tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Night at the Theater

A Night at the Theater


Dedicated to my muse :)

Leaning back, I rested my head on the head rest as I took a long, calming breath. I was attempting to soothe my frazzled nerves as our vehicle raced down the highway. So many thoughts passed through my mind. How did I get to this place? Will our scene today change me forever? Was there really a right and a wrong if something felt good and no one got hurt?

Turning my head, I opened my eyes and glanced at John, taking him in while he concentrated on the road. His profile was near and dear to my heart, the soft light of dawn highlighting the laugh lines around his mouth and eyes. He had a friendly face that would instill confidence and trust in most everyone who met him. This was probably why he was such a successful salesman during the day.

At night, he became what many would consider my Dom. I preferred to think of him as my lover.

On this particular evening, I was taking a leap of faith once again and placing myself in his hands. That was not new in our short relationship, as I always looked to John to push all of my boundaries. He never let me down. But tonight's scene would push those boundaries past anything I could have conjured even in my wildest dreams.

We were headed to an adult theater that was very well known in our area. The theater was a hang-out for swingers and horny men, straight, gay and bi-sexual alike. With my obsessive compulsive tendencies, of course I had done quite a bit of research on this theater, had even joined their forum and chatted with some of the regulars.

Earlier that day, I had come across the "Photos" section of the forum. The photos showed the utter depravity that went on there. Women bent over tables and chairs, being fucked by a long line of men who all waited patiently with their cocks in hand. Men placing their cocks in a "glory hole" to be sucked by an unknown Good Samaritan on the other side. Semen oozing out of a red and roughly used vagina, the woman's face serene with ecstasy.

My first thought after looking at those photos was, my God, how very wrong. It reminded me of the Sodom and Gomorra story from the bible. Surely these folks were going to hell? Never one to judge, I did not look at the subjects in the photos in a negative light, because it was clear they wanted it and enjoyed it all immensely. However, that was not my cup of tea.

I couldn't help imagine myself and John in that theater though. As our relationship had progressed, I had come to trust him with all that I am. He would never let harm come to me, never push me to do something that would make me feel like less of a human being after. I always left him with a smile, a smile that stayed in place for many days to come.

In my reverie, I had lost track of our position, and suddenly I realized we had arrived. The single level brick building in front of us looked quiet and unassuming. In my mind's eye I thought it would be a dark building with no windows and "XXX" written all over it. I looked to John in confusion.

"We're here. Are you ready?" He gazed directly into my eyes, seeming to read all of my dreams and fears.

Two busty females sat back on their knees on the garish red carpeting, mouths open, and tongues out. A young man stood directly in front of them stroking his 8 inch cock, which was lengthening and hardening before our eyes. The only sound to be heard from our theater was labored breathing.

"You want it ladies? I know you do..." the man whispered as he stroked that giant cock.

"Yes, Yes please, please give it to me. I need it!" the blonde begged.

"No, give it to me... mine!" the brunette cried out as she moved in to take hold of his shaft.

"Ah ah ah, Ladies" the man on the screen chastised. "Sharing is caring" he pronounced with a leering grin.

Placing a hand on the back of each of the girl's heads, he brought them in slowly, each getting a side of his cock. Each girl stretched her tongue out, and the camera zoomed in on the two of them simultaneously running their tongues up and down his dick and swirling around the tip, then pausing a moment to swirl their tongue around the other's in a wet French kiss.

There was a shift in the audience, and I could feel all of the male patrons in the theater squirm a bit in their seats. John and I were seated in the front row of the small room, and from my calculation there were approximately nine others there, all men. John kept glancing over at me, probably trying to judge my state of mind.

In front of us there was what appeared to be a very large, cushion-top coffee table. Almost like a platform. Or like a bed. I could imagine what the platform was used for when the heat in the room was turned up high. I vaguely considered what it must be like to be one of the cleaning crew at this establishment, and wondered if the room, seats and platform would pass an ultraviolet test.

I was getting turned on. The arousal in the theater was palpable, and it was indeed contagious. Squirming a bit in my own seat, I nervously traced circle eights on the small patch of thigh that was exposed under the hem of my white sundress. My skin felt electrified and alive.

Earlier, I had debated about what to wear to the theater. I thought jeans and a T-shirt would be more appropriate, because I had been hoping to send a "hands off" message to all of the horny old men in attendance. John had talked me into the sundress, because he knew that was all I wore in the summer anyway, and he loved how I looked in them. Sundresses had a tendency to be thrown carelessly over my head when John was near, though.

I looked at John, sitting next to me, eyes riveted on the screen. Glancing down at his jean shorts, I could see his erection pressing against the zipper. The zipper was probably making an imprint on his thick cock. Thinking about his cock made honey drip in my white thong panties, and again I couldn't help squirming in my seat.

The two females on the screen were going at the man's cock with zeal. Eyes lightly closed, they both took turns fondling and licking the man's balls while the other deep-throated his cock, making squishy slurpy noises. I couldn't help think about how much I enjoyed giving head to a well deserving man these days, namely John.

At 37 years old, I felt I had perfected my technique and had become adept at reading all of the verbal and non-verbal clues my partner gave. When I tuned in, it was easy to figure out what he liked, what he liked a whole hell of a lot, and what made him come. When I was younger, I didn't have the knowledge or confidence to give an earth shattering blow job, and would often times feel nervous about the whole experience.

There was something to be said about age and wisdom, and these days I loved being used as John's fuck toy. Truthfully, there was nothing I enjoyed more.

Jolting me from my thoughts, I felt John's hand cover mine on my thigh, stilling it. I looked up at him, and he held my gaze for a moment. My expression was that of complete trust and acceptance, which I knew he was looking for. We stayed that way for a moment, looking into each other's eyes, only vaguely noting the moans coming from the screen and from the others in the room.

John stood up slowly, coming to stand in front of me while I remained seated. My hand in his, he gently turned it over and placed a soft, warm kiss on my palm. He then took my hand in his and moved it down to the hard bulge in his shorts.

I stroked him for some time through his pants, feeling his girth and measuring the weight of his cock, while my senses went on high alert. In the back of my mind I realized that the film was no longer the main focus of all those in the theater. All eyes were on John and me.

Looking up at John, I batted my eyelashes a bit, trying to be cute. He was looking down my body, probably staring at the outline of my dusky rose nipples prominently displayed through the gathered bodice of my sundress. He knew I hated wearing a bra, and I knew he loved to see my nipples this way. At that moment, I felt them hardening and pressing against the cotton of my dress.

"Get down on your knees." John commanded.

I quickly complied, almost stumbling in my haste. I settled in on the floor, on my knees, trying not to wonder if the carpet had been shampooed recently.

"Take out my cock," he ordered. "Slowly."

I moved my fingers to his waistband, and struggled with unbuttoning the top button on his shorts. After a moment, it sprang free, and his cock shifted a bit after being granted a little more room to move around. I ran my hand down his length, all the way down and up again, and then grasped his zipper.

I looked up at John's face, maintaining eye contact, as I pulled the tab of his zipper down. His look was hot, aroused, and his features were flushed. I imagined my face must have looked much the same.

Once his zipper was fully down, I rubbed my cheek against his erection playfully, still looking up at him.

"What shall I do now, sir?" I whispered playfully while licking my lips.

He granted me his evil grin. "Oh I don't know. I'm not sure you're brave enough to suck my cock in front of all these men. Do you have what it takes?"

Oh he knew I loved a challenge. Pulling at his waistband, I swiftly pulled down his shorts and underwear at the same time, leaving him exposed from knee to waist. His giant cock sprang free, pointing straight at the ceiling.

He moved to wrap his hand around his shaft, but I pushed it aside and chided him, "Mine!" His look let me know that I would be punished for my outburst later, but I did not care in that moment. Starting with his balls, I ran my fingertips up his length, teasing the engorged head with a gentle stroke. I worked down and back up, using more force as I went, never breaking eye contact with him.

The men had gathered close, now sitting or standing on either side of us. I could feel their stares; their attention was like a jolt to my wet pussy, jacking up my arousal to new and incredible lengths.

As I continued stroking John, I wondered what the men were thinking. Were they imagining themselves in John's place just then? Were they hoping to get their turn with me, too?

"Come on, girl. Put his cock in your mouth. Show us what you've got," one of the men prompted. I glared at him. I would be the one setting the pace, and no one else.

Pushing myself up on my knees so that I was looking straight down at John's cock, I let the saliva pool in my mouth to drip down on the head of his cock. Spitting was not very ladylike, but sometimes necessary in these situations. Using my hand to thoroughly wet his cock, I pumped up and down while squeezing him tight, my thumb brushing gently over the head of his cock on each upstroke.

Meanwhile, I sat back on my haunches once more. Leaning my head down and under, I took one of his balls gently between my lips. I loved the taste and smell of his balls. They were a bit musky and so very manly, and I sucked one of them fully into my mouth while continuing to pump his shaft. John let out a harsh moan as I let him feel just a hint of my teeth on his sack.

"Baby," he whispered, taking my ponytail in his hand and holding me close.

I continued to work my hand up and down his beautiful cock, occasionally licking my hand to re-lubricate. I lavished attention on his balls and couldn't help but bopping up and down just a small bit, attempting to alleviate the pressure on my soaking wet pussy.

I felt rather than saw a man step in just behind me, occupying the seat I had just vacated. As I continued loving on John's cock, I realized that the man had leaned in close, so close that I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck.

My dress was spread around me on the floor, and I felt a slight tug on the hem. The man in my former seat was attempting to put his paws up my dress.

"Do not touch her!" John commanded. Immediately, I turned and looked at the man, who had retreated and put his hands in the air in surrender.

"She is not to be touched by anyone other than me. You don't like it – leave." John spoke to these men in his authoritarian Dom voice, making my pussy moisten even more. I was glad that I had packed a spare pair of panties in my purse. It appeared I would need them after all!

I turned my attention back to John's cock, and he paused for a moment to take off his clothes and shoes completely. Naked now from the waist down, he moved back a bit to the round platform. He placed one foot on the platform while leaving the other on the ground, opening himself fully to me.

"Come," he beckoned me, and I crawled the few feet that separated us. I heard one of the men moan loudly, likely ogling my ass.

He held his cock in his hand, offering it to me. I gladly accepted the gift, and engulfed the purple head in my mouth. When aroused, the head of his cock reminded me of a ripe juicy plum, one that I couldn't wait to swallow down my throat, along with all of its juices.

I worked my mouth up and down on his cock, swirling my tongue, and sucking him for all I was worth. Faster and faster, I relaxed my throat as I felt his cock jut up against my tonsils. I could feel the drool dripping from the corners of my mouth, but my only thought was pleasing John.

Grabbing my ponytail once more, John stopped me. I looked up at him, his cock still in my mouth.

"I'm going to fuck your mouth now baby," the crowd moaned in unison as I nodded my head. With one hand on my ponytail holding me in place, and the other on the back of my neck, John shuttled his cock in and out of my mouth. He started slow, allowing me to adjust to his movements. Again I focused on keeping my throat loose and relaxed so that his cock could use my mouth as he deemed fit.

Faster now, he rammed his cock down my throat, and my only option was to sit there and be used. He moved his hips rapidly back and forth as he fucked my mouth with fervor. Tears pooled in the corners of my eyes from my exertion, as saliva dripped onto my dress. I knew my mascara was likely running down my face, and I thought about how slutty I probably looked in that moment. I was loving every second of it. John slowed, still working his cock in and out of my mouth at a slower pace. "Pull down your dress baby. Show them your tits."

Oh no, we hadn't discussed this!! He had promised he wouldn't allow anyone to touch me, but we hadn't talked about my being exposed in any way. He knew how shy I was about my body.

I looked into his eyes, and there I saw the reassurance that I needed from him. This was his way of showing me off. At 58, John is over 20 years my senior, and he always teases me about how lucky he is to have access to such a hot piece of ass. I know he finds me beautiful, hot and sexy, and the fact that we were both married to other people has heretofore prohibited us from being in public together.

"Do it, baby," he prodded me. I looked around the room at the faces staring down at me. They were all men approximately John's age, with just a few closer to my own age. They seemed to be waiting with baited breath.

I grabbed the elastic top of my strapless dress, and without thinking too much about it, quickly pulled it down to just below my breasts. They sprang happily onto the scene, my nipples puckered and standing out like raspberries. The elastic of my dresses pressed up into the underside of my breasts, making them more pronounced.

A collective sigh fell over the crowd, and I couldn't help a little giggle and eye roll at that point.

Mentally, I told myself to get back to work. I leaned closer to John's shaft again, and couldn't help but notice the angle his position afforded me. With one leg up on the platform, there was quite a bit of room for me to maneuver underneath him. Moving onto my ass on the floor, I had a clear view of John's balls, taint, and ass. He looked down at me. "Come on baby. You know what I like." Yes indeed I did.

Reaching up with my thumbs, I separated his ass cheeks, revealing the little rosebud they hid.

I ran the tip of my tongue along both sides of his cheeks, venturing closer to his asshole with every swipe. I could feel John's legs tremble a bit, and noticed he had taken his cock in his hand once more, working it up and down.

I stiffened my tongue and briefly jabbed at the tightly puckered hole, making it wet with my saliva. Using a circular motion, I swirled my tongue all around his anus, bringing all of those nerves to life.

Using all of my fingers at this time, I flattened a hand against each ass cheek and widened my workspace. His asshole was easily accessible now, and I swirled my tongue in circular motion to thrill and arouse him further.

He moaned loudly, the sound echoing in the small room. From a great distance it seemed I could still hear the sounds from the porn film on the screen. Some men in the room were panting loudly and I could feel some leaning in closed for a better look.

Hardening my tongue again, I stabbed at his ass. I felt the tight ring of muscle fighting my tongue, and felt determined to break through.

Again and again, I firmly jabbed against that hole until I felt it give just a little bit, just a tiny welcome. Wiggling my tongue, never backing down, I gained entry again and again until I was fucking his sweet ass with my tongue.

He worked his cock harder and stronger now, his breath hitched and his legs appeared to be very shaky. I shifted and once more turned my attention to that beautiful beast of a cock. As I moved and kneeled in front of him, I gazed upon his flushed, sweaty face, and realized that I had teased him long enough. My sweet lover was ready to blow a load, and I knew exactly where I wanted it. Right down my throat.

Making a ring with my thumb and forefinger, I pumped his cock, squeezing as I stroked his length. I maintained eye contact with him as I brought my open mouth to his shaft, enveloping him tight. My mouth followed the ring of my fingers, moistening his heavily veined flesh so that my hand moved easily up and down.

I took all of this in; my submissive posture, John's heavy breathing, my ponytail wound tightly around his hand, and the heat coming from everyone in the room. At last glance, they were all pumping their own cocks as they egged me on. And on top of everything, I felt the throbbing of my soaked pussy and the feel of my thong rubbing against my swollen lips.

The depravity of the situation did not escape me, and I swore I could feel the onset of an orgasm breaking over my sex. I've never climaxed without being touched or fucked, but that was how incredibly hot and achy I felt at that moment.

I stroked him harder and harder, as I knew he liked it rough, and used my lips, mouth, and tongue to drive him higher and higher. He used his grip on my ponytail to slow my motions a bit, and then he removed my mouth from his shaft completely.

He took his cock in hand and pumped it maybe five times before it erupted. I kept both my mouth and eyes open for him, feeling the hot jets splash on my face, in my mouth and on my bare breasts. His orgasm seemed to go one forever, and I eagerly savored the taste of his cum on my tongue.

After using the ladies room to wash up, I pushed open the door to look for John. What an encounter we had had, I thought with a smile. Looking both ways down the hall and not catching sight of him, I made my way to the erotic toy store section of the theater complex. Knowing John, he would take this opportunity to stock up on some new toys.

"Hey," I felt someone grab my arm. I looked up into the eyes of one of the theater patrons. Oh crap, I thought, was this guy about to try something with me? I looked around nervously but there was no one else around.

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