tagGroup SexA Night Eating With The Girls

A Night Eating With The Girls


I had an amazing experience last night which I am finding hard to keep to myself. My girlfriend was having a girls night out. She was having 4 of her best friends over. Now usually when the girls go out they get wild drunk and head out pubbing and clubbing together. But last night they decided they were going to drink some vodka in our place before they went out. So my girlfriend made it clear to me, in a nice way, that she didn't want me around the house for a while.

I didn't mind at all. She would do the same for me if I was having the guys around to watch a game or something. So I rang up a friend of mine and arranged to watch a film over in his place.

Everything was all set. I left the house at 6 before the girls arrived. I kissed Lisa goodnight and told her to enjoy herself. I headed to town, collected a few beers and rented a dvd. Then I headed to my friends place.

At about 9.30 we decided to put on the dvd. 2 of the lads had called over to join us for the film. But the dvd player wouldn't work. We plugged it out and in, we tested the scart socket, nothing would work. All of us were disappointed. So I offered to run over to my place and get our dvd and bring it back.

"Lisa will not be happy!" one of the guys said.

"They've probably gone out by now anyway," I replied. "Besides, I'll just go in and grab it. They won't even notice I'm there."

So I headed off to my place. When I got to the front door I realised that the girls were still inside. I decided to take no chances. I rang Lisa from my mobile. She was definitely a bit drunk.

"Hi honey!" I said.

"Hi babe! Are you having a good night?"

"Am, well, I will be - but I have a favour to ask. Can I come by and grab our dvd?"

"What's wrong with Mikes dvd?" Lisa said.

"It's not working."

She hesitated. "Okay so. See you in a minute."

I decided not to say I was outside the door. I would just wait out here a minute. I took a peep through the glass on the door and I could see the girls in the sitting room. They were watching a film themselves. I strained my eyes - it appeared to be a porn movie! I couldn't believe it! Lisa never watched them with me. I smiled and put it down to the girls night out. So that's why she was hesitant.

I jumped as Lisa passed by the door. Luckily she didn't see me. She went to the sitting room and they stopped the film. I thought I heard protest, but Lisa was telling them they'd be going out soon.

I knocked on the front door before I entered.

"Hello!" I said, aloud. "Only me. I'll be gone in a minute."

I entered the sitting room to find Lisa there along with Lorraine, Aoife, Elaine and Shauna.

I gave Lisa a kiss.

"Hi girls. Sorry to interrupt the party. I'll be gone in a minute!"

I moved across the floor towards the dvd and that was when disaster struck. My coat caught the full but open bottle of vodka on the table and I pulled it to the floor.

"The drink!" Aoife shouted.

I tried to catch the bottle but ended up directing it at Lorraine and Elaine on the couch. It soaked both of them.

"JesusI'msorry!" I shouted.

"For fuck sake, John!" Lisa said, mortified.

Lorraine and Elaine left to go the the bathroom to panic shouts of "Oh gawd, does it stain?"

I felt like sinking into the carpet. "I am so sorry! Do you want me to get some more?"

"You have already been drinking!" Lisa said. "You can't drive."

"Surely we have..." I began.

Lisa shook her head. "Everything is gone since that last night you had the guys over."

Boy was I in trouble. "I could get the beers we have in Mikes house," I meekely offered.

"I don't drink beer," Aoife said.

Shauna just sat there saying nothing. I felt awful. "I wish there was something I could do."

"You could suck us all off" Elaine said, coming back into the room.

I was shocked. I knew she was outspoken, but I didn't think she was this much so.

"What?" I looked at Lisa.

"She says you are good at it," Elaine continued. "It's the least you could do after bringing such a downer on our night." She turned to Lisa. "You said he was good, let's see how good."

"Elaine!" Lisa said. "I can't believe what I'm hearing!"

"Oh come on! When we were watching that film you said John was better at giving head than any of those guys. Remember Lorraine said she didn't believe it and you said you'd love to prove it. So prove it."

I was shocked. I couldn't believe Lisa talked about me like that. It was true that I do enjoy giving her head. It gives me great pleasure to see her so aroused, and she enjoys it so much. I love when she comes in my face. But I couldn't believe she talked to the girls about it.

Lisa looked at me. Then she looked at Elaine.

"So it isn't true then," Elaine said.

"I don't have to prove anything to you!" Lisa replied.

Elaine shrugged. "Not true. I thought so. Well, you are going to have to do something to make up for ruining our clothes and emptying our drink."

"Ok. If that's what you want." Lisa said.

"Hold it a minute!" I said. I didn't want to be humiliated infront of Lisas friends.

"Shhhh!" Lisa said. "You don't get a say. I don't want to go out on a downer. But no one touches him, understand? He is mine. He has one job to do - suck us to orgasm - and then we go out. That's the deal."

I couldn't believe it. "Eh, are you sure about this?" I said to her.

"Look at my dress!" Elaine said. "If I have to go out like this I want to at least feel good about it."

"I'm first!" Shauna said.

Wow. Drink really brings out new parts of peoples personalities. I though Shauna was the shy one. She took off her pants and ushered me over. I took a look at Lisa. She nodded. "Enjoy it girls," she said. "This is never going to happen again."

I knelt at Shaunas feet. I felt extremely nervous. But very excited. I decided to loose myself in the moment. I kissed along the inside of her thighs. I teased her a little, coming close to her pussy and then backing off again. When the time was right I slid her panties aside with my fingers. I could smell her excitement. That turned me on even more. I licked along her pussy lips. She moaned. I heard someone moving beind me. The porno flick they had been watching was back on. I focused my whole attention on the delicousness infront of me. Licking her lips up and down, side to side, tasting her juices, enjoying her moans. I spelled her name on her pussy with my tongue. I concentrated fully on her clit as her moans became more and more intense. Flicking my toungue over it. Sucking it. Licking it. Her legs became rigid. She screamed in orgasm and her juices exploded all over my face.

"Wow" she said.

"I'm next!" I heard Elaine say from behind me.

I turned to face her. She had hitched up her skirt and her panties were on the floor. She gestured to me with her finger. I looked at Lisa. She had a hand in her panties. I could tell by the look on her face that she was really enjoying this.

I turned back to Elaine and made my way between her legs. I was going to kiss her thighs and start slowly, but that wasn't how she wanted it. She pulled my face into her very wet pussy and grinded me on it. I loved it. She moved my head in whatever way gave her pleasure. I darted my toungue left and right to increase her pleasure. She moaned and shouted, I had never heard a girl talk so dirty. She had me lick her ass and pussy. She had me stick a finger into her ass just before she was coming to climax. She moaned a long string of "Oh fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck! OH FUCK YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

She squirted on my face. I licked it all up.

"Oh fuck Lisa, he is good!" She said, collapsing onto the couch.

"Yeah!" Shauna moaned. I looked at her. She was rubbing her pussy and smiling.

Lorraine went next. Her pussy tasted sweeter than the others. I really enjoyed it. She was wearing a sexy red thong too. I nearly came myself giving her an orgasm, and when she had an orgasm it seemed to go on forever.

Aoife demanded I lie on the floor. She sat on my face. She was very aggressive. She knew what she wanted. And she got it too. She was shaved aswell, which was a huge turn on. I never had shaved before.

Finally Lisa came to me. She kissed me on the lips. My jaws and lips were sore at this point, but pleasurably so. "Don't get used to this!" She said. She turned to the girls. "How did he do?"

"You were right!" Elaine said. "I want to call him Mr Pussy from now on!" The girls laughed at that. They all looked quite happy.

"I'll have to arrange for him to knock our drink over the next time we are over!" Shauna said.

"I told you it was a once off!" Lisa said. Then she looked at me. "Now I want the best orgasm ever!" She said.

Who was I to argue?!

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