tagErotic CouplingsA Night Full of Fun

A Night Full of Fun


We had a carnival in town over the weekend. Glen was here visiting with me for two days, so we decided to go up on Saturday night and have some fun. Our first ride was on the ferris wheel. As we started to ascend, I reached over and undid his pants and got his already growing cock in my hand. I leaned over and took him full into my mouth, down my throat. It felt so fucking good in my throat. I had my tongue licking his shaft as I took him into my throat. The ride stopped and we were on the very top so no one could see us. I really started fucking his cock in my mouth, and as we started to descend for the first cycle, he fucking came in my mouth, I couldn't stop as he was shooting cum into my mouth and throat and I didn't want it to get all over him. So, as our car came down, people were all looking up, of coarse, seeing what was going on, but I didn't stop. By the time our car was back up on top, he had finished cuming and I straightened up, put his nice clean cock back in his pants He zipped up, and we finished the ride with smiles on our faces. When our ride was over, we strolled down the steps smiling at everyone that was looking at us.

Next we went over to the fun house. It had a little train with 4 cars on it. We got in the last car. As it entered the dark tunnel, Glen reached over and spread my legs to find I had no panties on under my short skirt. He bent over taking my pussy in his mouth, tongue fucking me, then entered some fingers and really started to fuck me good. Just before the ride was over I had one hell of a climax, letting out little moans as the people in the other cars were letting out little screams of terror, mine were screams of pure ecstasy. I took his hand and licked my cum from his fingers, then he kissed me deeply as the car came out of the dark fun house.

We went on a few other rides, but for the time being we were satisfied. When we left the carnival, we stopped at the market to pick up a few things for dinner. I was picking out some steaks, leaning over the meat counter and Glen came up behind me pressing his firm cock in the crack of my ass. I pressed back up against him, feeling the hardness growing. At the end of the meat counter is a doorway going into the storage area and access to the rest rooms. I took Glen's hand and lead him through the door. We walked down a little way and it was on the dark side in there. I lead him over to a section where some boxes were stacked on pallets. We slipped in-between two pallets, I pulled up my short skirt and put one leg on one of the boxes exposing my pussy for him.

He opened his pants and took his hard throbbing cock and entered my hot, wet, tight cunt. He thrust his cock in my cunt and fucked me so good. He got all 9" in. We heard voices. At that time we both fucking explode in each other. Trying to contain our muffled moans, Glen kissed me deeply to quiet me, we finished, and he pulled out. I licked his cock clean before he put it away. We stayed up against the stack of boxes, the voices went past us mumbling to each other. After they leave, we walked out and we returned to the meat counter, I felt your cum running down both of my legs. I went over to the roll of paper towels they have for you to wipe your hands on if you get a messy meat package, pull off a few, lean over and wipe your cum from my legs. I rang the bell at the counter and one of the butchers came out smiling. I handed him the paper towels and asked him to please throw these away for me. I smiled and we went up front and paid for the steaks and went home. We had a great dinner with some wine, and after cleaning up, we went to bed and made love for several hours, pleasing each other as never before.

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