A Night at Bugman's


"Gnnnngh!!!" she groaned, the sound coming out through her gritted teeth as she writhed in pleasure and pain. Even though she knew that the cock was in as far as it could possibly go, most of it still remained out of her pussy. And the troll, of course, was determined to prove her wrong.

She felt herself stretching even further as the troll continued to push into her, oblivious to the damage that he might have been causing. Lillielle screamed as he pushed passed what she could have believed possible, a bulge visible in her abdomen where the massive cock head was still invading into her. Finally, when roughly two thirds of his cock were impaling her, Lillielle felt the troll withdraw, feeling as though he were sucking her insides out. Suddenly he drove back in brutally and she cried out as a wave of sensation over came her. Then the troll began to fuck her, driving in as deep as he could before pulling most of the way out again. Lillielle could feel her ass pulled away from the table with the suction whenever he pulled out, but then she'd be slammed back down whenever he thrust back in.


Lillielle panted and yelped as she was fucked brutally, her breasts bouncing wildly as the troll plowed into her with merciless abandon. The troll noticed this and with one of his massive hands he began to spank her bouncing tits painfully.

"AIGH!!! Not so AAGH!!! So fuck AOW!!! Fucking AIIEE!!! ROUGH YOU DUMB-EEEK!!! DUMB BASTARD!!!"

With this the troll slowed down, then stopped, it's red eyes glaring at her.

"Me dumb?" it asked incredulously. "ME DUMB?!?"

Lillielle gulped, belatedly realizing the stupidity of insulting a troll, especially when naked and being pounded by it.

"Now ye'll be in fer it lass!" one of the dwarves near her chuckled.

Lillielle gulped again, looking at the furious troll.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

The rest of the sentence was cut off as the troll pulled out of her and picked her up and flipped her over, slamming her back down on the table face first. Lillielle yelped in pain.

"YOU DUMB!!!" the troll roared and with that, he rammed his cock up her ass.

"AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!" the elf girl shrieked as she was impaled on the thick cock. But the troll wasn't listening. Her arms were grabbed roughly by the troll in it's left hand and with it's right it began to spank her, harder than she'd ever felt. The troll fucked her harder and faster than ever, using her arms to pull into her and getting deeper with every thrust, until eventually she felt his balls slapping against her tender pussy.


The dwarves around her were laughing at the elf girl's shrieks as she begged for mercy, but neither she nor the troll noticed. Suddenly she felt the troll force himself deep into her and unleash his flood of seed. She cried out, her face wet with tears as the troll emptied himself into her, her abdomen once again extending with the amount of cum being forced into it.

The troll pulled out of her and grunted at her. She lay whimpering on the table, cum pumping out of her abused ass.

"I'm sorrryyy..." she whimpered. The troll pulled at her arm, flipping her over again. She looked up into it's face, sobered by the rough sodomy that she had just endured and cringed. The troll grunted again. Moving it's hand to her slit. She watched it nervously as it began to stroke her, surprising her by it's gentleness. Soon she could feel shudders of pleasure lighting up her lower abdomen, her womanly parts responding to the beast's touch. For a moment she felt disgusted with herself, then she realized. She had already degraded herself with this creature, and although stern, it seemed to care if she was enjoying herself. Turning her face to the troll again, she attempted to ignore the agony in her ass and managed a weak smile.

The troll saw her smile and grunted back, then it was between her thighs again, the head of it's cock once more to her womanhood. Lillielle bit her lip nervously and the troll thrust into her again.

Again the troll started to pound into her and Lillielle turned her head away, not willing to face the hideous creature while sober. But no matter where she looked there were jeering dwarves, staring openly at her naked form and taunting her with their crude calls and cruel laughter. Soon she ran out of places to turn to, so she looked back at the troll. The troll had increased it's tempo and her body was beginning to react to it again, pleasure shooting through her at the feel of the massive, rough cock penetrating her so deeply. A moan escaped from her lips and the troll grunted. It picked up the pace again and soon she was writhing in pleasure as he continued to build speed. Soon enough he was slamming into her roughly and the elf beauty writhed and yelped as she felt a powerful orgasm building.

The troll leaned in over her, slamming as much of his cock into her as he could and in her passion, Lillielle threw her arms around the monsters neck and put her lips against his. It didn't take long before the troll's tongue worked its way through her lips and down her throat and she sucked on it frenziedly, no longer caring what it was that she was with.

Soon she felt a now-familiar shudder going through the monsters member and the added vibrations sent her over the edge. Hugging the troll tightly, she pressed her breasts against him as she arched her back, her eyes widening and her lips opening wide.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIGH!!!!!!" she screamed as her body reacted to the intense fucking she had received. She came hard on the trolls cock, then she came again as the monster roared and came into her, giving her a direct tidal wave of cum directly into her womb. Lillielle rode the tidal wave of sensation, cumming again and again as her womb inflated, giving the illusion that she was pregnant. The last thing she saw before everything went black was the troll's warty, leering face grinning down at her.

Lirielle's head hurt. Her lower body hurt. Her throat hurt, her ass hurt and her arms hurt and... She opened her eyes for a brief moment but instantly regretted it, blinding light shooting lances of agony through her brain. She laid back and tried to remember what had happened. It felt like the world was moving.

Dimly she started to remember the previous night. Laughing, jeering dwarves, a jeering troll... Had she been raped? But then... A memory came back of her brother looking apologetic... And the troll... A frown creased Lillielle's pretty face. From the feeling, the world WAS moving. Or rather, SHE was moving. Face down. Naked on something lumbering! Slowly she opened her eyes and as she did she passed into a cool shady place. Immediately the smell caused her to gag, then whatever had been carrying her dumped her unceremoniously onto a pile of old rags. Looking up she remembered everything. For staring back at her was a troll. Lillielle stared in horror at Gromp, then realized he wasn't alone. Flanking on either side were two more trolls.

"Pretty elf awake now. Good elf." Gromp motioned to the other trolls. "These Gromp's brothers. They like pretty elf." With that, she noticed the way they were staring at her. And that they all had massive erections. Lillielle whimpered as they advanced on her.

Her screams could be heard for days.

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That was amazing

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