tagLoving WivesA Nice Backrub

A Nice Backrub


It has been a long day for you at work, I'm sitting on the sofa, and you're in front of me sitting on the floor. I sit directly behind you and start rubbing your shoulders. Your skin is soft; I can feel it around your neck as I slide my hands under your collar. You give a little moan of delight, your eyes close softly as you feel my hands gently kneading your shoulders. You unbutton the top of your blouse so I can get my hands down your shirt a little more. Leaning forward I put a bit more pressure on your tense muscles, my face coming close to your hair I breath in your perfume. I look down at you and can see your breasts being cupped by a lacy pink bra, keeping them perfectly together. Your scent, the feeling of your warm body between my thighs and your soft whispering moans of delight are intoxicating.

You slide out of your blouse so I can get down lower on your back. Your pink bra looks striking against your porcelain skin. Rubbing harder on your back you whisper, "Hmmmm that feels so good," and I rub a little harder. I unhook your bra and it opens, dangling over your shoulders allowing my hands free range over your back, but keeping your breasts covered. I continue to rub until I feel your tension melt away under my firm touch.

You turn around, kneeling in front of me; your bra falls to the ground. Resting your hands on the insides of my thighs you can see I enjoyed it as much as you did. Your hands slide up my thighs and reach my belt. You undo it and unzip my pants; I lift off the couch and allow you to slide my pants off. Your hands rub gently over my penis through my shorts, your lips kissing my thigh lightly. I see a glint in your eye that lets me know you're hungry just before you start to lick my thigh all the way up to my shorts. Your cheek brushes against my cock as you move your head up to kiss my belly button. Your tongue licking circles around it. Pulling down my shorts, the head of my erect penis pokes out the top. Your mouth is there waiting for it and your lips touch the tip, tasting the pre cum that has been pooling there since I began rubbing your back. You hum a little as you taste my cock and it sends shivers down my body. As you slide my boxers down you move my cock deeper into your mouth until my cock is all the way down your throat. You look up at me and I see your lips touch the base of my cock. You wink as a drip of spit slides out the side of your mouth and down around my balls.

Sliding my cock out of your mouth slowly, you slide my boxers off me and toss them on the floor. Your hand grips my shaft tight; it slides between your fingers, your spit lubricating it. Your other hand slides up my leg and cups my tight balls. You stroke my shaft slowly, holding the head of my penis close to your face. You look at me as you press your lips against my head and roll it around your lips a little before taking it into your mouth again. Your long finger nails tickle the underside of my balls and I clench my body with pleasure, thrusting my cock deeper into your mouth. You giggle a little devilishly at the pleasure you're giving me. Your head bobs up and down on my cock as you hold the base with one hand and tickle my balls with the other.

Not able to take it anymore I briskly stand you up and sit you down on the sofa, now I'm between your legs. My hands slide quickly up your legs and under your skirt. Grabbing your panties I slide the down your soft silken legs. They are pink also, always matching. My head dives between your legs, your skirt up around your waist. My tongue licking gently around your wet hole. I can see that you liked my rub as much as I did. Your dripping pussy tastes so sweet; I burrow my face deep between your legs, my nose nuzzled in your trimmed hair. I slide my tongue out of your hole and move it slowly and firmly up along your lips and to your clit. A couple of light licks on your clit and I need another taste of you juices so I move back down to your hole. My lips seal around your pussy and I suck gently as my tongue slides inside your hole to taste your cum. Your hands run through my hair down my temples to the back of my head. Holding my head tight to your pussy, your legs wrap around my shoulders and hold me from moving as your body shudders with pleasure. I lick up to your clit again, sucking you in and out of my soft lips. My tongue tickles your clit as it comes in, then it slips away between my lips, a gentle suck and it's back in my mouth and my tongue tickles again. Holding my head you fuck my face, moving your hips up and down, grinding your pussy into my mouth. Your pussy drips with pleasure.

I slide a finger into your open inviting pussy. "Oh yes," you moan with delight, "make me cum." Eager to do just that, I press my tongue firmly against your clit and slide another finger into your pussy. Rubbing firmly and sucking gently as I move my fingers in and out of you. You hold my head high with your legs and your hands grabbing my hair. You bite your bottom lip as you cum on my face; your body clenched holding my face in your pussy as your juices run down my chin.

Your orgasm subsiding you let go of my head. My head free to move I lick the cum that was dribbling out of your pussy down your leg. "I need your cock in me," you say softly as you pull me up. "Don't keep me waiting." Your demanding tone and the taste of your fresh cum on my lips keeps my cock hard and ready for you. I press the tip of my cock to your lips, they open easily, lubricated with your cum, my head slips inside you. I stop for a second, "Don't tease me," you say. You grab me by the neck and pull my head toward you. Your lips pressed hard against mine, my penis slides into you as your tongue slides into my mouth.

Holding my neck with one hand, keeping me from moving away from your kisses, you wrap your legs around my waist and use them to guide me in and out of you. You clench me close, pushing me deep inside you, then relax letting me slide out. You control my pace with your legs, your teeth gently clenching and tugging on my lower lip. Moving your hips we gently dance together on the edge of the sofa. You moved your lips close to my ear you whisper, "You feel so good inside me. I've wanted you all day." You touch my earlobe with your lips and use your tongue to bring it into your mouth. Your teeth tug on my ear as we move slowly together. You hold me closer and I'm able to feel your breasts touch my chest, your hard nipples dragging up and down over my body as I move in and out of you.

I'm panting hard as you sit up straight and abruptly pull yourself away from me. I don't have time to be confused, you forcefully lie me down on the floor. In an instant you're on startled on top of me. Using your hand to guide me you place my penis back inside you. Kneeling over me you let yourself ease down, impaling yourself on my cock. Moaning with pleasure as I go deep inside, you move your hips in a small circle finding the right spot. Your body shivers with delight as you get me just right inside you and you start to rock gently on top of me.

My hands touch you gently on your hips and I feel your ass roll around while you fuck me. Your body sliding between my hands I see watch as you cup your breasts and finger your nipples. You blow me a kiss and wink at me and clench my hips tight going deeper inside you. Feeling my penis get harder inside you lets you know I'm close. You move one hand down to finger your clit so you can cum with me. "I want you to cum inside me.

Hearing your request and seeing you masturbating while I'm rocking deep in you makes it certain I will. My hands grab tight onto your ass and move you quicker, gyrating my hips in time. "Oh yes," you say and lick your lips. Looking me in the eyes you nod at me while moving your finger hard on your clit. Your nod is like permission for me to cum and I thrust myself arching my back and lifting you off the floor. My sudden surging of cum inside you tips you off and you clench as you cum with me. Your hands press against my chest so you can hold yourself up, my hands hold your waist tight against me. Ours eyes lock together as we cum.

I relax my waist and lay flat on the floor. You relax down as well, your breasts press against my chest and I can feel your heart pounding with mine. Laying your head on my shoulder you nuzzle your face into my neck. Your lips press against my neck and I fell your hips moving slowly as they enjoy the aftermath of our orgasms. My hands move over your ass, up your waist. My fingertips touching you lightly all the way up your back as I hold you. I turn my head towards you and our lips meet and exchange a soft greeting with each other.

I moan with delight and you sigh as we kiss and recover our breath. You sit up, brush your hair aside out of your face and smile, a gleam of delight in your eye. "Now," I say, "I should rub your feet.....

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