tagGroup SexA New Years Resolution

A New Years Resolution

byMany Feathers©

I love the holidays. I enjoy the time spent with friends and family during this time of year. There's something to be said for being in a festive mood during this season, especially when a very attractive next-door neighbor becomes extremely festive. Though I guess a better term to describe her would simply be...horny.

Jack and Dawn have been our very good friends and neighbors now for nearly two years having moved into the house directly behind ours. I first met Jack about a week after they had moved in. I was out painting the fence that separated our backyard from theirs when he came across his yard to introduce himself to me.

"Hello," he'd said walking over towards the fence when he saw me setting things up in preparation for painting. "I guess we're neighbors," he'd begun saying cheerfully. "Jack Roberts...my wife's name's Dawn," he added though at the moment she was nowhere in sight. I'd only caught a brief glimpse of Dawn once before while she'd been helping put things away into the storage unit behind their house. I'd noticed then that she was a smaller than averaged size woman, wearing her light-brown hair long, pulled back into a ponytail.

"David Peterson," I said shaking his hand over the fence, which wasn't all that easy to do as I was standing a good foot or more above him because of the way our deck was situated. "My wife's name is Cindy," I responded in kind to his unspoken inquiry.

"Listen...let me go in on half of the paint for the fence," he'd offered. "After all, your having built it in the first place is going to save me a chunk of money from having to build one myself. It's the least I can do. And besides, with two of us painting, it will take us both half the time!"

I'd barely known Jack's name and already I liked him. Warm, friendly, obviously outgoing as well as being outspoken, I felt in the short time we'd stood there chatting together that we had an awful lot in common.

When we'd first moved into the house, building a large redwood deck as well as installing an enclosed hot tub for us to enjoy, we'd put up the fence for privacy of course, but had included a small gate connecting our back yard to our then neighbors. The intention had been to get to know all of our neighbors well enough to strike up some friendships, as well as be able to invite them to come over to hot tub with us from time to time. The idea of including a small gate between our yard and theirs had been with the intention of making it easier for us to visit one another rather than walking half way around the block in order to do so. As it turned out, our then neighbors weren't anything like either Cindy or myself, and were in fact pretty anti-social. He'd gone so far as to actually padlock the gate on his side to keep us from using it for one thing, and for the other, making what we both felt was a very obvious statement about being friends with them for the other.

"I hope you don't mind my asking," Jack inquired. "But is there a reason why you have a lock on this gate?" He asked fingering the old rusted lock holding it up for me to see.

That's when I told him how we'd initially installed the gate with the hopes that we'd get to know all of our neighbors better, and be able to have them come over and tub with us, or simply make it a hell of a lot easier to simply visit.

"So in other words...this isn't your lock then."

"Nope!" I'd said simply. Seconds later Jack returned from his storage shed with a pair of bolt cutters. A moment after that the gate swung open, something it hadn't done in nearly two years. In a way, it was like having a ribbon cutting ceremony or something. I almost felt like celebrating it in fact, and suggested off hand that when we actually did finish painting both sides of the fence, that it might be a great idea to get together for a barbeque and maybe even a little hot-tubing afterwards.

"I think Dawn would really like that!" Jack stated. Her best friend lives several hours away now, and though she spends an almost indecent amount of time with her on the phone, it's not the same as actually having someone you can sit down and share a cup of coffee with you know? Oh, unless of course your wife doesn't drink coffee," he said laughing.

"No worries there," I told him. Cindy loves coffee for one thing. But for another...she'll talk your ear off if given half the chance. So you might want to warn your wife about that. Cindy's best friend lives out of state too, so she stores up about a years worth of gossip for whenever the two of them finally do get together. She's not one for spending a lot of time on the phone, preferring to actually speak to someone in person. She's what you might call a 'touchy-feely' sort of individual I guess."

Jack laughed, "She prefer doing the touching? Or getting the feely?" He said jokingly. Although I had already made up my mind that I liked him, his comment had seemed a bit on the intimate side and I wondered if he was actually suggesting anything.

"Probably a little of both," I said ducking the question, trying to keep the conversation as light and as friendly as I felt that he honestly was.

Jack gave me a curious look but didn't pursue anything. "Well...if we're still neighbors over the Christmas holiday's this coming year, maybe Dawn will include you in her New Years resolution," he said offhandedly.

"Her New Years resolution?" I asked back. "Which is?" I added cautiously curious.

Once again Jack snickered. "Might be better if you asked her yourself sometime. Though I doubt highly she'd tell you even. But if she and your wife hit it off, you might have your wife ask her sometime about what it means. If Dawn and Cindy become as good of friends as I think you and I will, it's very possible she'll find out for you."

"Ok," I said speaking the word very slowly. It was a slight hiccup in our otherwise perfect start to a new friendship. Whatever secret he and his wife shared regarding this New Years resolution of hers, theirs for that matter, we'd learn about it in due time.

Shortly after that Jack disappeared back inside his house to change into some work clothes. When he returned, Dawn was with him carrying what looked to be like a plate of freshly baked cookies. I was about to turn around, run into the house to get Cindy when the sliding doors opened to our patio area and she walked out. Obviously she'd been watching everything through the kitchen window, and had seen their approach realizing that the gate was now officially open again.

Jack and I immediately made introductions all around. Dawn presented the plate full of cookies to my wife. "Would you guys care for some coffee?" She asked excitedly. "I just made a fresh pot."

Jack and I looked at one another knowingly.

"Maybe we should plan on having a barbeque later on this evening," Cindy offered almost immediately after that. "Good way to get to know one another better," she concluded.

Jack and I glanced at each other again and laughed simultaneously.

"What?" Cindy and Dawn said nearly in unison.

From the start, it was as though they had known one another for years. Dawn followed Cindy into the house. Jack and I got the fence painted, and though we never did get our coffee, the girls spent nearly the entire afternoon getting to know one another. By the time we actually did fire up the barbeque, we all felt like we'd been friends for years rather than just having met that very morning.

We'd been digesting our perfectly done steaks for over an hour, getting even better acquainted when to my surprise, Cindy suggested that maybe the four of us should hot tub. As it was the early part of fall, though the days were still fairly warm, the evenings were just cool enough to enjoy using it again.

"That sounds like a great idea Cindy," I said excitedly standing to open the cover and let it breathe a little prior to using it.

"I think maybe it would be a good idea if you wore a suit though," she added seriously. "After all, we just met our new neighbors...no sense scaring them away right off the bat!"

Fact was... I absolutely hated having to wear a suit while hot tubing. "Yes dear," I answered sarcastically smiling at our friends.

Then they surprised us. "Listen, if you guys prefer to tub nude, don't let that stop you. As long as we're not talking wife-swapping here or anything," Jack said teasingly. "I don't think that either Dawn or I would have any problems with doing that either." He did look her way however seeking confirmation.

"Maybe if you keep the outside lights off," she said chiming in. Though I think she'd said that more for my wife's benefit than for any concerns she might have had, as Cindy seemed to appear somewhat relieved after Dawn had made that suggestion.

"Yeah, we can do that," Cindy grinned.

Inside, the naughty little boy in me was jumping up and down silently yelling, "goody...goody...goody!"

"Would you care for some wine?" I asked in a mellow reserved voice.

"That would be nice, thank you," Dawn smiled at me. And I thought I saw a hint of more in her eyes as she looked at me.

"Goody! Uh, great!" I said sounding a bit too enthusiastic, trying to calm my inner-self, "I'll get us some plastic wine glasses for the tub."

"Where ah, should we?"" Dawn stammered slightly looking at my wife.

"Oh, sorry, there are some terry cloth robes we use to tub in that are hanging in the downstairs bathroom behind the door. Help yourself to those. I'll see how David's coming along with the wine, so we'll meet you outside in the tub whenever you're ready," she told them.

Cindy and I were both in the tub, somewhat nervously waiting for Jack and Dawn's arrival. "Behave yourself," Cindy told me impishly as her full breasts bobbed just below the water line.

"Me? I saw the way you were ogling Jack!" I teased back. "And if his dick's bigger than mine is..."

"Shh...here they come," Cindy stated lowering herself even further into the water.

To my surprise, and no doubt to Cindy's as well, Dawn promptly took off her bathrobe and nonchalantly placed it carefully over the coat stand we'd placed outside by the tub just for the occasion. Dawn wasn't flat chested by any means, but she had much smaller breasts than Cindy did. Her nipples however were gorgeous. I found myself staring at them as she stepped gingerly into the tub, allowing herself to slowly become accustomed to the temperature of the water.

"David?" Cindy said turning my attention back towards her, frowning at me when I did.

"Yeah?" I said a bit sheepishly.

"Would you mind pouring us all some wine?" She said keeping my attention focused on her rather than in so openly staring at the sexy neighbor. In the brief period I had been able to look, it was a rather nice surprise to see that Dawn's pussy, though very neatly trimmed, wasn't merely a thin strip of pubic hair that had seemingly become so fashionably popular as of late. Many of my friends and I had given the new style the moniker of "Fucking stripes" as we'd begun referring to them. Even Cindy had shaved hers completely for me, which was much preferable to having what I considered a useless strip of Velcro stuck between a woman's legs.

I'd managed to pour wine into one glass, sitting it down on the side bar, and began to pour the second when Jack discarded his robe and stepped down into the tub. Cindy turned just as he did, suddenly moving the glass away from me just as I began pouring.

"Ah Cindy?"

"Yeah?" She said still looking as Jack finally slid down inside the tub.

"The wine?"

"Oh...yeah, sorry," she responded. I laughed, catching her look of embarrassment. "What? I said I was sorry!" she stated again.

"Ah huh." Truth of the matter was, Jack really did have a rather nice looking cock and considering the fact that I wasn't at all interested in men, it was actually quite the honest compliment coming from me. Jack wasn't enormously well endowed which I was somewhat grateful for, but even I had to admit he had what I would have to call the "perfect penis". Size, shape, thickness, everything about it looked beautiful. And that was in a totally flaccid state. I could only begin to wonder what it might look like when aroused, found myself wondering about that, and had to shake the thought off. Luckily Dawn sat up considerably over in the corner of the tub across from me baring those rather prominently dark colored nipples when she did. I noticed almost immediately that my wife had sat up in her corner of the tub a moment after Dawn had, exposing herself considerably to Jack's view as he sat in the opposite corner across from her.

"Well now, isn't this nice?" Dawn said smiling as I handed her, her glass of wine.

Jack suggested a toast at that point to "New friends! And even better relationships!" We all touched plastic in response, drinking in toast to that new friendship. Privately, I was enjoying the view as both Cindy as well as Dawn had sat up, revealing themselves entirely as we finished our toast.

"So...how many other friends do the two of you hot tub nude with?" Jack asked casually.

"Well actually, none. Except now for you guys," I added jokingly. "Cindy and I do so all the time of course, but everyone else that we know is pretty inhibited. Not like it hasn't been playfully suggested before, but no one else until you guys actually agreed to do it."

Dawn laughed. "So we're the very first then huh?" I simply nodded my head yes in response, taking another drink to calm my excited nerves, using the maneuver to allow myself another brief look at her exposed tits. "Well I guess that makes the four of us best friends then doesn't it?"

"Sounds like another toast to me," I said reaching for the wine bottle in order to refill everyone's glass.

"Careful David...like I said, lets not scare away the neighbors the first night we get together ok?"

"Oh, you think David and Jack would dare try to get you and I drunk so they could try and take advantage of the situation?" Dawn questioned.

"Oh, something like that," Cindy said eyeing me over the rim of her glass.

"Well, don't worry about it, it's still too far away from the holidays for anything like that to happen," Dawn said simply.

Jack gave me a knowing look, and I was immediately reminded of our earlier conversation. At the same instant however, as though he'd been reading my mind, he gave me an appreciative shake of his head "no" as though urging me not to bring the subject up. And though I wasn't one hundred percent sure that's what he had indicated to me, I let the matter drop and never mentioned even remotely what we'd spoken about earlier.

I was beginning to think that perhaps they were both a little more inhibited than what I had begun to imagine when after several glasses of wine, Jack and Dawn cuddled up in the far corner together. It seemed like a natural normal thing to do of course, so I immediately coaxed Cindy into coming over to sit by me. Curious perhaps, she placed her hand down into my lap.

"Ah hah...just as I thought. You're horny!" She announced candidly to everyone. Cindy really wasn't much of a drinker. And though far from being drunk, she was feeling the affects of the wine just enough to cause her to more openly vocalize her thoughts and opinions. The sound of both Jack and Dawn snickering to her accusation once again garnered our attention towards them.

"Well, don't think you're all alone in that David. Jack's a little bit amorous himself. He's always had this little fantasy to make love to me in a hot tub. I think the wine's been stimulating that fantasy, not to mention something else!" Dawn said, her hand obviously down somewhere between Jack's legs.

The wine was getting to me too, but it wasn't me that surprised everyone in the next instant, but Cindy when she spoke.

"That's been one of my fantasy's too. But believe it or not, the two years we've had the tub, we've never not once done that." I felt her hand enclose my hardened cock, giving it a very familiar and knowing pull.

"Cindy!" I exclaimed, surprised on the one hand that she'd gone so far as to tell Jack and Dawn that in the first place, but equally surprised on the other that she seemed almost eager to fulfill that particular fantasy right here and now.

"We've done other stuff," I offered meekly, as though the fact we hadn't actually fucked in the tub was strange in and of itself. Especially since we obviously could have on any number of occasions.

"How come you haven't then?" Dawn questioned just as Jack had asked, "What other stuff?"

"You go first," I told Cindy, smiling and indicating to Jack with a look that I'd share with him the other momentarily. He grinned back, anxiously waiting to hear.

"Well, one reason we never have is because every time we do come out here, it's to relax. It's rare that we ever make it out of the bedroom if David's horny, or if I am," she added shyly. Truth of it was, I was surprised at Cindy's honest admission. Especially as she was sharing some pretty intimate thoughts with people we hardly even knew all that well...yet anyway.

"And the other?" Jack prompted looking at me. I glanced quickly towards my wife, but didn't see any signs that I was treading on thin ice here.

"Well as you're no doubt already aware, the water does tend to make you float a little. We'd discovered that during one of those rare evenings when we actually were being a bit frisky out here in the tub. Going down on Cindy while I knelt here in the middle as she floated on the surface just holding on to the side of the tub was pretty fucking hot!" I said painting everyone a pretty vivid picture.

"David!" Cindy exclaimed. "You just said the "F" word! "Maybe Dawn and Jack don't appreciate hearing that kind of language," she admonished me.

"Oh? But telling them I went down on you's ok?" I shot back at her. Even Cindy blushed over that one, realizing how silly that really was under the circumstances. I turned back around to face our new friends and saw that Jack was openly caressing his wife's tit. Dawn had positioned herself upon her husband's lap, and it was even more obvious the potential position they had placed themselves in.

"How'd that feel?" Dawn asked, surprising Cindy and I both. She seemed to move imperceptibly while she sat there, but it was obvious she was moving. Added to that of course the reality of what we could see, as Jack fondled her small perky breast, it was evident to both of us that Jack and Dawn were becoming quite aroused by our intimate little conversation.

"Pretty nice actually," Cindy said with a lusty sounding edge to her voice when she said it. "Course...David's pretty good with his tongue anyway, so even in the hot-tub..." She left off saying, smiling wickedly.

"Oh really? That good huh? Maybe you should take lesson's from him Jack," Dawn responded, teasing her husband.

"Maybe we should get him to show us how it's done," he prompted. "I'd rather enjoy watching how it was they did that anyway," he added quickly quite seriously as he looked towards the two of us expectantly.

Once again I heard the naughty little boy inside my head jumping up and down delightedly, but at the same time afraid that the angry mother would soon send him off to the confines of his bedroom.

Cindy downed the remaining wine in her glass. "I'm not sure I'm drunk enough to do that in front of the two of you...yet," she said handing me the empty glass. I quickly refilled it, handing it back, watching as it became even more and more obvious that Jack and Dawn were in fact fucking, even if they were doing so rather slowly, rather secretly, though not quite so as one might imagine.

In the next instant Cindy moved over closer to me all the while continuing to maintain her attention while looking and watching Jack and Dawn. Lifting her onto my lap was easy due to the buoyancy of the water of course. Sliding my cock into her pussy was even easier still. Cindy was about as wet as I'd ever found her to be, which meant she was really excited. And considering the fact we'd been sitting in the water, feeling that extra special wetness as my prick slipped inside that satin split spoke volumes.

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