tagRomanceA Night Away From Home

A Night Away From Home


We met at a casino in AC, at one of the bars. Had some drinks and talk about our lives since we were together. What's been going on, kids, etc. Being the flirt you always were made it easy to turn the conversation in the wrong direction.

You looked at me with that look; you know what look I'm talking about. That 'I want to fuck you so bad' look. I changed the conversation and say we should go for a walk, so we did. We walked around and looked at all the gamblers and did some people watching and make jokes about crazy clothing, etc. Somehow, some way you got me in a corner of the casino, alone. I stand like a wallflower, glued to the wall for safety. You put one of your arms on each side of me above my head and ask me what is on my mind. I say nothing what's on yours? You lean in and brush your lips against mine... Just one of the things that used to make me wild and I have to say it wasn't any different years later. You stood there for a minute and kept brushing your lips back and forth against mine until I finally gave in and tilted my head up at you and we kissed for the first time in so long. I could feel my excitement start.

While our tongues played softly together my hands move to your waste and your hands moved to my face. I drew you in to me, leaning against me. After a few minutes our kiss ended softly and sweetly, but we both wanted more. We went to the front desk to get a room.

We got to our room and checked out the amenities and turned on the television. I told you I wanted a shower, being down in the casino is like absorbing 1,000 smells between the food, the smoke and the perfume. So I jumped in and rinsed off quickly. Threw a towel on and came out of the bathroom. You weren't there. You had gone down to get us some drinks from the bar. When you came back I was fully dressed again, we sipped our drinks and talked some more. I was sitting on the corner of the bed; you were sitting in the desk chair. You held your hand out to me. I walked over to you and leaned down close to your face and kissed you, tasting your cocktail in my mouth. I grabbed my phone to put on some music, and the first song on there was by Paula Cole... Feelin' Love. Sexy. How convenient, I thought.

I knelt down in front of you and you put your hands on my face and kissed me deeply. I started to undo your belt slowly and slipped it off while our tongues danced together. We started to kiss harder and faster as I undid your jeans. We both stopped and looked at each other, so much lust in our eyes. I wanted you in my mouth so bad it was like I had been starving all these years. Still on my knees in front of you I shimmied your hips down the chair so I could have better access to your cock. I easily found it inside your jeans and marveled at the sight of it, so familiar, the memory of it so good.

I looked up at you again while I gave your cock one long lick from base to tip and gave you a wink. Then I went to work... sucking on you, licking you, tasting that familiar taste of you from oh so long ago. I enjoyed my work thoroughly as did you. I stroked you and sucked your cock and it was sooooo wet from my drool. The taste of your precum was like heaven, so gooey. I played with it with my tongue showing you how long I could make the strands before they broke.

You put your hands under my arms and in one second we were both standing up. I put my hands on your neck... what a delicious neck it is, and kissed and nibbled on it... but I wanted more of you in my mouth so I knelt down again and went back to it. I stopped and looked up at you and asked you to fuck my mouth. You readily agreed and started moving your hips; slow at first then and then like a wild man, and my mouth and holding your cock steady in the back of my throat. Holding my head and stroking my hair, I took you out of my mouth and ran my tongue up and down your shaft while stroking you slowly, steadily. I licked and sucked your balls into my mouth making you moan with pleasure, and then you told me to stand up. I stood up and looked at you. You winked at me and gave me that crazy look smile, like 'we're in for a wild ride'. I smiled back at you and you kissed me again, so deeply and sweetly. We moved towards the bed, slowly and with purpose. Your cock still throbbing out in front of you, you started to unbutton my jeans and unzip them. You put your hands on my ass and started kneading it. I took off my top exposing my bra, stomach and unzipped jeans. You pushed me down on the bed; which made me giggle; you smiled.

You crawled up the bed and over me; nibbling on my neck then started working your down to my collarbone, in between my breasts, down to my belly button. You got up and stood at the end of the bed. You took off my heels and started sliding off my jeans, revealing me. I lay there in anticipation of all that is you, that was us. You reached around the back of me and undid my bra and slid it off, revealing my hard nipples, which your mouth readily went for, back and forth between the two. My light moans and groans told you I was enjoying your tongue on my body. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and hotter. You started to move down the bed; kissing my body all the way down to that sweet spot. When you got there you slid off the bed like a snake, taking my panties with you. You pulled me toward the bottom of the bed and spread my legs. Starting to kiss and lick my inner thighs, I could not wait any longer and tried to get my pussy in front of your tongue to catch just one of those licks. You made it impossible for me to do so with the way you were holding my hips.

You stopped kissing my thighs and asked me if I was ready for your tongue inside me. I readily gasped and moaned in affirmation. You said I don't think you are I think you need my cock in your mouth again. I gasped again... mmmmmmmm... yes. You made your way back up the bed knowing exactly what you were doing and how wet it would make me. You kneeled to the right of my head with your cock right by my mouth. I reached out my tongue to taste more of that delicious precum. You reached down to my pussy and immediately slipped a finger inside of me, feeling how wet I was, sliding your finger slowly in and out of me. Then, you put your finger in my mouth so I could taste both of us at the same time. This made me want to explode.

You decided I had had enough of you in my mouth and it was finally time for you to taste me. You moved back down to the end of the bed... I was so ready for this. Primed. You spread my legs wide and ever so gently touched my outer lips with your tongue, I could feel the electricity go right through me and I gasped and moaned. You used the flat part of your tongue and started swirling it around on my lips, gently opening them, parting them until you reached my little hole. I was writhing on the bed until you held my hips firm. With one long, slow stroke of your tongue you went from hole to the bottom of my clit, which drove me wild. I moaned and shrieked with delight. Slowly you licked and kissed my pussy, rarely touching my clit, which only made me want it even more. I could feel my excitement building throughout my entire body. My nipples were so hard and you started to slowly fuck me with your tongue, I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm build deep inside of me. I was moaning and sighing in the pleasure of you. Your tongue started to softly and slowly run over my clit again and again. Starting to go fast and faster, you knew I was so close to cumming. Your tongue swirling my clit; I exploded, moaning and writing on the bed. Breathing heavily, legs jerking and closing around your head... I immediately started to giggle as an automatic reaction to my orgasm.

I lay there out of breath and oh so satisfied, still giggling. You kissed me deeply and I could taste myself on your tongue, your lips, and your chin. I couldn't wait for what was going to come. Proud of your work on my pussy, you were still so hard and ready to go. The anticipation of you inside me was almost more than I could handle. I looked at you with pleading eyes and asked... no, begged you to fuck me. You asked me how bad I wanted it, and if I deserved it... I said I wanted it so bad, and I had been a very good girl. You moved on top of me, looking down at me, your legs spread mine wide. With the tip of your cock you teased my already swollen clit just to watch my reaction, and my legs jerked from it still being so sensitive.

I couldn't wait any longer and I moved my hips upwards and was able to get the head of your thick cock at my entrance, I gasped in anticipation of you entering me. Slowly and inch by inch you slid your cock inside me, such a familiar and unfamiliar feeling all at the same time. My pussy adjusted slowly to your cock, it was so tight. I let out a whimper and you asked me if I was all right. Breathing heavily I answered I was fine. By then you were inside of me, balls deep and it felt so good to have you in my pussy again.

You started to move in and out of me slowly so I could adjust. But my body remembered pretty quickly. Soon enough you were fucking me, just like the hot sex we used to have and talking to me... Asking me if I liked it like that, did want it harder, to which I responded a resounding yes!! You started thrusting harder and harder inside of me, making me moan and my hips move up to meet each of your thrusts. This went on for what was forever, but seemed only minutes, it felt too good, I didn't want you to stop. I told you to fuck me from behind. You pulled your cock out of me and told me to get on the floor. I moved quickly down to the floor at the end of the bed and put my arms on the bed to brace myself for what was to come. You moved in behind me and to my surprise, lay down on the floor beneath me and started eating my pussy again, with long, luscious, wet licks... you tasted my pussy for the second time.

You got up and positioned yourself behind me. You grabbed my arms and put them around my back as if I were in handcuffs. Holding both of them with one hand, you grabbed your cock with the other and entered me from behind. I let out a loud moan as you started to fuck me. My tits were bouncing beneath me so hard. You finally let go of my hands and used yours to grab my tits and fondle them, pinching my nipples and making me moan. You changed your pace from fast to slow, allowing me to lean back and kiss you, while you reached around the front of me and slowly circled my clit. This caused me to explode in orgasm again, and I cried out and moaned in your mouth. The stimulation of being fucked nice and slow, kissing you and having my clit played with was almost more than I could handle without passing out.

You bent me back down so my head was below the bed and started fucking me hard as I was moaning. I asked you if you were going to cum, you said yes. I told you to cum on my back, I wanted to feel it all over me. That sent you over the edge, you pulled out and shot your load all over my back and my ass. We both fell to the floor in pure sweaty, gooey exhaustion.

This is my story for you.

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