tagGroup SexA Night Away from Home

A Night Away from Home


My name is John; I am 35 years old, well built, have been married for 5 years, have 1 kid and live in Nottingham. My wife Jane is 30, a beautiful petite. I am a consultant and my work requires me to travel a lot and with lots of travel there are always lots of interesting encounters. This is one of them and yes it is a true story.

I got off the plane at 6:30 a.m. on Monday to what was a start to a long work week in Edinburgh. I headed as usually to the company and started working immediately. At 5:30 p.m. I was answering the last E-mails of the day and preparing to head off to my hotel. I booked a taxi online, shutdown my computer and made my way out of the building to the waiting taxi. The journey from the company office to the hotel is usually 10 minutes depending on traffic and I was looking forward to checking in an having a long hot bath and a 3 course hotel dinner when I thought of Sarah. Is she still in Edinburgh? Does she still have the same number? I wonder what she has been up to. The last time we met was 10 years ago when I was still a junior in a company sent to Edinburgh for training. We had the most amazing sexually intense week.

Sarah and I have had this special friend/sex buddy relationship through college. I picked up the phone and sent a text "Hey there beautiful". 2 minutes later I got a text "John? Are you in Edinburgh?" I picked up the phone and called her, chatted for a minute and then agreed to meet at my hotel for drinks and dinner. I was really looking forward to seeing Sarah again. I checked in, had a shower and head down to the hotel bar to have a drink until Sarah is here. My beer was nearly over when Sarah walked in and as soon as I saw her my jaw dropped and I could feel a tingling sensation in my cock. Sarah who used to be a tall, thin blonde with a very teeny like figure has now become you dream MILF; a truly stunning woman with at least DD tits, thin waist and an amazingly beautiful round bubbly ass. She must have gained 10 or 15 pounds but all went into exactly the right places.

We chatted for a while, had some drinks, food and then ended up in my room kissing and ripping each other's clothes off. We never lost a bit of our college passion and I was dying to see her naked after her huge change. I managed to get Sarah completely naked, threw her on the bed and started kissing her while my hands were fondling her huge breasts. I then started kissing my way down to her breasts focusing on kissing and her by now erect nipples while my hand moved further down to fondle her already very moist pussy. Sarah was already moaning and it was driving me wild. I kissed my way down to in between her legs and started licking her clit and fingering her pussy until she was very close to cumming. This is when I stopped and I heard Sarah's disapproving sounds but I wanted to feel her cum on my cock. I got up from between her legs and guided my rock hard cock to her pussy's entrance. Now I am not in the habit of exaggerating or stretching the truth but I know my cock is way above average. I am about 8-9 inches long fully erect and as thick as a wrist or as my wife likes to say "a fucking energy drink can".

I placed the tip of my cock at Sarah's entrance and started pushing. Her pussy resisted but I insisted and soon her pussy started relaxing and the head of my cock popped through and immediately Sarah started twitching and screaming as she came for the first time. As soon as she calmed down I started pushing my cock deeper and deeper until she could take no more. I then started moving my hips back and forth in a steady pace taking most of my cock out and then slamming it back in. I picked up my pace and was fucking Sarah like crazy. I could feel myself getting close. In the meantime Sarah came at least twice. I continued pumping until I couldn't take it anymore. At the last second I pulled out and came all over Sarah's magnificent tits. I kept on cumming and cumming until Sarah's tits were covered with my cum.

I pulled out and dropped onto the bed next to Sarah. 5 minutes later we were both having a smoke in bed when Sarah asked me if I am up for some real fun tomorrow night.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Sarah told me she got married to Frank a couple of years ago and for the past months he has been pushing her to have a threesome with another woman. Sarah agreed to this only if Frank agrees to have a threesome with another man too. Frank refused so now Sarah wants to teach him a lesson. I was really interested. Sarah also told me that she has spoken with her friend Carol about this and they have a plan. I have never met Carol before but Sarah assured me she is hot and really nice. All that was left was for Sarah and Carol to find a man to help their plan. I was it and I was intrigued.

We discussed it a bit more, agreed everything will happen tomorrow night and after another quick fuck Sarah left to go home.

I met Sarah next day after work at 6:00 p.m. at my hotel bar. We sat for a drink waiting for Carol. Sarah told me that last night she talked to Frank about it and he was extremely happy and couldn't believe it is actually happening. Sarah gave Frank a hotel name and a room number and asked him to be there at 7:00 p.m. Frank was so pleased with everything that he fucked Sarah and licked her until she came at least twice. Sarah was telling me how she and Frank fucked and I didn't notice Carol arriving until she was at our table. Carol had a very beautiful face, slim figure, perky B tits and the most amazing ass I have ever seen. We chatted for a while and then headed up to the suite we booked for the occasion.

At 7 p.m. sharp we heard a knock on the door. I quickly went to hide on the balcony behind the curtains and Sarah opened the door to find Frank standing there with a mischievous smile. Sarah asked Frank to come in and as soon as he passed the door he saw Carol lying on the bed in very sexy lingerie. I am pretty sure Frank didn't expect this directness as he was standing there like a statue not moving and not saying a word. Sarah spoke first and told Frank that this will either happen her way or not at all and he has to obey everything she says. Frank quickly agreed.

From behind the curtain I could hear and see everything as it was dark outside and very bright in the room. Sarah, still fully dressed, still asked Frank to take his clothes off and sit in a chair in front of the bed. Frank immediately started stripping and sat in the chair completely naked not taking his eyes for a second off Carol. Frank was already hard and I could see he has an average cock. Sarah then went on to tie Frank to the chair to which he tried to object but Sarah reminded him that this is the only way this will happen so he stopped objecting. After Sarah was satisfied that Frank is properly tied up she asked Carol to start and went to sit on a sofa in front of the chair.

Carol moved to Frank and started kissing him while her hand was slowly jerking his cock to which he immediately responded by thrusting his hips up. She then went down on Frank and started sucking his cock and a grunt escaped from his lips. She continued sucking Frank faster and faster until he could not hold it any longer and shot his load in her mouth. She swallowed it all and then moved back to stand behind Sarah's sofa.

Frank looked like he was in another world when Sarah asked him if he is happy and if he is ready for more. Frank immediately answered "hell yeah" so Sarah stood up and started stripping provocatively right in front of him. When she was completely naked she moved to Carol and started taking off her lingerie. When she finished this too she started kissing Carol. I didn't know Sarah liked women but who was I to complain? I was horny as hell standing in the balcony jerking off. I looked at Frank and I could see his eyes wide open watching Sarah and Carol make out and play with each other. Sarah and Carol then moved to the bed and started licking each other in a 69 position. They definitely looked like they have done this before. They were both moaning and gasping loudly and furiously licking and fingering each other until they both started screaming as they came. A minute later Sarah got off the bed and moved to Frank who was hard again and planted herself on his cock reverse cowgirl and started jumping up and down fucking herself on his cock. She could feel Frank getting close so she got off him and told Carol to fuck him but not let him cum. Carol obliged and fucked him reverse cowgirl and stopped just before he came. This kept going on for a while both women swapping places fucking Frank and stopping just before he came until Frank was begging for release.

Right at this point Sarah stood in front of Frank and told him that she has another surprise for him and called me in. I walked into the room completely naked, my cock in my hand fully erect. Both Carol's and Frank's eyes were glued to my huge erect cock and were not saying a word. Sarah told me to fuck Carol so I took her hand and moved her to bed. I positioned Carol on all fours and stood behind her admiring her magnificent ass. Carol's pussy was wet and dripping from previous fucking and licking and I gave it a quick lick to get a taste. Carol moaned. I positioned my cock at her pussy's entrance and rubbed its head up and down her pussy wetting it. I slowly started pushing. Carol was asking me to stop and telling me it will not fit but I continued pushing slowly and firmly until the head was in. I heard a sigh from Carol and I stopped giving her pussy time to adjust. I could feel her pussy squeezing me.

God she was tight. I looked over and saw Frank and Sarah watching us attentively. As soon as I felt Carol's pussy relax around my cock I started pushing deeper and deeper until I hit her cervix and I heard a loud moan. I pulled all the way out and then pushed all the way in. Slow strokes at first but then I started picking up rhythm fucking Carol with fast long strokes. She was twisting, moaning, pulling the sheets with her hands and shouting "fuck me harder, fuck me harder". I obliged and fucked her harder. Meanwhile Sarah was talking to Frank who was watching us with attention and telling him "next is my turn. You will see this huge cock fuck me in front of you. I will be fucked and used until I pass out and you won't be able to do anything about it". I felt Carol's pussy squeeze and clench around my cock as she came shouting like a woman possessed and then dropped onto her belly my cock slipping out of her pussy with a pop.

Sarah moved over and asked me to sit in the couch in front of Frank. She then positioned herself over my cock reverse cowgirl and started lowering herself slowly while telling Frank "look how this huge cock will split me apart. I am fucking another man's cock and it is huge". She kept on talking until my cock was buried deep inside her. She then started bouncing on me slowly at first and then faster and faster. Frank was watching us fuck when he surprised us all when he said "in the ass. Fuck her in the ass". Sarah stopped bouncing and looked at her husband with disbelief. He repeated "put her on all fours and fuck her in the ass". We moved like he was controlling us and complied. I prepped her ass hole properly and used lots of lube and fingers and then started fucking her doggy style on the bed until we both came.

In the meantime Carol has recovered and was busy masturbating while watching us fuck. Sarah and I realized after coming to our senses that Frank was the only one still to cum and was still tied to the chair with a hard-on. Sarah moved to Frank and started jerking him off while talking to him "did you like watching another man fuck me?" Frank looked at her and said "Are you kidding? This is by far the wildest night in my life and I am enjoying every moment of it" Sarah asked again "did you enjoy fucking another woman?"

Frank "yes!"

Sarah "do you want to fuck Carol again? Do you want Carol to make you cum?"

Frank "yes please"

Sarah "what would you do so Carol will fuck you?"

Frank "anything!"

Sarah "anything?"

Frank "anything!"

Sarah "Carol, can you please come and make Frank cum any way you wish?"

Carol who was still masturbating moved over to Frank and started jerking him off with her hand. She was very wet from masturbating and needed a cock in her pussy so she sat on Frank, put her legs around him and lowered herself onto his cock taking all of it in. Frank let out a sigh of relief as soon as his cock was deeply buried in Carol. He knew he will not last long and Carol was doing a great job of moving back and forth fucking herself on his cock. He tried helplessly to hold it but couldn't and let out a loud grunt while emptying his load deep inside Carol.

Sarah shouted "you bad boy! You came inside Carol and she didn't even cum. You have to be punished!" Sarah then asked Carol to untie Frank from the chair and then move him to the bed and tie him there. They both obliged and soon Frank was spread on the bed with hands and legs tied to the beds columns. Sarah then moved and sat on Frank's face and ordered "lick me." Frank started licking Sarah's cunt as my cum was still dripping from her asshole. I was starting to get hard again and wanted to have more so I moved to Carol, laid her on the bed with her mouth next to Frank's cock which she took into her mouth and started sucking as I shoved my cock inside her pussy. She was slippery and very wet and screamed when I entered her. I kept fucking Carol until she came with a huge shuddering orgasm.

Sarah who in the meantime was moaning loudly from the cunt eating she was receiving, moved off Frank's face and down to his again hard cock from Carol's sucking and lowered herself onto him taking all of his cock inside her pussy. Frank was bucking up meeting Sarah's movements and as they fucked each other Sarah said "John, put it in my ass". I didn't need to be asked twice so I moved behind her and slowly entered her ass as Frank was still in her pussy. It was really hard entering Sarah this time but we slowly managed and we were both buried inside Sarah's cunt and ass. Sarah in the meantime was on another planet. Her eyes were rolling and was muttering "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me". We both started fucking her and after just a few thrusts Sarah started moaning loudly as she came. Both Frank and I kept on fucking Sarah until she came 2 or 3 times and Frank came again.

I still had to cum and looking around the room, Carol was half asleep not moving, and Sarah just fell next to Frank with cum oozing from her pussy. Sarah's tits looked delicious so I lubed them properly and slid my cock between them. Sarah instinctively pushed her tits together creating an amazing tunnel for my cock to fuck. I was fucking Sarah's tits reaching her open mouth and with every thrust I got a lick or so from Sarah's tongue. I couldn't hold much longer and exploded again all over Sarah's mouth and tits.

We all fell asleep. Woke up several hours later, cleaned up and left the suite.

I went back to my room to prepare for my next work day.

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Tried four a threesome but settled for a foursome to get what she wanted.

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