tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Night at the Club

A Night at the Club


It was a warm Queensland evening, the sun had been beaming all day and the humidity in the air was thick and stifling. It was Friday night and it had been one hell of week, I was exhausted but desperately in need of some fun.

I had made arrangements earlier to meet my friend Melanie at a new club on the outskirts of town. The club was in an industrial area which had recently become an urban hang out, with cafes opening in tin buildings, pubs and clubs popping up here and there. I had never been there before, but had been told that the club was popular for its amazing DJ.

I drove home from work and almost ran up the stairs to my apartment, keen to get into the shower and start getting ready. I slipped out of my work clothes and turned the shower on so it was barely warm. I stepped under the cool water and gasped at the sudden cold stream against my hot skin. My nipples instantly stiffened as I became acclimatised to the temperature of the water. I ran my hands over my breasts and stomach, I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about the night ahead.

Reluctantly, I retreated from the shower and got ready to leave. I hurriedly made all the decisions a woman needs to make before going out; hair up or down, makeup, shoes, underwear, clothes. Any woman who tells you she doesn't make these decisions with the end of the night in mind is lying.

I chose a simple, soft black dress with a low cut V neck which, when required would easily reveal a good portion of my breasts. The dress was tight at the waist then draped loosely to sit just above my knees. I threw on some shoes and ran out the door and headed downstairs to jump in the awaiting cab.

I made it to the club a little earlier than expected and there was only a short queue to enter. I had told Mel I would meet her inside and judging by the crowd, I probably should have been more specific. I had bought my phone with me, so I texted her and told her to message me when she arrived.

I made my way into the club and was surprised by the number of people jammed inside. I pushed my way towards the bar and grabbed a couple of shots before heading towards the dance floor.

The music was electric and everyone was moving in rhythm. It was body against body and everyone seemed to be glued together. I started moving around the edge of the floor and someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the crowd. I looked around and couldn't see who it was so I started to move away when I saw Mel, dancing in a small group.

I waved and moved over to say hi and she introduced me to a "friend" she had just met who seemed to be very fond of her, his name was Tony and he seemed to have a few friends with him but I couldn't hear any of their names.

I started dancing with Mel but staying together in the crowd was proving difficult. I felt a hand around my waist and turned to see a tall, brutish looking man behind me. He was wearing a black t-shirt and I could see he had a tattoo of some description weaving its way up the side of his neck and arm. He was muscular and somewhat attractive, despite his rough exterior. He kept his hand around my waist and pushed behind me, moving me back towards Mel and Tony.

I smiled up at him and mouthed "Thanks", expecting that he would remove his hand from my waist and be on his way. I kept dancing, the strange man's hand still around my waist and as I continued moving with the music he pulled me closer to him and danced against me, his hips moving with the music against me. His hand began to wander and his thumb began to graze against my breast before moving back down to rest on my hip.

I wanted to move away from him, back towards Mel and Tony, but my body seemed glued to him. My brain was telling me to move on but his body felt amazing pressed against me. I could feel his muscular legs against mine. His body was turned slightly but I felt sure that if he was against me I'd be able to feel his cock against my arse.

I pushed back towards him, keen to see if I was right. He responded immediately pulling my hips into him so I could feel that he was hard. I looked down towards the floor and smiled so he couldn't see as started moving against him with the music, rubbing my arse and hips against his cock.

I teased him for what seemed like an eternity and as the music changed he pulled back and grabbed my arm tightly, turning me towards him and continuing to dance. He had my arm in a tight grip and it began to hurt. I tried pulling away from him, a little panicked. What had I done?

I was facing away from Mel now so I couldn't yell out to or signal her. I tried pulling away again and as though he suddenly realised he was hurting me, the man released his vice grip on my arm and moved his hand around my back, pulling me close to him. I started to relax again but still couldn't get away easily; though I wasn't sure I wanted to. Despite his roughness this man was exciting me, I could feel myself getting wet and couldn't stop it.

The music continued to play and I started pulling back from him, it was time to move on. As I pulled back he moved his left hand down to sit on my lower back and quickly slipped his right hand between my legs, rubbing against my dress and underwear with his palm. I responded to his touch, despite the voice of logic inside me screaming at me to leave.

The man leaned towards me and buried his face in my neck, gently biting me as he pulled my underwear to one side and ran his fingers along the outside of my now very wet pussy. I was vaguely aware of the crowd around us, what if they could see? I moaned gently as he continued to kiss my neck and throat.

Someone pushed be from behind, pushing me even closer to him and he held me there, pushing his fingers between the lips of my pussy and rubbing my clit. I pushed towards him, worried that everyone could see us and giving him an opportunity to push his fingers inside me. In a moment of clarity I realised what I was doing and pulled away from him. His hand was still around my waist as someone beside me knocked him and gave me the opportunity to get away.

I pushed my way through the crowd, heading towards the bathroom without looking back. I made it to the ladies toilets but the queue was out the door. I needed to catch my breath. I turned and saw a small disabled toilet down the hall and headed for it quickly. I pushed the door open and let out a sigh of relief as I turned to shut the door. I gasped as the door pushed open and the man from the dance floor stepped inside, pushing the door shut behind him and sliding the lock. I went to open my mouth to yell and he pressed his mouth hard against me, pushing his tongue into my mouth.

Despite my panic I responded to him, kissing him back; our tongues intertwining as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pushed me towards the wall of the bathroom.

He quickly reached under my dress, pulling my underwear down and letting them fall to the floor. I attempted to protest but my body failed me. I moved my legs apart for him as he again pushed his fingers into my pussy. I leaned my head back on the wall as he kissed his way down my neck, moving the V of my dress aside so he could peel back my bra and gently bite my nipple. I felt my body going weak as he rapidly thrust his fingers in and out of my pussy.

I wanted to ask him his name, surely if he was going to be inside me I at least needed to know his name? I opened my mouth to speak but he swiftly moved his hand up and placed it over my mouth, shaking his head at me.

My heart was beating fast, but I complied and stopped trying to talk. He moved his tongue to my breasts again, licking and sucking at my nipples. He bit me, hard, taking me by surprise. Instinctively I hit him, slapping his face with my palm. He looked shocked, then angry; pulling his fingers out of my pussy he grabbed my hair in one hand and pulled me towards him, placing his other hand over my mouth. I started to panic as he stared at me.

In one quick movement he turned me around, pushing my face towards the wall, letting go of my mouth but still holding my hair. I could hear him undoing his pants and I attempted to grab his arm. He removed his belt and pulled my hands behind my back, tying them at the wrists with his belt, still holding me against the wall with the weight of his body.

My heart was beating so fast I felt as though I would pass out. His pants now on the floor he moved close behind me, pulling my hips away from the wall. He moved my legs apart and slipped his hand between my legs again, rubbing my clit and slipping his fingers into me. Despite my panic I still responded to him once again, moving my hips back and forth against his hand.

He removed his hand from my pussy and pulled my hips back closer to him. I could feel him guiding his hard cock towards me, rubbing it in the juices of my pussy before slowly sliding the head inside me. He paused for a moment and I felt myself wanting him. I grew impatient and pushed back towards him, his cock sliding a little further into my pussy. He pushed towards me a little further, his cock moving deeper into me, but still holding back. I was becoming impatient. I tried moving myself towards him but he stopped me.

This guy was driving me crazy. He pushed a little further inside me before pulling back out again slowly, the head of his cock just inside my pussy. I turned my head to look at him and started getting angry.

I started to yell at him, "Just FUCK me already?" He started to laugh in response, moved his face closer to mine.

I thought he was going bite me again, but instead he whispered in my ear, "Say please".

I stared at him for a moment. Was this guy for real? He loosened the belt on my wrists as I stared at him. He was letting me go? No way... He leaned down to grab his pants off the floor and smiled at me as he headed towards the door.

"Wait!" I said.

He turned to look at me with a grin.

I surrendered, "Please?"

He let go of the door and his pants and moved back towards me. He kissed me hard as he pushed against me, pinning my back to the wall. He lifted my leg and pushed himself towards me, his cock pushing up into me. I gasped as he pushed himself up and deep inside me. He began thrusting himself into me as I started losing control.

Pinned against the wall I started to shudder beneath him, his hips pounding against me violently as he pushed his cock into me again and again. A searing pain ran through my hips which I tried to ignore as my pussy tightened around him and my body shook violently in both ecstasy and pain.

His grip on my hips tightened further as I felt him push deep inside me, pulling my hips towards him as he exploded inside me. Breathless he pressed his chest against me and I began to regain my composure. I wanted to speak but I was shocked and exhausted.

He finally released me and removed his cock from my pussy. He reached to the floor and grabbed his pants, pulling them on hurriedly before slipping out the door.

I sat on the floor, my head spinning as I caught my breath. I cleaned myself up and headed back out towards the crowd, texted Meg and told her I had decided to go home.

I saw him on the dance floor on the way out, I smiled at him and he turned away. Certainly not the Friday night I had planned, but memorable to say the least...

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by Anonymous09/22/17

Mel to Meg?

Would be nice if you corrected that. I liked the flow of the story but I feel that the actual fuck should have been longer. A sequel would be nice. An entertaining read. Thank you.

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