.

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