tagFetishA Night as Batgirl

A Night as Batgirl

bySean Renaud©

"I can't believe you talked me into this." Penny mumbled standing outside the door to her bedroom pulling the bright yellow gloves and boots into place over the black tights she was wearing. The Bat symbol was stretched lewdly over her breasts, the last time she'd worn the Batgirl costume she'd still been sixteen and going to Comic-Con, the intervening three years had been more than generous to her formerly waifish figure. Fortunately the material was more than willing to stretch and she doubted that on Harold's list of complaints would be that the top looked ready to burst and was nearly transparent.

She gave one last look at the belt slung loosely around her hips and made sure the red wig was coming out the back of the cowl and rolled her eyes. If she lived to be a million she'd never fully understand men and their often juvenile fantasies. When she'd volunteered to give him whatever he wanted for his birthday she'd been expecting that he'd ask for a threesome, she'd even been hinting that her friend Sara might very well be down. Either that or anal, all guys wanted anal for some reason so when he'd asked her to dress up as Batgirl it had come as a bit of a shock, especially when she found out that he wasn't kidding and apparently it was just something that he'd always wanted to do.

It was just so strange, especially since he didn't just want her to dress up as Batgirl, she could at least understand why he might like spandex and boots. That made perfect sense but why he wanted to call her Batgirl and pretend he was some vile criminal, she'd already forgotten the name. Victor something or other, who'd manage to capture the Dark Damsel as he called her and would have his way with her, well that made a lot less sense.

Penny burst into the bedroom dramatically placing her hands on her hips. "Finally I have tracked you to your lair you evil fiend, and you won't be escaping me this time!" She called out with as much gusto as she could manage without breaking into laughter.

"What makes you think I wanted to escape? Instead of you being exactly where I've wanted you all along Batgirl?" He growled slowly shutting the door behind her. She didn't turn to face him, instead she shivered. The idea of dressing up like a super hero might not really have been her bag but she did recognize that tone of voice and the result was always a hard and very satisfying thrust. She could already feel a familiar knot twisting up in her belly and a little lower.

"You're an evil doer. Aren't you scared of what will happen when I defeat you and send you to jail?"

One of the benefits of being just over a hundred twenty pounds and having a boyfriend who's well over two hundred is it doesn't take much for him to manhandle you, at least if you're the kind of woman who gets off like that. For Penny it was a rush when he grabbed her by the waist and sent her sailing several feet through the air landing face first on their soft king sized bed. Even if she'd wanted to escape she didn't have a chance before he'd pounced on her from behind yanking her wrists up over her head where they were easily held in one hand. His free hand went to her waist pulling the handcuffs off her belt and securing her wrists to the headboard.

"Now what will you do bat slut?" The belt was the first thing to go unceremoniously ripped from her narrow waist. Next he flipped her over standing over with one foot placed between her breasts pinning her down to the bed while he stripped off his pants.

"I'll tell you what you'll do if you want to get out of this alive." He fell to his knees still straddling her. Even though he barely touched her the air still whooshed from her lungs and she swallowed hard. Even trusting him completely it was hard not to get a little flutter in her belly when he reached down for her throat. It would be a trivial thing for him to strangle her, but he didn't, his fingers moved into the neck of the costume ripping it down the center exposing her breasts. "Right now you're going to open your mouth."

Penny did as she was told, opening her mouth. Harold spat between her tits grabbing her head roughly and pulling her up so her open mouth would be waiting when he pushed his cock up between her tits. "That's it. Stick out your tongue." He growled enjoying the tit fuck. Once both his cock and her tits were glistening he stopped.

Harold grabbed the crotch of her pants and yanked several times until the fabric gave way to his strength. That was certainly the last time she'd get to wear this costume. That was upsetting for all of three seconds, when Harold yanked her Batgirl themed thong to one side and slid his cock into her in a single brutal stroke. Penny gasped, her legs instantly moving up to encircle his hips pulling him deeper into her. He let his weight drive him down into her and she met his thrusts pulling him down and thrusting her hips up against his.

"That's right Batgirl, you'll fuck me and maybe, just maybe, you get out of this intact." He snarled picking up pace. The entire bed was creaking beneath their fucking her.

"Fuck me, fuck Batgirl. Harder." She growled up at him. There was no need to encourage him though, not at that point. Nothing she could have said would have stopped him from fucking her into oblivion and himself to satisfaction at that point. Penny knew she was going to have the most delicious bruises from morning. The kind of soreness that wouldn't let you forget that you had been well and truly fucked.

Several minutes later Harold completely bottomed out inside her flooding her with his semen and just laying atop her occasionally kissing along her jaw before pulling the mask off.

"If I'd known dressing up like a super hero would make you fuck me like that I'd be doing that shit like every weekend. You want Supergirl, Sailor Moon or I think I might still fit into my old Chun Li outfit." Penny purred looking down at her ruined outfit.

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