tagInterracial LoveA Night in El Paso

A Night in El Paso


Mom asked, "What did you tell her, she is upset?"

"I told her, I made the reservations I fucked them up. That it is my fault that I'm stuck in Fucking El Paso," I blurted out.

"Young lady do not use that language or tone with me," she retorted. I apologized and hung up immediately.

Fuck it. I am going to the nicest hotel in this city all charges are going on the emergency credit card. My ass is grass with parents. This airport sucks no shuttle to the Hilton what the fuck. Well that will explain the taxi charges.

The room was beautiful, and the sight of the sun about to set over the mountains was breathtaking. I undressed standing in front of the window the heat from the sun warming my naked body made me feel sexy sultry. I flopped down on the bed turned the TV on then realized how depressing the night was going to be if I did not find something to occupy my mind. I turned the TV off. The sun streaming through the window was caressing my body I began to count backwards from 100 my hands searched out my breast my nails bring my nipples to full attention. My hand soon slipped over my warm tummy to my hot, wet, longing for attention pussy. I was trying hard to concentrate on counting while my finger slipped into my wetness. The aroma of my body temperature rising along with my juices covering my finger made me lose my count. I slipped my finger from my pussy to my lips then sliding it into my mouth slowly tasting the sweetness. I tasted a hint of tequila and salt I had last night also the taste of sweet pussy the taste guys desired. My thoughts were of being with a hot guy his finger feeding me my sweet wetness. Restarting my count, I moaned as the stirring within me built. I slipped my finger to my clit rubbing and nurturing my building orgasm was growing moment by moment. Trying to hold my orgasm until after the number 1 made me squirm. In the warmth, of the sunlight pouring over my body like warm honey trickling over my thighs, breast, tummy and clit. OH FUCK YES! I screamed as my orgasm traveled throughout my body.

Regaining my composure, I went to the shower. Playing with the knob to get the water at just the right temperature. The water felt great running down my back trickling over my lil butt and down my thighs. I turned facing the water my nipples still hard from my orgasm just moments before were aching for more attention. I directed the flow of water onto my breast. Leaning against the wall of the shower, I started to play with both my breast tweaking my nipples with my nails. I lost myself in the feeling of my nails tickling my breast and tummy while the hot water was trickling over my pussy stirring my senses. I began to think of the last time I was with a guy how he had turned my body into a quivering mass of orgasmic jello. I slipped one hand down my wet tummy to my pussy slipping a finger inside I whimpered a soft moan. I wanted him with me fucking me in that shower making me scream for more. I redirected the water stream to my pussy. Droplets of water were hitting my clit like little laser guided air-to-surface missiles exploding upon contact. Using both hands, I opened my pussy and clit to the full force of the missiles. My knees became weak my back arched while my orgasm was powering its way through my body. The steam rising from my orgasm had a musky earthly heavy smell that balanced perfectly with the sweet taste of my orgasm my fingers had brought to my taste buds. Quivering against the shower wall, I managed to be composed enough to finish my shower. I felt mischievous the orgasms had energized my senses.

Thinking there had to be a club in this hotel I checked the guest directory. The guest directory informed me how exciting their Sky Bar was. I could not wait to see this place. I was not sure I could get a drink, not like being in Austin where fake IDs are not checked. At the very least, it gave me a reason to get out. I gave no thought about what to wear. A taste of my still excited nipples showed through my purple crop top, and my jeans were too tight to wear panties, the wedges were the only thing that did not look slutty on me. I pinned my unruly hair up and wore no bling or make up.

The bar was ok other than the elevator music and was almost empty. Two guys sitting in the corner, an older couple having a drink by the postage stamp dance floor, and a guy at the bar. I decided on a seat at the very end of the bar where no one could sit beside me, also could see all the crap tucked under the longer part of the bar. When the bartender came out of the back, it surprised me, one as to why she dressed as she was, and why there are not more guys here hitting on her. She was an extremely attractive Spanish girl with a Hilton t shirt tied in a knot in the back and white extremely short shorts. The shorts accented by the rich brown color of her skin.

She came over placed a napkin in front of me asking, "What would you like to drink?'

I replied, "Patron' neat with a salted rim."

She then asked me for my ID. I gave her the fake one I had paid 50 bucks for, it worked. In a couple minutes, she was setting the Patron' on the napkin.

"Three fifty, please," she said.

I asked, "Could I start a tab to my room?"

"Sure," she said.

I asked her if business picked up later she assured it would be busy about 10 or so. She also told me older business guys that are staying at the hotel would be most of the business. That explained why she dressed the way she was, why I was slutty dressed only God knew. I do not know if she were right or the four shots of tequila I had drunk were making me see double. There were several men in the bar now, all older all sitting at the bar. I had been sitting at the bar far too long I needed some movement in my life. I went to the bathroom. Of course, it was in the lobby a mile from the bar. When I got back, there was a guy sitting at the end of bar right across from where my seat was. Right after, I sat down he introduced himself.

"HI I'm Blake," he said.

"Hi they call me Vikki," I said.

I noticed he was hot probably around high 20s or low 30s, wearing a wedding band.

"Nice to meet you Vikki," he said.

"Nice to meet you too," I replied.

We began to talk about what we were doing in El Paso. I told him about the entire airport booking mix up, was therapeutic to talk about it. Then he said he was a school administrator in a real small town out of state. He was visiting El Paso applying for a position with the El Paso school board. I wished him good luck, and asked why he wanted to live in El Paso. He went into his career choice about being an administrator you must pay your dews in places you might not have chosen otherwise. I did not realize we had talked over 3 hours he was easy to talk to also remarkably open about anything I asked, including being married to a woman outside his race. He had brought up he's married to a white girl being black had caused problems with his family.

The bartender said, "Last call."

I told her, "None for me, I have had too much I need something to eat."

Blake also declined. We both headed for the elevator when in the elevator, after I pushed 9 he said, "That's my floor too."

He asked, "What room?"

"906 is mine," I said.

"What's yours?" I asked.

He said, "907 you are my across the hall girl next door."

We both laughed. I was opening my door when he mentioned some fudge ice cream he had bought earlier.

He said, " I will share if you would like some."

I said, " That sounds great I will be right over after I freshen up."

I began to think I shouldn't go over to his room he's married. I had begun to entertain thoughts of doing more than just sharing ice cream with him. A fantasy of mine about doing a black guy was now mingling with the fact I would be in a hotel room with a hot married black guy. Just thinking about his hands on my body was enough to make me moist. I slipped out of the jeans into sexy little pink panties. Standing in front of the mirror thinking about him, I slid my hand inside my panties touching my warm pussy. My fingers brushed against my clit sending tingling thoughts of me fucking him through my mind. The folds of my pussy moistened while my nipples were at attention. I had to stop myself to put on cutoffs. I took the clips out of my hair letting it fall over my shoulders then sprayed a taste of Coco Mademoiselle on my tummy. Smiling while checking my lil butt for perfection in the mirror as I walked out.

I knocked on his door he opened it with a cup of fudge ice-cream for me in his hand.

"Yummy," I said taking the cup from him.

His room was larger than mine he had a chase lounge and a large desk mine did not have. The king size bed was pristine he had not laid on it or put anything on it at all since being in the room. The golden bedspread looked like a perfectly still glistening pool with sunlight sweeping above the water anticipating someone splashing into the water. The curtains protecting the landscape were a beautiful shade of gold. I opened the curtains, the view of night time El Paso was truly romantic. It seemed like there were millions of lights within a small area. I had felt he wanted me my feelings were being confirmed I could see in the reflection of the window he was scanning my body, not the outside scenery. I could feel his eyes were undressing me sliding my cutoffs down enjoying my ass wrapped in my lil pink panties. I was beginning to become a bit flushed thinking about us fucking. Our conversation took up where it had left off in the bar. Talking mostly about everyday things that crossed our minds, knowing at some point it would change to personal subjects. It did he asked me how old I was, he pointed out he felt I was not old enough to drink legally. I told him 19 and asked how old he was. He commented he was a decade older than me.

I asked him, "What would your wife think if she knew I was in your room at almost 3 am?"

He looked a lil shocked, then said, "She would be upset, probably think I was cheating on her."

"Have you ever given her a reason to think you cheated?" I asked.

"No," was his reply.

"Have you ever cheated on her?" I asked.

He said, "No I have not." Then asked me, "Are you in an exclusive relationship?"

I said, "Nope."

Before he could say anything I asked him, "Have you ever wanted to cheat on her?"

I was surprised when he said, "Yes."

I asked, "Why didn't you?"

"The girl was a friend of my families, so I did not do it but I wanted her," he said.

"Tell me about her," I asked?

"She was young and very beautiful like you," he said.

He continued, "She had a crush on me,"

He asked, "Why do you want to know about her?"

I told him, I honestly did not know why. Just wondering about what type girl would make him willing to cheat on his wife. I turned away from him to ask the next question I knew it would create the snow ball of sex rolling. My nipples were standing at attention, and the moistness between my legs was growing. I decided I was going to fuck him. Something I had fantasied about was going to happen in a much different way than I had envisioned. I was still not sure I should let this happen, between the Patron', the view of all the lights of the city, and my body telling me yes yes yes.

I asked "Do you want to cheat on your wife right now?"

He asked me, "Do you want me to cheat on her right now?"

I said, "Yes."

He moved close behind me slipped his hands around my body while kissing my neck, unbuttoned and unzipped my cutoffs, his hands slipped to the edge of my panties as we kissed then up my tummy to my breast. I could see our reflection in the window his hands rubbing, squeezing, and tweaking my nipples. Seeing along with feeling his hands massage my breast made my knees go weak with the anticipation of this man being inside me. I could feel his cock growing hard against my back. He slid his hands under my top the intensity of his hands on my bare breast made me even wetter with the desire to have this man. He slid my top up and off me to the floor. I turned to face him. We kissed a long, intimate, wet, hot kiss. I started unbuttoning his shirt kissing his milk chocolate colored skin my hands running all over his beautiful chest. Sliding his shirt off his shoulders, dropping it with the crop top on the floor. Locked in a kiss we descended onto the glistening pool of the bed..

His mouth went to my belie button flicking his soft, warm tongue in and around it the warmth of his tongue on my belly button was making my wetness between my legs tingle. Kissing down the opening of the zipper flicking his tongue along the waist band of my panties while peeling the cutoffs down my legs to the floor. He guided me onto my tummy his hands explored my ass with his tongue lightly teasing my inner thighs rolling my panties off my butt. His hands moved upward toward my back as he kissed up my crack spreading my cheeks opening me up just enough for his tongue to taste my ass. His lips and tongue explored the cheeks of my ass while his hands were massaging my back. He brought his lips to mine locked in a long, passionate, kiss he rolled me over. His hand slipped down my breast over my tummy to my thigh brushing over my clit and pussy he slipped my panties down my thighs. His lips moved from my lips down my chin and neck to my breast while his hand was slipping up my thighs settling on my pussy. He began to rub his hand up and down my pussy letting his middle finger slightly sink into my pussy then out. His lips, teeth, and tongue were busy tweaking my nipples when he slipped his finger into my wetness. The pleasure of his finger wiggling inside my pussy then sliding out to rub my clit causing me to tremble from the inside out. He kissed down my tummy to my hot longing for his tongue pussy.

"Oh yes," I whimpered.

His tongue slipping up and down my lips tickling my clit was driving my building orgasm to a frenzy. Like little electrodes spiking me every time, his tongue touched my clit. With each passing second, he was adding to the orgasm building inside my pussy. His eyes cut up to connect with mine, his tongue now tickling my clit, his finger now inside me. My back began to arch I could feel my orgasm teasing, feeling, and grasping, every nerve ending in my body. My tummy tightening my back arching in anticipation of my orgasm wanting to fly from my body. He slipped another finger into my pussy.

He asked, "Does that feel good baby?"

"Oh fuck yes do not stop," I moaned.

He curled his finger up just a bit tickling my g spot pushing me farther and farther toward orgasm. He began to stroke me hard his fingers slamming into my pussy. His knuckles becoming soaked with my juices as they slammed against my clit when he slammed his fingers inside me. My tummy fully tightened my back fully arched I could see bright red, green, and blue mazes of colors as my mind and body accepted the orgasm he had delivered. My moans of 'Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck' I am coming brought a whopping smile to his face. We lay side by side for a few seconds, his hand still rubbing my clit making sure my excitement did not diminish.

" Fuck me now, I want you deep inside me," I moaned.

"Oh yes baby I am going to fuck you," he murmured.

I rolled on top of him my nipples tickling his chest as I started going down on him. I was sitting on his legs with my hands playing with his cock through his pants. His cock felt warm, big, and hard. I unbuttoned his pants kissing his tummy while slipping his pants off little by little. I pulled his boxers down releasing his hot cock it sprung up wanting attention. I had never seen a black mans cock it was dark black darker than his skin tone. I took it in my hands started stroking it and lowered my mouth onto it. He let out a lil moan when I began to suck and play with the head of his cock. I licked down the bottom and then up over and over then took it deep into my mouth. His response to my actions told me what he loved. I slipped it out of my mouth began to stroke it slowly cutting my eyes up to see his reaction. He pulled me up to him rolled on top of me spread my legs and slammed that hot black cock into my wet pussy.

I screamed, "Oh God yes fuck me!"

He asked, "You like that black cock?"

"I love it fuck me fuck me fuck me," I moaned.

He raised up on his hands the only part of him touching me was his cock. Seeing his hot dark chocolate cock slide into my sweet vanilla pussy excited my senses a hundred times more than I imagined it. Stopping inside me, he raised my butt putting his knees together under my butt. My legs were on each side of him my back was arched shoulders on the bed. He started to stroke my pussy again with little, quick strokes. I could feel his cock almost slipping out then deep with his sudden thrust. His hands were on my clit when he slowed his thrust. He was slowly guiding his cock all the way out then reentering my pussy. The feeling of being entered over and over was driving me to the brink of orgasm. He would stop deep inside me bringing me back down. He slid his knees out from under me now on my back he began to fuck me harder.

My body was in tune with his body every move he made I reacted in kind every move I made he reacted in kind. We were fucking our brains out neither of us wanting to cum first. I wanted to feel his hot cum inside me before I let myself blow up in orgasm. Engaged in hot sex neither wanted it to end. He was fucking me so hard I could not resist orgasmic release it was like the sunset vivid, hot colors washed over my body. My orgasm was not in me trying to break out it consumed every scintilla of my body staying in my body for what seemed like hours. I was flying from the endorphins the orgasm released into my system. Free falling from ten miles above the earth my body reentering the atmosphere in a resounding hot explosion with no worry of landing. I was hardly able to breath when I noticed him above me his cock softening inside me. He had released inside me while I was a flying orgasm.

"WOW," is all I could say.

I went down on him sucking the juices we had made off his softening cock, then went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I rejoined my chest and head laying on his chest, we began to talk mostly about how the evening had happened.

I asked him, "When did you first think about fucking me?"

He said, " The minute I saw you walk in the club."

Then he asked, "When did you first want to fuck me?"

I told him, "When I touched myself while I went to freshen up."

Then I ask, "While we were in the club what naughty thoughts were you thinking you wanted to do to me?"

He quickly said, "Fuck you in different ways."

"Meaning more than once in different ways?" I asked.

He said, "Yes."

I began to play with his cock sliding it around and around stroking it a little. I said, "I like it in different ways too."

We lay together for several moments in silence enjoying what had just taken place. I slid up his chest I was telling him how sex always makes me a bit mischievously hyper.

I stated, "I want a Diet Coke, go get one for me!"

He looked at me as I was crazy then said, "You are nuts."

I laughed and asked, " Do you have any oil or lube?"

He said, "No."

When he got back with my Diet Coke, I got my door key then went to my room to get the lube. When I tried to get back in his room the door had locked. I was naked in the hall with a tube of lube knocking on the door waiting for him to open the door. He opened the door I acted nonchalant handing him the lube. I grabbed my Diet Coke sat in the middle of the bed indian style smiling like the cat that had the black man on a leash.

I slipped onto my tummy with my lil butt up. He slid on me straddling my legs I could feel his cock laying on my leg. I could tell he was beginning to get excited by the hardness of his cock. He began massaging my thighs. Moving up to my ass, squeezing hard, spreading my cheeks, then swirling his tongue on my ass. I was getting wet, turned on, and squirming all over the bed while he was tasting my lil butt. He began to spank me softly at first the harder and harder. He moved a finger slowly around and around my lil anal opening driving me crazy with anticipation. Spanking me again and again harder and harder my lil butt reddening now acutely sensitive to his touch. He took the lube squirted some in his hands rubbed his hands together to warm the lube then rubbed his hands down my crack. He then squeezed more lube into his hand and lubed his cock. He brought his hand to the very edge of my anal opening then slipped one finger into me. Slowly he was going deeper and deeper with his finger. He was talking to me all the while helping me to relax and let it happen. He began to stroke my ass deeper.

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