tagLoving WivesA Night At The Movies

A Night At The Movies


Our stories are true. I have set up my wife for adventure over the years and hope they inspire other husbands to continue to look for ways to set up their own adventures.

I am a voyeur and love to watch my wife, Susan, show herself off and be felt up by other men. I told you about our first experience with my roommate the year before we married. Our first adventure is under groups, entitled “The Roomate”.

Susan is younger than me and at 23 looked marvelous with c cup breasts. When she goes without a bra they stand so proud. She agreed to try someone else as a third in our lovemaking but we shouldn’t do it with friends. So I started looking in swinger ads for another man to help me give her a thrill.

I didn’t tell her I had found a likely suspect but I was sure she would like him. He was 6 feet tall and about 180 lbs of blue twisted steel. He was just out of the army and had been in special forces. His dark eyes and dark hair made his charming smile all the more handsome. I had a feeling her pussy would get wet from her meeting him. He was a girl’s wet dream come true.

I set it up for him to bump into us at a movie theater that had started showing soft porn movies in a town near us. We arrived about twenty minutes before the movie and “bumped” into my new best friend, Dave. We are just a couple of vets who met at the military surplus store. We all know she is not that dumb, she feels a setup coming but she played along. We all went in and sat down in a row pretty much by ourselves. I placed her between us so she could be part of the conversation and Dave was great at drawing her out and making her feel important.

Susan was dressed in her garter and front closure bra, a short skirt and button up blouse. As we chatted before the movie started I slowly caressed her knees and legs, sliding her skirt up, giving Dave a teasing show. We had her blouse unbuttoned to give him a good view of her breasts as she turned to talk with him.

We watched about ten minutes of the show before I pulled her face to me and kissed her. As I did I moved Dave’s hand to her right leg. She tensed up but kept kissing me. I unbuttoned her blouse more and opened her bra so he could see her breasts in the light from the screen. As I caressed her tits he slid his hand up her skirt exposing her thighs above her hose. She sighed as he pushed his hand between her thighs to her panties and kissed me harder. She broke our kiss as he pushed his hand down the front of her panties and bit into my shoulder to keep from making a noise as she came. Her pussy juices made little noises as he slowly caressed her.

She had her hand busy finding out how nicely endowed Dave is. His two and a half inch thick cock was going to thrill her to no end. I couldn’t let her touch me anymore or I would have cum immediately.

The first movie was only about 35 minutes long and then we had an intermission. Well we all three knew what Susan needed and we wanted to give it to her so I invited Dave to go for a drink with us. Susan acted happy when he agreed too. Once outside I suggested Susan ride with Dave and he follow me home where I would fix us a drink as we all got better acquainted.

When we arrived home she joined me in the kitchen to help and I ask how good of a one handed driver he was. She smiled and said he was very good. I told her to go to the bathroom and take off her bra and leave two more buttons unbuttoned on her blouse.

When Dave took his drink I told him to use the other bathroom and when she came out I would have her give him a tour of the house. He asked how he should proceed. He was asking if she was ready for him to take her all the way. I assured him she was and he should just do that, take her. When she shows you the master bedroom just kiss her and fondle her breasts. Then lay her back on the bed and suck her good.

He did just that and when he started sucking her nipples she pulled him onto the bed with her. He then went to her pussy and pulled her clit into his mouth. She screamed, her orgasm was so hard. I moved from the darkened hall way into the room and told him to take his cloths off while I helped Susan remove hers. I left her in her garter and stockings as I think she looks so sexy in it.

He moved his cock close to her face and she took the hint. She sucked as much of him as she could down her throat and made him moan. He could not take much of this and moved between her legs. She reached down and guided him to her. He slowly worked his large cock into her. She was so ready to be fucked she just kept saying “oh God” and then she came again. He pussy juices were flowing down her ass as he slowly picked up his pace. I had only seen her this aggressive when my roommate Dan had fucked her. He began to slam into her so she encouraged him to fill her with his cum. Soon his cum was coating her pubic hair and running down her ass. I got them a warm towel to clean up and we lay together as he and I caressed her. After about fifteen minutes I put her on her knees and fucker her from behind while she sucked him hard again. When she had him nice and hard again I let her climb onto his cock and ride him for a while. She fucked him for while but now that he had cum he could assault her pussy and drive her crazy with his thick cock. His cock was rubbing her clit and causing her to have one orgasm after another. She finally just lay on his chest and let him fuck up into her. He rolled her over onto her back and kept on stroking her. She wrapped her legs around him and lay back for the fucking he was giving her. She knew he was just using her pussy for his pleasure and she was loving it. He is much longer and thicker than I am so her pussy was being stretched around him giving him and her great pleasure.

He had been fucking her for about 15 minutes and I could see she was getting tired and we had lost count of how many times she had come. I ask him if he would like for her to suck him while he laid back and caught his breath. I knew she would suck him off and make it great for him.

I suggested they relax while I got us some more drinks. When I returned they were kissing and caressing each other. After we refreshed ourselves Dave and I laid her back into some pillows. He caressed her breasts and I sucked her pussy. She said later she felt I must love her very much to suck her after she had been used so much by Dave. I didn’t want to make her cum. I just wanted to lightly caress and tantalize her clit. She slid down in the bed to hold Dave’s cock above her mouth so she could suck him and not lose the licking I was giving her. As she worked Dave into a frenzy again he started fucking her mouth. I whispered to her for her to make love to Dave’s cock and laid back to watch her. She put him on his back and started taking his cock deep into her mouth. She was sucking and stroking him pushing him to cum. As she ran her tongue over the large head of his cock she stroked him. He soon held her head in his hands and she knew she had him close. You could see his cock swell as he built to shoot his cum. She increased her sucking and started making a happy moaning sound as she felt his cum shoot into her throat. She swallowed it and slurped his cock getting it all. He was almost unconscious as he emptied into her mouth. Finally his convulsions finished and he lay quiet as she cleaned him with her tongue. Then she collapsed between us and spooned up against me as she caressed his chest. When he was able to he reached over and kissed her and told her what an incredible experience it had been for him.

Later I showed Dave out and let him know he would be invited back.

I came back to a very relaxed wife who opened her legs for me to enter her. She knew I was looking forward to fucking her wet, hot pussy. I do love the feel of her hot box full of cum.

If you enjoyed this story let me know and I will attempt to share others of our adventures with you.

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