tagRomanceA Night in His Arms

A Night in His Arms


I felt him just a split second before strong arms snaked around my waist from behind. Even without turning around, I knew who it was. I could sense him ... smell him ... feel him. I couldn't dare explain how I know these things even though, in every sense of the word, he wasn't mine. But yet, at this moment, for now, he had chosen to envelope me in his embrace.

I couldn't help tremble, as if sensing my time with him was short. There was something foreboding in the very near future. It felt like a vise that pressed him up close behind me as his breath stirred my hair. My fingers moved on their own accord, lifting to run slowly down his bared arms that encircled my waist ... traveling along them folded before me until my slender, dainty hands covered his rough, calloused ones.

As my head inclined back, reflexively finding the cushion of his strong shoulder, it felt like we had done this a thousand times before and yet, it was the first time he had ever reached out for me. I could feel his arms tighten around me and the sense of an impending doom seemed to close in tighter and my arms, too, tightened on him. It was as if I wanted to draw him closer while I could. In that moment, I knew I had been hoping he would turn to me.

My eyes closed as I felt his cheek press against my temple, the roughness of the stubble along his jaw kissing my flesh like a comforting caress. I just wanted to stand in his embrace like this forever. It mattered not that we had not been lovers before. All that mattered was this time with him and I could feel it radiating from his body as it pressed so intimately against mine.

I'm not sure how I turned into him but I found my face buried into the crook of his neck, the sting of unshed tears filling my eyes as my arms enfolded him closer. My fingers splayed out along his back as I felt his own move along mine in a comforting caress. I couldn't make out the words that he spoke softly into my ear. But I could feel the tension in my body begin to withdraw.

Our lips met slowly and I don't even recall looking up to see his face. Instead, I surrendered just to this moment in his arms. He tasted of tobacco and wine, salt-kissed air and the heat of the day and my lips parted beneath his in an open invitation to take what he would from me. His fingers pressed into my back and I could feel myself arch into his hard form, the outline of strong muscles and his lean form causing my lashes to flutter down. I drank from him deeply and he, from me. I wanted to crawl up into him and just get lost in this helpless power that he had over me from the first moment I had met him.

My heart was thundering wildly beneath the rise and fall of my breasts. I just knew he could feel the pulse of it radiating out from my tongue as I hungrily explored the recesses of his mouth. And then, quietly but surely, as he had entered my life, he took control of the kiss. His tongue became more demanding, subduing mine beneath his as he tasted every inch of my willing mouth. I could feel my breath catch and quicken as my desire for him began to spread through me like a raging inferno that consumed everything in its path. He was like a drug to my system and I could feel my whole being fall within the power that he so exquisitely played over my will. All I could think of was how much I wanted to feel him inside of me and began to melt downwards, taking him with me as our tongues collided in an intricate dance.

He pressed me into the soft cushion of grass that lay beneath, stretching out languidly like a well-fed cat over my being. His leg pushed between mine as one hand reached out to caress the rise and fall of my breast beneath my tunic, fingers deftly brushing through the ties that held it in place. I could feel the gasp of my breath within his mouth as the sudden rush of cool air washed over my heated flesh, the nipple hardening to an aching point before it was suddenly covered by his calloused palm. He played my flesh like a master violinist upon his cherished instrument. It was as if he knew every inch of my body as I lay gasping beneath him, reaching to pull him closer as a soft whimper of need escaped my lips.

I could see his smile ... that smile of his that I never could quite read and I found myself wanting to know so desperately what he was thinking. In that moment, I knew that I loved him. I loved him so desperately but in the same moment, he scared me like no other man ever had. I was so afraid that at any moment he would simply vanish, taking my happiness with him. I could feel my fingers tighten on the back of his shirt, pressing him closer. The husky burst of his laughter brought a blush to my cheeks and as if he could read my mind, he pulled back from me. I whimpered, reaching for him as the fear grasped hold of my heart. "Don't leave me ..."

His smile appeared again as he slowly peeled off his shirt, exposing his chest to my gaze and I felt myself visibly relax as I reclined beneath him in the grass. I could feel the sting of unshed tears kiss my eyes again out of relief and he leaned down, kissing one that clung to my lashes away. I nearly cried out in the joy of it. I loved him.

He helped me rise up some beneath him and with a tenderness that I never expected of him, removed the rest of my tunic as his eyes blazed with a desire that I had longed to see in his eyes for as long as I can remember. Through my tears, we embraced again ... our tongues mating as I longed for his entire body to do with mine. I clung to him like a drowning man to a scrap of wood floating amid the stormy waves and he held me almost protectively against his chest. I could feel my breasts crushed against an unmoving wall of strength in his arms but even so, my nipples ached for his intimate caress.

We were naked, lying entwined in each other's arms before I had really realized it and my foot traveled up his muscled thigh. Just in the simple movement, I had opened my innermost being to him and I could hear his intake of breath as his hand swept up my thigh in a slow caress, causing me to shiver in anticipation. As he touched me, I couldn't help but moan low. I needed him more than ever. Again I saw his smile before his head dipped down to my heaving chest.

I cried out in helpless wonder as his mouth claimed a hard peak. On its own accord, one hand pressed him closer as his lips lay claim to the aching nipple, drawing it deep into his warm mouth. I trembled beneath him as his hand slipped between my thighs. I hadn't realized just how wet I was until he touched me and I felt his grin against my breast. In that moment, I almost became desperate for him and arched up. He took the invitation eagerly and slipped probing fingers into my warm depths. Between the stroking of his fingers and the deep draws he took from my breast, I could feel him pushing me higher to that cliff that beckoned me to jump head-first over its edge.

Just as I arched up, trembling, crying out as my impending release started to wash over me, he withdrew his fingers and nibbled his way up my neck to whisper in my ear ... "Not yet, baby." I wanted to scream out in frustration as I whimpered helplessly in protest. Again, his smile appeared as one hand reached beneath the curve of my ass and suddenly, he jerked me hard against him. I cried out in wonder as I felt the hard length of him pressed against my belly. I could feel its wet tip kiss my heated flesh in a teasing caress and my leg instinctively wrapped around his hips.

Again, he took my silent invitation without a moment's notice and leaned back enough to position himself at my wet entrance before driving it in. As a cry of relief sprang from my lips, my hips thrust up until he was buried completely within. I had never felt so full ... so complete as I did with him inside of me. And then, as his lips crushed mine beneath his in a searing kiss, he found his rhythm ... driving in and out, rushing me headlong to that deep abyss that screamed my name as I came.

He captured my cry in the recesses of his mouth as he continued to thrust into my willing flesh. I couldn't control the shuddering of my body as he drove me to completion and my nails bit into the hard flesh of his shoulders as he continued to thrust inside of me with a controlled abandon. I knew he was driving me yet to another orgasm. But then, as if he was in tune with my body, he withdrew again before I could cum and I cried out, reaching for him again.

That smile drove me wild right before he turned me beneath him and I gasped in surprise as his strong hands dove beneath my hips and with a jerk, brought me to my knees. Instinctively, I started to come up on my hands as well but a firm hand in the middle of my back pushed my chest back down and I gasped as my cheek lay pressed hard against the sea of grass beneath us. I could feel the kiss of the evening breeze as it washed over my exposed cunt and shivered as his hands caressed down my back and over the curve of my ass thrust up into the air. His fingers brushed the swollen lips of my labia beneath the series of moans that flowed from my lips.

And then I felt his hand tighten on my hip as his cock head pushed against the wet opening and I shivered in response. I wasn't fully prepared for the forceful thrust that came next and I cried out in absolute wonder and delight. He had gone deeper than I had ever experienced before and I couldn't stop the tears that stung my eyes. God, I loved him.

His fingertips dug into my hips as he positioned me to take him completely and uncontrollable moans, whimpers and cries echoed again and again as he seared me completely to his will. My own fingers dug helplessly into the grass beneath me as the side of my face rubbed against the hard ground with each thrust from behind. Even so, I begged for more.

Suddenly the sting of his palm upon my upturned ass ripped a cry of surprise from my lips and my cunt walls clasped around his pistoning cock in a tight grasp. I could hear his grunt of approval as he continued to slam into me from behind. I shivered helplessly as his strong hand ran up the curve of my spine and then gasped as strong fingers delved into the wild array of auburn tresses to grasp them up in his fist. A strong tug back brought my head from the ground with a cry of surprise and he continued to pull back until I was standing upright on my knees before him, his cock buried in my cunt from behind.

I moaned helplessly, my hands reaching back to grasp his buttocks as they clenched beneath my touch. I could feel his cock jump within me and I moaned in delight. His hand slipped around my hip and down and his fingers spread my swollen lips wide until the aching pulse of my clit was kissed by the evening breeze. I wavered in his grasp but his other hand held me tightly against him as his fingers began to strum my hard nub with a driving need to feel me cum on his cock.

I could feel my whole body tremble and tighten in heated anticipation as it soared upward, like a lofty eagle climbing to its highest peak and then in cadence with his own release, I felt my whole being shatter into a tiny million fragments in the cry of his own release. The heat of his release branded me from within and I knew that there would never be another that could claim me so thoroughly and I cried out amid silver tears that streamed down my flushed cheeks.

I could feel him collapse on top of me and I eagerly accepted his weight as we sank down together as one upon the grass and as he spooned me into his form from behind, I could feel the calming claim of darkness begin to fall upon my trembling body. I fought it ... I wanted to stay like this forever with him but in the end, a soothing calm claimed my consciousness and I fell asleep, locked in his embrace.

I don't know how much time passed before I rolled in a semi-conscious state, reaching out for him with a soft moan. The only thing I felt brush my searching fingers was the coolness of bed sheets and with a soft cry, I sat upright only to find myself alone in the waning hours of the morning. Biting back the tears that I could feel welling up, I turned my head only to find myself alone, as usual, in the king-sized bed that I hadn't shared for a long time now. He was gone ... a figment of my imagination, the dream lover that still eluded me.

I sobbed softly, trembling hands reaching up to cover my flushed face and I cried for the love that I so desperately wanted. But even as the sadness washed over me, I could almost see him in my mind's eye ... the darkened Warrior that continued to watch me from the shadows of my dreams.

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