tagGroup SexA Night Never Forgotten Ch. 03

A Night Never Forgotten Ch. 03


Carmen's eyes were hungry, as she pulled Vanessa's dress free of her arms, tossing it to the floor. Dan crawled in beside Vanessa, his warm semi-hardness, pressed against her thigh. Vanessa watched him smile, as his warm hand gently cupped one of her breasts. His mouth slightly open, lightly kissing the top of her hardened nipple, looking deeply into her eyes. Closing his lips around it, he gave it a long, slow, and delicious tug.

"Mmm" Vanessa softly moaned.

Held against his tongue, he tugged and pulled a little harder. "Mmm." leaked from his closed lips, watching her body react. Vanessa's body became heavy with desire, as she shut her eyes from the sensation.

Carmen's hands danced up her thighs, the weight of Carmen's nude body now between Vanessa's open legs. The first touch of Carmen's lips came. Her breath danced over Vanessa's trembling stomach. Down further, her tongue leaving a long, wet, and lingering trail. Stopping short of the line that was drawn by a razor, Carmen looked beyond Vanessa's parted legs. Her breath held with her mouth gaped open, just waiting for more.

Carmen slid her hands up the back of Vanessa's thighs, her ankles hovered just above Carmen's shoulders. Carmen peered at her hot opening as Vanessa took a deep breath, seeing her slick, shiny lips, shimmering with excitement.

"Mmm, looks just like melted ice cream." Carmen hissed seductively, getting closer, her breath felt only inches away.

Dan's hardened length flinched and jumped against Vanessa's hip. The sound of Carmen's heated voice echoed through the room. Dan squeezed firmly around Vanessa's breast and then released it, letting it slide free. His hand slid slowly against her skin, as he gripped under her neck, pulling her lips to his. He aggressively kissed her, engulfed her lips and tongue as Carmen's open mouth, flicked and began to bat around her exposed hood.

"Uhhh!" Vanessa moaned.

Dan watched his mouth open and at the edge of Vanessa lips. Vanessa gripped at his shoulder, the other pulling and twisting against the pillow, as she trembled from the pleasure Carmen was giving her.

He turned to watch Carmen, as she stroked her two fingers across her tongue, licking them. She began to tease Vanessa's waiting entrance. Slowly, up and then down, she slid them along. Vanessa raised her hips as Carmen slid her fingers in, gliding them against her velvet walls, as her mouth came back down, softly tugging at her hardened stem.

"Ohhh, Ohhh yeah!" Vanessa suddenly blurted out, her mouth fell open, her breasts jerked up and down, as she gasped for air.

"Mmm..." Carmen moaned, humming against her excitement.

"...I know just where you like it..." licking at her engorged stem with the tip of her tongue.

"...You showed me just where to rub..." she paused, moving her fingers in deep and slow circles.

"...Mmm, and just how hard or soft you like it." Carmen hissed, her seductive words spilling in between the motions of her mouth, keeping time with the motions of her moving fingers.

"Ohh" Vanessa whimpered, barely above a whisper.

Carmen's words burned a hole right through her. Dan moved, pressing his waiting hardness tightly up against her. Her hip became wet from his leaking crown, spilling more hot cream from each flinch. Dan’s need grew from the seductive tone of Carmen's voice.

"Mmm..." Dan moaned, "...Feels good doesn't it?"

Vanessa looked up, the image in the mirror above, showed Carmen's head moving in a small bobbing motion while her arm moved back and forth. The steady rhythm of her fingers polished her clinching tunnel with sensation.

"Ohhh yes!" Vanessa breathed roughly, closing her eyes again.

Dan's tilted his head, nibbling at the side of her neck. "I want to feel that tight, grip of excitement around me." Dan wickedly breathed next to her ear.

Reaching over her head, he pulled the small drawer open, removing another foiled wrapper. He ripped it between his teeth, sucking the light yellow cover into his mouth. Pulling it from his lips, he rolled onto his back as he slid the cover down over his jolting cock.

Vanessa felt her pussy clinch around Carmen's fingers, as she watched Dan's hand grip and then wrap around his length, pulling the cover down.

Dan reached over, tracing his thumb over Vanessa's bottom lip. "Come here." he said, softly.

Carmen pulled her mouth away for a moment, seeing the aching look on Vanessa face. Dan gripped under Vanessa's knee, his fingers cupped behind it, pulling her leg up and over his. His cock pressed against the side of her cheek. Vanessa leaned back against his chest, reaching between them, replacing her hand where his once was.

"A little closer..." he exhaled, "...lay on me." he breathed, nibbling at her ear.

Dan slid his hands under Vanessa's arms, pulling her up on top of him. Her head fell back into the pillows with her cheek lying against his. Vanessa looked up into the mirror, her body almost covering all of his as Carmen placed herself between both of their legs.

Vanessa continued to see her reflection in the mirror as Carmen tickled her fingers down the inside of her thighs. Dan moved his hands softly along Vanessa's breasts, as his hips arch up under her cheeks, pressing against her. Carmen's mouth returned licking and then sucking at her folds.

"Mmm, now Carmen has my cock in her hand…" Dan said with a raspy tone into Vanessa's ear as she felt it pressed against her entrance. "…Mmm, yes." he moaned, as Carmen slid him beyond the grip of her clinched muscle.

"Ohh yes, move your hips against me." Vanessa breathed, roughly, arching her back.

Dan's hips rocked slowly up and down, his cock stroking tightly against Vanessa's soft padded core. His was body tense, gripping her breasts with each movement. Vanessa could barely breathe as Carmen began lapping her tongue just above Dan's sliding cock, as he pinched at her nipples, rolling them in between his fingers.

"Ohh, don't stop!" Vanessa whined, as if she was in pain. Her voice shaking as she grabbed Dan's hands, gripping them while he squeezed at her breasts.

Carmen moved her hand, pressing her fingers into Vanessa's heated skin, just above the neatly shaved line. Carmen's hand flattened with her thumb rubbing against her curls. Her fingers pressed down as she moved her tongue wildly.

"Ooo! I can feel his cock moving inside you." Carmen said roughly, flicking her tongue quickly.

Vanessa became motionless, trapped inside her mind and body. The tight pressure sensations and sounds cramped every muscle. Her breath caught in her throat, her eyes pressed tightly together.

"Ohhh yes, Cum for me Vanessa!" Dan said, with a husky tone as Vanessa's breath returned in gasps, her body jerking and bucking.

"Uhh, Uhh, Uhh." Vanessa moaned roughly.

"Ohhh!" Dan gasped as his release followed, biting into her shoulder, holding her tightly as his hips rose one last time as Vanessa's cries became softer until she became still.

Carmen crawled up between their legs as she licked at Vanessa's lips, smiling with satisfaction. Softly kissing Vanessa's open mouth, she watched her heavy eyes, open and then close.

Vanessa reached one of her hands up, pulling Carmen face a little closer. She gave her a long, soft, kiss and then released her. Dropping her heavy arm down to her side, Vanessa smiled.

Carmen crawled off to the side, laying next to them as Dan moved, putting Vanessa between them. "So... whose idea was this?" Dan said playfully.

"Whatever do you mean?" Carmen smiled deviously, looking into his eyes just past Vanessa's tossed hair.

"Pure Pressure" Vanessa said, and began to laugh.

Dan and Carmen laughed along as they all lay there, looking up into the mirror, their bodies tightly fitted together like a puzzle.

The End.

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