tagMatureA Night In Nina

A Night In Nina



Wow, what can I say about the woman? I've only known her a little over a year, but it seems like I'd been waiting forever for her.

Call me a nut case, I don't give a fuck. See, when it comes to things like men and women, I have my own set of standards that you will most likely not hear from any other man.

The majority of the guys in the business I am in will whore themselves out for the first pair of tits that walked by, well, at least whore themselves to the young "model types" anyway.

Me? My outlook is different.

Being a bisexual guy (that isn't ashamed to admit he's a horny one most of the time), I would whore myself for any man, but women, I'm picky.

For starters, women have to be twenty five or older. Nothing's too old if she's got a big ass and a tight pussy.

That's my thing; they have to be curvy, have nice skin, dark hair, beautiful eyes and a big ass. Anything else can shoo.

That's where Nina comes in; she's met about all of my criteria for women. There's a seventeen year age difference (though Nina tends to be young for her age) between us, the beautiful dark blue eyes, the dark hair, and THE ASS.

She's also intelligent; you'd be amazed how much she and I have in common and the array of subjects we can discuss.

Plus, it's nice to know someone like Nina can choose my brains over some other guy's beauty.

In my book, she's hot, and as I was eventually going to find out, she was amazing in bed. Aren't all older, big women that way?

If she was tiny, I would have diverted my attention elsewhere. Add to that that I get women like her. Simple, no complexity, straight to the point about shit. Others just confuse me with their actions.

It's true; those big, experienced women rock. You all just don't know what you're missing.

Men, if they're legal, tight, can give good head and are willing to have us fuck each other's brains out, who cares?

When it comes down to loving/sex/whatever you call it these days, a man could walk in my door and get me on my knees. A woman will get the whole slow sensual kissing and all those other nice things women love.

And forget about getting chicks drunk and taking advantage of them like some guys do; I don't take advantage. I ask them to fuck BEFORE they're wasted, it just gets done AFTER we've had a few too many.

Now that I have all of that out in the open, let's discuss Nina.

We met a year ago, through a mutual friend, who introduced us. The irony back then? We didn't even like each other. Who would guess a year later, we would be so damn close, let alone eventually having sex?

There were the exchange of messages, marathon online chats when my schedule allowed, and one night, even though I looked like shit, I actually got up the balls to get on webcam one night.

Nina was thrilled, to say the least. We would have a few more cam sessions after that, especially once she'd gotten hers.

I'm not going to lie; I was crushing big time on this lady, stroking off practically every night at the fantasy of us together, and had been for the past year.

Thing was, way back in the beginning, she favored my best friend—at least at first.

But in the last several months, it appeared she was switching favorites, to my delight. Since it appeared to be the case on her part, it was time to turn up the charm even higher on mine.

I'd flirt. I'd show to a degree of the crush I had on her the past year. When I dragged out the old Photoshop program and made a card for her birthday, she was thrilled. Needless to say, I've been in heaven.

And now that we had had a show in her city, we were meeting up. I couldn't wait for the damn thing to be over so I could clean up, dress to impress, sneak out the back and then go hunt her down.

Once I'd gotten back to the hotel, I spotted Nina within the first ten minutes. She'd been talking to a few other people, which I didn't mind; I wasn't the only guy in town whose work she admired.

But when some dude that looked like a drunk college kid started hitting on Nina, I pounced.

"Hey you!" I yelled. "Paws off, creature!"

Nina was confused until she saw who had done the yelling. "Well hello to you too, Brian," she joked. "You certainly know how to make an entrance."

"We were just talking, man," Drunk Kid added. "No big deal."

"I'll eat your kneecaps, I swear. Little boys do not flirt with big women unless they're me."

"Hey, no problem, man. No problem." The kid then beat it right after that.

"Mind telling me what that was all about?" Nina asked, though it was difficult for her to hide being impressed somebody would stand up for her, even a short dude like me.

"I would like to think the rare time I'm in town we could be together," I grinned, proud of myself.

"Well, who else would I like to spend time with?" she replied with that smile of hers. God damn, she was sexy as hell tonight.

"In that case, how about we go upstairs to the room and have dinner there?" I suggested.

"Brian...I don't know what to say," Nina answered. "I am not usually that kind of girl to go to strange men's rooms."

"It's nothing," I replied. "I'll be a good boy. Besides..."

Before I could continue, something came over me, and the next thing I had knows, my lips crushed hers. Surprised by this action, my eyes grew wide as saucers and I was bracing myself to have her belt me upside my head.

It didn't happen. As she deepened the kiss, I relaxed, slipping her arms around my waist. I closed my eyes savoring the feel of her lips on mine, not giving a fuck who was in the bar staring at us.

When the kiss was broken, we were both left breathless and wanting more. "Thank you, Brian," she said softly.

"You're welcome," I muttered almost incoherently, still stunned by what just happened. "Think we could go upstairs now? I have to take care of those couple of people who have been staring a hole in me the last five minutes, and then we can go."

With that, I walked away toward the autograph hounds, a goofy smile curling my lips. I had a feeling that tonight was going to be better than I thought.

When I finished what I had to do, I was finally able to make my way back to Nina.

She then pulled out a digital camera. "My new toy," she explained. "How about a shot of us two short people together?"

I complied, and she took the shot of us, each with a goofy look on our faces. She showed the result, and we were both pleased.

Arms around each other's waists, we then headed up to my room. When we finally got there, we talked for a long time and before I even got around to ordering dinner, Nina had given me a knowing look.

"I know what you really want," she finally said with a sexy grin on her face. "I honestly don't think you really brought me up here just for dinner, not with the way you've been so flirty the last year."

This was my chance, I thought. This is what I had only been imagining for a year since I first laid eyes on this curvy, delightful woman.

Going up behind Nina and sliding my arms around her from behind, sliding my hands under her dress. She jumped, startled, and then allowed me to fondle her full ass. I pulled down her panties and slid my fingers between her thighs to caress her eagerly awaiting pussy. Nina gasped with pleasure and opened her legs wider to invite further exploration.

"That's it," she sighed, "show me what you really want."

It was time to both show and tell. I pulled down the zipper of my jeans and reached inside. My cock was so hard I had difficulty in getting it out but when I did, all nine inches stood at attention.

"Oh my," Nina said approvingly. "You weren't kidding when you said short men make up for it in other areas."

"Yeah, well wait and see what I can do with it, baby," I grinned back.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"What would you say if I told you I didn't?" Not that I wouldn't say no at this point anyway, but I thought I'd tease her a little.

"I wouldn't say anything, I'd kick you in the balls and then eat your kneecaps."

"With that in mind, I'm sure I want to do this," I replied with a laugh.

"Good," she purred. "Get on that bed."

I did what she told me to do, stripping off my shirt and stepping out of my pants before spreading out on the bed completely naked. Nina stripped completely, joining me there not long after. It was time to get down to business.

Nina leaned down, lifted my rock hard cock off my stomach, and slid it into her mouth. With her other hand, she started playing with my sack. Her mouth was warm and wet, sliding back and forth over my cock. What part she didn't have in her mouth, she was stroking with one hand.

I grabbed her head, forcing it down further onto my wood, making her gag a little as I fucked her face.

Any guy who thinks mature women can't suck dick never met Nina. God, she was fucking hot with my cock in her mouth!

She took her hand from my shaft and started rubbing my nuts again, and then one finger went towards my asshole. Nina circled it all the while as her mouth was bobbing up and down on my dick.

I felt my stomach churning with a familiar buzz. "Oh, God...." I gasped, "You're going to make me cum if you keep that up."

Nina immediately took her mouth off my dick. "We can't have that right away, can we?" she grinned up at me before getting on all fours. "We haven't gotten to the good part yet."

"Mmmm," I hummed. "then you better be prepared for the fuck of your life, sweetheart."

"Then get that hard cock in my cunt and stretch it as wide as it can go....pry open my pussy and FUCK your hard cock inside....you hear that? I said I want you to FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK...you'd like that, huh? I want you to fuck me numb!"

I was incredibly turned on by now between the prospect that we were about to have sex and the dirty talk that was coming from her mouth; it hadn't taken long to bury myself in her wet, tight cunt.

That was another thing about curvy chicks; they were always tight and a lot more fun to fuck. Nina had braced herself in a better position on the bed as I was gripping her hips and fucking her harder, her full ass shaking with each thrust as I pounded in and out of her

"Oh yeah, fuck me," Nina pleaded, slamming back against my dick. "Fuck me good and hard with your big cock. Make me your bitch, your slut, your whore."

Yes, yes....a hot woman with a big ass that also talked dirty! We were both really into it now.

"You like that, baby? You like getting fucked from behind with this big dick?"

"YES! I LIKE TAKING IT FROM BEHIND LIKE A FILTHY WHORE!" she yelled, beginning to tremble in orgasm for several minutes.



As her quaking eventually subsided, Nina suddenly pulled away length of my rock hard cock, causing it to pop out. She turned over before as she straddled me, only this time her sex was positioned directly above the head of my dick.

Nina reached between her legs and grasped my hot flesh in her soft hand. She closed her eyes as I felt the searing heat of her as she lowered her body onto mine. She gripped and then released my dick and then she began to slowly move her body up and down the shaft.

"You like this?" she asked, not missing a beat as she rode my cock. "You like having a woman fuck you like this? I want to be a total slut for you. Does that cock feel good in my tight pussy when I fuck you this way, Brian?"

I could only grunt in response. Jesus, the last woman I'd bedded wasn't even this good!

As the rhythm of her strokes picked up, Nina leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of my body. I pulled my legs up behind her and began to thrust upward into her hot cunt.

She opened her eyes and looked down at me, kissing me passionately as I thrust upward over and over.

Breaking the kiss, she began to yell again. "God, FUCK ME, YOU BLOND BITCH! IT'S BEEN LIKE SO LONG SINCE I'VE BEEN FUCKED THIS HARD.... FUCK ME HARD...FUCK ME RAW.....FUCK!!!"

"Nina...Nina...SHIT! I'm going to cum," I panted as she was still impaled on my cock. "I'm going to cum in your tight hot cunt NOW!"

"Yes, Brian," she grunted back at me. "I want to feel it. Fucking cum in me."

I felt my balls tingle as I exploded into her grabbing pussy, filling her depths with white-hot spunk until I was empty and useless.

Nina collapsed upon me and I lay unmoving beneath her until my cock went flaccid dropped reluctantly from her insides.

She then kissed me lightly. "That was great! Or should I say phenomenal?"

"Oh yeah, it sure was, baby." I confirmed breathlessly. "Everything I ever imagined and then some."

She quirked an eyebrow. "Aha," she grinned mischievously. "So you HAVE thought about sex with me."

"Um....yeah, for the most part."

"Well, no shame in that. I've thought about doing you too, and now that I have, I have to say it's the best I've ever had. I guess not all of your talents are limited to your job!"

We never did get around to having dinner.

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